Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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Nov 29, Leanne rated it liked it. I feel like this series would have been better as a single, standalone book.

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The storyline has so much potential, but parts of it seemed to artificially draw out the inevitable - like the main character just refusing to hear out another character and disappearing thus delaying the answers the conversation would later provide. A lot of dialogue felt repetitive, and the relationships between the next gens felt undeveloped and rang false at times. Aug 28, Cellina rated it really liked it. The book itself is good.

What left me saddened by this series was that the writing was good but the plot line was predictable. It really had the potential to be so much more, great twists and turns. In the end the series was a nice light easy read, I just wished it packed more of a punch. Who could have guessed this one Jade figures out who her dad is when her mum finally tells her some of the truth as what is going on with all the secrets. Then there was a major twist as to who he really was. Sad thing another friend was loss due to her dad's sick game.

If you haven't read the series yet get hooked on the Evolution Series by Kelly Carrero you won't be sorry. Very compelling Jade has to stop Nathan at any cost.

I love how even though she is so powerful she still remains compassionate. Power makes some people believe they are above everyone. Aiden and Jade are two teenagers dealing with young love as well as the most dangerous person alive. I love the relationships that build and the story is amazing. Jun 09, Tracey Billing rated it it was amazing Shelves: paranormal-magic. Now everyone knows who Jade's father is and it hits some people harder than others.

I know that there are more books and I really hope that they are as good as these ones have been, because the whole series could've finished with that ending. It was awesome. Go Jade!!!!! I thought this book flowed well in the series, although some of the relationships between all the characters are kind of odd but hey it's a book. I feel sorry for the main characters bestie as she always seems to be supportive but gets forgotten about alot unless they need vent.

Still this series is keeping my attention. Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!?? The more I read of this series the more L can't wait to read the next one. I liked the way that they took care of the villian in this series. I can't wait to read more of this series.

Far Cry Vengeance

Jul 08, Samantha Julmisse rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. I have waited for this book to hit the market since i finished book 3, and the moment I heard that it was available on Amazon I had my kindle at my side and bought it. In no time flat I finished this book, completely lost in the words Kelly has put together to make such an amazing book!

Our favorite characters are back and better than ever.

Kelly Carrero: Evolution Series

No matter how hard it is, they are facing their challenges head on to live for a better tomorrow, or just to even live tomorrow. As drama unfurls and truths I have waited for this book to hit the market since i finished book 3, and the moment I heard that it was available on Amazon I had my kindle at my side and bought it. As drama unfurls and truths are made known to Jade, everything she knows and believes to be the truth is put to the test.

My heart pounded, my temper flared, I felt anguish, relief, and so many emotions with our characters as I turned every page. The ending was definitely a surprise to me, I won't say what it is though; wouldn't want to spoil it for you. Kelly has outdone herself in this installment of the evolution series, with a perfect ending I am sure none of us saw coming. With plot twists at every twist and turn, you will not become bored and you turn the pages. Aug 02, Alicia Prochnow rated it really liked it.

I was going nuts waiting for this book. Big fan of the story development of Jade's father. The ending left me thinking there will be another book, but I expected this one to be the final in the series. View 1 comment. Her appearance is startling and frightening, and she is a creature motivated purely by revenge. This desire has corrupted The Brotherhood Without Banners, who once mainly focused on helping the smallfolk, but now under her orders look to hang anyone who could be seen as a Lannister or Frey collaborator.

All that she does is in search of revenge — meticulously combing the Riverlands with The Brotherhood without Banners and looking for anyone with sigils to represent that they may owe allegiance to the people that killed her and her son. Lady Stoneheart is vastly different from Catelyn Stark, losing her instinct for forgiveness and replacing it with bottomless rage.

Reader Reviews

Another huge divergence between book and show that left many fans of both upset was in the Winterfell plotline. In the show, she has been repeatedly and brutally raped by her husband, Ramsay. After escaping, her response is to exact revenge on him when the opportunity arises. She has Ramsay tied to a chair and eaten by his own dogs. This revenge scene is incredibly satisfying to the viewer because we see a character who has been hurt and abused since the first season overcoming and having revenge on a character that was given absolutely no redeeming features.

