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To check on the mailing status of their complimentary employment poster set, dentists should contact their local dental societies. CDA Foundation. Member Login. Access to Care.

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Message Message must be less than characters. Related Items. Required Postings in a Dental Office. This resource contains links to employment posters that are required to be conspicuously displayed at dental offices. Your business may be subject to legal consequences and citation by failing to hang the proper labor law posters. The California Labor Law Poster also includes the current California state minimum wage posters as well as the federal minimum wage poster. In order to guarantee compliance in all areas under labor law you will need to place our all-in-one state and federal labor law poster in a prominent location that will be seen by everyone.

The California state and federal labor law poster combo will satisfy the employment workplace posting requirement. JavaScript must be enabled for our site to work properly.

About California Labor Law Posters

Please enable JavaScript on your browser and refresh press the F5 key this page to view and use the site as it was intended. My Account View Cart Checkout.

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Federal Posters. Specialty Posters. Update Service. Why doesn't Intuit QuickBooks issue a limited warranty against posting fines for non-subscription posters? We only issue the limited warranty on our QuickBooks Poster Compliance Subscription Service due to the fact that labor laws change so frequently. Posters may become obsolete shortly after purchase. Unless you order the subscription service, we have no way to ensure that you have the right posters.

See Terms and Conditions. When you subscribe, you'll receive a full, laminated set of all the federal and state posters required by your state. The day you subscribe, you can also download an electronic set of PDF posters to print and display in your office to ensure you're in compliance until your laminated posters arrive. When they do, immediately replace any you printed yourself.

As long as you're a subscriber, we'll send laminated replacement posters free of charge every time the laws change in your state. Please notify us if you move or open new business locations so we can make sure we send all the right posters to keep you in compliance. Whenever our team of attorneys confirms a mandatory change that must appear on your posters, we immediately produce replacement posters and send them to you free of charge. Yes, as long as you order a separate QuickBooks Poster Compliance Service subscription for each of your locations. Before we send your posters, you'll receive an email about the upcoming change.

That email will ask you to confirm the affected business address or addresses in our system where we'll ship your posters. Unfortunately, we cannot provide tracking information for replacement posters at this time. Please call us at if you have not received your replacement posters within 30 days of receiving our notification email. As part of your QuickBooks Poster Compliance Service subscription, we ship replacement posters within 30 days of notifying you of a mandatory change, if not sooner.

QuickBooks provides you with the option to download a set of PDF posters that you can print yourself as part of your subscription. You can display these temporary posters to provide current information to employees while you're waiting for your laminated posters to arrive at your office. We provide this option so that you'll be sure to have the most up-to-date posters as soon as you subscribe to our service. You'll be in compliance with posting laws as long as you properly print the posters and display them in conspicuous areas where your employees can view them such as an employee breakroom.

We will notify you via email. Alternatively you may refer to the Latest Labor Law Changes page today, then bookmark it and check back any time for updates and detailed analysis. Our legal team monitors all federal and state labor law changes to assess their impact if any on your QuickBooks posters.

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Labor law changes are unpredictable. We notify you and send you new posters only when our team of legal experts confirms that you need them. If you have not received posters and did not get a notification from us, then you are in compliance. Upon completing your order, on your order confirmation page you will be able to download your temporary electronic posters both federal and state.

Find out which posters you need, quickly and easily

Just place an order for an additional subscription using this web site or by calling us at Technically, you'll have two subscriptions or as many as you need , and each one will be on a separate renewal cycle from your original subscription. You don't have to do anything! We'll renew your service automatically at the end of your subscription 12 months from your original order to ensure you have continuous compliance. We'll send you a pre-billing notice one month before the renewal.

California Labor Law Posters State and Federal Combo 12222

If you don't want to renew your service, you can cancel any time by calling Intuit QuickBooks publishes labor law posters that include all generally required notices for employers. Depending on your company's industry, type of commerce, location or workforce, additional specialized notices may be required by your municipality or agencies regulating your industry or area. This product is not intended to provide legal or financial advice or substitute for the advice of attorney or legal advisor.

Applies to content errors on posters only and does not cover any other types of assessments or penalties.

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  • Labor Law Posters Frequently Asked Questions.

For reimbursement, call no later than 30 days after the assessment is made. Government notice and proof of payment required for reimbursement. Auto-renewal summary terms: After 12 months, you will be automatically charged at the then current subscriber's only renewal rate until you cancel. You may cancel at anytime by calling Only one promotional code may be used per transaction. Product discounts may not apply to options. Labor law poster subscription service Stay compliant with mandatory labor law posting regulations.

Subscribe Subscribe. Labor Law Posters. How it works. Subscribe and order As soon as you've paid, you can download PDFs of all your posters. Renew automatically Your subscription auto-renews every 12 months. Stay on top of labor law changes in your state. There are no new labor law changes in your state.

Jun 05, U. Sorry, we are not able to pull the labor law changes in your state at this moment.

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Please visit www. Know your legal responsibility. Posters are required by law All U. Posters in every location You must have posters at each one. Frequently asked questions. Poster requirements. Poster subscription service. For current customers. Expand All Collapse All. Do I need to display labor law posters? What are the required postings? What's the risk of not having current labor law posters? When am I required to display the Spanish version of posters? If I have multiple locations, can I get replacement posters for each?

Will I know when replacement posters are on their way? When can I expect to receive my posters when they're updated? Why do I need PDF versions of the posters? Who do I contact if I have a question about my service or an invoice? Contact us at , 6 a. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. How can I stay informed about labor law changes that may affect my postings? I haven't received any replacement posters. Am I still in compliance?