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They treat Jessa like livestock, This was chock full of racist tropes and stereotypes. They treat Jessa like livestock, trying to marry her off to another royal family as part of some political chess game. Luckily this royal family is white, and therefore more enlightened and accepting, and they save Jessa from her oppressive family by showing her kindness for the first time in her life! The only non-white person in this book who isn't violent and sexist and evil is Jessa's nurse, who is a wise elderly witch who says a lot of cryptic things like "I can feel your majik along my bones, child.

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Also, the writing was super cheesy and overwrought to the point of making zero sense. It might not have been so bad if the same phrases weren't recycled over and over, which I guess is hard not to do when your protagonists are flooded with desire every time they lay eyes on one another, which must be utterly exhausting. I felt exhausted just reading about it. Please Jessa, don't look at her! Or laugh or even breathe, because then I'll have to read two paragraphs about how Darry's face flushes and her breath quickens and she feels moistness in her lady parts.

The Three Of Us (Debut Single)

Which, by the way, "pleasure bled downward, lighting within her thighs" is not very sexy?? Especially when it's used multiple times. Just a thought. View 1 comment. This is a brilliant book. Absolutely loved it. Can't think of a single negative thing. Well paced. Multilayered MC's and well defined secondaries. Great world building on top of it all.

Just fantastic. Set my tags since a few years ago I wasn't doing that yet. Original review below makes me chuckle For reals. Nov 21, Jess rated it it was amazing Shelves: genre-fantasy-witchcraft , genre-romance-erotica , favorites , publisher-bold-strokes-books , format-kindle , genre-fantasy , genre-romance , lgbt-lesbian. This is the sort of lesbian high fantasy I've been yearning for! So many lesbian fantasy books are either too-fluffy fairy tale re-tellings or super-dark paranormal stories with bleak endings.

Outline of Book Two

I'd been wondering where the sword-and-sorcery epics with tangled family trees and dark magical secrets were being kept, and this book delivered on so many levels. We're thrown right into a plot of political intrigue when Princess Jessa's bloodthirsty, ruthless father, the King of Lyoness, releases her from This is the sort of lesbian high fantasy I've been yearning for! We're thrown right into a plot of political intrigue when Princess Jessa's bloodthirsty, ruthless father, the King of Lyoness, releases her from behind her always-closed palace walls and sends her to the lush neighboring kingdom of Arravan to marry Malcolm Durand, the eldest prince.

Jessa, terrified from years of seclusion and abuse from her father and 12 brothers, is welcomed warmly to Arravan by Queen Cecealia, Princess Emmalyn, and the youngest daughter, Princess Darrius. As Jessa grows closer to the royal family, she finds herself falling in love with the "backwards" princess, coming into her own majik powers that simmer in her blood, and realizing that Malcolm doesn't plan to marry her at all.

The Arravan Series

This book has one of the best romantic build-ups of all time. Jessa may she shy and unsure, but she's also warm and kind and quick, never backing down from a joke or retort. She makes a perfect match for the glowing, beloved Darrius, who, despite her shameful tendencies towards women, is adored by her family and her group of close-knit male friends. Darrius has the characterization that is normally quite hard to master in female characters--she's the spoiled golden child of an indulgent family, but in the end, she is inherently different in ways both obvious her sexuality, her male dress and hidden which we slowly discover.

She's funny and self-deprecating while still being strong and confident in her skills. She's a powerful warrior, a loyal friend, an excellent dancer, and a surprisingly adept needlepoint. Hell, I dare anyone to not fall in love with her. I certainly did. The slow, steamy courtship between the two women is the heart of the novel, and when they work to set one another free of the constraints placed on them both by society and themselves, it really does feel like magic.

But a good fantasy isn't complete without a great big cast of characters, and this book has a ton of them. I loved the king and queen of Arravan, even when they realize their painful mistakes in raising their spirited daughter. They are not two-dimensional evil monarchs, they're a mother and father, and they love their children.

I loved Darrius' relationships with her siblings, especially her sister Emmalyn, because so many other authors would choose to have the sisters be at each other's necks rather then be close allies, and I love the warmth and affection between them. I really adored Darrius' relationship with her band of lost souls and misfits, her Boys, especially her best friend Bentley, a bastard son of a noble. Even Jessa, whose loneliness is a hallmark of her character, has her gentle old nursemaid Radha to care for her and guide her spirituality.

The villainous characters are less interesting, but sometimes it's alright that the heroes get all the limelight. Jessa's brother Joaquin is a conniving, cutthroat rapist whose last words in the book view spoiler [are a literal plot to murder Jessa, which is left as a cliffhanger for the next book hide spoiler ] , and Darrius' uptight older brother Malcolm is scheming and shrewd and, in a surprising twist, view spoiler [also a homosexual who is in a secret relationship with his trusted adviser even as he tells off Darrius to her face about her backwards ways.

