Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

Sue Bohlin offers a quiz covering Bible basics rather than trivia. That's because we're not reading and studying the Bible. Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament? .. Probe fulfills this mission through our Mind Games conferences for youth and adults, our 3-minute daily radio program, and.

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Series Boxes are made up of materials relating either to projects Kenyon was involved in — the alicejames poetry cooperative, Green House, the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts — or to specific areas of her life outside of writing, such as the trips to India of and , and her academic experience at the University of Michigan. Series are materials that were added to the collection in These materials are comprised of reviews of her works, tributes to Kenyon since her death and of manuscripts by other writers. Contents of this collection are governed by U.

For questions about publication or reproduction rights, contact Special Collections staff. Drafts of poems, drawings, a notebook, etc. Skip to main content. What is WorldCat? Beach, January 12, Thornton Wilder to Mrs. About Jane Kenyon Jane Kenyon was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan on May 23, and grew up on its outskirts, on a dirt road opposite a working farm. Copyright Notice Contents of this collection are governed by U. Monday" Box 4, Folder 16 "There is a certain hour every day" Box 4, Folder 17 "We walk along the hard crest of the snowdrift" Box 4, Folder 18 "All day the crowd rushes one way, then another" Box 4, Folder 19 "The river flows without hurry through the valley" Box 4, Folder 20 "The mysterious spring still lay under a spell" Box 4, Folder 21 "I hear the always-sad voice of the oriole" Box 4, Folder 22 "You are an apostate: for a green island" Box 4, Folder 23 "Wild honey has the scent of freedom" Box 4, Folder 24 "It is not with the lyre of someone in love" Box 4, Folder 25 "Tale of the Black Ring" Box 4, Folder 26 "On the Road" Box 4, Folder 27 Drafts of "Notes" for book Box 4, Folder 28 "And now you are heavy and dejected" does not appear in final version of book Box 4, Folder 29 "The Cellar of Memory" does not appear in final version of book Box 4, Folder 30 "Frosty sun.

Marching, marching" does not appear in final version of book Box 4, Folder 31 "I don't claim to be a prophet" does not appear in final version of book Box 4, Folder 32 "It is simple, it is clear" does not appear in final version of book Box 5 Box 5, Folder 1 "Oh it was not you that I loved" Box 5, Folder 2 "Song Box 19, Folder 37 "When there has been a death Dorothy M.

Bristol Alfred A.

Spring 1977

Timothy C. Lundy , 1 ; Rae Bruce, 1 ; [Nick? Clark, M. Charles Solow; Dr. Robert S. Dunham, 4 ; Vera S. Dunham, 27 and Dwyer and O'Grady, Inc. Henry J. Streeter, Jr. Hugh J. Gallen, 2 ; Dorothea [D. Ruth Gendler, 1 ; Geraldine R. Clayton Hobart, 2 ; Annette C.

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Hodesh, 1 and Robert M. Hodesh, 8 Box 24, Folder 8 Jack L. Hope, 1 ; Lynne Z. Gordon J. Frederick R. Knopf Inc. LaValley, and 1 undated 3 ; Marcia H. Bud D. Mills, Jr. Mohan, 1 ; Monitor Book Company, Inc.

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Alan F. Pater , 1 ; Robert L. Montgomery, 1 ; Carley Moore, 1 ; Francis W. Rodriguez, Frank S. Melanie S. Coe, Sally Gaskill, Robert J. Wade; Frederick T. Kenneth R. Perkins P. Martin's Press, Inc. Jane Dominik , 1 , St. Wilford F. Arthur K. Douglas C. Smith, 1 ; Roxanne D.

Clark, Jr. George F.

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Wheeler, 1 ; Jeffrey H. Wilson, 1 ; Linnet R. Mark L. Balcom , 1 ; The Word Words, Inc. James A. III, nos. Further productions: , Standing against barn door. Negative available. Seated in armchair, close-up. Photo taken by Stephen Blos. Seated in armchair, hands crossed over knee, with Ada cat on back of chair. Promotional shot used for readings and workshops.

