Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

Sue Bohlin offers a quiz covering Bible basics rather than trivia. That's because we're not reading and studying the Bible. Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament? .. Probe fulfills this mission through our Mind Games conferences for youth and adults, our 3-minute daily radio program, and.

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The 5,pound instrument was recovered Aug. Shuji Orito of the University of Tokyo, is sponsored in the U. Antiparticles are rare forms of matter that have electrical charges exactly the opposite of their ordinary "sister" particles. For example, a proton has a positive charge and an electron has a negative charge. An antiproton, though, has a negative charge and an antielectron has a positive charge. Scientists study antimatter to understand structure and energy processes in the Universe. Besides this, antimatter can also be found in the engine rooms of all Starfleet vessels, as the ships are powered by combining matter and antimatter, releasing enourmous amounts of energy.

Obviously, this is nowhere near reality, but it certainly is interesting to see these possible first steps towards it. According to NASA, they were able to collect several hundred anti-protons, which should give their scientists some extra study material. A complete report on their mission, plus some extra info on why this search for antimatter is so important for physicists, can be found in the full press release.

Take a look at what the role of Frakes is in the series: The former No. Or maybe it's a melodramatic satire; AMC's intentions are a little hard to divine. Frakes plays Roland White, a rich sleazeball aircraft-maker who is dabbling in movies and in starlets but who is not, for purposes of this series, named Howard Hughes.

It's a key role, because White is always hovering around the fringes until he swoops in and scoops up all of the toys, but it's hard to know if he's supposed to be sinister or clownish. Frakes is not a good enough actor to suggest both at once. Unfortunately I couldn't find the original article on any official newspaper site, but fortunately 'Shawnster' re-posted a copy of the article to the Coffee Nebula discussion board. Parts one and two of 'The Lot' will be shown tomorrow at pm Eastern Time on AMC, while the final two parts will be shown at the same time on Friday.

The original report can be found here. Voyager discovers that Species has created a habitat simulation of Starfleet's San Francisco Yards, and are training their own to pose as humans to eventually invade Earth. Hopefully I should get this week's installment very soon indeed, after which it'll immediately go up. Link of the Day : Take a look at the far-left top side of this week's edition of The Onion , the satirical fake news site, for a small Trek reference. This weeks, he looks at the ever more visible 'dark side of Trek:' Recently, brief technical data has been released for the often seen Akira Class.

For those who are not aware, this ship looks like a Galaxy Class vessel tossed into a trash compactor. Information about this vessel is routine, detailing crew size and the maximum available speed. However, I was stunned to learn this vessel has more weapons than any other ship before it, including the Defiant Class. Total, this vessel has over fifteen photon torpedo launchers. Why would an organization who is proud of the fact they are a peace oriented group create such a weapon? Is this an image of the dark side of the Star Trek force?

Rick Berman was quoted saying, "Our goal with Deep Space Nine is to help portray the dark side of this universe. We want to bring it down to earth. Furthermore, as I have mentioned in previous weeks, they proceeded to turn Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets into a corrupt organization. The introduction of Section 31, the military takeover of Earth, and the creation of such destructive ships as the Akira were successful in removing the innocence we had seen in the Original Series, Next Generation, and even to a point on Voyager. In the rest of his column, Fred further examines this dark side, and wonders if the Dominion War had more far-lasting effects than any of us would like to think.

You can read about that and more in the full column! The first one deals with the first 'official' patch, which is rapidly nearing completion: More information I received from Chris Taylor moments ago : The final "non-beta" version of the patch is approaching release! Depending on internal testing, we could see the final version by the end of this week. Chris mentioned that a lot of fixes will be included, and that he'll be posting a list of bugs that the team are aware of and working on, soon!

The second report deals with the UK version of the game, which will apparently have the beta patch fixes built in already! The UK and European version is handled by Virgin Interactive , but no final release date has been set yet. More info on the game's patch status, plus almost anything else SFC-related, can be found at the Starfleet Universe!

Both featured a man called Dylan Hunt being frozen in more or less modern day, then revived on an Earth that has fallen to great savagery and barbarism. The point of the proposed series would have been for Hunt and his sidekicks to work towards reuniting and re-unifying mankind. Remember this. The galaxy is in turmoil, all of the governments to which Trek fans are accustomed have crumbled and imploded. The galaxy is a really screwed up place: Vulcans have renounced their logic and are now savage enemies of anyone who crosses them.

Homeless Klingons roam space in violent packs of attack ships. The Federation is long gone - but it is an ideal not forgotten to those living in this untamed reality. AICN then goes on to provide some more info on what could have been, had the series actually been accepted as the new Trek series, and provides us with some extrapolations on what 'Phoenix Rising' might be. After that, the site reports on 'Starship,' a CGI show dealing with a team of 'galactic troubleshooters. The full report about this can be found here. When you read it, do remember that Robert Hewitt Wolfe recently already confirmed that 'Phoenix Rising' is actually in production, and that this will be the series featuring Kevin Sorbo from Hercules.

In particular, fans on the Internet have had a lot of venues with which to register their pleasure and displeasure with the series. Probably the most visible fan was Tim Lynch, whose reviews of Star Trek became the standard against which all other reviews were measured. But everywhere online, one could find discussions of the show, with fans weighing in on which episodes were the best and which were the worst. And, for finding a list of the most favorite and least favorite episodes, there was one poll that stood out. Reiss started the survey in the fall of via postings to the Star Trek newsgroups on the Internet, and he later developed it into a Web page.

The SOS is probably the most comprehensive survey of the fans. Over the run of DS9, an average of over fans per episode have registered their ratings. In the full article, SFE provides a list of the ten best DS9 episodes the ten worst, plus some comments on each episode.

You can find the article by going here. The campaign will cost approximately DM The chat with costume designer Bob Blackman will still go through on the 26th of August, as originally planned. Advance questions can already be posted here for both chats. Where Are They Now? This week, one of the questions deals with the Deep Space Nine stars, and what they will be doing now that DS9 is over.

IGN Sci-Fi's answer doesn't really provide any new info, but it does sum up nicely what all the actors will be doing now: Several of DS9's regulars, including Brooks and Rene Auberjonois are planning on returning to the distant planetary system from which they came -- the theater. Nana Visitor has not yet announced her next project. The cast of DS9 are a close-knit bunch -- two of them Visitor and Siddig are even married to each other. So, yes, I would think they keep in touch.

More sci-fi-related questions can be found in the full column. You can find them by going here. Nielsen Media Research is the company which every week provides the world with the ratings for 'Star Trek: Voyager' along with hundreds of other television shows. More info on the deal can be found here.

