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Later on, it was time for the late-night party. I danced a bit. I drank. A lot. Like a good Jewish event, there was an open bar. Motek had found me at one point and had given me a drink. We watched the people dancing as if it was the most enthralling thing in the world, as opposed to a giant sight of poorly-shuffling people—both Jewish and not—second guessing the life choices that brought them there that night.

I suppose that since Jewish events are more or less supposed to put Jews on the trajectory to get married and raise Jewish babies, they are entitled to dance and drink at a hotel with all the bells and whistles. The music was getting too loud and so we went out into the foyer.

We chatted about Israel and our jobs.

MASA & THE POWER: The Rise & Fall of the Tamale Kingpin by DESMADRE — Kickstarter

I get sentimental while drinking, so I talked about my clients. I asked Motek if I would ever stop feeling guilty about taking a few days for myself and getting away from the various children I cared for. I swallowed the lump in my throat and there was rawness to my voice. I had figured that the guilt would just chomp away at my brain, bit by bit, until I was nothing more than an empty turtle shell. Motek told me not to feel guilty, even though I continued to have the feeling of something eating away at me and worrying about having nothing left to give of myself to anyone around me.

Motek and I continued to talk and eventually we headed outside to the front of the hotel since it was quiet and the weather was nice. Motek kept rubbing my arm up and down and was saying that I did. I looked into his eyes and saw the fire there. I asked him if he was going to kiss me and then he asked if I wanted him to.

I nodded my head. Time stood still. Motek asked if I wanted to go upstairs and so I grabbed his hand and we headed to the elevators that would lead to his room. He carried me bridal style into his room and we went at it since the room was clear. At one point, the guy I had had my eye on from the day before opened the door.

I was still dressed, so I told him to give us a bit more time. He nodded and left. Motek and I had a lovely evening together, and, to my surprise, came to my room in the morning for another round. I was not used to that. No worries, no expectations…just the joy of being together. It was perfect. We were perfect. Of course, all good things must come to an end. The Summit winded down and Motek and I had to say our goodbyes. He offered to come to the airport with me and to try and find somewhere to have yet another round of fun.

I then made my way to the airport and headed back to Boston. I returned home after meeting Motek feeling sad and empty. I hardly knew this guy, and yet I had felt drawn to him. Reality reared its ugly head and I knew that rationally if Motek had come to the airport with me, we would have just sat around talking and most likely nothing scandalous would have happened. The Summer of was busy. I was rejected from two Jewish fellowships I applied for, so I tried to stay busy with work. I worked the most I ever had.

I did a six-week live-in nanny position out in suburbia. It was an hour and a half commute to head back to my neighborhood on my days off since I relied on public transit. I was the overnight nanny for premature twins. I did these two jobs concurrently. At least the latter was near my apartment. Once my live-in nanny gig was up, I did ten-hour days two to three times a week with a three-year-old girl, along with still sleep training the twins. I was exhausted, but the bills were paid.

Motek was always there to make me smile on Facebook. He would write nice comments, send me messages and remember details about my kids. He sent me some love songs from a band that he liked and invited me out to visit him in Minnesota. He told me how Masa was having an exclusive alumni shabbaton in August and got me an invitation. We planned it so I would visit him for a few days and then we could attend the shabbaton together.

I kept having to rearrange flights, but everything came together in due time. Meanwhile, I began looking up flight attendant jobs with Sun Country just in case we decided to try and be a couple and do the long-distance thing. If he were going to cheat, surely he would not go after me…right? After my final day of taking care of the three-year-old girl, I was headed to Minnesota.

Inspired by Your Shopping History

I had dressed up and even gotten my hair and eyebrows done. I had visited Minnesota once back in This would now be my first time going in warmer weather. After getting to Minnesota and freshening up my makeup, I went to go meet Motek since he was picking me up. He helped me with my luggage and I gave him a hug.

He drove me to his apartment and after getting inside, he showed me around the place and I gave him the saltwater taffy he had requested since it was a Massachusetts specialty. We were pretty tired and fell asleep together in bed. Nothing happened, but I brushed it off. The next morning, Motek made me breakfast. Since he had just started his graduate program, he had to leave for a few hours to go to class. Since I never learned how to drive, I was stuck. I watched some TV on my phone as I waited for Motek to come back. Or do…anything. I convinced him to go out to dinner.

Before we headed to the restaurant, he said I was only allowed one drink since he had seen me drink at the Summit. I paid for both the meals since Motek was my host and then bought some hard cider at a nearby liquor store. We enjoyed listening to Davey and learning how to make tamales. We are learning about text structures and noticed that Davey and his mom used sequencing or chronological order to share with us. We were wondering if they used this text structure on purpose?

