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Sue Bohlin offers a quiz covering Bible basics rather than trivia. That's because we're not reading and studying the Bible. Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament? .. Probe fulfills this mission through our Mind Games conferences for youth and adults, our 3-minute daily radio program, and.

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How to Read Through the Bible in a Year With Kids

It is called Know the Word. You can him on website, as well as, the app you can download from Google play and iTunes. Did anyone find a journal or a book used to take notes while reading through the bible in a year? If so, I would love to hear about what resources you found to be the best. So it was great to read this. Reading was going fine, although I had some slippage at times I was able to get back on track. Unfortunately this spring I got very ill and week after week for months, I had some days where I could keep no food or water down.

I have an underlying disabling health condition and was having some nasty medication reactions whilst the doctors tried to find the right medications to put me on. Now that those side effects are gone and the right meds have been found. Thanks for sharing!

20 Ways to Read Through the Bible

Your desire for consistency is wonderful. I know it sounds silly but there is no greater builder for routine than doing what worked before until the habit takes root again. The key in the Christian life is to keep pushing ahead. Progress is better than perfection.

Thanks Chrystal, absolutely re not beating ourselves up for losing out routine or rhythm — I definitely sometimes struggle to cut myself enough slack in areas like this one. Thanks, your encouragement that my desire to draw near to the Lord will not be wasted or in vain is much appreciated. Definitely re progress is better than perfection. Pick a tool to help you get going, then just […].

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Cleaned up some missing links and added a few more Bible reading plans for you to check out] This year I have a goal of reading through the Bible. I struggle with discipline. This is only my first time to do it. And they told me! You just PICK. Because no matter what, you will be reading the Bible, my friend. Blessings to you on your Bible-reading journey! Bible Gateway Reading Plans — Variety of Bible reading plans from 90 day to a full year, audio versions, chronological etc. This one has it all. She Reads Truth — A free year long reading plan on their website.

Perfect to have when you are on the go. This plan will chronologically take you through the Bible in one year. Navigators- Daily Walk — The book-at-a-time Bible reading plan takes you through the entire Bible in one year. It provides two readings for each day. I personally use BLB for deeper word studies, Biblical references, commentaries, and other theological resources. They offer three downloadable plans to make your journey through the Scriptures do-able in a year and meaningful for your spiritual growth.

Choose the plan that offers what you hope to get out of your daily Bible reading. Joanna Weaver Bible Guide — With this plan, you enter the book of the Bible you want to start with and the date you want to start and you get a personalized reading guide. If you own an iPod or some other portable listening device, consider downloading an audio Bible. Many websites offer free audio Bible applications to download.

Likewise, there are loads of sites with online audio Bible reading plans, if you prefer to listen online. Here are a few to consider:. The easiest way to continue growing in the faith and deepening your relationship with God is to make Bible reading a priority. With these suggestions and the tips offered below, you have no reason and no excuse not to succeed!

Share Flipboard Email. Mary Fairchild is a full-time Christian minister, writer, and editor of two Christian anthologies, including "Stories of Cavalry. Top Bible Reading Plans. Blue Letter Bible - Read or listen to the daily reading selection. Bible apps with audio features:.

Start today!

3 Ways to Read The Bible In a Year - wikiHow

An amazing adventure awaits you, so don't put it off! Make a specific appointment with God on your calendar each day. For instance, read for twenty minutes, stand up and have a glass of water, then read for another twenty. Listen to an audio Bible. If you have trouble comprehending reading, or would just like to hear the Bible while you do your daily chores or exercises, download a recording of someone reading it. If you search online, you can even find audiobooks that are designed to be listened to over an entire year.

Even if you are also reading the Bible, you might consider listening as well. If you are reading one translation you might choose to listen to a different translation, for example. Sign up for an online Bible email service. You can sign up for a plan that emails you your daily readings. If you have trouble picking up a book regularly, but are very prompt with emails, you can motivate yourself by marking your Bible email "read" each day.

Read with prayer. If you are reading for purposes of devotion, include your reading in your daily faith routine. Pray before or after you read. Read purposefully, as if you were praying. Ask for guidance in your reading. Read with a question in mind, or read blindly and allow your mind to absorb the wisdom of the words.