Of course, the Evil Gay trope is nothing new, but I'll let this one slide since it really drives home his hypocrisy towards his sister hide spoiler ]. All of these men are huge threats to Darrius and Jessa due to their lineage and gender alone, but in the end, they're not super memorable. I have a feeling the political plot is really going to come to a boil in the next book, which I'm excited for. There are a lot of twists in this book, a lot of things you don't necessarily see coming, but it's also a tender romance, something to get lost in as you race across fields on valiant steeds or watch a beautiful woman perform a sensual dance at a fancy ball.

It feels familiar, but not dull. The complex relationships between family members, lovers, and friends elevates this book to a great high fantasy statues. Though this is a five-star read for me, I can understand a lot of reviewers' issues with the race aspects of the book. But on the other hand, the white characters as well as the race-coded characters were also deeply flawed in their homophobia and patriarchal culture, and their misdeeds did not go unpunished. So some of the writing was a little lazy, and I expect more from an author who obviously cares about her characters.

Proceed with this in mind and let's hope that Godfrey shed some of those lazy character choices in her future books, because despite these flaws, this was a really excellent high fantasy book and one of my favorite lesfic books of the year. View all 4 comments. Dec 02, Arien rated it it was amazing Shelves: otherworldly-beauties , toaster-oven , lesbian-romance , animals , abuse , fantasy.

Loved it to bits. The world building is good, the characters complex and multifaceted, there is some magic but it's toned down and is quite unique in the way it's interwoven into the story, well written for sure. The book is slow at first and a little bit hard to get into with how the language is used but when it gets going it rarely stops, I was on the edge of my seat at multiple points in the book. And I grew to like the quirky language, too in the end. Nightshade is more of a love s 4. Nightshade is more of a love story than a fantasy epic. The family relations and love between the characters are at the forefront.

While political subterfuge and machinations are still a big part of the story, most of it is about the characters and their love be it familial or romantic. Unfortunately love and hate often go hand in hand so there's a lot of well developed family drama. Usually I don't like for both main characters to be otherworldly beautiful, it makes them unrelatable and cheapens the attraction. Of course they wan't each other, they're basically living goddesses. But it didn't bother me too much this time around because their relationship is handled properly.

It started of as friendship and went from there and I found the execution of it to be handled well. I thank the old gods and the new it wasn't another case of insta love. I also appreciated that every paragraph was needed in this book, there is no grind, no pointless side stories that have no relation to the main story line. Everything is connected and interwoven like a good book should be. Lately that has not been the case with my reading so I'm glad I finally started this book that does it how it's supposed to be done.

It's written masterfully and I always appreciate that. Meanwhile you should give this at least a try. It's damn good book for sure. View all 5 comments. This my first review on goodreads, and I'm writing it because anything less than 4 stars I feel deserves an explanation. Let me start by saying that I liked this book and was torn between 3 and 4 stars, but because of the critiques I have, I couldn't give it the same 4-star rating as others on my shelf.

So, the negatives: The biggest negative is the racist themes. The opening chapters were, frankly, uncomfortable to read. Jessa is from a brutal, unforgiving kingdom with cultural elements inspired This my first review on goodreads, and I'm writing it because anything less than 4 stars I feel deserves an explanation. It's less cringe-worthy after those opening chapters, but only because Jessa travels to the more pleasant 'white' kingdom. Another negative is that at times the writing was confusing.

While incredibly descriptive and full of imagery, sometimes the set up for scenes or steps between actions were missing. One of the smaller examples being two characters eyeing each other as one enters from across the room, and then speaking words face-to-face without any narration of them actually walking to each other. It's not book-ruining, but I did find my brain a few times telling me to just roll with it. My last complaint which is maybe a little bit spoilery view spoiler [ is that the author spent the whole book building up to the huge schemes all the men were plotting to further their own stations, so that you think the climax of the book will be the protags overcoming these evil plots, only for there to be no resolution on that front.

I believe there's a sequel, so maybe it's been left to be dealt with then? But as this books ends, it leaves no inclination that the tension I spent pages reading about will or did serve any purpose. First of all, I fell in love with Darry at her introduction, and her bromance with her best friend Bentley is the kind of teasing but ride-or-die friendship I love to read about.

