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Quantity Remaining:. This Item Ships to. Our family loves to cook so this was a gift for my sister for Christmas to go along with her other cooking gifts. Its a nice cookbook.

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She was really pleased. We absolutely lov e Paula and this book is another terriffic book from her. Thee are so many fabulous recipes. Paula Deen , Martha Nesbit. Sharing a delicious meal is everyone's favorite way of bringing together friends and loved ones. Before bursting into song, the Grill Sergeant humbly warns the room—which surely has never before contained so very many yards of pink and leopard pajama fabrics—that, if you are an easy crier, now would be the time to get those napkins ready.

By the time he finishes, there is not a wet eye in the house. Except Brad's. In addition to Brad, there are four paying passengers in our group who are visibly African American not counting at least one half-black sleeper cell agent who can pass for white—me : three women and one man, split into groups of two. All four are repeat Paula cruisers. I speak to each of them, briefly, at one time or another. None of them remarks upon the fact that there are not many black people here on the Paula Deen cruise, or gives any indication that this is the sort of thought that should ever enter one's mind.

All four appear to be having a fine time, though the female couple skips many events. Their absence is easily noticed, because they are The Black People. One tells me later that people always ask them where they were.


The non-Deen cruisers are racist. The amiable mother of a former Miss Virginia is racist and has a tenuous grasp of the concept of slavery: "Don't I see [Paula] walking around with a black fella? He's her bodyguard or something? That right there shows she's not racist.

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The Deen cruisers are racist, dismissing out of hand the notion that Paula's use of the n-word was somehow offensive to black people. I am racist, because I get upset at the black people in our group for not acting like I think black people should act on the Paula Deen cruise i. One afternoon, as I am taking a hot dog by the pool, a member of the Celebrity events staff announces into a microphone that the "Extreme Race Challenge" is about to begin.

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People on the boat speak of the very public fall of Paula's cooking empire in vague, genteel terms. Paula tells us she and her family had "a rough, rough summer.

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An oft-repeated complaint is that Paula "got a raw deal," and was too zealously penalized for something she said 27 years ago. Though she never says as much, Paula seems to agree. In contrast to the slapdash, much-derided, remorseful apology videos Deen's camp uploaded to YouTube in the midst of the fallout, Paula's tone is now one of perseverance.

Seven months ago, she told Matt Lauer she was not a racist. Now she tells the passengers in Michael's Club—located on Deck 5, Aft—that she is not "a quitter. The closest Paula comes to commenting directly on the recent controversy is when, during the Q-and-A portion of a cooking demonstration, a woman asks Paula about her recent significant weight loss last January, she told Woman's Day she had shed 36 pounds; she still refers to herself, in the third person, as "a fat girl. Paula takes the opportunity to put media lies—which she pronounces lahz —on blast. And I can't believe that the law allows people to do things like that.

But, you know, our laws are set up I mean, I hate to say it, but, that person is protected for tellin' a lie about me.

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To close, she passes on a piece of advice she says her "daddy" gave her when she was a teenager: "Don't believe nothin' you read and half what you see. Paula maintains that she dropped the weight by cutting carbs: "Everything in my kitchen that was white, I threw it out. Except my husband. Every participant in the Deen Family Lawn Olympics receives a red silicone Paula Deen spatula set, and also the image of Paula Deen's legging-clad rump stretching up to kiss the sun, burned into his or her brain forever.

When I talk to my fellow cruisers about the lawsuit and ensuing controversy, I witness a bizarre phenomenon. Everyone knows that Paula used the slur About 25 Years Ago but no one I speak to manages to successfully compute the year that occurred About 25 Years before this one. People frequently express the sentiment that "things" were different About 25 Years Ago, in the s. One man confidently states that Paula used the slur in the '40s, which would have made the n-word one of the very precocious baby Paula's first words; she was born in In fact, Paula admitted in her deposition to having used the word to describe a black man who robbed the bank where she worked in As with much of the media coverage of Paula's fall from grace, cruisers in our group focus single-mindedly on her use of a racial slur, rather than her quickly abandoned idea for an elegant antebellum-style wedding staffed exclusively by black attendants.

I tell her, honestly, that I don't recall ever doing so. Perversely, I feel bad that I can't give her the answer she wants, because I like her. A man at the table, who is traveling alone, argues with me about the alleged offensiveness of the N-word. I suggest to him that there is a difference between a black person saying it to another black person and a white person saying it to a black person, comparing the circumstances admittedly, not very convincingly to the difference between telling a self-deprecating joke about oneself and being subject to mockery from others.

This man is one of the very few first-time Deen cruisers who admits to booking the trip as a show of support for Paula; when asked directly, most people suggest they just felt like booking their very first Paula Deen cruise this year out of the blue, for no reason. The gentleman at my table rattles off a list of companies he stopped supporting when they ceased their partnerships with Deen.

I closed my Sears charge card. I have not been in a Walmart in over a year. I will never support those bastards.

I will not support those people because what they did to her is wrong. Absolutely wrong I had a gift certificate for Smithfield Hams [and] I gave it to a food bank. Then he gives me useful tips about the best times to book flights online in order to snag low-priced airfare. When he gets up to revisit the buffet, he brings back two desserts, one for himself and one for me. Another woman tells me that her white granddaughter gets called "cracker" in her majority-black Southern kindergarten class; it's like hearing an email forward read aloud.

I'm not sure what the point is of this anecdote which, given the age of the children, I find dubious unless it is to make the case that these five-year-olds should have their multimillion dollar endorsement deals with Smithfield Hams revoked. After sharing her story, the woman raises her eyebrows and sits back in her chair. She rests her case. I hear the slur pronounced aloud five times on the cruise: twice by members of our group, three times by other passengers with whom I am discussing Paula Deen. It is only ever used in the context of a discussion of either the word itself, or of Paula's deposition.

The day we dock in St. Thomas, I call my father, who is around Paula's age, to give him an update on the cruise. I've never asked him what he thinks about the public response to her deposition, although he is without a doubt the black person I know best. So I ask. If she said it now, that would be a problem. It was right before I was born. She basically did say it now.

I ask my dad if he forgives Paula, and he says he does. I ask if he thought she needed his forgiveness, and he says, "Yes, because she did say it. He says sure. He says no, but he would love to go for free. In terms of how much I personally enjoy myself, the cruise alternates between excruciating and fantastic. It is emotionally exhausting. No exchange exemplifies this more clearly than a moment at the final farewell party, when a woman with whom I have grown particularly close breaks down in tears as she lays out her hopes and dreams for my life, all of which are beautiful, and so, so nice, and I love you, Martha.

It is never, ever relaxing. Early on in the odyssey, I meet a spitfire grandmother born in one Carolina and raised in the other. Having become, in the autumn of her life, a seasoned world traveler, she is on the Deen cruise with a friend from her golf community. When asked what sort of life she led that affords her the luxury of spending her retirement on perpetual vacation, she responds, "I had a husband. And he died. We are at the Welcome Aboard Cocktail Party open bar. I offer my condolences. She says, "Well, he deserved to die.

The Welcome Aboard Cocktail Party open bar is the first of 12 free events organized by Paula's people. My father's daughter, I attend or participate in every one of these and none of the optional paid excursions. I observe but do not participate in Sunday's Slot Tournament with Paula and Aunt Peggy for which there is an entrance fee , where I watch wave after wave of senior citizens, including Paula and her year-old aunt, slap at computer touch screens to pop digital balloons for five straight minutes with such fervor that I am certain someone possibly me is going to have a heart attack.