The Warlock (Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel 5) Audiobook

At , they'll be showing 'Tribunal. More topics can be found at the Trek BBS , where we'd more than welcome your participation! Thanks for your loyalty - it's quite an honour to know my little corner of the web is worthy of daily visits! When do you actually visit TrekToday? In the morning, before starting work? During your lunch break? In the evening, after getting back home? Please do let me know at feedback treknation.

In his comprehensive review, Steve Tannehill says he rather likes the DVDs, even though they are a bit expensive: Paramount is clearly packaging these discs with maximum profits in mind. Although a dual-layered DVD-9 disc could easily hold three episodes and probably four, we are only getting two episodes on a single-layered DVD-5 disc. I am not as much concerned about the price-per-episode ratio. My biggest concern is shelf space. Wouldn't it be great to get a double-sided, dual-layered DVD disc with six or eight episodes per disc?

Instead of taking up the shelf space for forty discs, it could be ten. And yes, I am sure these "super" discs would cost the same as separate two-episode discs. But frankly, part of the cost of the DVD is also in the two feet of shelf space required to store it. To take a favorite line from a classic movie, we're going to need a bigger boat. The first two discs in the Star Trek franchise street on Tuesday, August The next four discs are coming to DVD in the Fall of The remaining discs are said to be coming in the new millennium.

I'll take that to mean the year does no one understand what "millennium" means? I like Star Trek and I am glad to see the original series make it to DVD after I ignored the opportunity to buy the series on tape or laserdisc. I just wish that there had been an optional mono mix, a few more extras, and a few less discs in the set. The awards are given "to those people whose work in the media helps promote the cause of human rights. This edition includes a look at role-playing games, Trek book reviews, and a special look at how Trek Minds is created. You can download the full show in German by going here.

The Raving Toy Maniac has put up a new edition of Mara's Corner, the monthly column where a Playmates employee answers fan question about their Trek action figures. A : Pantone color specs are called out and approved by Viacom consumer products.

When given, these are the guidelines for product. Looking at real wardrobe, or photos or filmed episodes under various lights really gets confusing as to what a "real" color is. Many times they are vastly different than what you would "perceive" as the "right" color. It's a subjective interpretation, and the final decision belongs to the licensor. Q : Will there be Star Trek toys from Playmates in ? A : Very likely, but exactly what kind, how or where - is still being discussed between Viacom and Playmates. More can be found in the full update.

The first report deals with the Invitation Tournament, which was apparently one of the most challenging tournaments held over the past few months: San Diego Comic Con's Star Trek CCG Invitational was the smallest championship qualifying event run so far, but it was arguably the most challenging. The field of 18 players who gathered on Friday, August 13 included seven who had competed in past Trek World Championships.

Two games into the tournament, just how difficult the remaining games would be was realized when not one player had succeeded in scoring full 2-point wins in their games. Halfway through the event, several players were heard to say, "this is harder than the Worlds! The second report deals with the team tournament held at the convention, which was won by the Borg team, on which De Jong also had a seat. You can find the report of the team tournament here. Take a look at what they allow you to win: Thousands will read about it, millions will see it, but only one will experience it You can participate in the sweepstakes by going here.

Many people asked for a way to see the final results, so here you'll finally have the opportunity. As always, you can participate in the actual poll by voting at the top right-hand side of the screen. Take a look at the results of last week's poll: Do you think a Starfleet Academy series will actually happen? No More topics can be found at the Trek BBS! Christian pm CST Excuse any spelling mistakes in today's update I'm afraid I'm nearly falling asleep over my keyboard at the moment. Perhaps I should consider setting my alarm clock at in the morning and do the updates in the morning instead of in the evening - at least then there aren't any good films shown on television which invariably distract me and delay the day's update According to the reviewer, this might well be considered the best Trek game ever: Based loosely on the incredibly deep cult-favorite Starfleet Battles tabletop game, Starfleet Command models ship-to-ship combat Star Trek-style.

The ships are huge, slow moving, and powerful; combat is a delicate and complicated mix of energy management, tactics, and real-time strategy. And everything comes together seamlessly to provide not only the best Star Trek game ever, but probably the best naval simulation I've ever played.

Starfleet Battles fans will be pleased to see many of their favorite rules and tactics implemented so well. High-energy turns, missiles, and other popular tricks are balanced well here. Sure, it isn't a direct translation, but the development teams are obviously fans of the work. You can find the full review by following this link. Thanks go out, as usual when there is Starfleet Command news to report, to the Starfleet Universe for this. Take a look at what you can expect from this final season review: This article has spoilers for the seventh and final season and possibly seasons before of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine".

Proceed at your own risk. Hi there. One last time This review's been more of an effort than usual to write--I'm not sure whether it's because it's the last one, or whether that means it's a good thing this is the last one. Possibly a bit of both. Anyway, if you've been reading my stuff for a year or two or ten , by now you know the drill. First, there's an episode-by-episode recap, where I see what's changed from the first impressions to watching everything at season's end over the course of a little over a week, then there's general commentary on trends, successes, and failures of the entire season.

You can find the full review by clicking here - be warned, though, the review is very long, about kb in size. Take a look at two of the most interesting questions he answered: Query from: David I was a little let down when i looked at aventures in time and space tonight. I was hoping it was a guide book to the novels. Why does Shatner get away with writing novels that are so far off of the established Star Trek Universe?

There's no question that they are event novels and as such will sell well, but Bright's points were all very valid. If I sent in the novel "Dark Victory" today, without having Shatner already having written it, it would be rejecte Response from: John Ordover Do you really have to ask why -William Shatner- gets to do things in Star Trek that others don't get to do?

It's a special videoclip you can get nowhere else. By the way when you have seen the clip, then you will know why Robbie became an actor and not a singer :- The video, which is in ASF format and runs for approximately one minute, can be downloaded as a 4. Thanks go out to Jason at the Coffee Nebula for posting the message which alerted me to this. At , they'll be showing Voyager's 'Course: Oblivion. Still, there are a few interesting on-topic discussions: -Where are the ordinary Trek women?

Do they even exist? Okay, that's not on-topic, but it is rather funny. More topics can be found at the actual Trek BBS , where you're of course more than welcome to add new topics yourself! Christian pm CST Unfortunately, it appears my e-mail problem still hasn't been fully fixed - this morning, it was down again for at least four hours. If this isn't fixed very soon, I'll be looking for a new web host, but, in the meantime, please try to resend your mails a few hours later if they were bounced back to you. Alternatively, if that doesn't work either, please send your mail to trektoday hotmail.