Box 49, Folder 5 Photos - All taken during Nov. Kearsarge in background. Box 49, Folder 14 Black and white, head shot, seated, leaning on left hand. Used for readings and workshops. This is the image used at the top of this finding aid. Box 49, Folder 20 Pauline Kenyon, December and? In the nursing home and in the hospital. Box 49, Folder 21 Donald Hall, s. Box 49, Folder 27 Joan Farrel, 3 different shots.

Box 49, Folder 28 India trip, , group of writers. Color photograph taken by Julie P. Of unidentified Church event, n. Early draft of book under title "Changing Light," submitted for Whitman Award. Draft of book under title "Changing Light," with notes by Alice Mattison [? Marching, marching" does not appear in final version of book. Early drafts of Akhmatova poems not included in book - "I have only one smile Draft of book under final title returned from Graywolf Press, June 18, Draft of book sent to W.

Norton under title "The Little Boat". Title page - selections to be considered: "New and Selected Poems". Correspondence from Jane Kenyon 15 : Dr. Fulbright Foundation, 1. Aldridge, undated 1. Smith , John P. Strothman , 1. Joan W. Robert Bly includes Gratitude to Old Teachers , and 5 undated David Budbill, 17 and Lois Eby Budbill, 1. Christa 1. Eleanor Cioffi, 1 ; Laura A. Lincoln Richman , 1 and Edgar Rhodes Condict, 1.

Page P. Jeffrey Nintzel , 1. These poems go a long way towards recapturing her promise as a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University Writing Seminars in the Seventies and as a teaching fellow in the creative writing doctoral program at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

In a former life as Fred H. Alan has given many readings in the Boston area, and currently has a book-length manuscript circulating, entitled The Above-Average Tree. In and again in , she was the recipient of an Individual Artist Fellowship in Poetry awarded by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.

She is a participant in the Handprint Identity Project, a collaboration between artists and poets, which had its opening exhibit at Elizabethtown College in November, She has taught literature and writing in venues ranging from elementary school to university. Judith Steinbergh Judith Steinbergh, poet, scholar and teacher, has taught poetry to students of all ages throughout Eastern Massachusetts over the past forty years.

Judith continues to teach writing and literature in several Brookline and Newton Public Schools and is a master teacher for Troubadour, Literacy through Writing and Song. Margaret Young- -- Grew up in Oberlin, Ohio and went to Yale, then helped found a traveling theater company with fellow graduates. Went for a master's at U. Davis, poetry and nonfiction, bioregionalism and food. She has taught writing at Allegheny, Oberlin, community colleges in Pittsburgh and California, plus spent many years in arts education at the preschool through high school levels.

Her first poetry collection Willow from the Willow was published in by Cleveland State University.

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Young is a poet and a professor at Endicott College in Beverly, Mass. Her latest book of poetry is Almond Town. She earned an M. Other chapbooks were a semi-finalist for the St. She is the author of two chapbooks, Doppleganger S. She has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and was awarded a fellowship from the Somerville Arts Council.

Press, Inc. Gloria works as a Social Worker and freelances editing manuscripts and conduction workshops for writers. She moderates part owner of one two writing groups online based in the UK. Ifeanyi Menkiti --Ifeanyi Menkiti was born in Onitsha, Nigeria and first came to the United States to attend Pomona College from which he received his undergraduate degree. He received his Ph.

Find your muse, at home and abroad.

D in Philosophy from Harvard University. In , Rivard was awarded the Hardison Poetry Prize from the Folger Shakespeare Library, in recognition of both his writing and teaching. Sept 11, Wendy Drexler is a poet living in Belmont, Massachusetts. She received her BA from the University of Pennsylvania. McCullough's short stories and poems have appeared in literary journals in New England.

She has a B. October 9, Bernard Horn Professor B. He has also written critically about the Hebrew Bible and American literature and has recently completed his first play. He was awarded a Fulbright and five fellowships from the National Endowment for the Humanities. A graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology B.

