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The start of production of the telenovela was confirmed on August 17, , [4] but previously production began on August 14, The telenovela trailer was released in May , during Univision 's upfront for the television season.

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The company CitizenGo , launched through its website a request that calls for the telenovela to be taken off the air, because Televisa wants to normalize homosexuality as normal in society. I am concerned that they intend to normalize homosexuality in Mexico against the majority feeling of citizenship and its audience.

I do not want anyone to be discriminated against socially, at work or politically because of their sexual orientation. But presenting a homosexual couple as an attractive model is different. Is this the new corporate strategy of Televisa? They defrauded me.

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I thought that Televisa aspired to build a better society, to strengthen the family as the basic cell of Mexican society. I thought it was true that they affirm that their values are credibility, honesty and professionalism Unfortunately I was wrong. Of course, I will not see the controversial telenovela.

But neither his channel. I distrust your ethical criteria and there are other alternatives for leisure. On November 15, Televisa showed the first gay kiss in their telenovelas, although it has already been shown twice in the series Como dice el dicho , [21] something that generated a lot of controversy and that several media have tried to sense. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ana La Salvia as Dulce Goyeneche, she is a lawyer, Jorge's wife, after seeing that her marriage did not work she decides to leave the house and leave her husband in charge of her children.

Regina Graniewicz as Anifer, Mauricio daughter's. Yankel Stevan as Baldo Turrubiates, Jorge son's.

El papa Francisco recibe a chilenos víctimas de abusos sexuales de Karadima

Fernanda Urdapilleta as Lili Turrubiates, Jorge daughter's. Mercedes Vaughan as Queta, she is a false nun who tries to kidnap Anifer to sell her to a couple. Roberto Sen as Aurelio, is Jorge's godfather, who chantega after Jorge discovers a secret of him and his dad. Thelma Dorantes as Irene, she is Jorge's godmother. Retrieved 20 October Las Estrellas.

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In an unusual gesture, in March , Obama appointed Bernard Aronson as envoy for the Colombian peace process in Havana. He noted that there had been no mediation, but the desire of both sides.

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In the first week of Septem- ber, Cuba and the United States held their first bilateral commission and agreed on a working agenda to begin normalizing their ties. The Secretary of State John Kerry traveled to Havana to formally open the embassy; while Castro eliminated the prohibitions for Cubans to leave the island, and promulgated the Foreign Investment Law to attract capital This showed that his visit had both a pastoral and a political component, although the Vatican affirmed that only the pastoral issues impelled him to that trip.

No one remains indifferent to their interventions XI cisco helps to consolidate the image of the Pope as a leading international po- litical actor who has pushed the Vatican to the center of the world scene.

The author points out that the Pope used tactical allies depending on the region. For example, he sought support from Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop the imminent US attack on Syria and at the same time approached Obama to seal with Castro the historic reconciliation between the United States and Cuba. He is not a univocal Pope and he acts according to the circumstances.

Pope Francis is a legitimate politician who does not answer questions but asks them; a sover- eign Pope who does not give in to media expectations of the politically correct; a pastoral theologian who does not speak of the effect of insecurity, but of the causes of a culture that kills Taking into account the trips made to Cuba, from there to the United States and finally to Rome, there are a total of 37 activities carried out by the Pope, in- cluding masses, meetings, visits, blessings, celebrations and conferences See Appendix 1. Within the last group are different degrees of political activity.

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In both countries in total there were 34 activities, 13 of which were in Cuba and 21 in the United States, representing Within this category the low impact activities represent the over- whelming majority with There were no low incidence activities. He then congratulated the process of normalization of relations after years of estrangement For many journalists the homily was free of ideological connotations.

Undoubtedly many people expected the Pope to have an excess of verbiage, that in fact did not happen. Any Cuban people could have thought comparatively about the situation of their country at that time. Thousands of people came to see him speak - and many still consider the speech a symbol of freedom, dialogue, justice and reconciliation.

At the end of the mass, Cardinal Jaime Lucas Ortega, the arch- bishop of Havana, thanked the Pope for his efforts to bring Cuba and the United States closer, and for providing the impetus to overcome internal disputes Then, the Pope visited Fidel Castro. Francis elaborated on various issues concerning the youth and their hopes.