His birthday is October Last year he told us "I love getting that [birthday card] packet every year! This is a wonderful charity, doing great work raising money for pediatric AIDS research. If you wish to just say "Happy Birthday," and don't want to send a card or e-card, the fan club will open a special guestbook for this purpose in October, a few weeks before Robert Picardo's actual birthday. In the end, "Insurrection" finished 8th among the Trek films domestically, 3rd in overseas reciepts, and 5th overall. Insurrection will go down as the median Trek film -- falling right in the middle.

As far as video and DVD goes, those numbers will always be in flux. As Insurrection left the top ten, it had earned 9. That will be the number I'll keep for reference. DVD rentals and sales figures are not posted in any public forum that I've been able to find, so we'll have to do without. The video should be out for sale now or will be soon, and that data is sometimes available, so I'll post as it comes in. The full report can be found here. On the show, the away teams were usually walking arround in very narrow hallways, with tubes and tentacles hanging everywhere.

Are you also planning to feature this sort of environment? Chris Foster : We have reasons for them being more open at that point. They are story oriented reasons that I can't reveal right now, but in adition - we have to make allowances for gameplay. For the game to be playable and very fun in all areas, we are forced to widen certain areas. Rest assured, though that we do have many areas on the Borg levels that are cramped, as in the shows: including hanging tubes TrekToday : I was reading the German PC Action article about the game, which mentioned that the in-game music would react to what was happening in the game, just like in the actual television series.

What sort of music will you actually be using? Chris Foster : Most of the music will be created in a Trek vein by our in-studio musicians. We will be using sounds from the series as well. Thanks go out to Chris Foster for answering my questions - he certainly helped save TrekToday from a day with almost no other 'real' news Video Productions has put up the official cast photos for all five seasons of 'Star Trek: Voyager,' showing both group photos and individual photos of all the stars, plus detailed biographies of all the actors and producer Rick Berman. You can find the photos and biographies by going here.

At CET tomorrow morning, they'll be repeating 'Asteroiden. More discussion topics can be found at the Trek BBS! Christian pm CST Has anyone else noticed this Continuum news item about the new Starfleet Command game 'going gold before debuting in stores'? It certainly had me rolling over the floor - presumably the reporter mis-interpreted the computer industry term 'going gold' indicating that a game is finished and will now be transported to stores for the sales term 'going gold' indicating that a certain amount of copies has been sold.

If this is indeed what happened, the Continuum's report seems akin to excitedly reporting that an episode has finished filming before it was actually broadcast In any case, it should be well worth the wait, as this week's edition of the Trek Nation Mailbag contains lots of interesting mails on everything from WWF wrestlers to Avery Brooks punching other actors to some of our most recent featured articles. All that and more can be found in the new mailbag! Remember, keep on sending your thoughts on all things Trek to feedback treknation.

We're finishing off the tail end of this mission's levels, anxiously awaiting the executable update from our programmers which will allow us to go to town on scripting!!!! I hope to have us send out new screenshots to the press really soon here, as I want to replace some of those out there which were taken when we were testing scale. In some of them Tuvok looks about 3' tall! If you've seen them you know what I'm talking about He's normal size now. The full update can be found here. The patch is called the '1.

Saved games that were previously corrupted cannot be loaded, but un-corrupted savegames are compatible. Mod Detection - multiplayer mod detection doesn't "spam" messages and only reports actual differences. Spacedock Missiles - fixed problem with purchasing large number of missiles for some ships. Lyran Medals - a minor bug with the Lyran medals screen was fixed. Specs File - fixed several minor errors cloaking cost for Klingon D5Y, shield strength for listening posts and other units. Capturing Listening Posts - no longer causes a crash due to spec file change.

Units that had no starting shields would crash when captured. Hotkey Bindings - The bindings. According to Starfleet Command designer Chris Taylor , this is just a beta patch, and hasn't been fully tested yet. More on this plus the chance to actually download the patch! As usual, Decipher is also organising several Trek events, including an invitational championship, a team challenge and a pre-release event for the 'Blaze of Glory' expansion pack. The full report can be found here , while a schedule of the Decipher happenings at ComiCon can be found here. The review was written by Steve Bilodeau , who liked the game, but didn't think it was a classic: Only a Star Trek fan will think this is a great game, and some of those fans might not think so either.

Though there have been valiant efforts at consistency with the show, the computer's intelligence strays from what it should do to keep in character. My Romulan Empire was growing along, doing nothing to provoke my supposedly peace-loving Federation neighbour when suddenly the troop transports start invading my worlds. This is not only inconsistent with the shows, but it is also inconsistent with the description in the manual.

And that manual is woefully inadequate, given how complex the game is. This is unacceptable. All in all, Birth of the Federation gets a thumbs-up for being challenging and engaging. Star Trek fans will be rewarded for struggling up the steep learning curve. But The non-Star-Trek fan strategy gamer will find the defects and the skimpy manual too significant to overlook.

Personally I do believe the game is 'great,' but then I've always been a fan of hard-core strategy games. Bilodeau's full review can be found here. Spock, said Thursday. School districts can have higher requirements, but only about half now require one year each of art and foreign language. Nimoy and deLancie have been working together on the Alien Voices production company, which creates dramatizations of classic sci-fi works, for three years now.

More on this can be found in the full article. The screenshots can be found here. An hour later, they'll be showing Voyager's 'Elogium. Tomorrow morning at CET, they'll be showing Voyager's 'Charakterelemente,' followed an hour later by 'Asteroiden. More discussion topics can be found at the Trek BBS , where you're of course more than welcome to participate in the discussions yourself! Christian pm CST Weekend! Unfortunately Wolfe couldn't give out any plot info, though he did mention that the series will probably be on the air in Fall Major thanks go out to Robert Wolfe for confirming this to us!

In related news, 'Dr. No' tells me that one of the main plot points of 'Phoenix Rising' will apparently be that the ship Sorbo is commanding is sentient , which certainly allows for a lot of interesting possibilities. Note that this plot tidbit certainly hasn't been officially confirmed yet - treat it as you would any other rumour.

Computer Games Online have already posted their 'Quick Take,' a prelude to the real review. Their first impressions certainly seem to be positive: Starfleet Command may change [the Trek game curse]. A brief examination reveals a game that offers an excellent premise, depth of gameplay, and striking visuals, all in one package. The manual is a slick and well written page spiral-bound monster written by Senior Designer Chris Taylor, who was also responsible for the excellent Fallout manual , and the game itself boasts a learning curve steep enough to make the manual required reading before you get started.

