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The Constitution is being reviewed and public consultations on Constitutional Reform commenced in March ; the work of the Constitution Review Committee was expected to be completed in During the discussions held with stakeholders to promote the abolition of corporal punishment in both the criminal justice system and traditional justice, communities had expressed concern that the authorities were seeking to interfere with their form of exercising discipline.

Corporal punishment is unlawful in some but not all alternative care settings. Corporal punishment is explicitly prohibited as a disciplinary measure in all penal institutions accommodating children in conflict with the law in article 9 3. Corporal punishment is unlawful as a sentence for crime under article 9 3.

Efforts are under way to harmonise the Hinterland Regulations with statutory law. Liberia was examined in the first cycle of the Universal Periodic Review in session 9. No recommendations were made concerning corporal punishment of children.

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However, the following recommendations were made and were accepted by the Government: [1]. Examination in the second cycle took place in session The following recommendation was made to which the Government must respond by September [2]. It is highly alarmed by the frequent incidence of corporal punishment, including extreme physical violence suffered by children at school and in the home. The Committee is also concerned about the lack of awareness among parents, persons working with and for children, and the general public of the negative impact corporal punishment has on children.

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Furthermore, it urges the State party to step up its efforts in carrying out awareness-raising programmes through the Ministry of Gender and Development, together with civil society and community leaders, aimed at fostering a culture of non-violent and participatory forms of child-rearing and alternative forms of discipline to corporal punishment.

In this endeavour the State party should introduce public education on the harmful effects of corporal punishment on children and establish a confidential reporting system in schools and childcare settings for children who are victims of corporal punishment. But corporeal punishment remains legal and common practice in schools, homes and in alternative care settings.

Children fall out with their parents and move out of the home or dropped out of school as a result of corporal punishment.

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And the situation is not monitored and documented to reflect its magnitude and impact on children. Further, domestic violence is often regarded as an issue of family affairs, and mostly not dealt within the judicial settings.

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Thus the Committee recommends the State Party to ensure that corporal punishment is expressly prohibited by law and adequate mechanisms be put in place to monitor and enforce the law. Republic of Liberia Citizenship and Country Documents. Whether a child has an entitlement to Liberian citizenship by descent.

Whether a child born outside Liberia is entitled to Liberian citizenship.

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Please provide brief information on the current political environment in Liberia. Return to the Top of the Page. Is conversion to Christianity and refusal to adhere to traditional practices a problem for Kpelle living in Liberia? FE - Situation of single or divorced women living alone, particularly in Monrovia; whether they can find work and housing; support services available to them - Feb. Has it improved since September ?

Have there been any improvements to the police in recent months? Have there been any improvements to the court system in recent months? LBR - Aug. Would the police protect someone who refuses to be initiated into Poro tattoos by the family?

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LBR - Nov. Is it safe for those who fled during the civil war to return? Are people whose families were associated with the Taylor regime at risk of harm now? What is known of George Dwah or Dweh etc said to be the speaker of the Liberian parliament? Are there any allegations that he is still pursuing those with whom he was in conflict during the war, or members of their families? Justice System.

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Are state agencies able to protect people in rural areas? Medical Availability. Political Figures and Parties. Are people associated with these organizations, either personally or through family members, facing any threat or harm from the current government in Liberia?