Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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Zu den Lenkungswirkungen von Wasserentnahmeentgelten. Gawel, et al. Weiterentwicklung von Abwasserabgabe und Wasserentnahmeentgelten zu einer umfassenden Wassernutzungsabgabe. Kraemer, R. The effectiveness and efficiency of water effluent charge systems: Case study on Germany. Linscheidt, B. Innovationseffekte von Umweltabgaben in der Industrie. In Linscheidt, B. Michaelis, P. Heidelberg: Physica-Verlag. Evaluating economic instruments for environmental policy , pp. Paris: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

PTS Paper. Personal communication with Holger Jung. November 11, Rahmeyer, F. Waste water charge schemes in the European Union, Part 1—2. Rudolph, K. Accessed 01 Sept Smith, S. Evaluating economic instruments for environmental policy. Wiesbaden: W. Kohlhammer GmbH. Troja, M. Accessed 10 Nov Accessed 10 Oct United Nations. Glossary of environment statistics Studies in methods, Series F, Vol. Managing Climate Change Risks.

Issues of uncertainty, scale and delay between action and response mean that 'dangerous' climate change is best managed within a risk assessment framework that evolves as new information is gathered. Risk can be broadly defined as the combination of likelihood and consequence; the latter measured as vulnerability to greenhouse-induced climate change. The most robust way to assess climate change damages in a probabilistic framework is as the likelihood of critical threshold exceedance.

Because vulnerability is dominated by local factors, global vulnerability is the aggregation of many local impacts being forced beyond their coping ranges. Several case studies, generic sea level rise and temperature, coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef and water supply in an Australian catchment, are used to show how local risk assessments can be assessed then expressed as a function of global warming. A 'proof of concept' example is then used to show how the stabilisation of greenhouse gases can constrain the likelihood of exceeding critical thresholds at both the both local and global scale.

This analysis suggests that even if the costs of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the benefits of avoiding climate damages can be estimated, the likelihood of being able to meet a cost-benefit target is limited by both physical and socio-economic uncertainties. In terms of managing climate change risks, adaptation will be most effective at reducing vulnerability likely to occur at low levels of warming.

Successive efforts to mitigate greenhouse gases will reduce the likelihood of reaching levels of global warming from the top down, with the highest potential temperatures being avoided first, irrespective of contributing scientific uncertainties. This implies that the first cuts in emissions will always produce the largest economic benefits in terms of avoided. Support of the management of climatic risks and chances; Unterstuetzung des Managements von Klimarisiken und -chancen. The far-reaching effects of irreversible climatic changes should inform on the expected changes , risks and opportunities.

The project 'Support of the management of climate risks and opportunities' contributes to this. As part of this project, an information and decision support system DSS is developed which should enable public and private organizations a to identify possible risks of climatic change ; b to avoid possible damages from adjustments; c to use possible opportunities of climatic change. The authors of the contribution under consideration develop a profound, scientific basis for the structure and content of the compass-EUS.

To this end, various aspects are discussed that are important for the design of such a system. Incidental findings of liver, biliary system, pancreas and spleen in asymptomatic patients. Assessment and management recommendations; Zufallsbefunde von Leber, Gallensystem, Pankreas und Milz bei asymptomatischen Patienten. Bewertung und Managementempfehlung. Scharitzer, M. The increased use of highly developed imaging procedures, such as multidetector-row computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging has led to a substantial increase of asymptomatic and unexpected findings.

Abdominal CT investigations are particularly affected with a large number of incidental findings. This valuable diagnostic procedure also entails the risk of complex and cost-intensive subsequent investigations with partly invasive procedures. For this reason radiologists are more often confronted with the difficult task of correctly assessing these lesions, to decide on the need for additional investigations and to inform the patient in detail about the clinical relevance.

The aims of this article are to describe the most common abdominal incidentalomas, to assist with the interpretation and differential diagnosis and to give recommendations for further management. Dieses wertvolle Diagnoseverfahren birgt auch die Gefahr aufwendiger und auch kostenintensiver Folgeuntersuchungen mit z. Vor diesem Hintergrund stellt sich fuer den Radiologen immer haeufiger die schwierige Aufgabe, diese Laesionen korrekt einzuschaetzen, ueber die Notwendigkeit einer weiteren Abklaerung zu entscheiden und den Patienten umfassend ueber die klinische Relevanz zu informieren.

