Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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March 1, Artist's impression of a gas cloud swirling around a black hole. Credit: NAOJ. DOI: Provided by National Institutes of Natural Sciences. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Jun 29, Jun 28, The laws of thermodynamics and the Universe 5 hours ago.

How can an asteroid get caught at a Lagrange point without a "brake"? Why do pictures of stars have 4 cardinal points? What is the geometric plan for ALMA? Related Stories. Image: Black hole bounty captured in the center of the Milky Way May 31, Aug 12, Jan 05, Galaxy NGC may host an active intermediate-mass black hole, study finds Nov 05, Jan 15, Aug 11, Recommended for you. Researchers decipher the history of supermassive black holes in the early universe Jun 28, Jun 27, User comments.

Mar 01, The plasma ignoramuses don't understand plasma physics and when there is motion indescribable by gravitational effects leprechaunian unicorns are invoked, see above article. Report Block. When a man has no social life, and has been outcast by the rest of society, he has a tendency to become paranoid and adversarial. See above post. Da Schneib. They've been looking for intermediate mass black holes for a while. This is quite a find.

Chalk up another big find for ALMA! In the future, it will fall into the supermassive black hole, much like gas is currently falling into it. OR it supports LaViolette's SQK which predicts accelerated internal growth of objects in the vicinity of supermassive objects. Other observations show twin supermassive holes only a few thousand LYrs apart, one spawned from the other and having grown internally all the while drifting apart. Just a matter of perspective! It's amazing that everywhere they find a black hole, there's an artists impression to show us what it looks like. I'm sorry to hear that.

Depending on where you live, and your particular circumstances, you may qualify for financial aid. If you provide me with some general details, such as what city and state you live in, as well as your household income, I'd be glad to assist you in contacting the proper establishments. In the meantime, If you're artistically endowed, you may even consider drawing black holes and selling your work. It's worth noting that if you are close enough to a black hole to see the event horizon, and there is any appreciable accretion by it, you are in deadly danger and in any event shouldn't try to have children any more even if you live.

Stop lying da schnied, they said "may" have found via indirect means. So propose something that can make the gas do exactly that which doesn't involve GRT. And it ain't the EU. See the thing is, Detailed kinematic analyses revealed that an enormous mass, 30, times that of the sun, was concentrated in a region much smaller than our solar system.

Guess you missed that part. Yep, to quote the article: "Because black holes do not emit light, astronomers must infer their existence And Benni missed the fact that it only infers gravity. It's never seen it. You mean the part where they say "strongly suggests I guess you missed that too. In search of black holes and dark matter astrophysicists are relying on indirect observations. It would seem that the measurement of the event horizon of a black hole directly would be a direct evidence. However, by the nature of a horizon, any real measurement of the event horizon will be indirect.

The result will be determined by the simple quality of the resulting image that does not depend on the properties of the spacetime within the image. So, it will be also indirect and an existence of BH is a hypothesis. Ever seen gravity, Benni? Talk about your speedtraps. Okay Tux. I usually wouldn't bother with any more effort than ridiculing your woomongering. Yeah, I already regret asking.. So tux, II doubt if you are discussing syphilitic whores, Albanian sign language, feetball strykers, Quebec villages or French Cinema.

So give us a clue. What is the link to a peer reviewed publication of this mysterious? LaViolette's SQK? Nothing in print that was not "Pay to Publish"? Well, anyone but your usual useless fellow looneytoons, cant, benni. I can measure it, but I can't measure an inferred BH.

Benni, Ever seen gravity, Benni? Tell me, then, why they think it's there if they didn't measure its influence, just like you measure gravity's influence? Probably think it's a trick question don't you? Mar 02, Benni's multimeter is showing MrBojangles aka Da Schitts, is at it again.

Well, it was inevitable that phys org would spawn its first supermassive asshole. Most unfortunate, however, is that despite being so dense, its gravity cannot contain the shite between its ears and so the forum must suffer his persistent soiling. Calm down, ag - DS is a trained scientist commenting on a new scientific discovery in a forum dedicated to science.

If you have a problem with that, you're probably in the wrong place. The plasma ignoramuses don't understand plasma physics Like you, who doesn't understand plasma physics either. You fraud. Watching Benni prove it's been trolling for years. Classic stuff. Comedy gold. Seen any gravities today, Benni? Don't mind the anti-scientists - which these never-try-to-learn-something-but-perhaps-post-irrelevant-texts-and-ideas trolls effectively are - they would not observe an observation experiment even if stood next to it.

