Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

Sue Bohlin offers a quiz covering Bible basics rather than trivia. That's because we're not reading and studying the Bible. Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament? .. Probe fulfills this mission through our Mind Games conferences for youth and adults, our 3-minute daily radio program, and.

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My size of choice for the Praise , About the Author , and Also by Author Name sections is 10 pt, and the size for the Credits Page is either 8pt or 9pt. There is no standard way to set any of these things out. Just be creative and do what feels right for you. However, the Acknowledgements page generally comes straight after the end of the story. Note : There is no Praise here. I believe it is useless in an eBook because most eReaders skip to the beginning of the first chapter when the book is opened.

Also, the reason we need less at the front of the eBook is so that people get more story content if they download a free sample. If your book is nonfiction or short stories it will also need a TOC table of contents in the front of the paperback and in the back of the eBook. This Writers' Wednesday, Pauline Baird Jones, an award-winning novelist who writes romance, action-adventure, suspense, romantic suspense….

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For […]. As far as beating your husband or wife towards the punch and filing divorce before he or she does, there is really no legal benefit to it, even though some consider surprising their spouse using the papers an advantage. As the law could be complicated and specific to any number of circumstances, making contact having a professional is important. You want to pick one up who may have been practicing for a variety of a number of has had a fair amount of expertise in their state your house is in. I could be mistaken though.

Can you show an example of what the call to connect on social media page should look like as far as how it is formatted and what is included? Thank you very much for the reminder to include my URL!!! May be obvious to many, but I was just about to upload a CreateSpace template without it. Jessica, Thank you so much for this helpful information! I appreciate you! Ferris Robinson. Thank you so. Thanks for your marvelous posting! I actually enjoyed reading it, you happen to be a great author. I will always bookmark your blog and may come back in the future. I want to encourage continue your great writing, have a nice day!

Hello Jessica: Excellent layout of the bottom-line needs for the front and back matter. I write visual e-novels soon to be posted on Amazon are adapted from my screenplays. I am following a pattern similar to all of your comments. The critical point is that the author better Deliver on the Premise.

If Blurbs are difficult, try writing a Logline in less than 40 words. Screenplays teach how to write tight, and effective, with sub-text. William, this is a list for authors who are just starting out and want to keep it simple, while still producing a quality product. That is what my Nutshell series is all about. Great article. Thanks for the advice! I enrolled in KDP Select, making my book free for two days. Hi Graeme, Glad you liked the article. I did include one footnote attribution for a name I linked to, and I purchased the front cover image, which gave me a license of up to , copies.

Thanks so much for a wonderful article. I read it just prior to releasing my Kindle book, Nicole Benson. Thanks again for the great info! Keep up the good work and continued success. Tristan, wow. I am impressed at your statistics. I, like a few here, have just put my first book up on Amazon.

Being a woman I found it scarier than I could have believed. You say you took 9 months to get to the publish button well how about 30 years? I know, I know, but my life has been so busy and I was lucky my personal publisher Brian did everything you did and that was why our results are better than we expected.

Great reading others like yourself find this a little difficult but exciting too. I think my nest book will go easier now. Thanks for the kind words! Best of luck, Tristan. Great article, my friend took your advice and sold over copies in four days. Her book is After the storms by Rauzet moustache. Hi Cotney, Woohoo! That is great. Well done and glad you liked the article. Thanks so much for the advice, Tristan!

I published my first ebook about three weeks ago and sold about 20 copies. I posted it for free on KDP one day ago and have had nearly downloads thus far! Thanks again. Hi all, Thought I might quickly update on recent experiments using social media to spread awareness about my novel. All in all, I have had some additional sales, nothing mega. Am more concerned with getting the follow-up novels sorted out otherwise I am going to end up losing my current fan base! It is also a great place to get new ideas and network with fantastic cover artists, editors, promoters, etc.

Running the FB group page also tells me how many people have seen my various status updates.

