Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

Sue Bohlin offers a quiz covering Bible basics rather than trivia. That's because we're not reading and studying the Bible. Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament? .. Probe fulfills this mission through our Mind Games conferences for youth and adults, our 3-minute daily radio program, and.

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Words: 43, Published: January 16, by BarbarianSpy. Words: 77, Published: October 28, by BarbarianSpy. Which one of those was first is still being hotly debated. In the world of espionage, the two greatest motivators are money and sex. Of these, sex provides the greater control as money is harder to hide.

Sam Winterberry is an expert at using man sex in espionage and runs the Candy Store unit. Features wild gay man sex. Words: 42, Published: September 29, by BarbarianSpy. Words: 30, Published: September 11, by BarbarianSpy.

Second Coming: Emile Lacour Unleashed by Habu

A whistle-blowing former U. Senate page entices Washington, D. But when he gets offed before he can confide in Hardesty, the detective gets embroiled in the highly sensitive and political sex ring case. Inspired by the MeToo movement. Words: 14, Published: August 4, by BarbarianSpy. Words: 97, Published: July 1, by BarbarianSpy. Some of the works were originally published under the habu pen name of Dirk Hessian. Words: 16, Published: May 18, by BarbarianSpy. Words: 33, Published: April 28, by BarbarianSpy. Gene Worth has started a graduate creative writing course at Columbia University in New York City and is modeling for a fashion house to make ends meet.

Words: 95, Published: February 3, by BarbarianSpy. Published: October 8, by BarbarianSpy. Much is made of gay sex on airplanes and of the mile high club, but on a cross-country train trip from the East Coast to the West Coast habu discovered that perhaps gay cruising could be more convenient and fun on an Amtrak train traveling a long distance. Conditions are more commodious and slow moving on trains and there are more opportunities to meet men and more time to form liaisons and play.

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Published: August 20, by BarbarianSpy. Keith Evans and Tyler Sinclair are near twins in near identical situations. Both are young, handsome blond surfers finding themselves set down on the remote American-territory island of Guam and on their own. They both are fine with and good with sex with men and are keeping their lives together by being lower-price rent-boys.

When hired by a sex industry high roller will the results be different? Words: 91, Published: August 5, by BarbarianSpy. This collection of fifteen short stories, written during the winter of —17, offers a large variety of themes, fetishes, and settings. Words: 9, Published: July 10, by BarbarianSpy. Here, in Fetish Xtra Gay Vampires we have a fetish and fetish stories not included in the mammoth anthology Fetish Galore!.

Words: 28, Published: June 6, by BarbarianSpy. Well-heeled and still movie-star handsome Cliff Strand is having one doozy of an early midlife crisis at thirty-seven. As his turn as a New York fashion photographer develops into an interest in photographing young male nudes for private collectors and despite being married to a high-end interior designer, he increasingly becomes aware that he wants to switch sides.

To explore being gay. Words: 79, Published: May 14, by BarbarianSpy. In A Hell of a War, habu brings together nine previously published, but expanded, and one new gay male stories set in, leading up to, or closing out on World War Two. Six of the mostly bitter-sweet stories are set in the European Theater of the war and four are set in the Pacific Theater. None glorify war; all deal with gay sexual relationships fostered by the tensions and uncertainty of war.

Published: March 31, by BarbarianSpy. Alex Holden, a forty-one-year-old body builder and gym owner, and Terry Duncan, a twenty-seven-year-old musical theater dancer, have been a committed, cohabiting couple in San Diego for eight years. They still consider themselves a committed couple and have no wish to change their arrangement or upset their partner. But, do they need some spice in their lives? Words: 93, Published: March 24, by BarbarianSpy. Twelfth in the series of eclectic gay male short story collections by habu, the fifteen stories of Grab Bag 12 offer a variety of gay male stories in terms of theme, sexual interest and fetish, setting, and time period.

Laid out in the order in which they were written rather than grouped by theme, these are stories composed during the fall of Words: 21, Published: March 8, by BarbarianSpy. A young American drifter-adventurer, Sebastian, arrives from the sea in Valletta, Malta, willing to sell his body or have casual sex with men for his keep.