It is trivially boring trying to explain basic science - such as observation - and basic accepted results such as black holes, and RTFA - over and over when such help is also not accepted. Which no doubt is the goal, get a reaction and steer people away from those that are curious about science and the world.

The internet has its problems But at least we are here for the laughs! In what? He has trouble comprehending that the lifetime Beta Decay Rate of a neutron is LOL Benni lies some more. You have no idea what half-life means, Benni, and no idea what an orbital is. This has already been established. My gravimeter works just fine The evidence for black holes is just as good as the evidence you'll go splat if you jump out a tenth story window. Meanwhile, care to tell us how a shape that looks like a bunch of flower petals is "farther out" than one that looks like a bunch of nested toruses?

And you didn't answer my question, Benni: seen any gravities today? Oh, and BTW you just undercut your butt buddy from the Russian troll farm. I got a time meter. I guess that's as good as your gravity meter. Most people call it a clock. Caper, troll. Amuse us. It's called a telescope, Benni. You look at what everything around it is doing. That should be simple enough for you to understand.

If not, I can't help you. High school stuff, standard physics, and you flunk out every time. Later, they will go on to learn that there are no shells, but rather 3-D regions with complicated shapes surrounding the nucleus, and which describe the probability of finding an electron with a certain energy.

Shells went out with the Bohr atom, Benni, a hundred years ago and counting. But I'm betting your RadioShack multimeter probably doesn't have a setting for that. He's too busy sucking on a bong, playing the game! Well, at least that's an honest appraisal of his learning potential. This is the kind of thing that year-olds are taught in a first primer on atomic structure.

You don't know Beta Decay is not measured in units of half-life, nor does schneibo, or rw. He's too busy sucking on a bong, playing the game Need to scratch an itch in the brain? Try through the nose! Benni, I do wish you would learn to read. I didn't say we could see the black hole. I said we could use telescopes to see what was going on around it an infer a black hole, thereby.

Just like you can infer the existence of gravity by dropping something heavy on your foot. I'm not going to do for you what you can do for yourself, but I'll give you a hint. Somewhere you'll find information about stars whipping around something very small, yet extremely massive -- millions of stellar masses kind of massive. The only thing that can possibly be is a black hole, unless you wish to invoke magic which wouldn't surprise me in the least, because you won't believe evidence.

There is as much evidence for neutron stars and black holes as there is for gravity. Why do you doubt the first two yet not the third? You're still wrong about neutron decay. You know nothing, and I am weary of you. Your problem lies in fundamental knowledge of knowing the difference between the half-life decay rate of elements atoms that are radio-isotopes. I presume then that you have a BH meter, or a Neutron Star meter by which we can measure these things like we do with a Gravimeter for measuring gravity?

Pop-Cosmology psycho-babble is having yet another bad day here. Benni observicist to Benni: I didn't say we could see the black hole. Just like you can infer the existence of gravity by dropping.. Benni to observicist: I presume then that you have a BH meter, or a Neutron Star meter by which we can measure these things like we do with a Gravimeter for measuring gravity?

Benni, both telescope and gravimeter are 'measuring devices'. And you accuse HIM of lying? DS is a trained scientist Not so, mate; DS himself has on more than one occasion admitted he is not a scientist. Just an FYI to help avoid misunderstandings on that score in further exchanges between the interlocutors in question. Benni "infer" does NOT mean "may", moron. If he did look up the definition of "infer", he will see it does NOT mean "may" and he will also have conformation that you are a moron. Infer means deduce or conclude something from evidence and reasoning rather than from explicit statements.

It is two interacting Birkeland currents, they will "orbit" around one another in just the observed fashion. No invisible gravity monsters needed. I don't see "may" in there anywhere, just more Pop Cosmology delusion on your part. Hey, ever seen a Differential Equation you could solve? Da Schneib to cantdrive So propose something that can make the gas do exactly that which doesn't involve GRT. Have you the answers, cd? If so, please post them for us all to know.

Well tux my boy, you've managed to live down to your lack of reputable sources. Not only do they target the wooloon market but are themselves regular consumers of deliberate hoaxes. Hilarious that you claim Starburst Magazine, a British science fiction magazine, as a source for your scientific knowledge. Your ignorance of peer review of empirical evidence utilizing the Scientific Method?

Is as wretchedly sour as the alleged candy. I said we could use telescopes to see what was going on around it an infer a black hole, thereby The only thing that can possibly be is a black hole, says observicist "Detailed kinematic analyses revealed that an enormous mass, 30, times that of the sun, was concentrated in a region much smaller than our solar system. By analyzing other anomalous clouds, we hope to expose other quiet black holes.

