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I like how Vanessa is a girl with a mind of her own, but her stubbornness and lack of judgement is infuriating. The clues are screaming into her ears, the abnormal behaviours can be explained if she stops to reason, yet she pushes away the person trying to help her and confide all her secrets to the big bad guy. You know, people always tell you "Don't judge a book by its cover! Oct 13, Suzanne rated it did not like it Shelves: for-slj.

Maybe 1. Vanessa is a freshman, but she is going to be on her own at the New York Ballet Academy to study and perform. European artsy type extraordinaire choreographer Joseph, of course, sees the stellar dancer in Vanessa and crushes expectations by giving her the coveted lead opposite Zep. Nor does another hot guy who knew her sister manage to warn her away from the demonic dark dance doo-doo, voo-doo that take FOREVER to finally happen. Then when it does, I kept thinking, huh?


Secret arcane dance libraries with invisible ink? Ballet dancer remnants locked in a practice studio? If it had ever started off well, I would say: Jumped the shark, baby. Maybe, cracked the nut? Two Stars: The dangerous and dark side of ballet. Vanessa hugs her parents tight as she bids them goodbye. This is it! She has achieved her dream of being a dancer at the elite New York School of Ballet. Vanessa clings to the hope that somehow she will find her missing sister, Margaret. Margaret was also an aspiring ballerina at the NYSB, who was cast as the lead in the Firebird Ballet as a freshman, only to disappear, a victim of the pressures of ballet.

Yet, Vanessa does not believe, even after Two Stars: The dangerous and dark side of ballet. Yet, Vanessa does not believe, even after several years passed, that her sister just ran away without telling her, nor does she believe Margaret is dead.

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Vanessa will find her. Vanessa immediately catches the eye of the talented choreographer Josef as well as the handsome leading man, Zep. Vanessa soon is following in her sister's footsteps as she unexpectedly lands the role of the Firebird, the very same role her sister held before vanishing. Something sinister is happening at the school. Vanessa learns that her sister was among twenty ballerinas who suddenly disappeared from the school, all after being cast as the Firebird.

Will Vanessa vanish as well? That aspect of this book certainly didn't disappoint. The descriptions of the dancing are enchanting. I loved reading about the magic and mystery of ballet. The delicate ribboned shoes whispering across the floor as they move in a bewitching dance. Black does a tremendous job in not only bringing out the beauty of the ballet, but also the darker side as she relates the tremendous sacrifice, pressure and even pain that ballerinas must endure to be the best.

I absolutely loved reading about everything that pertained to ballet. From the get go, this story piles on the heavy, dark atmospheric tension. As the reader, you just know that something dark and dangerous is happening behind the scenes. Why have twenty girls over the years vanished after being cast as the lead in the Firebird Ballet? Is it really the crushing pressure of the performance or is it something more? The tension and mystery continue to build, with the promise of something paranormal, until you are on the edge of your seat wanting to uncover the sinister secrets at the NYSB.

Not only is there plenty of brilliant descriptions of ballet and the dancing, but there is also that perfect amount of tension and suspense that blend with engaging writing that kept me entertained. It stalls with repeated and continued discussions about the missing ballerinas and the strange occurrences at the school.

What bothered me the most about Vanessa's character was that it was clear to her from the beginning that something strange had happened with the disappearance of her sister without a trace from the school, and then once she and her friends uncover a whole line of ballerinas vanishing under similar circumstances. Despite the glaring evidence, and the sudden disappearance of a new friend, Elly, Vanessa still fails to believe that something is wrong. Either she was incredibly naive or stupid. Not only was she in danger, but she was also being warned to leave.

This became a sticking point for me because she failed to act once she had all the evidence. Vanessa immediately attracts the attention of the enigmatic Zep, the male lead dancer. He starts leaving her notes and takes her on a few dates, but she never feels like the relationship is right. Furthermore, he is always vanishing without explanation, other than he is always with Josef.