Method 2. Read the Bible from start to finish. Pick up your Bible as if it were a novel, and read it from Genesis to Revelations. It might also be a good choice if looking up verse numbers or chapters slows you down. In that case, ignore the numbers and start reading from the first page.

20 Ways to Read Through the Bible

You can even purchase versions of the Bible that contains no verse numbers, if you choose. Read in chronological order. You can read the Bible in the order in which its events occurred. Look online for reading plans that lay out the order of events in the Bible. For example, you will find yourself switching to the Book of Job in the middle of reading Genesis, because Job lived during the time covered in Genesis.

Read in historical order. Read the books of the Bible according to estimates of when they were written. If you are interested in tracking the ways different writers of the Bible responded to, and revised, one another's thinking, you might choose to read in this order. Find lists of estimated dates online. Method 3. Read every day, beginning in January. One method of reading the Bible is to do it every day, beginning in January. If you would like to begin in another month, adjust your schedule accordingly.

Read Genesis and Exodus in January. Genesis and Exodus are part of the Pentateuch the first 5 books of the Bible and are known as books of the law because they provide laws and instructions for the people of Israel. Read 3 chapters each day. At this rate, you will complete the book of Genesis on Jan. If you would like to use this schedule but do not plan to begin in January, adjust your monthly plan accordingly.

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Read Leviticus and Numbers in February, and start the book of Deuteronomy. The readings this month focus on the books of the law. Continue to read an average of 3 chapters each day.

Select a book of the Bible

Chapter length varies. Read 4 chapters on Feb. Read 3 chapters each day from Feb. Using this reading plan, you will complete Leviticus on Feb.

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On the last day of February, you will have completed Deuteronomy 4 the fourth chapter of Deuteronomy. The book of Deuteronomy will conclude the books of the law.

11 Year Old Proclaiming Jesus Throughout the Bible

The other books for this month are considered historical books, which share the history of God's people in the Old Testament. Start with chapter 5 of Deuteronomy. Read 3 chapters each day from March Read 4 chapters on March 5; 3 chapters on March 6; 4 chapters on March 7; 2 chapters each day from March and 3 chapters on March Read 4 chapters each day from March ; 3 chapters on March 13 and 4 chapters on March 14; 3 chapters each day from March ; 2 chapters on March 18; 3 chapters on March 19; 2 chapters each day from March Read 3 chapters each day from March ; 4 chapters on March 26; 3 chapters on March 27; 5 chapters on March 28; 4 chapters on March 29; 2 chapters on March 30; and 3 chapters on March You also will complete the first 17 chapters of 1 Samuel, which is more than halfway through the book.

These books are classified as historical Old Testament books. Read 3 chapters on April 1, beginning with 1 Samuel Read 4 chapters on April 2; 3 chapters on April 3; 4 chapters on April 4; 3 chapters on April 5; 4 chapters on April 6; 5 chapters on April 7 and 3 chapters each day from April Read 2 chapters on April 12; 3 chapters on April 13; 2 chapters each day from April ; 3 chapters each day from April and 2 chapters on April Read 3 chapters on April 21; 2 chapters on April 22; 3 chapters each day from April ; 2 chapters on April 27; 3 chapters each day from April ; and 2 chapters on April On the last day of the month, you will begin the book of 1 Chronicles.

These books conclude the historical books of the Old Testament. Begin the May reading with the third chapter of 1 Chronicles. Read 3 chapters on May 1; 1 chapter on May 2; 2 chapters on May 3; 3 chapters each day from May ; 4 chapters on May 7 and 3 chapters each day from May Read 4 chapters on May 11; 3 chapters on May 12; 4 chapters on May 13; 5 chapters on May 14; 3 chapters on May 15; 4 chapters on May 16; 3 chapters on May 17; 4 chapters on May 18; 3 chapters on May 19 and 2 chapters on May Read 3 chapters on May 21; 4 chapters on May 22; 3 chapters each day from May ; 1 chapter on May 26; 2 chapters each day from May ; and 5 chapters each day from May Read Job and part of Psalm in June.