Also, Darry and Jessa were perfect together. It's been a while since I've had actual physical reactions to the tension between characters, and it felt so, so good. Overall, this book isn't perfect, but it was a well-paced read and the romance was sweet. Oct 15, Netty rated it it was amazing Shelves: exciting , favourites , chemistry , great-characters , a-nice-bit-of-fluff , i-want-more , sexy-as-fuck , frustrating , cruel , great-sex. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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To view it, click here. I did struggle with the magic side of this book but I think that's because I'm new to reading fantasy but anyway the characters more than made up for it, I can't remember ever liking so many characters at once in one book.. I have to say that there is some serious hot chemistry between the two princesses and the author does deliver with the super sexy love s "Fuck" I'm well and truly addicted, bloody loved this book, I can't wait to start on the next, if only I could start now work is a bollock!

I have to say that there is some serious hot chemistry between the two princesses and the author does deliver with the super sexy love scenes! I'll have more of this please. This is definitely going in my favourites it would be a crime not to I hope to my lesbian god the second instalment doesn't disappoint me View all 12 comments. Nov 30, Stephanie rated it it was amazing.

Loved this!!!

A Bird of Sorrow

About to start the second one! Aug 30, M rated it really liked it Shelves: l-books , romance , fantasy. Gosh, what a great book! As a first book this is an incredibly assured work. Fantasy is surprisingly hard to write well, as far to often authors fall into standard tropes and ignore the basic need for interesting character, background and story arc. I loved the main characters and all the machinations going on in the background. The world building is interesting and I hope that in the next book that the wider world beyond the respective palaces will be fleshed out.

Be warned that this was a surpris Gosh, what a great book! Be warned that this was a surprisingly hot read, pleasantly surprising, but I have to admit it was not what I had expected. Mar 29, Jade rated it it was amazing. This is by far one of the best books that I have read The relationship between Bentley and Darrius is absolutely hilarious but at the same time it is so deep and then there is Jessa and Darry whose love is a whirlwind of majik and emotion. This author has such talent, her writing creates such vivid imagery and at times it is like reading a poem or sonnet with how beautifully she weaves her words.

I most definitely do not regret my initial rating of five stars because I think this se This is by far one of the best books that I have read I most definitely do not regret my initial rating of five stars because I think this series really deserves this and more. Oct 03, Voronwer rated it liked it Shelves: smutty , fantasy , romance , girl-love.

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  6. This book gets somewhere between a three and a four from me. I would have been with four without a doubt if it hadn't been for the very abrupt ending. Is the author planning a sequel? At least in my experience, not too many books push you to think and pay so much attention. The romance was lovely, and poetic in a way, at least while Finn and Casey are dancing around being together.

    I liked the characterization of this book very much, even the additional characters were three dimensional and gave the book the extra "oomph" it needed. Overall, without spoiling anything, this book is smart and snappy and you have to pay close attention so you don't miss something that may and likely will be important to you later Reviewed by Heather hite. I really enjoyed this A fantastic mystery filled with intrigue It wasn't exactly what I expected, but I still really enjoyed reading it. The romantic subplot was really well developed, as were the characters Reviewed by Emilia Zwarych.

    Fascinating read. This is my first Shea Godfrey read and I'm enthusiastic about reading more Reviewed by Cheryl Downes. King of Thieves. Share on. Read an Excerpt King of Thieves. Select format eBook Paperback. Add to wishlist. You Might Also Like. A Bird of Sorrow. The Arravan Series Book 3. War is coming on several fronts. The Arravan Series Book 2. The Arravan Series Book 1. Kate is delighted when Vi moves in next door. When dead bodies start turning up in forested recreational areas around Spokane, Vi and Kate must work together to find the killer before they end up the next targets.

    A Bird of Sorrow by Shea Godfrey | Bold Strokes Books

    In the race for survival, they discover that love may be the biggest risk of all. By Sam Ledel. Jastyn Cipher despises the royal family. After all, they are responsible for the exile of her mother and their life at the bottom of the social rung. She refuses to acknowledge her attraction to Princess Aurelia even when she is forced to seek help from the royal family when her sister falls gravely ill. While the circumstances of birth might keep them apart, fate seems determined to bring them together.

    When Aurelia is kidnapped, she and Jastyn must face their enemies, fae and human, if they want to survive. Book One of the Odium Trilogy. By Brey Willows. Maggie McShay wants a little magic in her life. Something more than the drab existence of going to work and coming home to a cat that barely tolerates her.

    The big bad wolf has nothing on Maggie McShay. After the events of book 2 Blackstone Darry retreats with her comrades and her lover, the Princess Jessa-Sirrah of Lyoness, to recuperate. I love this book. I love the series. The writing is great, the story is engaging, and world-building is thorough. The love scenes are plentiful, appropriate, and hot. I do wonder if this novel has been chopped to fit a target word count. This book, enjoyable as it is, still feels like Book 3 Part 1. The end comes at a logical point, but even so… I hope Part 2 is coming without too long a wait.

    Highly recommended — but please read books 1 and 2 first. Reviewed by Sam Alexander.