It is obvious that he is using her, but she fails to see that and continues to trust him, even though she is doubting him. On the other hand, there is Justin, another dancer who seems to know something about the occurrences at the school, but Vanessa refuses to listen to him and she is extremely rude to him throughout the book. At the end, Vanessa has this sudden change of heart that practically comes out of nowhere and it just doesn't work. Don't expect a good romance in this one, you will be disappointed.

They were paranoid about losing Vanessa in the same way as Margaret, so why they agreed to let her go to the same school was strange. Once she is cast in the role of The Firebird, they should have been leery. Then Vanessa phones her mother on the verge of a breakdown, and her mother's response is get some rest!? Are you kidding me? They should have been in the car that minute to go get her and make sure she was okay. I just didn't buy her parents reactions.

You would think they would be extremely vigilant terrified that they might lose Vanessa, and they are to a point, but their behavior just felt wrong to me. I didn't like this sudden bait and switch especially because I knew so little about the true villain. It isn't a terrible cliffhanger, but it is an open ending, one where the reader gets a few answers, but the majority of the questions are left unanswered. I can't believe I am saying this, but a big jaw dropping cliffhanger might have been better, because at this point, I was not impressed and really can't say that I feel compelled to continue the series.

Dance of Shadows was a book that started out with a lot of promise as it lured me in with the mesmerizing ballet and suspenseful story line, but the book lots its appeal with too much repetition, ridiculous behavior, unappealing romance and little resolution. While I loved the magic of the dancing, the rest fell a little flat. Perhaps, it just wasn't right for me. If you are looking for a book that blends ballet with suspense and a paranormal twist this might be a read for you.

For me, it was a disappointment. Another case of beautiful cover on a not so great book. Favorite Quotations: "Her legs wove around each other with effortless grace, and her body followed, smooth and slippery, like a strip of satin gliding over the stage. The pressures of ballet sometimes lead the weaker girls to drugs, and that leads to lost girls. Water sloshed down the streets, and black umbrellas bloomed along the sidewalks, making Manhattan even more anonymous. And once you're at the top, the fall to the bottom is a lot longer and more painful. Dance your life.

You're not dancing, you're living. I can see it in your eyes. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this review. Posted Rainy Day Ramblings. Jul 12, hayden rated it it was ok Shelves: anticipating-like-mad , thoroughly-disappointed , whatthefuck-just-happened , started-slow , supporting-characters-in-a-blender , gimme-this-book-now. Fair warning. Dance of Shadows has one of the greatest concepts I've ever heard in my years of reading.

A demonic ballet school? Sign me up! SO many elements of this book's premise were things I'd been dying to read: a mysterious missing sister, a crush that never goes beyond that Wow! A first! And then I made the foolish mistake of believing th 2. And then I made the foolish mistake of believing the product of a book packaging deal would be able to pull all of these things off in a believable way. How silly, the mistakes I make.

Freya Douglas-Morris

Dance of Shadows did pull off certain things, and failed miserably at other things. I will now try my hardest to compile a list of both subjects, with maybe a few in-betweens. Things About Dance of Shadows 1 : Salt, a. The Writing The writing in certain scenes was just atrocious. I dunno if Yelena Black was craving salt during the production of this book, but every time Vanessa was kissed, it was described as salty. I dunno about you, but if I were kissing someone right now, I wouldn't want to notice how salty it was. Black also went into vivid detail to describe how sweaty everyone was. Other than that, the writing felt very I'm-in-eighth-grade-writing-an-English-report-and-am-raping-the-thesaurus-to-sound-smart.

Besides the salt thing, there were never any glaring problems with the writing, and there was an occasional beautiful and tasteful metaphor, but they were few and far between. That is how I felt about the end of this book. Black did a realllllly good job establishing tension near the end I'll get to the beginning next , and, dare I say it, a teeny tiny bit of emotional investment in the characters.

They stretched from their one-dimensional selves which I'll also get to later and gave me a reason to care about them. The climax went on forever, but my heart was pounding so hard it felt like only two pages. The final scenes were good too, setting up a great foundation for the next book's beginning. I'm actually quite excited for the next book, believe it or not. My topic here is tension and mystery in the beginning of the book. Black might think we're all legit retarded with the way she foreshadows.