Interviewing is in her blood. In fact, you may have seen some of her poetry reviews, which regularly appear in The Christian Science Monitor. Elizabeth was a staff writer and editor for the Monitor for 13 years. Journalism was a natural fit for Elizabeth, who knew from an early age that she wanted to be a writer. She has since read and spoken at events from New Hampshire to Florida.

Dodge Poetry Festival, the largest poetry event in North America. James Arthur was born in Connecticut and grew up in Canada. APRIL 9, Through the support of fellowships and associations with known writers, Ranan's work has culminated in a fine book that admirers call "poised, lyrical and musical. The voice of this collection rolls off the tongue, murmurs landscapes of the heart and beaches of the mind.

The four sections move seamlessly through retrospection on relationships, psychology, and reflections on a "dangerous contemporary world" with "careful vision" and "sensual language. You can find her online at www. An accomplished jazz vocalist, Coe is known for his powerful readings and warm and compassionate voice. He lives in Boston. Alexis Ivy is from Boston. She is a student of Literature at Harvard Extension School and works as a copywriter for a wallpaper manufacturer. Dennis Daly was born in Salem Massachusetts. He graduated from Boston College with a B. At Northeastern he studied poetry under Samuel French Morse.

For ten years Dennis worked for the General Electric Company. He became a union activist and was elected into the leadership of the member Local of the International Union of Electrical Workers. He also was the managing editor of the Electrical Union News. He is a member of the Bagel Bards, a group of poets and artists, who meet weekly in Somerville.

Dennis lives in Salem Massachusetts with his wife, Joanne. Feb 11, Kenneth Lee -- Dr. Lee, who has worked as a pathologist since and at Brigham Women Hospital since , shifted to a part-time schedule so he could devote more time to writing poetry. The decision paid off. She has performed and read her work in the U. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in several journals, including Fulcrum, , Wordgathering, among others.

Carla is also a professional writer with a doctoral degree. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. She is the contributing editor for the critically acclaimed anthology Like One: Poems for Boston. Her full-length manuscript, Toward The Beloved, was a semi-finalist in a recent Perugia Press book contest. It was chosen as the winner of the Benjamin Saltman Award.

She is also a classical pianist. Over the last twenty years, she has rescued seven greyhounds. She lives near Boston, Massachusetts. She teaches the low-residency M. She currently resides in the Boston area. Morton Poetry Prize and published by Sarabande Books His latest collection is American Chew. Paul, Minnesota. Lawrence Book Award. She is the author of eight collections of poetry, and one teaching guide Beyond Words co-authored with Judith Steinbergh poet laureate of Brookline.

Her poems and essays have appeared in many magazines, reviews and journals including Ploughshares, Poetry and Drum Voices.

She lives in Boston with six plants and one wicked awesome husband. Her publicatons can be perused at laurinbeckermacios. She teaches in Boston-area universities. She recently won the Mass. Book Award for her poetry collection Misery Island. As a poet-in the-schools, she has served over communities and was artist-in-residence at the MFA and the Fuller Art Museums.

Rooney and others. His work has appeared in many magazines. Janik has recent work in december , where she was a finalist for the Jeff Marks Memorial Poetry Prize. She works as a business development and communications writer for an information technology and engineering firm, and lives in New Feb 14, Richard has a B. From to He is a senior layout artist for the New England Journal of Medicine. He taught at the University of Thessaloniki from as Fulbright Professor of English and at Peking University as an exchange professor in She recently chaired an intergenerational poetry session with students from Lasell College and retired poets from Lasell Village.

Margery Hutter Silver worked as an editor for 18 years--first for the Atlantic Monthly and then as a free-lance editor for Boston book publishers. Carol Tashjian began writing poetry in on a retreat to Monhegan Island with artist friends.

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She teaches first year writing ad poetry at Tufts University and also teaches poetry and fiction writing at a local jail. She lives in Somerville, Massachusetts. Older Posts Home.