Das Ziel dieses Artikels ist es, die am haeufigsten vorkommenden abdominellen Zufallsbefunde zu beschreiben sowie Hilfestellung bei ihrer Interpretation und Differenzialdiagnose mit Empfehlungen fuer das weitere Management zu geben. Perspectives of the waste management and raw materials industry in Germany; Perspektiven der Entsorgungs- und Rohstoffwirtschaft in Deutschland. BDE , Berlin Germany. In order to provide the industrial structures that are necessary for ecologically and economically effective waste management and recycling - from the collecting of valuable waste materials to the marketing of the secondary raw materials obtained -, the BDE Bundesverband der Deutschen Entsorgungswirtschaft e.

This means Europe-wide prohibition of dumping of untreated waste, common European environmental standards and their enforcement. If the potential of waste materials is to be developed in Europe, politicians must develop consequent understanding of waste as a raw material and commodity. Europe needs open frontiers and free trade in this important sector. Voraussetzungen dafuer sind ein europaweites Deponieverbot fuer unbehandelte Abfaelle, europaweit einheitliche Umweltstandards und ein einheitlicher Vollzug.

Wenn wir tatsaechlich das Potenzial, das im europaeischen Abfallberg steckt, heben wollen, muss auch die Politik ein konsequentes Verstaendnis fuer die Ressource Abfall als Ware entwickeln. Wir brauchen in Europa fuer diesen wichtigen Stoffstrom offene Grenzen und freien Handel. Management of Organizational Change Processes. Full Text Available Contemporary organizations need to understand the meaning of change and to tackle it as a source for improving processes and activities, aiming at increasing the performance and competitiveness. From this perspective, the paper presents approaches to organizational change and highlights the fundamental objectives which the organizations set for themselves by designing and implementing organizational change programs.

The conceptual framework of the change management is defined and the stages of the change management process are presented. In the final part of the paper the problem of resistance to change is highlighted by explaining the content of the stages that employees go through in the process of adapting to change within organizations. Early clinical phase of patient's management after polytrauma using 1- and 4-slice helical CT; Fruehes klinisches Management nach Polytrauma mit 1- und 4-Schicht-Spiral-CT.

Kloeppel, R. In the early clinical phase the comprehensive imaging of patients with multiple trauma using helical CT is already established. Aim of this study was to assess whether MSCT may improve the patient management and the diagnostic results. The procedure is designed as follows: after life-thretening treatment x-ray of chest and ultrasound are carried out in the emergency room. Then the patient is moved to CT.

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After CT selected radiograms of the extremities were taken. Excluding 1 case death during 1-sl. The change from 1slice-helical CT to 4 slice-helical CT allowed us to reduce the stay in the CT room from 28 to 16 min. Advantages for the patient arose from the standardized examination protocol using multislice CT.

If integrated in an interdisciplinary management concept, it is a good compromise between examination time, comprehensive diagnostic imaging, life-saving therapeutic procedures, and therapy planning. Klinisch ausgewaehlte Extremitaetenaufnahmen wurden ergaenzt. Changes in Journal Financial Management. This report announces the retirement of Mary Orna from the position of Publication Manager of JCE and gives information on the Board of Publication decision to change the management of the Journal 's business and financial affairs to a new system consisting of a treasurer and a business manager , and announces the appointments to those positions.

Registration and visualisation of water management data on the basis of a geographic information system; Erfassung und Visualisierung wasserwirtschaftlicher Daten auf der Grundlage eines geographischen Informationssystems. Klein, F. Mobil, manual or long-distance transmission registrated water levels, outflows and precipitations from water catchment areas of several waterworks are administered with the aid of an ORACLE data bank system. Interfaces allow a many sided data in- and export with a third party as for example the federal ground water service.

Informations related to areas like for instance water quality data are illustrated by a geographic information system. Schnittstellen erlauben einen vielseitigen Datenim- und -export mit Dritten wie z. Informationen mit Raumbezug wie z. Gewaesserguetedaten werden mit einem Geografischen Informationssystem dargestellt. Sensegiving is a key leadership activity in times of organizational change. This dissertation investigates the context and process of leader sensegiving by outlining the moderators that affect the sensegiving process and the forms sensegiving takes in the different phases of a change process.

Sensegiving ist eine wesentli Current developments in waste law and waste management have induced communal enterprises to enhance cooperation in an attempt to ensure their function as managers of a resources-conserving and effective recycling-based economy. Specialisation and cooperation will help to secure public investments in the interest of the tax payers.

The authors describe the cooperation of waste management utilities in the Palatinate, where all household residues are incinerated in the Ludwigshafen and Pirmasens incinerators. Most of the biomass waste collected in the Palatinate is treated in the ZAK waste management centre, and materials and energy are recovered. Spezialisierung und Kooperation der kommunalen Akteure helfen langfristig, die getaetigten oeffentlichen Investitionen im Interesse des Gebuehrenzahlers zu sichern. Mit der hier vorgestellten Kooperation arbeiten bis auf zwei Landkreise alle pfaelzischen Gebietskoerperschaften bei der Verwertung von Siedlungsabfaellen in den Muellheizkraftwerken Ludwigshafen und Pirmasens zum Vorteil der Gebuehrenzahler zusammen.

Im Abfallwirtschaftszentrum der ZAK wird ein Grossteil der pfaelzischen Bioabfaelle behandelt sowie energetisch und stofflich verwertet. Engineering change management report Changes or modifications have always been a fundamental part of product- and service design, yet they are often costly and potentially decrease overall development efficiency and effectiveness.

How Danish manufacturing firms are able to improve engineering change management practice is a decisive In particular, the report presents an overview of current practice of engineering change management in Denmark, shows the extent to which engineering The biggest problems listed range from engineering change process support to internal and external communication and the need for company-internal awareness and competence training for better engineering change management.

The biggest need Incidental findings of the kidneys, adrenal glands, adnexa uteri, gastrointestinal tract, mesentery and lymph nodes. Assessment and management recommendations; Zufallsbefunde von Niere, Nebenniere, Adnexen, Gastrointestinaltrakt, Mesenterium und Lymphknoten. Besides the upper abdominal parenchymal organs, the increasing application of cross-sectional imaging has also led to a rising number of incidental findings in the kidneys, adrenal glands, adnexa uteri, the gastrointestinal tract, mesentery and abdominal lymph nodes.

Abdominal computed tomography investigations often show unexpected findings without any correlating symptoms. The growing clinical relevance is due to the large number of incidental findings as well as an increasing awareness of ethical and socioeconomic factors. When interpreting radiological findings not only morphological criteria but also individual risk factors of the patient and the clinical context are of great importance. The aims of this article are the description and evaluation of frequent incidental findings detected by computed tomography and to provide information about management recommendations.

Die steigende klinische Relevanz ist einerseits auf die Zunahme inzidenteller Pathologien und andererseits auf ein wachsendes Bewusstsein ethischer und soziooekonomischer Faktoren zurueckzufuehren. Bei der radiologischen Interpretation sind neben morphologischen Kriterien sowohl die Einbeziehung der individuellen Risikofaktoren des Patienten als auch der klinische Gesamtkontext von grosser Bedeutung.

Das Ziel dieses Artikels ist eine Beschreibung und Bewertung der in der Computertomographie detektierten genannten Zufallsbefunde sowie weiterer Managementempfehlungen. Hanford site operator changes management. This article is a brief discussion of management changes at the Westinghouse Hanford Corporation.

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Climate change and the Lower Weser region: Direct and indirect consequences of a climate change for the ecological situation in the Weser, the forelands and in the diked marshes. Direkte und indirekte Auswirkungen eines Klimawandels auf die oekologischen Verhaeltnisse in Weser, Vorland und Binnendeichsmarschen. Teilprojekt Oekologischer Komplex. A: Binnenland. For the description of the ecological situation of the research area the biotope types acc.

In general the conditions in the foreland will become more natural. The biotope types of the moist grassland will remain dominated by agriculture, areas within 2 km from the dikes will tend to become more moist, areas far from there will in parts suffer from considerable drought during summer. The reaction options of the coastal protection result in the consumption of highly valued nature-areas e. Energy and climate. A vision of the future; Energie und Klima. Ein Blick in die Zukunft. This book contains five lectures from the symposium of 8 November The topics and speakers were: 1.

November Die Themen und Referenten waren: 1. Emergency management in the gas and water supply; Notfallmanagement in der Gas- und Wasserversorgung. Gas and water pipes belong to the critical infrastructure in Germany. Their protection requires a holistic risk analysis, which also keep an eye on the dependence of the power supply.

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Ihr Schutz erfordert eine ganzheitliche Risikoanalyse, die auch die Abhaengigkeit von der Stromversorgung im Blick hat. Control and load management of a fuel cell based hybrid system; Steuerung und Lademanagement eines brennstoffzellen-basierten Hybridsystems. Objective of this work is the development of a control for a hybrid electric power train.

Initial point is an electric drive powered by a rechargeable battery. This battery shall be recharged during operation by a methanol-driven fuel cell. At this point it is not intended to deploy a direct methanol fuel cell but a combination of a methanol reformer generating hydrogen-rich gas and a high-temperature fuel cell HTPEM-FC. This work covers the general strategy of operation like load cycles, standby phases etc. While the basic research is done on a rapid prototyping system this work aims on porting the control system to an embedded platform. Here emphasis is put on the hardware independency of the control.

The development of the reformer control contains the strategy for heating up the system with a minimum of electrical energy consumption, since this energy has to be supplied from the battery during the system start-up, increasing the minimum charge level of the battery required for an autarkic recharge. Unlike in common systems the reformer will be modulated according to the electric load and not vice versa, though the fuel cell serves as load sensor.

Beside start-up and shutdown strategies the fuel cell control covers particularly the charge control. The electric load is assumed to be unknown, non-influenceable and unsteady. The charge control handles the charging of the battery under optimal utilization of the available hydrogen while avoiding an overload of the fuel cell caused by sudden load changes like powering up the drive.

Therefore the common step-down circuit will be advanced so that all huge and heavy electronic components can be minimized or substituted by internal effects of battery and fuel cell. The fuel utilization will be feed back to the reformer control. After coupling of reformer and fuel cell control the system will be ported to an embedded control system.

Background information and first results on eco-audits in the water management and disposal sector; Hintergruende und Erfahrungen zur Oekoauditierung im Wasser- und Entsorgungsbereich. In spite of the large number of publications on eco-auditing, there are still details that are not generally known and may come as a surprise. The author presents various aspects of auditing, e.

Managing change in nuclear utilities. The nuclear power industry has undergone change since inception, but never so much as now. The rewards for proactively changing in anticipation of emerging demands are great, but the cost of failure is also great. Today nuclear plants are being shut down by socio-political and economic processes. The survival of the technology as a clean energy source for the future depends on the demonstration of long term safety to the public, protection of the environment, and economic superiority to competing energy sources.

The overriding influence on these factors is strong management of the business with effective regulation. In particular it is necessary for both utility and regulator to believe that enhancing safety is part of being successful. This publication has been developed for all levels of management who are developing and implementing changes within their areas of responsibility. The safety conscious, continuous improvement, management culture, which has proven successful in today's nuclear business, has taken time to develop. Many utilities have difficulty sustaining this culture during the transitions that are intrinsic to change.

Properly managed however, changes can enhance nuclear safety, plant reliability and cost competitiveness, from the design stage to decommissioning. Change has no respect for timing and regardless of the level of experience managers may have in its management , large scale change is confronting every nuclear utility world wide. These take the form of government policy changes , open market demands, privatization with the demand for increased shareholder returns, regulatory and social pressures, and economic and political transition.

The danger from such issues for the nuclear company executive and the regulator is that they are powerful distractions, particularly for those executives who are not experienced in the unique managerial requirements of the nuclear business. This report gathers the experience of Member States into an array of. Organization for the input and output of the environmental managment system in the Austrian network; Aufbau- und Ablauforganisation des Umweltmanagementsystems im Verbund.

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  • The Austrian network has pledged itself in all areas of activity to a responsible, enduring relationship with the environment and, consequently, has introduced an environmental management system which embraces all undertakings. The establishment of an environmental information system, as well as documentation required by EMAS and communications with the public in the form of an annual environmental report may be cited as some of the concrete results. Beschrieben wird die Aufbau- und Ablauforganisation in Verbindung mit der neuen Firmenstruktur.

    Planning and management of change. The s promise to be a decade of change. In business, the focus will be on restructuring for purposes of improved productivity and efficiency. This new leadership is restructuring its operations to provide better focus, greater efficiency, meaningful products demonstrating progress and a more open operational environment. Criticisms of past operations have been reviewed and evaluated such that the new management organization derives benefit from the past. In recognition that management concerns may be manifested in other areas, Yucca Mountain Project management believes that reorganization is necessary to maximize efficiency.

    In designing the new organization, a high priority has been placed upon making changes which enable the federal leadership to exercise appropriate control and make participants more responsible and accountable for their work. A program-wide strategic plan is being prepared which includes a variety of revisions to the program of the past.

    This plan charts the path the Department will follow in fulfilling its mission. The vision of the new management developed by the DOE focuses on the creation of open-quotes teams,close quotes both a management team and task performance teams. The new management team will be tasked with implementing the plan.

    Emergency Managers Confront Climate Change. Full Text Available Emergency managers will have to deal with the impending, uncertain, and possibly extreme effects of climate change. Yet, many emergency managers are not aware of the full range of possible effects, and they are unsure of their place in the effort to plan for, adapt to, and cope with those effects. We focus on: extreme events; acute vs. This paper explores the important intersection of emergency management , environmental management , and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

    It examines the different definitions of terms common to all three fields, the overlapping strategies used in all three fields, and the best means of collaboration and mutual re-enforcement among the three to confront and solve the many possible futures that we may face in the climate change world.

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    Monopolies, liberalization, energy transition. Electricity market design between change and constancy; Monopole, Liberalisierung, Energiewende. Strommarktdesign zwischen Wandel und Konstanz. Fachbereich Systemanalyse und Technikbewertung.

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    After a long period of stability, the electricity industry is in the past 15 years in a major state of flux. With the liberalization the change of area monopolies to competitively organized producer and consumer markets was pending. At present a very similar upheaval takes place, which is characterized by the transition from conventional to renewable power generation.

    But are the paradigms of each phase compatible and has plenty of still their right to exist, or is a modification necessary? The electricity market design of the future cannot designed on a blank sheet, but it must be taken into account existing structures. At the same time, the question must be answered whether the choice between regulatory or market-based approaches also differs with the possibility of precision of control.

    Mit der Liberalisierung stand zunaechst der Wechsel von Gebietsmonopolen hin zu wettbewerblich organisierten Erzeuger- und Verbrauchermaerkten an. Derzeit findet ein ganz aehnlicher Umbruch statt, der vom Uebergang von konventioneller hin zu erneuerbarer Stromerzeugung gekennzeichnet ist. Aber sind die Paradigmen der einzelnen Phasen miteinander vereinbar und hat jede fuer sich noch immer ihre Daseinsberechtigung, oder ist hier eine Modifizierung notwendig?

    Das Strommarktdesign der Zukunft kann nicht auf einem leeren Blatt entworfen, sondern es muessen bestehende Strukturen beruecksichtigt werden. Gleichzeitig ist die Frage zu beantworten, ob die Wahl zwischen regulatorischen oder marktbasierten Ansaetzen sich auch anhand der mit ihnen moeglichen Praezision der Steuerung unterscheidet.

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    • Ardeur (Abbey of Angels Book 1);
    • Seyffarts Directory of Drug Doasage in Kidney Disease: 1500 substances, more than 1900 references.
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    • Dialogue on waste management MV. Current developments in waste and resources economics. Proceedings; Aktuelle Entwicklungen in der Abfall- und Ressourcenwirtschaft. The topics were: Phosphorus recycling of wastewater and sewage sludge Robert Ristow ; Current waste legislation developments Wolfgang Siederer ; Further development of the recycling industry Andreas Bruckschen ; Resource-efficient recycling business - a challenge for municipalities Holger Thaerichen ; Brick Recycling Anette Mueller ; Who has the buck? Biowaste treatment facility Schwerin - first operation experience Andreas Lange ; Future marketing opportunities for compost Anke Boisch ; Status and prospects of waste and substance flow management Michael Nelles ; Development of separate collection of biowaste quantities in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

      Spatial information and planning system; Umweltinformationssystem Baden-Wuerttemberg. Konzeption RIPS Raeumliches Informations- und Planungssystem. To this end, RIPS offers tailor-made services on the basis of a standardized and in transnational cooperation developed technical kit for the areas of geodata processing and management as well as the development and provision of software components with geo-functions and geodata services as part of the technical and information procedures.

      The coordination and steering takes place via project development offices, working groups and committees in close coordination with the departments of environmental and nature conservation administration as well as further cooperation and in coordination with other specialist administrations. Taking into account changed framework conditions and new geo-referenced requirements in UIS BW, the present RIPS concept focuses on future-oriented geofunction and geodata management in the field of environmental and nature conservation management as well as the provision of geo-specialized environmental and nature conservation data for policy makers, administrators and the public on innovative technologies Applications and Services.

      Hierzu bietet RIPS massgeschneiderte Dienstleistungen auf der Basis eines standardisierten und in laenderuebergreifenden Kooperationen entwickelten technischen Baukastens fuer die Bereiche Geodatenverarbeitung und - management sowie die Entwicklung und Bereitstellung von Softwarekomponenten mit Geofunktionen und Geodatendiensten. Sustainable water management and regional development. Analysis and assessment of scenarios on conflicts of water use in the Upper Spree catchment area, a region impacted by brown coal mining; Nachhaltige Wasserbewirtschaftung und regionale Entwicklung.

      Analyse und Bewertung von Szenarien zum Wassernutzungskonflikt im bergbaubeeinflussten Einzugsgebiet der Oberen Spree. Messner, F. The main goal of the interdisciplinary research syndicate was to develop integral strategies for overcoming the water availability problems and conflicts of water use following in the wake of global change as well as the environmental and socio-economic problems resulting from this in the Elbe catchment area. The entire river system of the Elbe served as study region.

      The study also included an intensive substudy focussing on water quality problems of the Unstrut river system as well as an analysis of the momentous surface water availability conflicts in the Spree catchment area which was performed for the Upper Spree and Spree Forest subregions cf. Dietrich et al. Finke et al. The project on the Upper Spree subregion, performed as part of GLOWA Elbe, was dedicated to an analysis and assessment of the Upper Spree subregion where, as a result of the decade-long history of brown coal mining in that area, one of Germany's greatest surface water availability and quality conflicts has evolved.

      It was in the context of this subregion project that IMA was developed and tested. The present outcome report presents the more important water management and socio-economic results of this subregion project, though various results from other part-projects of GLOWA Elbe have also been incorporated. The latter report contains, in various places, references to further literature on the Upper Spree subregion project. Strategically oriented management and controlling of resource intensive projects; Strategieorientiertes Management und Controlling ressourcenintensiver Projekte.

      Fallstudienanalyse und Konzeption eines Referenzmodells zum Projektmanagement der Stilllegung kerntechnischer Anlagen. The book on strategically oriented management and controlling of resource intensive projects covers the following issues: frame of project management and project controlling, classification of the decommissioning of nuclear facilities as resource intensive projects, research design for case studies, results of the study of project management specific characteristics of decommissioning, reference model for the project management of nuclear facility decommissioning. Materials flow management in the metal industry.

      Design and techno-economical analysis of industriyl recycling concepts; Stoffstrommanagement in der Metallindustrie. Zur Gestaltung und techno-oekonomischen Bewertung industrieller Recyclingkonzepte. Materials flow management is an attempt to cope with excessive consumption of resources and with the large-scale release of pollutants, both of which are hazards of our industrialised society.

      It is necessary to analyse materials and energy flow along interconnected product and process chains to develop suitable concepts, e. A planning instrument is designed for this purpose which is based on a combination of flowsheeting models common in chemical process engineering and material flow networks based on Petri nets. Its application enables computer-assisted design and techno-economic evaluation of industrial recycling concepts, so that decision makers in enterprises and administrations will be given a tool for in-house and external material flow management. In the implementation stage, the flowsheeting system 'Aspen Plus' and the eco-banancing tool 'Umberto' were used, and exemplary problems of material flow management in the steel and zinc industry were investigated.

      Die Entwicklung geeigneter Konzepte, etwa zum Einsatz innovativer Umweltschutz- und Recyclingmassnahmen, macht die Analyse von Stoff- und Energiestroemen entlang vernetzter Produkt- und Prozessketten erforderlich. Hierfuer wird ein Planungsinstrument konzipiert, das auf einer Kombination verfahrenstechnischer Flowsheeting-Modelle und Petri-Netz-basierter Stoffstromnetze beruht.

      Sein Einsatz ermoeglicht computergestuetzt die Gestaltung und techno-oekonomische Bewertung industrieller Recyclingkonzepte, so dass Entscheidungstraeger in Unternehmen und Behoerden ein Hilfsmittel zum betrieblichen und betriebsuebergreifenden Stoffstrommanagement erhalten.

      Bei der Implementierung. The nature of project management is change. Even though all knowledge areas in the Project Management Body of Knowledge PMBOK are rooted in controlling change , none of these areas specifically addresses the human elements of change. There is a significant distinction between directly controlling change relative to the nonhuman aspects of a…. Dohlen, K. Modern memory programmable controls SPS are good value for money, powerful and have such a low power consumption that they are suitable for control and regulation purposes in PV island systems.

      The development of the solar charge regulators and operation management on the basis of an SPS shown in the article was carried out with the super-imposed target of increasing the use of proven standard industrial products in their construction and simplifying their operation and raising their reliability. Die Entwicklung des im Beitrag vorgestellten Solarladereglers und Betriebsmanagement auf der Basis einer SPS stand unter der uebergeordneten Zielsetzung, PV-Anlagen durch den Einsatz von bewaehrten Standard-Industrieprodukten in ihrem Aufbau und der Bedienung zu vereinfachen und in ihrer Zuverlaessigkeit zu steigern.

      Optimizing customer contact management to bolster loyalty and profitability. Optimizing specifically quality of service and cost; Loyalitaet und Profitabilitaet von Privat- und Gewerbekunden durch optimiertes Kundenkontaktmanagement steigern. Servicequalitaet und Kosten zielgerichtet optimieren. Hillebrand, S. Building on the sales strategy, the customer care center's processes, systems, and organization can be optimized in a focused way. Based on the set of success factors described by the authors private and commercial customers' value can be increased significantly.

      Ausgehend von der Vertriebsstrategie koennen die Prozesse, die Systeme und die Organisation von Customer Care Centern zielgerichtet optimiert werden. Durch die Beruecksichtigung der von den Verfassern beschriebenen Erfolgsfaktoren kann der Wert von Privat- und Gewerbekunden dabei signifikant gesteigert werden. Die Menschen im Betrieb stehen somit im Zentrum.

      Diese sind auch moralische Akteure. Changing Relationships Between Husbands and Wives. In this exceedingly interesting study, American and Russian researchers discuss the relationships between husbands and wives in Russia today. Following an outline of the historical development of marriage and family in Russia and the Soviet Union and some reflexions on the theory of transformation, the book presents analyses of issues like gender attitudes, division of labour, marital quality and abuse. These are carried out on the basis of methods of quantitative empirical research.

      Structural change and climate protection. How does climate policy change economics and working environment; Strukturwandel und Klimaschutz. Wie Klimapolitik Wirtschaft und Arbeitswelt veraendert. Abteilung Innovation, Industrie und Dienstleistungen.

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      In order to curb the climatic change , the greenhouse gases in industrialized countries have to be reduced dramatically by the middle of this century. This strengthens the economic structural change. Current Month.

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      All All Reset filters. IFAT Africa. Event Details. Time July 9 Tuesday - August 11 Sunday. Location Login required to see the information. Time june 11 Tuesday - 13 Thursday. Participation RSVPing is closed at this time. November, Skill Development in the Water Sector Your Contact at GWP.