It's like we're being hit by big, yellow school buses. Let me figure something out on my own for once. I shit you not, every character was dumb, one-dimensional and stereotypical. One of my favorite things ever. I never suspect it and it always hits me like a big, yellow school bus that I should've seen but didn't. I don't feel the need to insert the GIF here.

It always makes me happy when this happens. I'm not going to say any more than that. Black also does good with the timing of the reveals, but I'm not sure if that's her or the book packaging company responsible, so I won't credit her for it. This scenario was slightly more tolerable in this book than in Fallen, but it ground my gears sometimes, as was to be expected. Perhaps my favorite things about this book was that the protagonist, Vanessa, although having many character flaws and quirks, was not afraid to be flirty and fun with guys.

I am shouting praises from the rooftops about this matter. Frankly, I'm done with YA protags who are afraid of kissing a boy and being a "slut," or, God forbid, doing so without confessing their undying love for each other first. There was also none of that in this book, which delighted me! You're not in love after three days, yo. Stop pretending. They're either like this: "I'm not like a regular mom; I'm a cool mom. This book's parental figures are the latter instance. They're the Overly-Attached Girlfriend meme of parents. Vanessa's mother grated on me like none other.

I understand having concerns, but she called Vanessa constantly, like there was nothing else for her to be doing but talking to her mother. Parents sometimes. Jan 22, Christal Badass Book Reviews rated it it was ok Shelves: ya-and-na , arcs , demons , magical-or-paranormal , female-lead , urban-fantasy , dance. See this review and others like it at BadassBookReviews. Dance of Shadows had a fantastic premise and decent writing, but the execution ultimately did not live up to the hype. This book had too many plot holes, an inconsistent pacing, and a cast of one-note characters.

I do think that Ms. Black has potential as a writer but I might give her time to get a few more b See this review and others like it at BadassBookReviews. Black has potential as a writer but I might give her time to get a few more books under her belt before I jump in again. Vanessa Adler is attending the prestigous New York Academy dance school solely for the chance to look for her older sister, Margaret, who disappeared from the same program three years prior.

What Vanessa soon finds out is that Margaret is only one of many dancers that have gone missing from the New York Academy. As the story moves along, a deadly twist is added to the plot and Vanessa soon finds herself and her friends in terrible danger. Sounds like an intriguing story, right? Well, not so much… Things started out okay, but the plot just started to drag after a while and just became unbelievable.

New York Academy is supposed to be one of the most prestigious dance programs in the US, but almost 30 ballerinas go missing and there is not so much as a police investigation? Vanessa is only fifteen, another aspect I had an issue with as her character voice and the others around her read older — more in the eighteen demographic. Vanessa and her parents had been told that Margaret had fallen in with a bad crowd and was possibly doing drugs before she ran away due to the extreme amounts of pressure she was under, so why would they allow their much younger daughter to be put in the same situation?

Vanessa herself was a glaring negative in this book. Aside from the really off-putting name, Zep was shady right from the beginning and Vanessa just refused to see it because he was so hot. Another dancer, Justin, constantly warns her about him and makes cryptic remarks about the things happening around them that would make most people ask questions, but no, not Vanessa. She pretty much just sits around and waits for other people to make decisions and then just follows them.

The other characters in the book were not much better. The previously mentioned Zep and Justin were given very little page time to develop into actual characters. Instead, their lines were usually used to either make Vanessa believe in her dancing skills or to warn her of impending doom. The choreographer Josef was just a caricature of the horrible boss stereotype and his assistant Hilda was barely described before the final pages.

