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When first published, The Texas Holiday Cookbook drew rave reviews and gained a national following. In this new edition, truly Texan recipes have been updated for contemp … orary tastes, products, equipment, techniques, and lifestyle concerns such as nutrition profiles. It includes Texas chefs' holiday traditions, recipes, and food gift ideas for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year's; Texas wines and spirits for holiday celebrations; and Texas tricks to make holiday cooking tastier, quicker, and easier such as combining homemade with takeout, using convenience products, and sharing the workload with guests.

This delightful collection captures the flavor and diversity of the cuisine of the Lone Star State. The Texas Cookbook presents recipes ranging from down-home cooking to … high-class affairs, from regional favorites to ethnic specialties. Mary Faulk Got beef? You bet your boots Texas does.

The legendary land of cattle and cowboys, Texas produces billions of pounds of beef each year. This handsome cookbook showcases h … undreds of the carnivore's favorite preparations, specially selected from among the menus of steakhouses across the state. Recipes and information about steaks of all stripes--from strip to chicken fried--alongside beef dishes such as chili and fajitas and other classic Texas steakhouse selections accompany this photographic tour of steaks, steakhouses, and steer in the Lone Star State.

In this new edition, truly Texan recipes like Margarita Balls and Real … ly Whomped-Up Mashed Potatoes have been updated for contemporary tastes, products, Texas cowboys are the stuff of legend — immortalized in ruggedly picturesque images from Madison Avenue to Hollywood. Cowboy cooking has the same romanticized mythology, … with the same oversimplified reputation think campfire coffee, cowboy steaks, and Mary Faulk Koock traveled throughout Texas gathering recipes from ranch kitchens and city hostesses.

Scattered among these are the authors anecdotes from her vast and varied encounters with the famous and influential. Fort Worths Van Cliburn enjoys the hostess biscuits and offers his own recipe for a whole-wheat variety. At the home of friends in Dallas Koock reveals the recipe for Chicken Cannelloni served after an opera. Much more than a cookbook, this collection offers a look at a way of life and entertaining, Texas style.

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Texas Cookbook - Texas is a big state and many of its features are on a grand scale. Texas offers a variety of climates and terrains-sunny seacoasts, mile-high mountains, … teeming bayous, dense forests, cactus-studded deserts, and grassy plains. Texas is big cities, vast ranches, huge farms, petroleum production and burgeoning high-tech industries. Texas is great food. From the indigenous population to the coming of the Europeans and wave after wave of immigrants. Some food styles were imported from other parts of the United States along with the migrations from the South, the Midwest and the East.

Other cuisines traveled with new Texans from the south; Texas is a vigorous variety of food styles. And, it makes use of such home-grown produce as chile peppers, black-eyed beans, grapefruit, pecans and peanuts, fish and shrimp from the gulf, beef from Texas-size herds and barbecued foods that use native mesquite for fuel and smoke.

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To live in Texas is to celebrate life. Food festivals abound: chili cookoffs, shrimp harvests, barbecue contests, bed-and breakfasts, Oktoberfests, Wurstfests, chuck-wagon cooking, local harvest events, fine restaurants and resorts. Recipes included in the Texas Cook Book were submitted by executive chefs at famous Texas resorts, bed-and-breakfasts and restaurants. Others are from the collections of Texas homemakers, Texas food growers and manufacturers. From Texas, the Texas Cook Book offers you appetizers, breakfasts, salads, soups, chili, breads, Tex-Mex, main dishes, barbecues, side dishes, desserts and beverages-enjoy them as the Texans do, wherever you live!

There are many things that are big in Texas: Wide open spaces, personalities, hair, but above all, there's flavor! United Tastes of Texas is your geographical guide to Te … xas cuisine based on five distinct culinary regions: Central, Coastal, East, South, and West Texas; as well as the culinary influences brought by settlers from countries including Czechoslovakia, Germany, Mexico, and Spain.

Buy this great book for the wonderful recipes and gardening tips and savor it for the exquisite photography.

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If you are bored with the same old dinner fare and plants this one will Ever wonder how to get started gardening organically? Organic guru Howard Garrett gives you everything you need to know to either start a healthy organic garden or switch your traditional By: William D. Adams and Thomas R. Honeybees in the flowers, fire ants in the yard, roaches in the kitchen -- the good, the bad, and the ugly bugs are all over Texas! And they are here in a comple By William D. AdamsThe best thing for tomato enthusiast since the tomato itself!

Adams draws on more than thirty years' experience to provide a complete, step-by-step guide to success in the tom Norman Winter is one of the most loved and respcted horticulturists in the south. His books are fun to read and beautifully illustrated. Tough-as-Nails Flowers for the South will sav By: Jessie Gunn Stephens. This informative guidebook cover hundreds of beautiful, accessible Texas gardens, both public and private, that offer themes including botanical, estate, lily, rose, herb, co Native plant expert Geyata Ajilvsgi takes us on journey of the state's major vegetation zones.

The book has full color photos of of the states most iconic native plants. In addit There are no products in your shopping cart. All Rights Reserved. Texas Gardener Online Store Books. Another chapter offers recipes for the region's plentiful indigenous game, such as venison, wild boar, dove, and quail. I'm eager to try several of the recipes made with the Valley's most prized product, ruby red grapefruit, including salads, pies, and candied grapefruit rind. The value of community cookbooks is their snapshot of an area's everyday gastronomic history.

Mesquite Country creates a vivid portrait of a fascinating Texas region. Proceeds from the sale of the book benefit the museum. Beaumont native Wanda Landrey began her research for this book with an investigation of her own family history and the days when her grandparents and great-grandparents ran the Commercial Hotel in the Big Thicket hamlet of Kountze. From there, she visited sites of the hotels and boarding houses that flourished in the timber-cutting and wildcatting heyday of the early 20th century, gathering family photos, anecdotes, and heirloom recipes along the way.

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The Big Thicket area of Texas was once one of the most densely forested areas in the U. The original Thicket was generally considered to be an expanse of dense timber stretching about 50 miles north and northwest of Beaumont. Early settlers found the Thicket a lush, bountiful place in which to live. In its pristine state, it was a very good provider. In it were hardwoods for cabin and furniture building; rich soil for gardens; plentiful game, nuts, and berries; plus creeks, bayous, and rivers filled with fish.

By the s, logging companies and railroads brought to the Thicket many new people and new foodways. After the turn of the century, oil was discovered in the area, bringing yet another influx of travelers who had to be housed and fed. Each chapter of the book presents a new hotel with pictures, reminiscences, and recipes.

The Vines Hotel was also the home of Lance Rosier, a Big Thicket native and self-taught naturalist who was a guiding force in the environmental conservation movement that finally set aside a fraction of the area as the Big Thicket Natural Preserve. Most of the lush, verdant Big Thicket is gone now, the victim of progress and timber clear-cutting.