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Words: 80, Published: February 18, by BarbarianSpy. The subject of priests or ministers as sex partners with other men is one of the more taboo subjects in the writing of erotica. Habu has tackled this theme in gay male writing before, though, so naturally, as a publisher, we urged him to gather some of the stories in a subject-specific anthology, which has resulted in Priest Play. Words: 22, Published: February 4, by BarbarianSpy.

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  8. They were American P fighter-bomber aviators, based in England and flying dangerous bombing missions over the continent. Words: 12, Published: January 7, by BarbarianSpy. Dillon plays the game and he does rise in the business, but the questions are where is the edge of what he can take and what would the fallout be of going over the edge?

    Words: 29, Published: December 12, by BarbarianSpy. Homicide Vice detective Hardesty. Called to a crime scene at the Georgetown University boathouse on the Potomac River, he is taken aback at seeing the face under the ice of a man he only hours earlier was partying with at an exclusive, full-service gay male brothel. Published: November 27, by BarbarianSpy.

    Eleventh in the series of eclectic gay male short story collections by habu, the fifteen stories of Grab Bag 11 offer a variety of gay male action in terms of theme, sexual interest and fetish, setting, and time period. Laid out in the order in which they were written rather than grouped by theme, these are stories composed during the spring and early summer of Words: 7, Published: November 13, by BarbarianSpy.

    Words: 6, Published: October 29, by BarbarianSpy. Nick has come to college an innocent young man, but rooming with the beautiful Trent he discovers that he is now lusting after men, Trent in particular. A need to escape his frustrations takes him into the nearby forest for a walk and leads to an unexpected encounter. They show us cool stuff. Petey lets everyone go in their underpants. Dog Man is funny! Nibbles books by Emma Yarlett. I like that he gets away. Winnie-the-Pooh by A.

    Eeyore is my favorite. I like how Eeyore talks and sits. Beep and Bob by Jonathan Roth. Pluto is cold and has a lot of ice. Beep is an alien. Pete the Cat books by James Dean. Robot Pete does whatever Pete says to do. And Pete loves bananas though he ate a rotten one, so his mom tries to give him every food that there is. Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin. If there is salsa in the tacos, they will spit fire all over the place. It makes me scared, but I like it because it is cool.

    But the book ends okay when he goes to his house. The kitten is cute. Tinyville Town books by Brian Biggs.

    Everyone has a job in Tinyville Town. The Lost House by B.

    Bobby "Blue" Bland - Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City

    I want to go to Mars. Ella and Owen series by Jaden Kent. They are dragons. And I like how he runs on the moon. I like penguins. And I like astronauts. It has beautiful things and some islands. Ryan T. I like that I can read it by myself. But all of their things get stuck in the tree. Even the ladder got stuck in the tree, too.

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    I think they are good stories. Pigeon books by Mo Willems. The Pigeon is grumpy which is funny. Bob Books! She shares on her intro post :. This is all about […]. This is all about making your own personal list of books that you want to commit to reading in All that matters is that they are books you want to be sure not to forget as that TBR list continues to grow!

    A list to lure you back to a reading path you have set for yourself. Many, many new books will tempt you! Go ahead and read them but having a list like this ensures you will not forget some titles you were determined to read. Hey, Kiddo by Jarrett J. Anyone who has been an UR reader for a while knows that I am not good at narrowing down lists.

    This is all about making your own personal list of books […]. This is all about making your own personal list of books 5? As your TBR list grows, you promise you will get to the books on this list. To see our complete lists and our rationale, see our original post , and to see our other updates visit our Spring and Fall posts. I have not read any from the list since our Fall Update so no reviews today, but I am still so happy with my progress this year!

    The False Prince trilogy by Jennifer A. Will continue listening as soon as it is available. When I create a list like this, I have a hard time reading the books because they feel like requirements. It really helps remind me that requiring reading even of ourselves is not the best practice. Instead, I end up circling around the books and reading other books instead.

    The funny part? For eight of the books on the list, I read half of the book. The eight books are still on my nightstand. I enjoyed them and was forced to read a different book that I assigned my students that week for classes. Instead, I will be able to focus on the books I add to my mustreadin list! I am terrible at this list! Perhaps I need to finish the others because I know I will love them. There are three or four that I will be moving to my next list.

    Other authors need to avoid publishing enticing books, please. Have you read any of these titles? This year, I reread more books than any previous year. I am not including the billions of pictures books that I reread to my children in that statistic, either. These are […]. These are books that will stick to my bones for years to come!