The times that this book shone were when Ms. Black was creating a creepy, uncertain atmosphere. Also, from my limited knowledge of ballet, the dance scenes were well-written. The pain and pressure that the dancers went through was very believable. If you like YA novels with suspense and slight paranormal aspects and can ignore a shaky plot, you might find this book a great read. Even though Dance of Shadows had an incredibly beautiful cover and intriguing setup, I just did not find it to be a satisfying read. Dec 14, Jaiden rated it it was amazing Shelves: for-review , e-books , crushes , favorites , 5-stars , arc-copy , idk-genre.

Well, I guess that's one way to start off a positive review This book flew by so fast I had no clue!! I completely submerged in this book not paying attention to the pages or i this case, percentage finished. I just kept reading until I was done or needed to fangirl or vent on goodreads through status. I don't care what anyone says or thinks Its absolutely stunning and fits the story so wonderfully. I mean This is one I have had my eye on forever.

I was hit with the love-bug again haha So here I am enjoying this amazing book when I go to Goodreads and I fell hard for this book. I was literally lost in its pages and it was agony to stop reading it and do what I was supposed to do. I will admit that I did start to find Vanessa annoying towards the end. I was screaming at the book for her to grow some sense and freaking listen to what she was being told.

She was strong and determined, loyal. I liked her. I especially loved the side characters. I think they were extremely well developed. The story was clean. No profanity or any real steaminess. There is romance intermixed with this delicious mystery but nothing seriously sexy and where I do like things to heat up from time to mind I found it refreshing and it wasn't something that needed to be missed.

The story and mystery filled everything up! People are crazy on Goodreads people. Do NOT listen to what they say.. I found the writing well done despite what people have said. The story, again, was extremely enthralling and interesting. The whole concept was so unique. I was glued to Dance of Shadows ' pages. A beautiful and wonderful debut. I am looking forward to book two.

There is so much I am hoping for from it. I loved this book to pieces. I seriously don't think I can stress the greatness of this book any further. After I finished I was determining whether or not to start another book but I decided against it because I wanted to think about everything I had just read all night long.

I wanted to absorb it all. Dance of Shadows is a gorgeous, dangerous and hauntingly beautiful piece of work.

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I am so in love with content must be kept secret for it could be vital to all the mystery now. The end made me sure of my love for him. All my doubts were swept away. Read the bad reviews. Vanessa pissing me off in those few chapters would be the. I knew though whether it was 4. But, while writing this review I got all these sparks back and all the genius and beauty it was came back and I finally made my decision which is completely deserved. Sep 23, Elaine rated it did not like it Shelves: huge-disappointment , cover-lust , snoozefest , reads , heroines-worthy-of-staking , young-adult , characters-i-couldn-t-care-less-for , debut-reads , netgalley.

Sigh, yet another book that fails to live up to it's gorgeous cover. I was pretty excited for this because the premise sounded pretty promising and like what many have been saying, it could possibly be like the Black Swan of YA novels but unfortunately there were so many problems with this book that I honestly couldn't have liked it as much as I tried. The largest problem of them all and one can basically kill or make a book for me are the characters. I can ay that there isn't a single character Sigh, yet another book that fails to live up to it's gorgeous cover. I can ay that there isn't a single character in the book that I liked or could relate to.

Vanessa, as the female protagonist, was horribly one-dimensional, shallow and made pretty stupid decisions. I honestly couldn't understand or connect to Vanessa and it just felt like she didn't have a brain of her own. There were a few instances in the book I'm going to just avoid spoilers which should have raised the red flag but Vanessa chose to either ignore or she just refuses to acknowledge it's existence. The rest of the characters were equally flat and I honestly could barely even differentiate them at times. The second issue that irked me was the insta-love and infatuation going on between Vanessa and Zeppelin.

I mean, he freaking breaks up with his girlfriend before he even had a real conversation with Vanessa. Plus there was the pre-requisite love triangle with Justin, whom was supposed to be mysterious and all but just seems like a stalker to me. Finally, the writing was really mediocre. I might not be the best judge of this but I can safely say that the writing, in no way, managed to engage nor captivate me one bit.

