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So you say, well 3 will go into 23 seven times. But it doesn't go into it cleanly because 7 times 3 is So there's a remainder left over. So if you take 23 minus 21, you have a remainder of 2. So you could write that 23 divided by 3 is equal to 7 remainder-- maybe I'll just, well, write the whole word out --remainder 2.

So it doesn't have to go in completely cleanly. And, in the future, we'll learn about decimals and fractions. But for now, you just say, well it goes in cleanly 7 times, but that only gets us to But then there's 2 left over. So you can even work with the division problems where it's not exactly a multiple of the number that you're dividing into the larger number.

But let's do some practice with even larger numbers. And I think you'll see a pattern here. So let's do 4 going into-- I'm going to pick a pretty large number here And, immediately when you see that you might say, hey Sal, I know up to 4 times 10 or 4 times This is a much larger number.

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This is way out of bounds of what I know in my 4-multiplication tables. And what I'm going to show you right now is a way of doing this just knowing your 4-multiplication tables. So what you do is you say 4 goes into this 3 how many times? And you're actually saying 4 goes into this 3 how many hundred times?

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So this is-- Because this is , right? This is But 4 goes into 3 no hundred times, or 4 goes into-- I guess the best way to think of it goes 3 0 times. So you can just move on. So now we're going to focus on the So 4 goes into 34 how many times? And here we can use our 4-multiplication tables. So 4 goes into 9 is too many times, right? So 4 goes into 34 eight times. There's going to be a little bit left over. So let's figure out what's left over. And really we're saying 4 goes into how many ten times? We're actually saying 4 goes into eighty times. Because notice we wrote this 8 in the tens place.

But just for our ability to do this problem quickly, you just say 4 goes into 34 eight times, but make sure you write the 8 in the tens place right there. We already know what that is. And then we figure out the remainder. Well, 4 minus 2 is 2. And then these 3's cancel out. So you're just left with a 2. But notice we're in the tens column, right?

Division (mathematics)

This whole column right here, that's the tens column. So really what we said is 4 goes into eighty times. Because I wrote the 3 in the hundreds column. And then there is-- and I don't want to make this look like a-- I don't want to make this look like a-- Let me clean this up a little bit.


I didn't want to make that line there look like a-- when I was dividing the columns --to look like a 1. But then there's a remainder of 2, but I wrote the 2 in the tens place. So it's actually a remainder of But let me bring down this 4. Because I didn't want to just divide into I divided into So you bring down the 4. Let me switch colors. And then-- So another way to think about it. We just said that 4 goes into eighty times, right? We wrote the 8 in the tens place.

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And then 8 times 4 is The remainder is now So how many times does 4 go into 24? Well we know that. Menu separation into groups part of organization in mathematics disagreement difference within group system of voting separation of cells. Synonyms and related words.

How to Do Long Division?

The process or action of separating or dividing: division , separation , split Explore Thesaurus. Departments in companies and organizations: acquisitions , arm , back office Groups of soldiers: advance guard , battalion , brigade Football games, competitions and teams and football associations: Association football , Aussie Rules , Australian Rules football General words relating to mathematics and geometry: abacus , a function of something , algorithm See also long division.

Arguments: argument , disagreement , conflict Difference and differences: difference , contrast , distinction In the UK Parliament and Assemblies: agent , backbench , backbencher