Thank you! Hey there, Wonder Friends in Ms. Fulenwider's Class! We're so glad you pointed out sequencing and chronological order-- way to go! We think it's helpful to present a recipe in chronological order, so we bet that's why they used that structure! Great job using your awesome imaginations today! Dear Wonderopolis, Hola amigas! Thank you for the yummy wonder. Jacob's dad is from Mexico and sometimes he makes tamales for his family.

What Is Masa?

We think that tamales would be very good. Has anyone in the Wonderopolis ever cooked with masa? Johnson wants to try it. Actually, everyone wants to try it! Thanks for sharing! Johnson's 4th grade Hilliard, Ohio. Hola, Wonder Friends in Mrs. Johnson's 4th Grade!

We're so happy we can Wonder with you today, and we've learned about Jacob's dad's awesome tamales, too! Some of our Wonder Friends here at Wonderopolis are excellent in the kitchen-- so they like to prepare dinners from time to time. It's very fun to share your skills, especially when masa is involved! We hope you can try cooking with masa soon! Please tell us how it goes! We are lucky in Tucson because we have fresh masa. Our moms make tamales for Christmas.

We like watching the video. You sure are lucky, Wonder Friends in Mrs. C's Class! Thanks for sharing your Christmas traditions with us-- we bet tamales taste extra delicious then! Dear Wonderopolis, Thank you for sharing the great wonder about masa. Some of our classmates are from Mexico and make great Mexican food using masa.

Several of us have also visited Mexican Town, an area in Detroit, famous for its Mexican food. We loved today's wonder. We think tomorrow might be about mountain climbing, perhaps on Mt. Everest or even rock music. Thank you for the wonders, Mrs. Witkowski's 4th graders. Hi there, Wonder Friends in Mrs. Witkowski's 4th grade class! We think it's so cool that you are all collaborating in your classroom and talking about what you have learned about masa! Today's Wonder sure did make us hungry, as well as your description of Mexican Town! We can't wait to Wonder with you tomorrow! We hope your masa adventure is great!

Please tell us how your meal tastes! Hi there, Hunter! We're here, not to worry! We are lucky to have so many Wonder Friends who share their comments, sometimes it takes a bit of time to respond! We're sorry if we overlooked a comment of yours-- but we're here and ready to Wonder! Dear Wonderopolis, My stomach is growling because of today's Wonder. Since you said something about climbing and rocks, the first thing that comes to mind is rock climbing.

You're not alone, we bet today's Wonder made lots of Wonder Friends hungry! Thanks for sharing your awesome guesses for tomorrow's Wonder, Liberty! We'll see you soon! Hey Wonderopolis, Thanks for answering my questions yesterday. Have you guys visited our blog this year? Did you know we skyped with someone in Germany somewhere near the Netherlands? It was so cool. Anyway I love spicy tacos. And I absolutely love spicy Indian food because my heritage is Indian. You should try it out guys. I have been to the Rocky Mountains Canadian on my way to Calgary. Anyway I have to go so 1 more question before I go.

Do you guys know Wonder Barbara? Hi there, Mushkale! Your skype adventure sounds really cool- we LOVE meeting new friends! It sounds like this Wonder was right up your alley-- perhaps we'll do a Wonder about Indian food in the future! We are glad you shared your Wonders about Canada with us-- we have a lot of research to do! Hi there, Destani! Masa means "dough flour" in Spanish, and masa is a main ingredient in tortillas and tamales!

We Wonder if you have tried masa? Thanks for the knowledge. Masa sounds so good right now. You guys are making me so hungry. We don't eat lunch until at our school. We hope you have a great lunch, RaQuell! Perhaps you can plan a masa-inspired meal with your family soon!

YUM, we're so happy you're here today, Swizzy! Mexican food of all kinds is delicious, and we're glad to Wonder about masa with you! Hey Wonderopolis, Hope you remember me. I got a little more info from you. Yesterday's wonder was awesome. My friend Mushkale had a cool question for you. Sincerely, Gurtej. Hey there, Wonder Friend Gurtej! Masa is a type of flour used to tamales or tortillas! Thanks for sharing your comment with us, Gurtej! Thanks so much, Thomas! We're so glad you enjoyed our Wonder today!

What did you learn about masa and cooking today? This wonder was awesome. We liked learning how to make masa and how to use it. Some of us wonder what it would taste like. Most of the class had eaten masa in a tamale and many readers had made tamales. Also, Davy was funny because he says "Hi, I'm Davy," at each step. And sometimes he repeated the steps. Hi there, Room Readers, we're so glad you're here today! We hope all of you will have the opportunity to try masa in the future-- it sure is delicious!

