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Making things worse, the speed that light travels is not always the speed of light: In an optical fiber, light travels only at two thirds that speed, so we are down to , miles per second, which works out to miles per millisecond in a fiber.

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Taking only 1 millisecond to go miles is pretty snappy, but at that rate, the 9, miles between New York and Singapore takes almost Stay ahead with the world's most comprehensive technology and business learning platform. With Safari, you learn the way you learn best. Skickas inom vardagar. The ultimate guide to assessing and exploiting the customer value and revenue potential of the Cloud A new business model is sweeping the world the Cloud.


And, as with any new technology, there is a great deal of fear, uncertainty, and doubt surrounding cloud computing. Cloudonomics radically upends the conventional wisdom, clearly explains the underlying principles and illustrates through understandable examples how Cloud computing can create compelling value whether you are a customer, a provider, a strategist, or an investor. Cloudonomics covers everything you need to consider for the delivery of business solutions, opportunities, and customer satisfaction through the Cloud, so you can understand it and put it to work for your business.

Cloudonomics also delivers insight into when to avoid the cloud, and why.

Cloudonomics : the business value of cloud computing

Cloudonomics provides deep insights into the business value of the Cloud for executives, practitioners, and strategists in virtually any industry not just technology executives but also those in the marketing, operations, economics, venture capital, and financial fields. Regardless of whether it is being utilized, the ongoing costs by way of depreciation or financing costs still need to be borne.

Contrast this with OpEx where, in the event that the item is no longer required, payments can cease rapidly. It is for this reason that many companies prefer leasing vehicles in place of purchasing them outright. Operating expenditure however tends to be more frequently delegated to individual business units. In this way, and in keeping with the democratization that is attendant with Cloud Computing [8], individual business units have the ability to acquire technology that answers their particular business needs.

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This flexibility at the business unit, and even individual level, is in fact one of the major forces that is contributing to the growth of Cloud Computing. This is especially true for smaller organizations for which finance companies apply rigorous debt to equity ratios and thus the amount of capital they can acquire. For this reason it has historically been difficult for organizations to sufficiently justify capital expenditure to get approval for many projects.

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Moving to an OpEx model removes this limitation and allows small scale projects to be undertaken, unconstrained by capital considerations. In a recent article for CIO. It is our contention that this value side of the equation is even more compelling than any cost savings possible.

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Vend built their retail POS application, VendHQ, from the ground up to leverage the benefits of Cloud Computing and provide the cost saving benefits and no stress infrastructure management to retail business owners. They previously hosted their own server infrastructure internally to provide the retail platform, and POS for all their stores which required a private network, creating problems keeping all 12 stores in sync.

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  4. They also moved to other Cloud Applications including Google apps [15] for mail, calendaring and contacts, DropBox[16] for sharing file and documents, and Xero [17] for accounting. Their IT support requirements are now much simpler as well, significantly reducing IT support costs.

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    It is worth reviewing their rationale, in particular a deciding factor that directly relates to focusing on core activities. Every successful internet company has to figure out great storage solutions, hardware failover, networking infrastructure, etc. It is our view that Cloud Computing will drive benefits for organizational focus akin to those that Smith witnessed in the pin factory.

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    The economics are but one of these forces and, as such, we urge organizations considering the Cloud to look at broader benefits and impacts beyond pure economics.