It reads a bit awkward and the pace is horribly slow. Ballet-wise, I'm not a dancer so the terms and all were pretty fine by me, I can't say the same for a professional dancer or anyone else who has taken ballet though. I actually liked the prologue and was pretty intrigued but the book moved so slowly that I began to lose all interest. Well, that plus the less than awesome writing and flat characters. And the problem with having a prologue that clearly hints a VERY strong hint that is at paranormal ongoings in the school, is that you can't possibly move the book at a snail's pace or your reader is seriously going to get very frustrated at your protagonist for not figuring it out when it's already blatantly in the readers' faces.

So yep, I think it's safe to say I won't be picking up the second book. Also posted on rabbitsfortea View all 4 comments. Oct 22, Alaina rated it liked it Shelves: fiction , romance , paranormal , fantasy , mystery , contemporary , young-adult , supernatural. That's one word to describe Dance of Shadows.

It wasn't what I thought it would be like and in a way, I kind of liked that. In it you will be introduced to the world of ballet. You will also meet Vanessa, who is sort of on the mission to find out what the hell happened to her sister many years ago. What does she do? Well, she plans to go to the same ballet school that she did. While there she meets some friends, dances to her hearts content, sort of finds love, and gets closer and Interesting While there she meets some friends, dances to her hearts content, sort of finds love, and gets closer and closer to solving the mystery.

Besides her sister disappearing, lots of girls from this ballet school go missing. One of them happens to be her friend Elly, and it was just kind of sudden that she's gone. Convenient but sudden. Then there's the love interest of Zeb, interesting name but there was something off about him. Whether it was his own darkness or something else.. I just couldn't trust him one hundred percent.

Especially once that ending came and a twist was shoved into my face. Again, this mystery book had a bunch of twists and turns and I couldn't pinpoint one specific suspect. Luckily for me, there was a shit ton of those. The one thing I would fix about this book is the beginning. It was so boring and I just didn't care about her mom being all crazy protective of her.

Nor the teachers being twats. I'm just glad that the book picked up - it just sucked that I got shoved all this greatness towards the end of the book. Overall, you bet your ass that I'm going to dive into the second book.

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Feb 20, Majanka rated it it was ok Shelves: young-adult , fantasy , paranormal-romance , reviews-february I have no idea why anyone even decided to publish this crap. There are tons and tons of potential manuscripts out there that are ten times as well-written as this book, that have characters with actual depth and a storyline that makes sense. Dance of Shadows has neither of those, and yet it was picked up. It has major flaws screaming from the pages.

At all. Margaret went to a prestigious ballet academy in New York city and vanished soon after, while she was working on a dance named The Firebird. She joins the academy, meets some new friends and is blissfully unaware of the danger lurking behind every corner of the academy. Which actually shows a lot of ignorance on her part, but whatever.

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That grabbed my attention, but I was hoping there would, of course, be more meat to the plot. Right, no purpose, like most of the stuff in this book. She has no personality. No really, even a cardboard figure has somewhat of a personality compared to her. Her romantic feelings for a guy named Zeppelin Gray were plain ridiculous. I had to wonder if the author has the slightest idea of how teenagers think. Vanessa thinks Zep is good-looking, and she keeps on eyeing him like a creepy spy. However, he looks back at her, they make a connection and poof.

But he sees Vanessa and she sees him, and well, he breaks off with Anna for no good reason and leaves cryptic notes for Vanessa. Not to mention that afterwards he keeps on disappearing, acts totally guilty and borderline insane, and has even less personality than Vanessa. Because he has no personality. How the heck can Zep love her or even care for her? They went on one date and as far as I know they did absolutely nothing that insists on romantic feelings.

Why the heck would she trust Zep? He broke off with his last girlfriend on a whim and then he keeps on disappearing.

Dance with the Shadows

My main question when reading this book was WTF. Seriously, every page was another WTF-ery. Vanessa meets a ton of uninteresting, boring side characters that have names but no faces or personalities the moment she walks through the doors of the ballet school. One of them, Elly, vanishes by the end of the first week.

