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Not under ANY circumstances save for under strict supervision on a closed-course. Why is everyone pointing at us while everyone else is driving like crazy people? Put a restricter plate on cars too. TOO many people are texting watching movies and just not paying attention. I am changing my career field.

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More over due to less flexibility in time that driver has to speed to make time from traffic delays and time lost in construction sites over the highway. And next town is 10 miles away. You are so right we need to change way the Shipper and Receiver look at truck parking and detention. We had a principal when I was in grade 10 that made several farm boys quit high school that were doing chores before and after school.

The top people at the warehouses are doing the same to truckers today with e-logs. The hos and 30 min break is a absolute joke and non realistic. Drivers that know when not to go thru Chicago rush hours or any big city are now forced to go thru them because of there non stop 14 hour clock.. So instead of them making a wise decision and pulling over before the mess and a better risk of not having a accident and less STRESS, they have to go thru it and put even more traffic in the disaster already… So now instead of sitting in a truck stop or rest area and are safe till its free flowing, they get to go sit in traffic and stop and go for a couple hours, not getting anywhere anyways and putting themselves in danger, just because the fmsca and all these people that think they know everything about the trucking industry because of statistics and looking at a piece a paper… Its not really the elog thats the problem at all.

It has become a race against the clock because the government has over regulated driving. Life is not black or white. There must be flexibility or chaos occurs. Great job democrats who never held a real middle class job. Your spot on. I save a swift going down the vine. Although I was speeding I explained to the other trucker how to slow his truck. He said he though automatic breaking ment he didnt have to worry the truck brakes did it for him.

We used to be able to stop the clock when WE wanted and no penalty as we could stop the clock. No issues and no parking problems. Before you run off at the mouth there were far fewer trucks stops and rest areas to be used by truckers and we still managed to do our job safely. The last 25 or so years we have seen fewer qualified drivers enter the industry.

They have no clue how to be observant of their surroundings, lack the ability to plan ahead and to be able to adapt if that plan fails. The biggest failing I have seen is far too many lack any kind of work ethic and have next to nothing in the personal pride dept.. See how that has worked out. Let us the drivers behind the wheel decide when to stop the truck for any reason we see the need for and any number of times and with out penalty. Stopping the truck should stop the clock. Safety nap. A sit down healthy meal. To wait out rush hour traffic.

It is called safety. We had fewer hours to do the job of driving many years ago as apposed to the 11 hrs today and we still got it done with fewer problems. Wonder why? We worked together was a big part of it and could think for ourselves. Imaging that , being able to think for ourselves. What a concept. At least once per week I find myself rushing to beat the clock because of the 11 hour or the 14 hour rule. We need to have more flexibility. The company I work with had 3 drivers attacked since the first of March of this year. My truck has been broken once. The local police have told me at least 7 times in the past nine months were I was parked was not safe.

I told them I had no hours on E log I have been towed from Walmart. The police promised me something in writing it took 3 days and a lawyer to get. The whole thing comes down to money. My truck burnt up 3 weeks ago with me in the bunk when the E log caught on fire. The insurance company will not pay for the damages because E-logs are not covered. I have living in a homeless shelter for the past 3 weeks in Brampton Ontario Canada.

The M T. We need a different model of pay no more late fines for traffic or weather. Stop blaming ELDs. I used them for 5 plus years and my driving habits did not change from when I used paper logs. My guess is that those who feel they need to rush are the ones who limit themselves to only driving certain hours during the day. If you want to make money you need to be able to drive during whatever hours you need to. When you limit yourself to a certain time period, you are cutting your throat from the start. You just got your 10 hour break.

So drive. The ELD is just an enforcement tool, just like what paper logs were supposed to be. ELDs are not the problem. HOS is the problem, and that problem is being worked on. Depending on that states they are driving in or through. This way the driver can drive the speed limit and not be stressed about time and be safe.

10 Trucking Songs to Keep You Truckin’

Again, less stress. My dad was a long-haul trucker, off-road low-bed equipment hauler, and Greyhound bus driver as well as a logging truck driver. He had over 4 million miles before he retired.

He was afraid to share the roads and highways with them. The trucking industry is in bad shape. Regulations that should be there to ensure safety are ignored, poorly enforced and need revision.

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Most of the current regs are there because the industry as a whole failed to self-police and brought the regs upon themselves. Profit over safety and common sense.

For a small company to make any money they have to break rules. This song is fantastic — right from the start of the song to the last note fades. It puts you in a relaxing mood and is the kind of song that reminds you everything will be alright.

Have the Experience of a Lifetime

The song is about a guy who has to leave his wife to go to work. Every time he is away he misses his girl and resolves to ride through the storm just to get back into her arms again. It was written by David Malloy, Eddie Rabbit and Even Stevens and focuses on the life of truckers and the long time they have to spend away from their wives and children, a common theme on this list. Also known by its full title: Miles Away From Home is a great piece of classic country music. Released in by Bobby Bare, this song made the top 10 on the Billboard Hot — wow!.

It explores that familiar idea of how hard it is for those of us who have to leave their families for work, especially the truckers. It is one of those songs you could sing with your buddy as you travel the world and always have hope for the best despite the distance from home. From the album Smokey and the Bandit, comes this s hit. The song made it to 2 on the U. S Billboard Hot Country music chart — and what a song it is.

It is a blast to listen to. We suggest putting this one in the queue if you ever feel bored, tired or need something to get you in a good mood. Looking forward to Trek and Tent more with you guys..

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