With pastoral words he asked the assem- bled people not to remain restrained by appearances or political correctness. The Pope tried more or less in several speeches and homilies to introduce some po- litical content to be interpreted and applied to the Cuban reality. In the afternoon the pontiff attended various activities and meetings: at he blessed the city on the Cross Hill of Holguin. From there he traveled to Santiago de Cuba to meet the bishops at at the San Basilio Magno Seminary; then, at , he prayed for the Virgin of Charity with the bishops and the papal entourage, in the Minor Basilica of the Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Charity of the Copper.

The next day, Tuesday 22nd, he gave a homily at in the Basilica of the Virgin of the Charity of the Copper. He then blessed the city from outside the Cathedral. His visit to Cuba ended after a farewell ceremony. During the trip to the United States Francis supported his statements in interviews, saying that the position of the Holy See, on various blockades, was the social doctrine of the Church. Later he appreciated the effort of the Church of Cuba to get prisoners released Contrary to these words, the Harvard pro- fessor Joseph S.

Nye Jr. Shortly after he added that the current system gen- erated millions of excluded people and encouraged the American people to be concerned about climate change At the Pope met the United States bishops at St. At , Thursday, 24th he visited the Congress of the United States. His speech there was more political than religious and had immediate effects on do- mestic politics of the United States. Anthony Messenger, November, , p. XI divides reality into good and bad [ A good politician always chooses to generate pro- cesses more than to occupy spaces cf. In addition to political issues, he talked about climate change, immigration, family, death penalty, arms trafficking and war At he pay a visit to charitable center of St.

In the afternoon Francis went to New York for a meeting at with the cler- gy in St. At on the following day, Friday 25th, he visited United Nations Headquarters where held a meeting with the members of the General Assembly. He added that the common house should be built on sacredness of the created nature Hours later, at he attended an interreligious meeting at the Zero Zone Memorial where he read some prayers. At he conducted a homily at Madison Square Garden.

On the 26th he traveled to Philadelphia where he performed a mass in the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul at , with bishops, priests and religious. At he spoke with a Hispanic community and other immigrants about the context of the Religious Freedom Encounter at Independence Mall He asked: In a world in which various forms of modern tyranny try to suppress religious freedom [ A neoliberal globalization.

Is it sustainable? Can it last long? Absolutely not [ On the last day of his visit, Sunday 27th, he received victims of sexual abuse at the San Carlos Borromeo Seminary. Later at the farewell ceremony was held at Philadel- phia International Airport, where the organizing committee, volunteers and ben- efactors bid farewell to Francis. He emphasized that the reestablishment of the relationship between both countries was an emblem- atic step. He said that in the United States, he had the opportunity to talk to civilians, the clergy, the poor and the marginalized.

He declare that the foundations of the country are religious and moral, and for this reason it is still a land of freedom, and welcome to coop- eration for a more just and fraternal world. In the United States, as soon as the papal visit was concluded, a bilateral com- mission was established to advance the process of normalization with Cuba The National Security Council spokesman stated that the United States and Cuba had reached twelve agreements to expand cooperation.

The renewed friendship led to a meeting between Castro and Obama at the end of September , in the framework of the General Assem- bly of the United Nations.

President Castro reiterated that in order to create normal relations between Cuba and the United States, the blockade must be eliminated Obama arrived in Cuba on March 20, After a brief tour in the historic center of Old Havana, he met Cardinal Jaime Ortega in the cathedral who participated actively in the process of re-establishing relations. The bilateral commission met again on May 16 in Havana, dis- cussing issues related to environmental protection, civil aviation, direct mail, port and maritime security, health, agriculture, educational and cultural exchanges.

Human rights and economic claims were also conferred Among the various items the respect for in- dividual rights in Cuba created the biggest differences between the two govern- ments. Also: the integration of Cuba into international and regional systems and the easing of sanctions against Cuba Quemar un pueblo Patricio Jara. El doble Elia Kazan. Obras completas. Obras completas Hnos. Miedo en la oscuridad Lou Carrigan. Mis amigos los muertos Ralph Barby. El nuevo Kama-sutra ilustrado Alicia Gallotti.

Juego de tronos George R. La memoria del tiempo Lorena Franco. El viejo y el mar trad. Pasa la noche conmigo Megan Maxwell.

Marcelo Longobardi: "No se puede entender que el papa no visite su país por razones políticas"

El nombre de la rosa Umberto Eco. Yo soy Eric Zimmerman. Volumen 1 Megan Maxwell. Eric Zimmerman - 1. Harry Potter saga completa J. Harry Potter - 0. Los ojos del perro siberiano Antonio Santa Ana.