Best Books on Writing Poetry (54 books)

Although only 78 have liked my page, I know that several hundred have seen various updates. There are people on there who are genuinely trying to help other authors with advice and even the opportunity to have their books listed. However, I have found the majority of people are using the forum to promote their novels with frankly underwhelming ads and they wonder why their books are not selling.

They are actually trying to convince other authors to buy their books. Twitter is an excellent way of spreading the word also. How long should I wait before offering it on promotion as a free download? Should I offer it free straight away? Grateful for any advice. Boring disclaimer: Your mileage may vary.. Even just for one, day, then split out the other days.

Thank you VERY much! Hi Tristan — I was wondering if you know of a way you can give free books on Kindle using a specific one-use coupon. Best to check with Amazon on that. Nice article! I have a few Kindle Books on Amazon and am wondering if you know how I can check the numbers that have been downloaded for free on amazon prime?

I figure they must be getting downloaded because a couple on my books are in the top in a couple of different categories. Appreciate any insight that you may have on this. I am going to try your advice. I have had my book on Amazon for 2 months and have not tried the free promotion. I used Google Trends to identify the most-searched-for languages, and used that in my keywords. You could try the same for your niche. Very helpful, I have been worried the free option would canabalise sales but the truth it seems is it only multiplies exponentially exposure and therefore revenue in the long run.

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Thanks for sharing. Thanks for your wonderful article here, is pretty good. Hi Dav, Nice to see you getting into the publishing game.

What Do You Need to Do to Become a #1 Bestselling Amazon Author?

You can see this in your Amazon Dashboard under Free Borrows. Thanks Tristan, you are the best. They have not posted any info on my Dashboard. Please, as an experienced personnel in this field; like my eBook appear live on the 27 September, this is October 26; when will it suppose to appear on Dashboard?

Fortunately, I followed your advice, before I read your excellent article! I only have book 1 on KDP Select. The idea is to get coverage for that book and, see if that results in sales for books 2 and 3. Does that sound like a reasonable plan? Thanks again for a great article. Stan Arnold. I had totally different experience with KDP free promotion. My book was 1 in two categories marriage and divorce during the free promo. As soon as promotion was over my book was kicked down to !!! Can you explain it? Thanks in advance, Nauris. Your article was a great help in steering me in the right direction.

After day one I had free downloads and as of now, day 2, I have I have noticed a major slowdown though after a blistering fast start. Any suggestions? I took all of your advice, and as terrified as I am about rejection, I went live on Amazon this morning. As of this morning, my first volume of poetry is available on Amazon for all Kindle formats. A Mustard Seed Of Poetry is available worldwide for all to enjoy. After years of hard work and dedication, my writing has gone that extra mile.

Above all else, enjoy. This is great stuff; thanks. I have several books up on Kindle now. Just those 14 days or whatever it is; or during the promotion times? Your answers and comments? Hey Ter! Not quite sure on the exclusivity times to be honest. Best to check with Amazon for that. I am so grateful to you and everyone out there who take the time to give advice and share their experiences with other writers. I put my first book on KDP Select a week and a half ago and have rode a roller coaster of emotions.

It was probably the most joyful experience of my life creating my story. I felt happy and in such great spirits as the book took shape. Yet after finishing the writing and editing process, it was time to throw it out to the world and hope it gets caught by others.

I feel encouraged by your strategies and outlook. Plus, the comments I have seen following the article has also made me feel less isolated in my endeavor, and more apart of a large community. I now feel connected to others who love to tell stories and write as I do. Again I am thankful for all that take the time to share their struggles and their triumphs.

Here is a link to my book for all that are interested. And feedback from any direction is highly valued!!! Hi King, your article came in handy. I just published my book on KDP. Without promotion I made a sale. Waiting patiently to see what the outcome of the promotions will be. It is on review right now, kindle says. So, I am thinking of giving it a day or two as a chance to stand on its own. If it does not being any attention by its own, I am thinking of doing the kindle select. Your advice if very valuable. Thank you for sharing with us! I have heard a lot about doing two or three days consecutively to really get momentum so am trying that out and I will report back.