The full Quick Take , as written by Benjamin E. Sones , provides a bit more info on the game. Awarding the game an 8. Just about every strategy fan who has the patience to learn all the controls and you have to read the manual here folks, the tutorials leave quite a bit of important stuff out will be happy with the purchase of this game. With that said, I did have quite a few stability issues with this title it kicked me out to Windows about a dozen times before I stopped counting and it's frighteningly hard to learn if you're not patient.

With those caveats in place, I highly recommend this title to everyone. IGN's full review, which is almost as huge as the game's manual, can be found here. One of these will be the Star Trek stamp. These ornaments are described as featuring "etched metal frames with ceramic stamp designs". As they are pictured in my newsletter, each ornament has a pressed metal frame with the ceramic stamp suspended inside.

The artwork on the Star Trek stamp which is the same as will appear on the forthcoming Trek stamp and is a painted image of the original Enterprise by artist Keith Birdsong is very impressive. Info on the other ornaments based on the staps can be found in the full report. It's amazing to see the super high quality models and skins our artists come up with in this new lighting- to see one of our NPC's nose cast a shadow on his face is just, well, cool as hell.

The shadowing and lighting really helps round out our models a lot. Seven of Nine looked great before because we have excellent modellers and animators and our skin artists are magicians when it comes to making skin textures that round off the model , but now she has even more depth and her curves and shadows look almost eerily lifelike to me there are issues with some shadow lines being too sharp, but we have a couple ideas about that.

The new externalization of data ideas we're starting to implement seem like they'll work well and save us a lot of hassle. More info on the game's artificial intelligence system can be found in the full update. Take a look at two of the most interesting questions: Query From: Captain Jim This isn't a question, but an answer. Roy Gales wrote to you wanting to obtain a copy of the "Ashes of Eden" comic book adaption.

This book is available at Amazon. I'm sure, if it's available there, it's also available at various comic book stores around -- but at least, it's available. Happy hunting! So we're focusing on that -- creating exciting new Star Trek stories that help expand on the dynamic universe of Star Trek. In it, he of course also talks about his Star Trek work: It was one of the few times I ever worked with a star who was also a director -- with Jonathan Frakes.

It's sort of a strange thing.

William T. Riker

You're sitting with the person you're working with and you're seeing him on the screen at the same time. He was fine. He's a good filmmaker actually. In Budapest, the fan club besieged me before the concert. The first movie they wrote off the foreign on it, but now it's growing and growing all over. More on his huge career can be found in the full interview. Thanks go out to Adam Bailey for this! On Starfleet Command Availability Christian pm CST The Starfleet Universe has posted some news on the availability of Interplay's 'Starfleet Command' game, which should be in the shops by now: Just a quick note to update you on how the shipping of pre-orders is going etc..

Some people have received their copies of Starfleet Command however I did get one email yesterday from someone who said that the comapny they pre-ordered from ran out of stock so some pre-orders are on "back order" right now. More news of this will undoubtedly be made available at the Starfleet Universe as it gets out.

As I said before, if you already received your copy of 'Starfleet Command,' we at the Trek Nation would absolutely love to receive a review of the game! An hour earlier, 'Seven Days' managed to get a 2. As usual, UPN came in sixth among the big networks. At tomorrow, they'll be showing 'Das Implantat' The Wire.

Here are some of the most interesting: -Is Janeway running out of steam, and should Kate Mulgrew be held responsible for this? Christian pm CST For some reason, the 'alt-tab' key combination stopped working while I was compiling news for today's update - I've never experienced a more annoying thing. Every time I'd try to switch between my site list, a specific site and my list of news, I'd try to alt-tab, only to notice that it didn't work.

I certainly hope this is only a temporary thing - I don't think I could live with a PC without alt-tab After this week's edition of a WWF newsletter called the Ross Report first mentioned it, it was also mentioned in an online news show at the WWF web site , presented by a guy named Lucas. At the end of the show, he spent about a minute talking about the Voyager news: Let's move on to the rumours And he is a huge fan of 'Star Trek: Voyager,' and he told me he's psyched about the project. But the cool thing is, Boss Man is also going to help us out with this auction we're doing online.

Anyway, yes, there is a lot of interest on both sides. The original report can still be found by clicking this link , which should open RealPlayer and run the show - the Voyager comments can be heard after approximately two minutes. This does absolutely confirm that the producers are planning to feature wrestlers on the show - I know many people went into understandable denial over this, but this latest report makes the news look even more real. Very major thanks go out to Jose Gonzalez for pointing me to this. Star Trek: Voyager was nr.

Find the original report here. This event was won by Dan Allman , as you can read in the full report. The second report deals with the Team Tournament, where, as the title suggests, teams could take part. More on this can be found in the full report? How far in advance do you need to start making a novelization? I heard the filming didn't begin until June. Will there be anything significant in these books that is not on the screen? Response from: John Ordover We like to think we flesh out the stories in the novelizations at least to the extent of giving the interior thoughts and feelings of the chracters.

We work from scripts, not from the filmed episodes. There's nothing planned for sweeps week at this point. Query from: Thunderbyte Is there a planned number of NF books that you are going to write or is it going to be ongoing? Also, what is "Preserver" going to be about? Thanks sorry to ask so many questions :- Response from: John Ordover Preserver will pick up the storyline from Dark Victory. NF is ongoing. Response from: John Ordover No.

Riker , who directed the last two TNG movies. In the interview, he talks about his experiences filming 'Insurrection,' his new movie 'Total Recall ' and his new series 'Roswell,' and he even reveals some of his other plans for the future: Frakes also filled us in on his other projects. We produced that for my company and we're hoping to turn it into a series.

So things are good. So we will be working together. Tough now to picture anyone else in the role. I'd go with Hawkeye in the current Avengers franchise. Nothing about him says 'loudmouth' or a sarcastic, funny guy like in the comics.. Perhaps all the Captain America's before Evans including the '70s telemovie.. By the way, I'm feeling a bit foolish here, but I'm trying to figure out which movie Absorbing Man appeared in Which, in my opinion, would have been thought more highly of had it ended 30 minutes before it did.

Hmmm, that's what I get for not sitting all the way through the first Hulk movie that's how little I liked it. As to your point about not being able to picture anyone else playing Wolverine - not necessarily true. I can still picture a younger Fred Ward playing the character, and doing a better job at it.

And David, you just might have a point about Howard as the one that pretty much trumps anything else I mean, really? Runs off, sniveling. But I guess even worst of all, she is shagging HIM. If I watch the first Hulk movie with the sound off and cut it 30 minutes early I really love it. The stuff in the desert with the army and the onscreen panels is what I wish more superhero movies were like. As for worse, I agree with those that say "Absorbing Man" do they even call him that? Having recently seen the first one, however, I think the Thing may have looked terrible, but the personality was right.

