Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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Dappled White Minors are purposed unattractive and are said to resemble a cold lump of porridge. Examples are Ardeo and Artross. Pink Minor Dragons bestow the talent of knowledge. They are very smart and love to study, but some perfer adventuring. Examples include Filia and Crain.

What time do they light the fire pits?

Brown Minor Dragons with no particular talent. They are known to be talented in fixing things, and can easily figure what is broken or wrong with a piece of machinary. An example is Pat.

Red Minor Dragons are talented with fire. With [ Dragon Fire Dragon ]s being rare, they are even rarer in this size, possibly making them the least abundent of their species. With a hiccup, laugh, scream, sigh, or heavy breating, Red Minors will spit out wild flames that can start small fires, and they have trouble controling their talent. They shine in a vibrant red. Blue Minor Dragons have been gifted with the talent of predicting the weather.

Blue Minors display a beautiful shade of blue. A dual-color dragon, only two examples have been seen. Mikkai is an expert at geography, while Tieto had the ability to discern a person's aura. So, We feel the wand skills would as a "surprise" in wands. What do you think?

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Thanks again. Originally posted by niflying :. I will have a try. By the way, the wand skills don't need mana. Glad you like it. Sorry for my bad description. Please check this out.

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