However, she does witness his gruesome death and, despite what one might think, is not satisfied and pleased with it and more or less expresses the same sort of sentiments as the Ellaria of the books that his death did nothing to bring back her father, or undo the pain that Sansa was forced to go through. The changes made between A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones highlight the innate human desire for revenge that goes beyond the conscious and into subconscious thought. It is this desire for push and pull, tit for tat, that drives a lot of social interactions in complex societies.

Giving into this very human, but not necessarily moral, desire can feel good to the viewer, and that is why the theme of revenge comes up so often in art and life. However, it is important to be critical and think deeply about why we like seeing revenge enacted upon others, what the cost can be of pursuing revenge, and what it means to the individual and to society. People also have a difficult time differentiating the relative difficulty between actually acting vengefully against another person opposed to viewing punishment done by someone else such as legal punishment or the death penalty.

Because of the paradoxes associated with seeking and watching revenge, it is necessary the media we consume associated with revenge be thought provoking and show both the benefits and consequences associated with seeking revenge. Seems like the showrunners were trying to make him Kill Bill type of character. I would love it if Theon got to kill Ramsay in the books. They would show that revenge, no matter how justified, always results in a pile of corpses. The show has the viewers rooting for the northmen while not showing the atrocities they committed.

Its morality is way too simple and as a result makes me hate that aspect of it. In a similar way, the Lannister men are shown to be as evil as in the book, so that Tywin can be a bad guy. The show portrays revenge as a virtue and a show of badassery, where it should really be shown to be what it is: a giant dick-measuring contest where the winner is who can kill the most peasants without flinching or caring.

With Brienne and her revenge on Stannis, I wish it had an impact on her story, she gave up the chance to save Sansa to kill Stannis. But nope she able to kill him and find Sansa with ease. It was either helped with the wedding or be kicked out of the twins. The Hound, Jaime, Theon, and Cersei are all still on the show. People still debate their actions, I still know people who only watch the show that have a hard time with Jaime. The show is not going to be able to portray every side character. Logistics apart I think ellaria doing twisted murderous things due to loss of her love and for revenge work better on a show than a dramatic verbal appeal to peace.

The show showed Brienne killing Northmen because they committed atrocities, they showed Northmen betraying the Starks. The show also shows Lannisters as just normal soldiers as well. Also it always comes down to this, but the show is not going to have enough time to portray every storyline from the books. I saw a clip of it but it was really dumb. Or he could just introduce more Dothraki drones and babies.

Maybe Daenerys meets a Dothraki whippersnapper who reminds her of Rhaego.

Vengeance Road And Retribution Rails Dual Non-Spoiler Review!

Of course, Daenerys has been seeking revenge from the get go. Mirri Maz Duur, the Warlocks, the masters of slavers bay. Her purpose, adopted from Viserys, is one of revenge. Oberyn might be the,best example of someone who chooses revenge and suffers for it. It won't be that much longer of a wait. I should hopefully get all my formatted files back in a few days and then I can upload them - Yay!! Read all four books in one week, loved the series. I really hope u write a follow up to these. Hi Riley, I'm really glad you enjoyed the series!

And yes, I do plan on adding at least another book to the series but I'm just wanting to get a couple of books in my new series out first. Can't wait to step back in Jade and Aiden's world again :. Thursday, 8 August Vengeance - Chapter 1. As promised, below is the first chapter of Vengeance to help hold you over till it's release which I still don't have a date. As soon as I receive the formatted files back, I will publish them with the various vendors. Hope you all enjoy! Chapter 1. How do you know if a guy really loves you if he never consciously made the decision to like you in the first place?

My life was a lie. Chelsea walked in and held out a glass. Instantly, I recognised that I was living my vision. I was so not going to play out that scene. I sucked in my breath and held it, trying to stop the next lot of tears that threatened to spill. Although without a doubt, it already had. But I wanted to believe my future was not set in stone and I had the ability to make my own fate.

Ah, who was I kidding? Tears rolled down my nose and onto the already soaked pillow. Aiden and I… well, there never was an Aiden and me.

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For all I knew, the Aiden I loved never existed. I mean, he did date Georgia, after all. Maybe he was really like her before my father got control of his mind.