It was so obvious to me what happened to Elly that I wanted to slap Vanessa and her so-called friends for not figuring out sooner. And whereas Vanessa hates him at first, she falls for him the moment Zep is out of the picture. Talk about shallow. Mary Sue syndrome, anyone? Even the most talented ballet dancers need tons and tons of practice. Anyway, the Margaret mystery remains unsolved even by the end of this book. We have a faint clue, but no definite answers.

Make room for the sequel, that means. Next up is the paranormal element. If it fails, the dancers turn into ashes. But why has no one, EVER, noticed the disappearance of dozens of dancers from the academy? But dozens? Maybe even hundreds? Someone is about to look into that and see a connection, and I doubt the only one interested in solving this mystery would be a bunch of high school kids.

The book is repetitive as well. I felt like we were in the same rehearsal over and over again. There was no story progression, no plot moving forward, and nothing happened for large periods of time. The pacing was off as well. Sometimes the author rushed through scenes that needed more time to be fleshed out, like the beginning romance between Zep and Vanessa, and then she dragged on scenes that were uselesss or unnecessary.

The descriptions that were there were flat and showed no real picture. It felt like the book had been written in a rush, without any real care for the characters or setting. It had potential, but fell flat in every single way. The dialogue was immature, sometimes even downright ridiculous.

Secondly, the writing itself used generic words. It was flat and uninspired, like most of this book. The only other time I felt so passionate about not reading something was with The Vampire Diaries books. The thing that annoys me most with Dance of Shadows however is that it had potential. The premise was intriguing. I gave the book two stars for the premise and effort, but that was me being generous. Jan 17, Dark Faerie Tales rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed-by-bridget. Her sister Margret attended the same school but she disappeared 3 years ago and was never heard from again.

Vanessa enjoys dancing but her main purpose for going to the academy is to find out what happened to her sister. She has always been a really talented dancer. There are times when she gets so into the dance that things start to melt away and change around her. It has always made her a little nervous to just let go and be the best dancer she can be, because she is afraid to lose herself.

The teachers notice that Vanessa is an amazing dancer and she ends up being cast as the female lead in the upcoming production of The Firebird. Over the last 20 years there have been many girls from the school that have gone missing and almost all of them were cast as the lead in the ballet. While at the school she meets the mysterious, gorgeous Zeppelin Black. He has been cast as the male lead in the upcoming production of The Firebird.

At times he seems interested, but other times he is very distant and he never seems to open up to her. Vanessa really likes Zep but at times it just feels like something is missing between them except for when they dance. Dancing with Zep is a love story all on its own, the way he touches her and makes her feel is indescribable.

Vanessa just has to figure out if he feels the same way. I really like Zep as a character. He is beautiful but always a little withdrawn. He seems to care for Vanessa, but something is holding him back. There is some great chemistry between the two but at times it seems a little forced. Then there is Justin. Justin knew Margret when she attended the Academy and he was always suspicious about her disappearance.

He seems to always have something negative to say to Vanessa and he is always warning her to stay away from Zep. At times he can come across as concerned and sweet but other times he is just mean to her. I actually loved Justin right off the bat. He is witty and cute, but you never really know what his motives are. I hope to see a lot more Justin in book 2. Vanessa is a great Heroine and I really connected easily with her.

She is a young girl trying to figure out her life and find out what happened to her sister. She works really hard at dancing and she is amazing at it. By the end she is a stronger better person and I am excited to see what her future holds in the upcoming books. Honestly, like I said earlier this book was hauntingly beautiful. Surprisingly the pacing was a little slow but it kept me intrigued the whole way through. The writing made all the difference in this book. When Black would describe the dance scenes, I could really picture everything in my head very vividly.

I am not a dancer at all but I like dance and have learned to appreciate the art in it. Black captures the essence and wonder of dance in her beautifully written words. I am really excited to see where the author takes the story and I will defiantly be reading the next book in the series. I would highly recommend this book to anyone that likes mystery, dance or a good paranormal read. You want me. She arched her back in a painful plea. You seduce me. She closed her eyes and breathed in the scent of his sweat. It cannot last, I cast you off.