Those tamales are making us hungry! Hi there, Samir! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about today's Wonder-- we hope you'll come back to visit us soon! I think that it was funny that every time he comes on the screen he says "Hi I'm Davey" Hi there, SaGe! We're glad today's Wonder made you smile, and piqued your appetite! Mmmmm tamales sound good I had some yesterday at a Mexican restrant called Abuelitas that used to be called chile mercado tamales reminds me when I lived with my grandma, aunt, and uncle they were Mexican I'm half Mexican because my mom was American and my dad but my Grandma Diana was Mexican American but my great grandfather Pepo was full Mexican.

Thanks for sharing your comment with us-- it is so cool to learn about your family history! Hi there, Hazel! We are glad you liked today's Wonder- it was right up your alley! We hope you enjoy tamales tonight But I thought Davey was cute and funny so after the video I was hungry. We are getting hungry from today's Wonder, too, Kalen! Davey did a great job of narrating today's Wonder video! Thanks for sharing your comment today, Wonder Friend! Thanks for sharing your comment, Kailee!

We are so glad this Wonder made you smile! We hope you can enjoy a tamale in the future-- YUM! Check out the video and the article to learn more about masa, Chance! We learned about the origin of the masa and how to make it! You're right, Chance, it does resemble a pancake! We're so sorry to hear that your day is not going well. Once in a while, we have days that just don't go our way, either.

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Sometimes it helps to talk to a parent or adult about how you're feeling. We sure hope tomorrow is better! We also thought Davy was very funny! Guerin's 2nd grade! P in the Library! Davey really made us smile-- he's a great narrator! We learned that masa is found in Mexican and Central and South American dishes, but Indian and American-Indian food have a similar bread called naan. It's a type of delicious bread that is made with flour, but it looks like a puffy version of a tortilla!

It was very cool. We thought the tamales looked good. It made us want to eat our Promethean Board! Now we know how to make food. We have learned about following a recipe in math. We think tomorrow's wonder will be: rock climbing, monkeys climbing a rock wall, rock music, a person climbing a mountain. We look forward to it every day. Thanks for visiting us today, we hope you've enjoyed learning about masa! Thanks for sharing your comment and guesses for the next Wonder Dear wonderopolis, I never knew what masa is and it looks tasty.

I wish I hade some right now. We hope you can try some soon-- it's quite tasty! Make sure you have an adult or parent help you-- we bet they're going to be delicious! We're so glad you learned how to make tamales with us today, Kenna! Isn't masa cool to Wonder about? I liked this video because it teaches you how to make tamales.

Tamales are one of my favorite foods. Hey there, Treyton! We are so glad you enjoyed our Wonder today Have fun making tamales… sometimes the gathering together of family and friends to make them is the best part! Great information. I found your site by searching for information on storing fresh made masa. I buy the corn from an organic farmer and nixtamalize a real word the corn.

I love how easy you have made this. I live in a region where tamales are popular and I never knew there were so many varieties and so much to know! I was really surprised how easy this was to make. This post is packed with so much wonderful information about masa. I especially found the fresh masa buying tips very helpful. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise!

Tips For Making Corn Tortillas From Masa Harina

Great guide!! Now I do! Any tips on where to look or what brands sell fresh masa? HI Joyce! I usually by mine at the local Latin grocery store. I did a quick Google search and found a link to latin food markets in Houston, here is the link. I had some masa harina and made cornbread. The texture and especially the flavor were off though. I on my tried it once. Hi DM, Thank you for your comment. I have never used masa carina for cornbread before. Masa harina is ground into a fine flour, do you think that could have made the difference in your cornbread?

Thank you for this wonderful recipe. The olive was the cinch for me to try this recipe. I was born in Arizona but raised in Texas. The tamales in Texas are very different from home. It is nice to have this recipe. I do have a question. Will the tamales set with less baking powder?

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I smeared a very thin layer but it still seemed thicker than I remember. I wish I could find white corn fresh masa. All I have been able to find here is yellow masa. I am so pleased with it. I tried to get a recipe out of my Nana for years but she never measured anything so I had a lot of failed trials. She has since passed away. Tamales always remind me of her. I now have a recipe to continue to pass down to my family.

Oh Anita! Thank you so much for your post. I am so glad that you love this recipe and that it reminds you of your Nana. These tamales have been a family favorite for decades and I hope they will be your favorite for a very long time. If you try the tamales with less baking powder, please let me know how they turn out and if you like the result. Note: this recipe is not formulated for dried, packaged masa mix or masa harina. The masa […]. Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating.