Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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Pink Mist (2017)

Add to Wishlist. Drawing upon interviews with soldiers and their families, as well as ancient texts such as the medieval Welsh poem Y Gododdin, it is the first extended lyric narrative to emerge from the devastating conflict in Afghanistan. More Info. The combination of exceptional performances by the entire cast, the choreography, lighting and sound has created a remarkable experience that stays with its audience far after the numerous standing ovations subside.

This ground-breaking piece of theatre is not one to be missed, and will certainly be enjoyed by many audiences in the years to come.

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Primary Menu Skip to content. Search for:. One of the last episodes of Dollhouse has Bennet shot in the head by whoever Whiskey is at the time. The pink mist surrounds a stunned Topher. Video Games. This happens in Sniper Elite after you shot everybody at both entry and exit. The Metal Gear Solid series uses a cloud of particulate-rendered blood whenever someone takes a hit as well.

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The Sniper of Team Fortress 2 refers to this trope by name repeatedly "Everything above your neck is gonna be a fine red mist! A confusing one in Tomb Raider: Legend. In the flashback level, the wraith grabs Kent and leaves behind a red mist: it is debatable whether this is the creature's presence, or Kent's blood. Averted in America's Army due partially to the need to avoid a rating higher than T, and partially to the fact that 5.

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Plus, it's a recruiting tool ; people are likely to be less open to joining the Army if their death was just rendered in agonizingly gory detail. Those to whom such things would appeal are generally more unstable than Army recruiters would like. Soldier of Fortune has this plus splattered brain matter and shattered skulls. The result of scoring a killing headshot with a hammer or mace in Chivalry Medieval Combat.

Gunship - Pink Mist (The Guest Music Video)

Vietcong featured this effect whenever a character is shot. Visual Novels. Some of the deaths by sniper shot in Rose Guns Days are depicted this way most notably Stella's death at the end of Season 3.

Kennedy's assassination can attest. The term was coined during The American Civil War , describing the effects of canister shot on oncoming infantry.