Spotting him, she spun across the floor. You beg me. For the first time, the dance seemed to make sense, and slowly, she lost herself to it. The steps were strange; there was no getting away from that. But with Zep guiding her, Vanessa began to feel it. Oct 18, Aly rated it liked it Shelves: This book was different from a lot of books I've read. The plot about a dancer who goes to a famous ballet school and then discovers girls have been disappearing wasn't something I've really seen before.

I liked the mystery and intrigue of the story although I was frustrated that no one would tell Vanessa what was actually going on. Everyone was so sketchy and I just wanted to Vanessa to demand answers! The beginning was a little boring but I did pick up and the ending was cool. Overall not a ba This book was different from a lot of books I've read. Overall not a bad read. Dec 09, Ana Garza rated it liked it.

SUCH a beautiful cover! I wanted to like the story more, but I just felt a disconnect that I can't really explain. Feb 03, Nara rated it it was ok Shelves: fantasy , reviewed , netgalley , for-review , magic , owned-ebook. In no way did this affect my opinion of the book. When I first read the blurb of Dance of Shadows, my first thought was: Zep. Also, what kind of name is Zep? Now having read the book, all I can say is 1.

Man, that romance was so unrealistic. Romance The romance with Zep was probably one of the most unrealistic romances I've read so far this year after Fallen Too Far. It was honestly a bit childish, and full of those ridiculous cliches that all readers hate, yet a good proportion of authors seem to insist on using: "There's never been anyone like you before"- which is only ever okay if it's been worded properly, and clearly, in Dance of Shadows it wasn't exact line in the ARC was 'You're different than all the other girls I've taken out.

Also, sidenote: "mysterious" Justin? There was pretty much nothing mysterious about him, apart from the fact that he kept a secret from Vanessa- which could have saved everyone a lot of angst had he confided in her much earlier. Now you're curious as to what this secret is. Better read the book then.

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Pace and Writing So, at the start of the book, there is a scene to kick off the creepiness that continues throughout the novel: an initiation ceremony for the students at the Ballet Academy. I found that this scene was overly dramatic and cliched.

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  • Dance of the Shadows.
  • As The Shadows Dance.

Bits of French were added here- which honestly seemed unnecessary and out of place. Another thing, the seniors made the initiates cut themselves. What is this, a cult?? I found that the book was quite slow to start off with; too slow, really, and it could have done without certain sections dragging the scenes on- this would have kept the pace up and stopped me from losing interest as quickly as I did. Nonetheless, for the sake of a complete review, I continued on. Confession time: 1. I skimmed pretty much the entire novel and 2.

I skipped entire pages, yet I found that not only did this do nothing to hinder my understanding of what was going on, but I still found that the pace was too slow. Basically, because of this slow pace, all the tension was lost before the climax could be reached. Overall, my opinion is that the novel wasn't terrible, but wasn't particularly good either. Nothing really stood out for me. It was also a bit childish, and I feel that it actually wouldn't do too badly if targeted at a slightly younger age group year olds i.

Mar 11, Desirae rated it liked it Shelves: supernatural , youth , modern-paganism , dance-dancing-dancers. That alone prompted me to buy the book. And as for the synopsis of Dance of Shadows sounddeedd really interesting, and I really, really, really wanted it to be as amazing as its packaging indicated it would be, but alas, no such luck.

First of all, let's take a minute to realise the main character, Vanessa, love interest's name is Zeppelin. If I could stop these visions If I could erase your reflection I would take those nights and set them free. If I could just remind you Show you what my hands can do Let them become what words are meant to be I know what you need from me Let me be your mirror baby In the dark, I'm the one you see I'm on the walls like dancing shadows We both could be wrong, yeah, two beautiful souls Let's just play along, dancing shadows If We leave it wouldn't be right, this time No it wouldn't be, not right, not gonna see I know this can't be wrong, dancing shadows Let's just play along, all over me You can just, you can just, you can just, you can just You can turn lights off baby [?

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