Doom however was awful. I also have not seen Daredevil. Hawkeye is definitely in the running. Just kidding, sir, it's all good. I think you have to go with Galactus and Dr. Doom just for the sheer onscreen cowardice of it all. Same answer for 'Man Of Steel' where they embarrassingly mutter the name 'Superman' in the hope no one will notice.

That movie could've been about any bunch of superpowered aliens. There's also Electro in the latest Spidey and by the way, what was that scene about where Peter leaps onto Gwen's graduation stage, high fives the professor, and snogs Gwen in front of the world.

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Is that Peter Parker??? Oh, and Man-Thing. What was the point of that movie exactly? It's a tie for Galactus and Dark Phoenix. As for Galactus What a joke. I think the problem with an "accurate" portrayal of Hawkeye in the movies is that Stark is basically already that character. Didn't he do this in the Avengers-EMH series..? Besides, nearly anything would be better than the Clint Barton we got thus far.. I frankly can't remember any of his lines, nothing memorable. He barely registered. Robert Downey's characterization of Stark completely fills that "wise-cracking loudmouth" role for the group.

And even though it's not quite identical to the comic-book Hawkeye's role-- it's close enough to make the type redundant in a film. I think. But the reality of story-telling structure for films is that "Everything" turns a movie into mush. I totally miss the Hawkeye I love-- but I do get why he's not there. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Halle Berry as Storm; I would have preferred someone like Angela Bassett in that role. Halle's gorgeous but I think she was too Yes, Hugh Jackman is a fine actor who now owns the role of Wolverine, but he's still too tall.

I dunno why everyone is saying Galactus. All we saw was a horned shadow, and I don't think he was even mentioned by name. I guess the real reason was Fox didn't get the rights to use that character. I also think Tobey Maguire, while he did a great job as Spidey, was an odd choice for Spidey in my opinion. Something about his speech patterns reminds me of a surfer dude too much, but I still loved his portrayal. Jumping in late. I absolutely despise the Dr. Doom from the FF movies. It has absolutely nothing to do with the character.

Clearly no one involved with that film bothered to understand Doom at all. I too thought Halle Berry's Storm was not the best. She just seemed too weak for the role. I don't care for Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye. I know he was under Loki's control in most of the Avengers, but even when he wasn't, he seemed to sullen an withdrawn. That's not Hawkeye. Despite Stark being the resident wit, I think there's still room for a hothead -and Hawk could be that guy. Not too clever, motor-mouth, full of himself and ready to rumble I just don't see Renner in that role though.

I dunno Mike, Halle Berry wasn't really a "worst" so much as she was simply a "wasted opportunity", y'know? I mean, yeah-- she's 'waaay too little to play Storm, but heck so's Robert Downey-- and I can live with that if the actor has a chance to breathe some life into the character. As for the X-films, I almost block them out because with the exception of the brilliantly cast Stewart as Prof. Just awful. Basically, the only one of the X-films I kind of liked was First Class, in part because the casting was quite a bit better there haven't seen Days of Future Past yet, so I can't comment.

My power was out most of the day yesterday because of a storm and I didn't get to comment on this one. I was looking forward to it too. Ah well, I'm still going to chime in even though nobody is going to see it. My number one pick has got to be Deadpool in 'X-Men Origins Wolverine' the version near the end of the movie. Now I'm not the world's biggest DP fan, but I really feel bad for all the people out there who are. Because, they took everything that there is to like about Deadpool and did the exact opposite of that.

For example, In the comics he's a wisecracking ninja dude who uses swords guns and martial arts to get the job done - and his only mutant power is a healing factor like Wolverine. So what did the movie makers do? They sewed his mouth shut and made him a mute, non-wisecracking, non-ninja with no guns and sword like blades sticking out of his arms. And instead of having one mutant super power, he pretty much had them all. One would have to almost think that they couldn't have gotten it more wrong if they tried. And I really think that's exactly what happened. I think that someone high up in the decision making process for that movie just really hates the character of Deadpool, and wanted everyone else to as well.

It's the only explanation I can think of as to how they could have screwed him up so completely. I also have to mention Jennifer Garner as Elektra. An embarrassingly miscast role. On-Site Fan Track Coordinator Ron Nastrom Anime Programming. Michael Leneski. We would also like to take this opportunity to recognize our convention staff that has been assisting us for fifteen years of volunteer service. Service Awards for Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. Tricia Williams Comics. Raymond Rappaport Costuming Brian Holloway. Over 65 additional Fifteen Years Service Awards have been presented since Our Inaugural convention was held in Podcasting: Now and Beyond Derek Colanduno Robotics Programming Sci-Fi Literature.

Susan Shockley. Jennifer Liang. Nancy Knight X-Track Leigh Bennett-Conner. Relations Division Senior Director Dave Cody. Goldenrod Ribbon Exhibitor Red Ribbon Dealer Pink Ribbon Artist White Ribbon If you are ordering by mail, please be sure to indicate second choices as we have very few of some remaining. Fuchsia Ribbon Parade Participant Teal Ribbon Masquerade Participant Lilac Ribbon Film Festival Participant Maroon Ribbon Dinosaur illustrator William Stout updated it, rendering it in brilliant color with a touch of computer magic by artist David Robinson.

Staff Label. Additionally you can find our logo on 16 oz. Hall in the Atlanta Marriott Marquis. For our gaming and role-playing friends, our set of five six-sided dice will come in handy. These are custom made for us by Koplow Dice, with our dragon logo replacing the one-spot on each die. Even more pendants and key chains: We have extra-heavy brushed pewter designs for both pendants and key chains. Hyde and the Phantom of the Opera. Romero Mickey Rooney George Takei.

The Julie is bestowed for universal achievement spanning multiple genres, selected each year by our esteemed panel of industry professionals. Our inaugural recipient in was science fiction and fantasy Grandmaster Ray Bradbury. Master of Ceremonies for the Banquet is Phil Foglio.

Featured entertainment includes musical performances by violinist, Paul Mercer, and an appearance by Magician, Misty Lee. Georgia Fandom Awards Georgia Fandom Award is presented for outstanding T hecontributions to the genre by a Georgia writer, artist, or fan. An award is given for the best film in each category. For , the genres are are: fantasy, science fiction, thriller, horror, horror comedy, comedy, parody, Drama, documentary, animated comedy, animated horror, and animated fantasy.

