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For a more formal way of assessing VfM, consider economy, efficiency and effectiveness. Were you able to get the best quality for the lowest cost? Where you did spend more money, did you have improved results?

The whole point of VfM is to free up money for other resources in your school improvement plan. Come with easy-to-understand, clear budget reporting sheets and be prepared to explain any holes with recommendations for avoiding them in future. For example, if you overspent on building maintenance this year, you could suggest implementing more regular building checks to spot problem areas or negotiating better terms with your insurers and maintenance providers. Tell them how you spent less money than a neighbouring school on catering as you phoned up colleagues at another school, and agreed to partner with them and a third school for greater purchasing power.

Next, make a business case for the areas where you think the school should direct the money it has saved. Show how increasing the number of teaching assistants for year 9 has boosted results, so it would make sense to spend more money on them for year 7 to help students progress earlier and save money further up the school.

The same principles apply. The best way to explain the importance of financial accountability to your colleagues is by using real life scenarios. This will make you look approachable and the school finances transparent; it will also give you a chance to gauge their financial knowledge.

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Ask them what trips they want to plan this year and walk them through the steps they must take:. What did they find most challenging?

Was there anything they would have liked more information on that you can now provide? Pupil numbers census, local authority and feeder school lists. The three-year terms of current trustees William Dwyer and Bari Fehrs are expiring. Huntington School District executives devote many months to developing a draft budget plan to fund operations during the following school year. The following months are spent refining projections for expected revenues and expenses.

Staffing estimates are developed based on school and course enrollments.

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Principals and department leaders present their respective budgets to the central administration in January. A working budget is presented to trustees in February. Once the draft budget is finalized, trustees review each line of the plan during a series of budget meetings. The public is welcome to attend these sessions and is given an opportunity to address trustees. The process culminates with the adoption of a proposed budget by the Huntington School Board in April followed by a public hearing.

Residents vote on the proposed budget in May. Eligibility: to vote an individual must be a U. Absentee ballots must be returned by 5 p. Toggle navigation Huntington Public Schools. Taylor Finley Nathaniel Woodhull J. Scroll for News. School Budget News. Read the Budget Passes story. Read the Super Tuesday story.

2017-18 Budget FAQ

Formal Opinion of Counsel No. It also divides ordinary contingent expenditures into three categories: 1 legal expenditures; 2 expenditures specifically authorized by statute; and 3 other items necessary to maintain the education program, preserve property and assure the health and safety of students and staff. In the event the Board of Education adopts a contingency budget, the tax levy may be no greater than the levy of the prior year Chapter 97 of the Laws of In addition to this limitation, the administrative component of a contingent budget may not comprise a greater percentage of the contingency budget, exclusive of the capital component, than the lesser of: 1 that percentage which the administrative component had comprised in the prior year's budget; or 2 that percentage which the administrative component had comprised in the last defeated budget presented for the subsequent year.

The board of education must exercise its best judgment in determining what the minimum expenditures shall be within the limitations imposed by the administration and the contingent budget caps. Common, Union Free, Central and Small City School Districts are empowered to levy or authorize the levy of taxes after the voters have approved the budget and the resultant tax or after the board of education has adopted a contingent budget. Where a budget of expenditure is voted at an annual school meeting for school purposes during the following school year, the school authorities shall determine and levy or authorize the levy of the necessary tax, prepare the school tax roll therefore and, on or before September 1, annex thereto a warrant for its collection.

The budget of a school district is a well calculated estimate as to what will be needed for expenditures by function and object. A school district must keep its expenditures within legally authorized appropriations. The appropriate section of Education Law limiting liabilities and expenditures appears below. It is an exceptional budget that does not require some adjustments made to its appropriation function-object codes during the fiscal year.

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The board of education has the power to make transfers between and within functional unit appropriations for teachers' salaries and ordinary, contingent expenditures. Though transfers are for contingent items, they may not cause the administrative or overall contingent budget caps to be exceeded.

Boards of education may, by resolution, authorize the chief school officer to make transfers within the limits as established by the board. Grants in aid received from the state and federal governments and other gifts which are required to be expended for particular objects or purposes, any insurance proceeds received for the loss, the damage or destruction of real or personal property, when proposed to be used or applied to repair or replace such property, may be appropriated by resolution of the board of education at any time for such objects or purposes.

Districts must implement and maintain controls whereby appropriations and actual expenditures are monitored for compliance with overall and administrative component caps when administering a contingent budget.

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The district may be required to present evidence that these monitoring controls are in place and operating as designed. Such controls may be integrated into existing accounting and reporting systems or built-on to existing systems, such as through the use of spreadsheet or database applications software.

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