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Germany met its Kyoto Protocol climate protection obligations in | Umweltbundesamt

The industrialised countries have recognised their historical responsibility for global warming: accordingly, they and initially not the developing countries took the first step by undertaking to cut emissions in the first commitment period Besides cutting their own emissions, countries have at their disposal three flexible instruments to help attain this goal: Emissions Trading global trading in emissions rights , Joint Implementation technology development and transfer and the Clean Development Mechanism implementation of measures in developing countries.

The European Union has pledged to reduce its joint emissions of the main greenhouse gases by at least 5.

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It has lived up to its commitment: in the period , emission levels in the then 15 EU member states fell by an average of Germany did indeed manage to reduce its emissions by an average of At the Conference of the Parties in Durban in and Qatar in a second commitment period, to expire in , was agreed. Further European countries and Australia are participating alongside the then 27 EU member states.

However, other industrialised countries, namely Russia, Canada, New Zealand and Japan have refused to take part in the second commitment period. The Kyoto Protocol uses a unique system for monitoring compliance. Moreover, three funds were set up to help the developing countries adapt to global warming and implement their own climate protection measures.

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One Step Closer to Kyoto

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Mit offenen Karten 2009 11 28 Klima Von Kyoto nach Kopenhagen 1v2) Doku

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European Union Approves Kyoto Protocol

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