Our judges will select three finalists from each category, and choose one of those as first place. We also present two Best of Fest awards, one for live-action short and one for animated short, chosen from the category winners. The wining films will be announced in a ceremony on Monday, September 4th, at pm. These are great films that are great fun to watch. When the evil farmer tosses a freshly dead puppet into his wood chipper, Scuttlebutt leader of the puppets is forced to take action.

He pleads his fellow captives to follow him into battle against the man who has enslaved them. As always, the selection committee had a difficult job. We had many fine entries, but only enough slots for the very best. These 73 films will entertain, enlighten, and even shock you.

You even have an opportunity to see two Academy Award nominees. The shorts will screen in blocks built around a theme. There will be a block of all horror films and one of documentaries. There will be one of just animation and another with family films. Watch some short spoofs along with the comedy feature, Dork of the Rings.

Lovecraft, which will include several short works and the longer Strange Aeons, The Thing on the Doorstep. He encounters a washed out female bartender whose own tale makes his look like a cake walk. Drama, USA, 14 min. Most screenings will be in the Hyatt Learning Center. Will he make it on time? And what surprise will he find once he arrives?

Big Red Ball is the compelling tale of an oversized playground ball that meets, then loses, the yellow ball of his its? Director Chuck Moore employs artful cinematography and a smoky jazz and blues score to create a playful homage to the classic French short, The Red Balloon. A nurse, with more at stake than meets the eye, is willing to risk everything to find the truth in this sci-fi mind bender. If only he can get the crows, and the military, to leave him alone. The Erfinder family is full of great musicians—except for Suzy.

Bruce is a test monkey who wants a banana. He just wants a banana. Poor Bruce. How far are they willing to go to sell their own project? Fantasy, USA, 6 min. Speewah and Crooked Mick yarns have been told since Europeans started getting lost in the Australian bush. Created to poke fun at the incredibly harsh and alien landscape, it is said that the Speewah lies west of the sunset where the crows fly backwards, to keep the dust out of their eyes.

We all have had our bad ideas, but putting those ideas to action separates those who are and are not senseless. When Benny sees the biggest coin he has ever seen he does not choose the best method of obtaining it. Thus, making his choice and outcome Centsless. Animated Comedy, USA, 7 min. A recently graduated ninja assassin is forced by the tight job marked, to become a stockboy at the local grocery. The stones leak their colors as they glide down a rink. The game is over when all eight stones have been thrown.

Jerry is an ordinary, if somewhat neurotic, office worker with a big date coming up. He also has a big problem. Part of his body has suddenly become big. Far too big. Chingaso has dedicated his life to avenge the murder of his parents by the clowns, and to do so, sets off for Messiah to become the one thing he hates: a clown.

Jampacked with intrigue, terror, and suspense. Conviser is a writer to watch. And maintains order with an iron fist. But a conspiracy is brewing to topple Echelon, and tumble the world into violence and chaos. Daniel, a physically scared bicycle messenger, watches her, afraid to get any closer. When a dark rain falls, a devilish man appears and offers Daniel a deal which can only lead to tragedy, loss and sorrow. To prove to a mysterious woman swimming in the water that he is indeed a good fisherman, he uses a piece of sandwich as bait, but finds that what is in this lake is better off not being caught.

Fantasy, USA, 8 min. After buying a house in the country, newlyweds Mark and Karen live in fear of a local fisherman who they deduce is a killer. As emotions run high, the tables turn to reveal the killer in us all. After her parents die in a tragic fire, a young girl is sent to an orphanage where she begins sketching fiery visions. When the head of the orphanage sees her talent, he exploits her art for profit.

After he demands more work, the girl unleashes a fire-breathing creation that takes on a life of its own. In a room alone, a writer ensnared with writers block, is bedeviled by a pesky housefly. Whether writing something for self expression or writing a paper for work or school.

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And like the chase for a house fly, sometimes, what we need is a little passionate distraction. As his obsession becomes darker, he finds his life interwoven with that of a mysterious fortune teller with a secret of her own. An unsuspecting man falls into an otherworldly trap set by Crawford Tillinghast, a psychotic genius, in this spinetingling tale based on the classic short story by H. Cynthia Navarro paints with a similar brush. Faceless is a psychological thriller about an artist obsessed with the beauty of the human body and the unique manner in which she expresses her art.

When Murray was young, he was bitten by a wild dog. Since then, on full moons a beast within overcomes him. When his sister Stevie attempts to intervene, Murray turns on his own flesh. An innocent butterfly wants only on thing: a spot of green. But whatever the case, green is hard to find in a desert. And what little is there is more than likely to be man-made. Told via dueling timelines, Genesis Antipode is the story of Jeffrey and Rebecca, two polar opposites thrown together by the end of the world. However an apocalyptic virus forces them to come to terms with each other.

Sultry waitress Hazel is a balm to every males eyes and grist to their fantasies. Imagine you could navigate the corridors of your ancestral DNA. Imagine you could leave your body behind. Imagine you were David, for he was such a man! David is a time traveller, but time for David is running out. Stars Prunella Scales of Fawlty Towers. It is the most important thing in the world. Nothing as inconsequential as death is going to change her plans. Love, lust and lucha libre! Thomas and Vivvy appear to be happily married. But the spark has begun to fade. So Thomas brings home a Mexican wrestling mask, to spice things up.

But the game turns out to be very different than he expected. Heim What starts as a stupid journey into the desert becomes an even stupider journey into a surreal world of talking cars, Amish, evil cheerleaders, and thrilling violations of Zoning Board Code Our heroes hurtle through this strange adventure towards a showdown that could destroy humanity for all time. But time is running out. Emotional storytelling and slick visuals combine with exciting martial arts action to make The Key a brutal beautiful love story.

Emily wakes up to find herself in the middle of nowhere, chased by a group of complete lunatics for reasons beyond her comprehension. But her instincts kick in, and she fights to survive as she tries to make sense of the mess she has stumbled into. Thriller, USA, 21 min. Be afeared, mortals, as Thor encounters a store assistant and endures levels of customer service ill-fitting a Thunder God! Flee, mortals, as the mighty one mocks your puny tool selection!

Rejoice, mortals, as the Odin-Son is advised to upgrade to the very latest in state-ofthe-art power-tool engineering, and becomes forevermore, Thor - wielder of ImpactoPower A malevolent, African, mythological creature, the Mamtsotsi Bird, is called down from the thunder by witches to. Musa can feel something evil drawing closer.

Little does she know that he has already consorted with evil to get rid of her. With no precedent, they attempt to deal with the situation as best they can This animated horror-fantasy film uses delicately rendered blackand-white images and dark atmospheric music to evoke a mood of impending doom that hangs upon the unsuspecting inhabitants of a medieval castle who do not realize that sometimes, the dead are but lightly sleeping.

