Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

Sue Bohlin offers a quiz covering Bible basics rather than trivia. That's because we're not reading and studying the Bible. Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament? .. Probe fulfills this mission through our Mind Games conferences for youth and adults, our 3-minute daily radio program, and.

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Words: 51, Published: May 14, Jane is a normal orphan with unusual grandparents. Words: 40, Published: May 7, Lilly Edmonds has her work cut out for her as she finds herself protecting more than the werewolf Paul. On a visit to her old friend, Baxter, she finds that the undead have risen against him and taken him as a slave. Words: , Published: March 26, The Death comes for everyone.

Words: 38, Published: March 19, The end of the world approaches. Nena can feel it in her bones. Published: February 26, Sarah and her paranormal friends find themselves on the hunt for another piece of the ancient relic. Published: February 23, The complete Maiden to the Dragon box set features all ten ebooks! Words: 43, Published: February 5, Lilly Edmonds is now a Star, the official protector of the werewolf Paul Lupe, but she finds herself the one who needs protection as her friends and she arrive at an old theater. The Imago Theatrum has its dark shadows and creaky floorboards, but she soon finds that more than just actors lurk in the wings.

Rumors of ghosts abound, and she finds herself haunted by a malevolent spirit. Words: 49, Published: January 8, Elizabeth Edmonds is a normal, clumsy woman working at a small, normal bakery. That is, until one night leads her on a chance encounter with a movie star manager. The star himself wants to get to know her.

Words: 45, Published: December 18, Nena Tacita now knows the terrible truth about herself, but she doesn't dwell in self-pity for long. Death is still out there wreaking havoc among the living, and her friends and she are the only ones that can stop him. Unfortunately, there are unknown adversaries lurking in the shadows, foes who have their own plans for Death. Foes that need Nena for their plans. Words: 39, Published: November 13, Ruthven and Adam begin their investigation into the missing relic, an object stolen from the leader of the Saints and hidden away by the destroyed vampire, Simon.

Their search leads them, along with the persistent Sarah, to an old park and its disused water system. There they find a locked door, and behind it a deep voice that warns them to leave.

Tempting His Mate (A Werewolf Romance) audiobook

Published: October 11, The shadow world of the paranormal goes looking for Sarah Rennelle as she finds herself caught up in a cat-and-mouse game with dragons, vampires, and an annoying demigod. Normalcy is invaded by Avery, one of her former students with a penchant for trouble. Published: August 28, The box set contains the final three books in the fantasy romance series Maiden to the Dragon, an adventure that will take your breath away.

The final chapter in the lives of Miriam and Xander leads them into the last darkness that dwells within their world. Their guide is an otherworldly crew long-thought lost to time and death, and their foe is one of the last of the gods, a creature that cloaks itself in mystery and enigma. They find their welcome a warm one, but beneath the calm is a storm as savage as the Eternal Storm. Words: 44, Published: July 10, Inside the shadow of the paranormal world, Sarah Rennelle tries to manage her life as much as she can.

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Between the hectic days of school and the long nights with her new friends, she finds herself strained to the point of breaking. Then there's the trouble with Adam and the way he keeps looking at her. Words: 63, Published: June 26, Death is only elusive when you search for him, and for Nena and her friends he's a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

His motives are unknown and his influence beyond their reach, but with the fate of the world on their shoulders they're not lying down on the job. Fortunately, the information they gathered from Matt's computer leads Nena and her new companions to one of the largest firms in the city. Published: June 12, Problems closer to home, however, need their attention.

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There they find themselves thrust between two opposing sides, each laying claim to the area. Words: 42, Published: May 15, Sarah Rennelle is a teacher who longs for nothing more than summer to return and her crazy roommate to find some sanity. Unfortunately, one wrong step into an alley and she becomes an eye-witness to a terrible crime. The episode leads her to a chance meeting with a handsome man who has his own terrible secret.

Even with his mysterious demeanor she finds herself drawn to him. Published: April 24, Death comes for everyone. As Nena tries to understand what that means she learns that a threat has arisen that promises to upset the delicate balance between the living and the undead. Words: 65, Published: April 3, For Miriam Cait, one adventure has closed and another door opens as Xander and she are thrust into a new world within the realms of dragons. Enlisted by Crates of the legendary Mallus Library, they must scour the world searching for ancient gods who have, against the heavenly laws, made their home in the world of dragons.

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Words: 82, Published: March 20, One fateful night pulls Gwen Rogers from her normal office world and into the realm of myths and legends. Published: March 13, With the help of the handsome Orion, a local of her new hometown, she tries to make sense of her new world, and herself. Words: 20, Published: March 6, An evening at a benefit gala leads Gwen and her friends into trouble as a thief runs off with all the precious jewelery, including a necklace given to her by Fox.

Words: 37, Spring has sprung in Apple Hollow, and our werewolf couple Trixie and Orion are invited to a Blessing of the Tree where a new shifter will be born. Published: January 16, The box set contains books five through seven of the fantasy romance series Maiden to the Dragon, an adventure that will take your breath away.

Published: January 9, Gwen Rogers finds her days mundane or terrifyingly dangerous. Like the mating birds up above. Are these mating snakes? Never know.

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And the alligator who is watching—YOU! Silence of the Wolf—5 Stars!! Though Elizabeth is a woman alone, she has a deep desire to be part of a pack, but is afraid when Tom first makes the offer. Tom is a strong and capable leader, a definite alpha, and is certain that he wants Elizabeth to be his mate. Silence of the Wolf is a story that easily captured my interest, and I am curious to see what happens next for the Silver Town residents.

I am behind!!! We had storms yesterday and I had to get off my computer. And I have some things coming up: A book set with a bunch of authors who have won all kinds of awards, three of which are USA Today Bestselling authors, including me! More adult paranormal and fantasy books. And another book set with strictly YA faery stories. I think both of them will be a lot of fun.

I love authors! In most businesses, we would be considered competition.

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She must retrieve the scepter or the kingdom is lost…. Princess Talamaya turned 18 in the human kingdom of Damar, just like her twin brother. But everything changes when a wizard pits beast and man against each other in Inherian—all because of the loss of the Scepter of Salvation and she must return it to their kingdom.

Wolf Hollow Shifters, Book 4, Chapter 1 – Nikki Jefford

Visions plague Talamaya of a world beyond her own, of a destiny she has to fulfill. But the barbarian king is also after the scepter, and the black-hearted wizard who is trying to gain control will do anything to keep them from retrieving it. She must free a knight from his madness. Help a female dwarf escape from the dwarven mines. Aid an Amazon fighting the Dark Elves. Rescue even the barbarian king. Save a crusty old dwarf from the wolves of Elan Pass. And outwit the dark wizard once more. Above all else, she must always take the path of righteousness.

She wanted to be a school trained mage…but everything stands in her way. An apprentice of the mage they had destroyed earlier, now threatens Inherian once again. But when Mexia arrives at Langdon to become school trained, she learns the school will not permit a woman to attend.

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She must use the magic she has learned to discover a way to defeat the apprentice before it is too late. Mexia has already done much more than most school- trained mages when she and her companions had gone in search of the scepter of salvation. But now one of the apprentices of the evil wizard they had destroyed, has stolen his spell book and plans to take up where he had left off, and she has to try and stop him. Mexia believes the only way for her to defeat the mage is to become school trained like he was with the eventual goal of becoming a high wizard—the first of her kind in Inherian.

Then, the immovable headmaster. And then, the circle of misfortunes. It all goes downhill from there…. Hope you have a grand Monday! Not sure. I probably should look and see. Or better yet, I should just write! I took these pictures from the yard. There is beauty all around if we just take a moment to look and see. Back to writing. Another chance to win! Angels Guilty Pleasures is giving away an ebook copy of Jaguar Fever! Be sure and drop by and say howdy!!! And enter!

A SEAL Wolf Christmas, Oct 2013 release

Thanks, Angela!!! Terry Spear is one of many authors that writes about shifters. She is also one of my favorites! Check out my review! Terry takes us back to Silvertown territory where Darien, Jake and Tom run the pack and town. Since the MacNeills started out in Ireland, that was the reason for their having the wolfhounds.

Get ready for hunky Highland wolves!!! Hope you have a delightful TGIF. But for now? Permalink 3 Comments. September 27, at am Deborah Cooke Deborah Cooke , dragon , dragonfire , dragons , shape shifter , shape shifters , shapeshifter , shapeshifters. These are linked to my Dragonfire series — the trilogy is called The Dragon Diaries.

Tentative pub dates for 2 and 3 are December and June Hop over to my blog and take a peek! I loved this rendition of werewolves in their wolf coats. Now the question is—is the one on its back the female or the male? And if it was MY story, which would be which, do you think? In this picture, the one towering over the other appears to be bigger, so to me, it looks like the male. I was getting ready to go to work yesterday morning, and look what I found! No, not a wolf, or a werewolf, but the full moon! I had to stop the car, run into the house, grab my camera, and take a picture. Werewolf or vampire?

I may have a great deal in the works concerning my Medieval Highland stories, not the werewolf ones, so just a heads up. Hope to hear something in the near future. Is that an oxymoron, or what??? What do you all think???? Permalink 7 Comments. These are my woods—the cornfields. All I could find was corn. The golden tassels glistened in the late night sun; the green leaves protecting the buttery yellow kernels from hungry predators—like me.

And sunflowers edging the corn-their sunny faces turned this way and that—a clinging beige grasshopper on one, a moth on the other—the signs of summer. I went on a hike through a serene park then. Waiting for the dark to come, to show himself. He was running in his wolf form.

Birds were singing throughout the woods, the sound of highway traffic drifted in the intermittent breeze. A sweet scent wafted in the air. I tried to conjure up what it could be. But this is who I was looking for, up and down the trails. Not when I had a pack of she-wolves with me. The good part of walking through those woods last night was they made me forget about the hectic week. And here is my upcoming blog schedule for the release! What are you doing to make your dreams come true? I want to start announcing my next review.