My book seems to be doing Ok sales wise but not massive, the Nov total was about 75 and Dec is looking like breaking — with very little promotion. My main tactic so far is to optimise the keywords for the book and get a little bit of social sharing going but I believe if you really want to sell loads of books you need to market it and focus on doing a couple of things really well rather than loads of things really poorly, especially if you are like me and have a day job that takes up all your time.

Two things I am going to try in the new year to get general non Amazon traffic are using Slideshare. The concept is to make a visually appealing PowerPoint sideshow that showcases your book — kind of like a film trailer and then Slideshare and google will do the rest I do this in my day job and its very effective. Google hangouts video chats — again these rank on Google very quickly.

Get a few friends together who read your book and discuss it, kind of like a book club — even better get other authors and do a round robin, anyone want to join me in that?. Ensure your book link is in there and you are using the top target keywords in conversation — hangouts actually transcribes the words and uses it to work out what the video is about and to rank it in search results. Thanks for the tips. It is just 12, words. Do you think its reasonable to have the free period say for 3 days for a pricing of USD2. Or is that a tad expensive? Nice, it was always cool to read the comments here and see the progress.

It was a film script I wrote and I have converted it into a book. Thanks for you great article. It was very helpful, and it is always good to get some guidance when branching into something new. One step at a time, and this was a nice first one. I have a good feeling about it, though I also have to be patient and be in the moment. Great article! Congrats on the success of your book! Looking forward to contiued learning and growth! Thanks for all the info of KDP. If you have any more pointers, please share.

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My promos work, free downloads in two days. Not one sale. Thanks for the article it was informative. Great article on understanding ranking and promotions. The covers are really good. Great article thank you. I am currently formatting my book ready for kindle. It is a pretty large fantasy story and I was wondering whether it might be best to split into two parts and let the first part be continually free on Kindle, what do you think? Good luck with your fantasy. Although there are examples of novels which have been divided and portions on perpetual giveaway, I. The Island by Michael Stark — a rather successful example, it really comes down to your novel.

Does it work as a two parter? Is there a enough detail in the first part and a gripping cliffhanger to get people to read the second part? Is it in a position where you can split it into two parts? The beauty of indie is that you can have a go and if it works great, if not you can try another approach. Any ideas on publishing outside of the U. Im based in Thailand and wandering if you can use amazon global with KDP direct and any policies regarding tax and payment.

Its easy to set up paypal here but logistics and laws are a different matter. Thanks for the useful info…. Can you be a bit more specific with your question so I can help you out please. Thank you for an excellent posting. I appreciate how you shared the details of your results and the experiences you gained. As an author on Kindle myself, marketing is our number one challenge! Getting reviews for your amazon books can be hard but they really do help sell your books on the marketplace.

If you need an honest review in less then 24hrs of your book I can do that for you :. This is a wonderful technique, thank you! I had downloads between two books, in just a few days, I was ecstatic! In just a few days one of my ebooks was on page 2 for search terms pertinent to the book! But the minute the free promotion ended no one bought the book.

I am dumbfounded why. I have one negative review from some grumpy person, it seems he is ruining my e-book sales. I find that most people cannot be bothered to review books, even when they have enjoyed them. I did this by looking at reviewers of similar books to my own. I picked one which had given an unfavourable review to a book I considered very poor, contacted the reviewer and sent a copy via e-mail.

As it happened, I had contacted a professional proof-reader and editor, who kindly pointed out some proof-reading problems, read my book and gave it an honest review and 4 stars. What you should do is two things, firstly get the book edited. Secondly put a call to action right at the end prompting your readers to review your book. So far only one were sold, no reviews.

Could you suggest some forums where I can promote this book? Regards and thanks for useful info. Tremendous issues here. I am very glpad to peer your article. Thanks a lot and I am looking forward to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a mail? Just want to that was great information that you shared. My book is already on Amazon in book form and on Kindle and I have not had a single sale.