Before packaging and shipping, every thermometer must be tested to make sure that it functions properly and that the mercury rises. So, the metal doors open, the belts begin to move, and the thermometers march up to their inspection platforms. The meter lights turn on, and each awaits its fate. Animated Comedy, USA, 3 min. Christopher Weidner; Pro: Shawn Hunter A bride smiles at her husband, but her smile fades as reality begins to sink in and questions about their future begin to surface as doubt.

Doubt turns to fear. Unfortunately some fears are more real than others. Eniko has been orbiting the moon for far too long. She is fatigued from endless maintenance of her aging capsule, and plagued by nightmares of explosive decompression. When a malfunction forces her to perform a spacewalk, Eniko must pit her wits, her training, and her will to live against the fatal certainty of cold, hard vacuum. Science Fiction, USA, 12 min. A mad man sets off to fulfill his lifelong mission of vengeance on all mimes.

Penetrating the mime lair, his years of both hatred and unwitting respect for the craft of mime, culminate in explosive mayhem. The mad man uses the one method the mimes are powerless against, the dark side of mime. Looks, talent, intelligence, and a brand new contract as the Essence of Chicken Fragrance model.

What more could a girl want? Problem is, her best friend Charlotte, and exboyfriend Jeremy become more angry the better her life gets. A tale of opportunity, envy, and reality. It seems like an ordinary day. Dad is experimenting in the lab, mom is at home boiling water, while sixyear-old Alex is playing around her.

But this day is different. This day Dad brings something home.

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And the next morning, Alex becomes invisible. Or is there another, darker, explanation? Thriller, Hungary, 30 min. Fearing a curse upon their home, they flee. Peace for the upstairs man? This documentary brings the lost art of pulp fiction magazines back to life, showing the unique art form unleashed on depression-era America. Publishers had to work to get cash strapped Americans to buy their magazines, so the covers were bold, audacious, and at times, controversial.

A victim of the Spanish Inquisition is condemned, and sentenced to the dungeons to await his death. The man struggles to understand his quandary in order to find hope and faith, all the while discovering the fiendish machinations his captors employ to ratchet up the pressure in their efforts to unhinge him. Animated Horror, Canada, 7 min. While working on his new Star Wars television series, George Lucas finds himself interrupted by Studio execs who think they know better than the creator himself how his show should go.

The execs find that pitching Lucas might not be as good an idea as they thought, and not all ideas are good ones. When a year old vampire, trapped in the body of a year-old girl, is diagnosed with manic depression, she seeks solace from prescription drugs, Bela Lugosi and the Grim Reaper. Are the visions clues to finding the truth? Is his deceased wife the only one to turn to for answers? Will he be able to understand what is happening to him?

David will eventually stumble upon the Reason. Their Jedi protector is getting old, and will soon be replaced by one of his two trainees. The other holds a dark secret could spell their doom. Science Fiction, USA, 59 min. In in the Deep South, a gravedigger steals a corpse to sell to the local medical college. Setting off in his horse-drawn wagon, he quickly realizes that the dead man has other plans.

Newlyweds George and Anna check into a motel expecting a night of marital bliss. Once in the room, but instead find themselves haunted by manifestations of their parents. In , robots live and work among humans. Tensions rise at the workplace when John a robot writes Tom a poem for his birthday, and offense that could get John reprogrammed. When upper find out, Tom must either expose himself as a sympathizer, or live in an oppressive environment under the cloak of secrecy.

A childless alien couple just want a baby. Looking over all the possibilities, they choose a handsome astronaut to be their unknowing surrogate. The female makes herself look human and goes to him. But his romantic human ways sparks more than her maternal instincts. Horror Comedy, USA, 6 min. Lenore brutally murders her husband, dismembers his body, and conceals the pieces within a grotesque sculpture. And when Officer Morley questioned Lenore, she lost her composure. What shattered her resolve? All we know for sure is that Lenore dissolved into a gibbering wreck, confessed, and remains stark raving mad to this day!

Marty comes home to find his wife, Vivian She had hired a private investigator to spy on him. Now she has the evidence of his philandering. When two women in a park both lay claim to the same child tempers flare and the fight is on. In the mean time there are evil people trying to kill him so that they may take over the world.

A short-short, The Urge is a spoof, deflating the exaggerated horror behind old vampire movies. You might expect the vampire to leave his coffin so that he can commit heinous crimes, but this time, he has far more pressing things on his mind. Animated Comedy, Canada, 2 min Whore. A young woman is kidnapped by a violent stranger on orders from her husband, and brought to a sleazy New Jersey motel room. The husband is obsessed with vengeance for her past misdeed.

But things are not what they seem, and the idea of abuse somehow overlaps love. He is, for lack of a better word, evil. What to do now? Luckily, she has the voice of Dr. Rackenport to instruct her. This documentary, which draws you into the comfortable era of poodle skirts and car hops, teaches Betty, and the viewer, the proper techniques of disposing a body. Uh-Oh: A Brief Encounter is a computer-animated short about a brief encounter on a notso-far away planet, told without dialogue and set to the music of the legendary Raymond Scott.

Animated Comedy, USA, 2 min Rather, she did Witchwise is a swirling tale of horror, magic, murder, and vengeance. Slow and steady gets you fired! Rules, restrictions, guidelines, suggestions, commands, punishments, work work work. Life in an Orwellian toy factory goes as planned. Well, it does until a young leverpuller sees a bright-eyed girl who works at the factory across the street. Relentlessly hilarious! Comedy, USA, 20 min.

David is also a budding voice Wars universe; his sixteenth novel seventh Star Wars novel , Betrayal, came out in May, and his next, Exile, is due in February, He is also in postproductioin on Deadbacks, a low-budget horror movie he scripted and directed. Steven R. Addlesee teven R. Addlesee, 46, lives in his S hometown of Columbus, Georgia.

He is a freelance professional comic artist and writer with an Associate of Science degree in Computer Information Systems. His first published credit was as a penciller of The Star Slayers 7 by Ultrazine. In , Steve achieved his first professional published credit as co-inker of Power Defense 1 by Miller Publishing.

Steve has achieved over 65 published credits as an artist, cartoonist, columnist, illustrator, inker, letterer, and writer, and has inked over 1, pages. Richard L. Altstatt ichard L. Anderson has more than K sixteen million books in print in 30 languages. He has penned many popular. In , he set the Guinness World When not producing artwork, Chris likes to pass the time traveling with his family, watching old movies, or reading nonfiction. An avid hiker, Anderson dictates his fiction into a recorder while hiking. He is a member of the prestigious Explorers Club.

