Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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Tradotto da Salvatore Spera. Brescia: Queriniana, Tradotto da Cornelio Fabro.

2. General Background

Brescia: Morcelliana, Discorsi edificanti Tradotto da Dario Borso. Casale Monferrato: Piemme, Tradotto da Alessandro Cortese. Milano: Adelphi, Alcune riflessioni cristiane in forma di discorsi. Tradotto da Umberto Regina. In Opere. Firenze: Sansoni, Contro le menzogne del cristianesimo ufficiale. Tradotto da Igor Tavilla, Roma: Castelvecchi, La malattia per la morte. Tradotto da Ettore Rocca. Roma: Donzelli, La ripresa.

Tradotto da Angela Zucconi. Tradotto da Andrea Scaramuccia.

Pisa: ETS, Timore e tremore. Vangelo delle sofferenze. Sansoni, Firenze Stadiernas Teologi. En Kierkegaard-Studie. Gleerup, Lutero, Martin. La lettera ai Romani Tradotto da Franco Buzzi. Cinisello Balsamo: San Paolo, Melchiorre, Virgilio. Dialettica del senso. Percorsi di fenomenologia ontologica. Milano: Vita e Pensiero, Regina, Umberto. Due discorsi edificanti La prospettiva della fede, Brescia: La Scuola, Rohde, Peter Preisler.

Tuesday, 28 December N. Merker, Karl Marx, vita e opere, Laterza Monday, 27 December Re-reading Marx. New Perspectives after the Critical Edition, eds. Bellofiore and R.

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Fineschi, Basigstoke, Palgrave, Read content and introduction. Re-reading Marx. New Perspectives after the Critical Edition , eds. This book constitutes a major advancement in the study of Hegelian philosophy by offering the first full commentary on the monumental The Science of Logic , Hegel's principal work which informs every other project Hegel ever undertook. The author has devised a system for diagramming every single logical transition that Hegel makes, many of which have never before been explored in English.

This reveals a startling organizational subtlety in Hegel's work which heretofore has gone unnoticed. In the course of charting Hegel's logical progress, the author provides a vigorous defence and thorough explication of unparalleled scale and scope. The book covers the entire range of subjects connected with The Science of Logic such as Being, Essence, Measure, Subjectivity and God, showing how Hegel used logic to make transitions from one category to the next.

The book also mediates Hegel's confrontation with Kant, whose Critique of Pure Reason is Hegel's major competition in metaphysical systemization. Any student encountering The Science of Logic , perhaps the most difficult and by far the most rewarding of Hegel's philosophical works, will find in Carlson's book an invaluable companion to their study.

Placing Hegel at the intersection between continental and analytic philosophy, the book presents an indispensible guide to the most current contemporary debates and to an emerging topic within Hegel studies. Yet in fact Hegel and analytic philosophy converge on some crucial issues, which suggests that, although analytic philosophy initially declared its anti-Hegelianism, it is in fact nourished of Hegelian themes and defended through Hegelian concepts.

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Table of Contents. Introduction: Dialectic Appropriations. Unlikely Bedfellows? Was Hegel Noneist, Allist or Someist? Westphal University of Kent, UK. Tuesday, 21 December Intervista con Giovanni Sgro' su alcune pubblicazioni recenti in Germania su Marx 2a parte. Intervista con Giovanni Sgro' su alcune recenti pubblicazioni tedesche s Recent German publications on Marx.

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Bibliografia essenziale della ricerca su Marx in Germania. Edizioni di opere singole. Kommentierte Studienausgabe , hrsg. Karl Marx. Das Kapital 1. Resultate des unmittelbaren Produktionsprozesses. Karl Marx, Das Kapital 1. Karl-Marx-Lesebuch , hrsg.

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Marx lesen! Jahrhundert , hrsg. Mit Marx richtig reich werden , hrsg. Das Marx-Engels-Lexikon. Begriffe von Abstraktion bis Zirkulation , hrsg. Karl-Marx-Lexikon: "Abfall" bis "Zusammenbruch" , hrsg. Befreien wir sie von den Hirngespinsten. Rolf Hosfeld, Die Geister, die er rief.

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Rolf Hosfeld, Karl Marx. Bernd Ternes, Karl Marx. Pensiero filosofico.