To me it is very discouraging but I trust that things would be better. Thanks for an interesting article. And now I promote and wait! Im not expecting miracles.

Some of the other Kindle Million Club members

Time will tell. One very good way of getting your name around is to do as many interviews as possible, especially if the topic is related to your book. Great story and advice with regards to your success in publishing for Kindle through Amazon…Cheers! Just hours after the promotion ended it was nowhere. I am hearing more negative results from the KDP day giveaway than positive.

Amanda Hocking, the writer who made millions by self-publishing online

Sounds to me like you are cutting yourself off at the legs in doing this. Have you ever thought that those hundreds of free downloads could have resulted in actual sales? To illustrate; I love a particular writer and was waiting for her next novel to come down in price. I was about to buy it anyway, when I saw it was being offered for.

I immediately bought at that price. Had it not been reduced, I was going to buy it anyway. Most people buy books in rotation. In other words, they buy books, read them, and then buy another group. As I said, people buy books in rotation and your book might be next in that rotation. As an author myself, the only way I would personally do the KDP free giveaway, is if I had a series and was giving away that first book of the series. Then I could see doing it to get readers interested, which could result in sales for the rest of the series. Just my two cents. Thanks for this great post Sean! Take advantage of the launch of a new site thebooksmachine.

The platform has a paid membership but they are offering free memberships for a limited time. Regularly edit and improve the description of your book on those online stores. A reader judges your writing based on your description. Create visual support for your book through a website so that when you post on social media you have a visual connection.

There are tons of tutorials. Thanks for sharing this. Excellent article. I found that Amazon Kindle market is getting really crowded these days there are more than 2,7 million titles. This is a really good article thank you for taking the time to write it Sean. A few reasons why this came about…. I decided on publishing with another company located in where you are living now Sean Thailand. You get the choice of platforms for your book to appear on and they pay monthly via pay pal.

Actually for me this is more convenient than dealing with Amazon. I think the advice to give it for free for a little bit might be useful. I might try that and see if it helps my sales. Last month September I gotten real lazy and basically slacked off doing nothing for my kindle business and guess what?

But, I have noticed my sales increasing by a few sales here and there for one of my books. If this used to work, it no longer does. And sometimes no rise at all. And sometimes a decrease. Steven, I would have to agree with you- the day of promoting free books is pretty out-dated now. It use to work but not so much any more. Oh well. I know it will take off. Its patients, timing and getting that step up, that mini break where it gets viewed by many.

My book is below…. Marty, I love the cover. That is beautiful. Book covers are usually longer with a shorter width. And then the title of the book is a little hard to see on the cover because the black lettering blends in with her black hair and some shadows sometimes. I think you might want to choose a lighter font so people can see the name. Congrats to you on that. Hey Crazy eyes, thank you for your wise comments.

Interesting article, this but looking at some of the grammar and punctuation within it and that in some of the replies, I wonder if some people are cut out for creative writing.

Writing a Book? Here’s How Authors Make Money

Good luck all. There are some odd sentence structures and missing commas. This is all self published. No editor has combed this page for errors, which are in your comment as well as mine. Have also signed up for Select, partly thanks to this post. Cheers for the advice!!! Goodness, Sean I was of the opinion, I had devoured everything on your site and now I discover this.

My line of writing is poetry, and it does not sell well but I do have a few short stories and I think I need to try a shot at that. KDP is on my my mind now. It looks like I am going to be not only an LR but also a publication rebel! KDP is my my goal. Cheers suren. You can advertise it everywhere. Wow thank you so much for writing this. Angela x. I heard about kindle self publish and just published my 3 books on kindle select. Yet to make any sells. What do you advice? Rule number 1, 2 and 3.

NEVER go exclusive with anyone. It is possible to get a book perma free on Amazon without going select and that it is to get it price-matched free by putting it free on other sites. Not guaranteed but stands a good chance. If your ebook is ok, you could get about one review per hundred reads.