He also, occasionally, stays home and writes. Angelique Armae ngelique Armae aka M. Her favorite toy was Emerald the Witch, a small doll with green eyes, green hair, and purple skin. Ankrum dubbed the voice of Scottish Actor Denis Lawson who. Award, and Word Weaving Award. When not writing, Angelique designs websites and book covers. She is the recipient and two-time nominee of the Dream Realm Award for best cover art.

She enjoys traveling, learning about the ancient Celts, exploring history, and learning new languages. Angelique studied history and French literature at Skidmore College. Currently, she is tackling Gaelic Irish. One other acting highlight was when David had a chance to work with Jerry Lewis, who directed him in a film called Cracking Up. Nationally recognized in the haunted house business, Ben has given seminars on haunted house design and operation at many Halloween and themed amusement conventions, and has been a featured writer in numerous haunt-related publications. He has also designed and acted as a consultant on haunts and other themed events around the nation.

He has. Ben is also well known in haunt and convention circles as a twisted character actor and appears as many hideous creatures including werewolves, vampires, demons, and a certain mad scientist known as Dr.

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Chris is also known for his work in the field of computer game design, where he has provided concept art and graphics for several award-winning projects. His work in the computer gaming field can be seen on a number of titles, 20th Anniversary Edition. Other Dr. Speculo adventures have included acting as the master of ceremonies at the World Horror Convention and a recent full page photo in the Weekly World News the home of Bat Boy! Jeff Austin eff Austin has worked in the comics field for thirteen years. J His earlier work concentrated on inking work.

Lately, he has turned his attention to penciling. He has inked on many books,. Erick Avari rick Avari has deftly adapted himself E to roles that span a range of more that two dozen ethnicities, if you call Bajoran. He also edited the groundbreaking Thieves World anthology series with Lynn Abbey. His childhood also introduced him to the joys of the cinema early on.

Both his parents came from families that owned movie theaters throughout India and other parts of Asia. His maternal great-grandfather was a theatrical producer during the Victorian era, known for introducing women to the Indian stage. Tom Atkins eteran stage and screen actor Tom V Atkins has enjoyed a career that has lasted almost four decades. After several years of college in India, Avari won a scholarship to the College of Charleston, in South Carolina and he was on his way to America. A career awaited him that would include Broadway plays, major motion pictures, and hit TV series, as well as the requisite years of struggle.

Avari was featured in three recent films: Mr. In he starred in Dancing in Twilight. Tom, often playing detectives, has been in some of the most memorable films in the last twenty five Years. Directors like John Carpenter and George A. Romero used him repeatedly in many of their most popular films. All films are widely popular in the horror genre. His passion for the theatre shows greatly. Tom has been entertaining us for going on forty years.

Every role is a class performance. It will be interesting to see what surprises he has in store for us next. Avari has been working at becoming an overnight success for the past twenty years. The chat is held every Wednesday night from pm to pm, EST. Adam Baldwin rom large studio projects to gritty independent films, Adam F Baldwin has been cast in over 60 feature films in the past 25 years.

Currently he is reprising his role as the larger-than-life. They chose him from 4, aspiring actors to play the title role in My Bodyguard Adam went on to work with Stanley Kubrick in Full Metal Jacket, which many consider the greatest war film of all time. A ragtag group of survivors, spearheaded by a priest and a homeland security agent, must journey through the upside down vessel and attempt an escape. From there, Banks transitioned into another hot genre—the world of vampire fiction, where she is currently penning a nine-book series for St.

Additionally, Banks was recently signed to a St. Banks also contributed her inspirational personal story within the anthology Chicken Soup for the African American Soul. With nearly two hundred and fifty films under his belt, the Chairman and Founder of Full Moon Universe has entered the new millennium with guns blazing and shows no signs of slowing down. Among his greatest hits are the hugely popular Puppet Master and Subspecies vampire series. Ennis First Amendment Fellow for His current work also reaches beyond government surveillance issues: for example, he has successfully defended news bloggers against subpoenas for the identities of their confidential sources and helped write a comprehensive legal guide for bloggers.

As Full Moon continues to expand, diversify, and succeed, fans of the studio can continue to expect the unexpected. Kevin received his J. Leslie Banks eslie Banks writes under the pseudonyms L. She has contributed to magazines, newspaper columns, and has written commercial fiction for five major publishers. As the battle rages between high-tech weapons and militia foot-soldiers, the country is being destroyed, and most people are left to hope for peace. While on set, one of the assistants to Frank Oz, the chief. In doing so, he started a career as one of the most sought after puppeteers in both Hollywood and England.

His many accomplishments on The Empire Strikes Back were not forgotten as he was chosen to play the most disgusting creature in the Star Wars universe, the galactic gangster Jabba the Hutt in Return of the Jedi. His growing resume enabled David to garner a coveted position as chief puppeteer for the Disney film Who Framed Roger Rabbit. David is currently hard at work on the new Looney Tunes film.

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Los Angeles audiences have known her as a television talk show host and a weekly book reviewer for KABC talk radio. James Bassett ames C. Bassett is the author of J Living Real, a hard-SF exploration of virtual reality, published in by. Off camera, Adrienne is the voice of Catwoman in Batman, The Animated Series; the spokesperson for various television and radio commercials; and the narrator of many books on tape, television documentaries, and the Imax film The Living Sea. She has released a cd—not the expected musical showtunes, but a great collection of the country, blues, jazz, and pop tunes she does in her concert appearances across the country.

HarperPrism and re-released last year in a new edition from Marietta Publishing. His short fiction has appeared in a variety of markets including Amazing Stories and the World Fantasy Awardwinning anthology Leviathan 3; more will appear in upcoming issues of Absolute Magnitude and Surreal Magazine. The first issue of his comic book adaptation cowritten with Stephen L. Antczak Beowulf: The Legend will debut in February.

He co-wrote also with Steve Antczak and acted. He has edited three small press magazines. Jim currently works as a freelance writer and technical editor, and as a sculptor. Right now, he is in negotiations on various projects he has in the works. Check out his website at www. She started working for Stardock as an intern in June When she graduated from Lawrence. Peter S. Beagle it, depth, intelligence, true emotion, and a gift for language W that would make a silver-tongued devil trade up—what more could any reader ask for in a writer?

With novels as richly. Technological University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in December , she was hired as a full time developer. Cari is one of the few female lead developers in the industry. His best-known book is The Last Unicorn, a fantasy novel with a worldwide following numbering in the millions.