Two or three would be better still. Get your book on smashwords. Be grateful if any reader gives you their time not just to read your book but comment on it. If the review is scathing but genuine, learn from it. A few sad reviewers love to dis a book just because they can. If you have a book you feel has been held back by a rubbish review, just un-publish it and then republish it. Reviews go away and it kicks off all over again. But if it was crap before, it will still be crap.

It is sometimes hard for us to accept that truth. Happy writing. Do you think that higher priced books in the lending library would increase lending? I tried it and saw an influx of lending over buying which pays me more than I was making per sale. I raised the price of a. The best way to get tons of traffic is Fiverr. There is one seller who will help you reach 4. Also, there is a seller who will post your book to pages on backpage. That worked for me as well. Hiya, I sold a hard copies of my book and people seem to love it. I put it up on Kindle ages ago and have NO sales! Its totally flat lined.

Not one! As far as I can see its available. Its called the The Glass Trumpet. Any advise gratefully received! Hello, Your book seems fine to me. Have you tried lowering the price? I just mentioned in another post that the cover can make all the difference. The blurb on your book sounds interesting. I had my daughter teach me the basics of Paintshop and I now purchase pictures from sites such as Shutterstock. To be honest it takes me hours upon hours to complete but I feel that the effort has been worth it. Hi, I ran a free campaign and it did boost sales slightly over the next few weeks.

However, the game-changer for me was revamping my cover. Something, I should have initially done as a few bad reviews on grammar can impact sales. I released 3 ebooks a year ago and they did no good. I promoted it on Facebook and explorebooks. Sales are still going after the promotion ended. I would say new authors should not expect miracles. Because it hurts when hopes are shattered.

After that it slumped back down to one or two sales a day or week sometimes. All told, I have eight books on Amazon at the moment, some doing well, others not so much. After several months, I sat back and took another look at my book. The first thing I did was split the hundred-page book into two, Book One and Two. I found a much better book cover art on line, re-edited haha and reposted the books.

One reviewer said that I failed high school English, but I wrote one hell of a story. I also made all three KDP Select, but more of that a little later. Getting your reader to help you edit your works is a great way to get free editing services. You can always increase the price for your next book once you have a following.

Readers appreciate that. As to KDP Select. One further words of advice. Even after all this time 18 months people are still downloading that original story. All my publishing friends stick to this as well. Curious to hear your response. Maybe my friends and I are misinformed? Lemme know. It was really helpful. Hello self-publishers, there has been a lot of discussion about how to market the books after publishing.

Facebook has changed its targeting features available to the the general public. Here is a video on it. It could perhaps change the game for author and publishers and make FB ads viable for low priced items such as books. This guy is the bets by far!! What an great article for a newbie in the indie-publishing experience. Thank you for the good information and the great links. I will share this with my writers group. Unfortunately for me it has been a huge waste. Self publishing was a failure. If you want your book to be a bestseller, write it with dedication and passion if the story so deserves.

No point cursing other people if you yourself are not gonna bear the necessary pains of writing. My experience speaks. Also, the sphere of eBooks is not such a popular domain. I too have felt this. That is why libraries still exist and people still go to them. I agree. I am a self-published author, and my print books far out-sell eBooks, even in light of the fact that the eBooks are few cheaper. I see several posts on here saying that their experience with self publishing was a failure, or a complete waste of time.

In this example, I will be trying to find a good category for a language book:. Our goal is to get a list of books that are similar to our book. I will then systematically go through each book and check their category string links like below:. This will take you to the list of Bestsellers for that Category. Next, click on the 1 best selling book in that Amazon book category. Now, go down to its ABSR and record that number next to the category name in your notes. They look like this:. To do the steps above correctly, it could take you hours for clicking around and hoping you find the right category.

One particular feature of this award-winning software, is that it lists every possible Amazon category for both book and ebook, and tells those valuable numbers we discussed above. You can see exactly how many books you need to sell in order to become the new 1 bestseller.