Therefor, they had to come up with an explanation for it - resulting in guesswork of an unobserved "intermediate-mass BH". These astronomers refuse to consider the possibility that this "mass" could be something else, rather than their beloved Black Hole of intermediate size. And yet, the science is settled - in spite of not enough evidence to prove it. Whydening Gyre. Your gravimeter doesn't measure gravity directly - it measures gravity's effect SEU, observerist "Because black holes do not emit light, astronomers must infer their existence from the effects of their gravity on other objects.

It's not an overweight unicorn. People who do not accept that evidence are totally uneducated to the point that their opinions are worthless. There are decades of education behind my opinion; there's no education behind yours.

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This is not an extraordinary claim. Ask the star being for which you're the host, but don't listen too much to what it says. So I would imagine 30k stars, smaller even than that so-called 4 million mass BH, could just as easily make up the difference. You don't know my gravimeter. Ruh rho, when you get up to speed on plasmas it might require an edit to your BigTOE. Benni, We know how gravimeters work.

So, we know your gravimeter. Unless you've been given one by your very own star being. Kindly get your facts straight before making accusations. Try not to imitate the liar, Da Scheide, who goes into physorg phorums for the purpose of attacking, misrepresenting and lying. Show me your credentisls, otherwise be quiet, because you haven't a clue what you are talking about. You appear to be a loony, who doesn't undersdand any science.

Just like this idiot Benni that keeps posting. Please post links to your paspers. I will destroy them. SEU, Sometimes discussion of black holes in general seems advisable, as some who post here don't seem to believe they exist at all. I am well aware of the topic. I'm also well aware you have no scientific credibility, whatsoever. You've admitted that. Yes, everything in the article is "may" -- but the evidence is pretty strong, and not to be tossed away as meaningless.

Scientists generally don't publish unless they have most, if not all, their facts and observations lined up. I never once published anything that turned out to be wrong. Often others added stuff I hadn't discovered or realized -- which pleased me no end, as it meant I published on a good topic. Sometimes I was able to put the proof on something.

Any paper that generates interest, discussion, and research by others is a good paper. I'm betting they're right. The morphology and kinematics of these streams can be reproduced well through two Keplerian orbits around a single point mass of 3. Our results provide new circumstantial evidences for a wandering intermediate-mass black hole in the Galactic center, suggesting also that high-velocity compact clouds can be probes of quiescent black holes that abound in our Galaxy.

Now for some real science. But as the evidence isn't forthcoming at this time, I prefer to wait until they have come up with something that's tangible and observable. I am not into faerie dust and unicorn farts, as you and some others seem to be. All they have is "circumstantial evidence", as it says in the DOI Circumstantial evidence would not hold up in a Court of Law. You don't falsify science by just denying it SEU, Circumstantial evidence has been used successfully to convict people of first degree premeditated murder, which, in the US, frequently results in a needle in one's arm that is removed only when the punctured one is dead.

You can't falsify science; I doubt you can falsify your tax return. You have no scientific competence. You wouldn't know scientific truth if it hit you over the head hard enough to crack your skull, which is probably of double thickness. You can't understand scientific truth. I'll pass it on. A menagerie du triage in the primate cage at the looneytunes zoo. You wouldn't know scientific truth if it hit you over the head hard enough to crack your skull, which is probably. You can't understand scien. You have no idea how much competency I have in science. You are too full of yourself and by your words, you prove that you are egotistical and crave as much attention as does Da Schnitzophrenic.

Two peas in a pod, you are. This site lures many weirdos into the comments, and you appear to be just as weird and moronic as any or all of them. As you age further, perhaps you will learn humility and modesty, but I doubt it. Follow your own advice, Show me your credentials at least I spelled the word correctly , otherwise be quiet.

I want Comments like yours never to cease, bouncing off your insensible pseudo-science narratives is a form of entertainment I can't get anywhere else, the reason being that you wouldn't be allowed to post your kinds of Comments anywhere else, so I need to come here. The DOI clearly states that it is still only an assumption, and a search for more of such "objects" must be done. Just like you bend metal with that blowtorch of yours in your artworks studio, you also try to bend other people's words to make them look just as low in cogent thought as you are. Benni This "Castrogiovanni" person is obviously a sock belonging to Da Scheide or one of its nasty cohorts to impersonate a newbie who has just joined physorg - according to its profile.

It has commented in only 2 phorums so far. Those 3 topics are sacred to them and any opposition to them will be summarily hounded.

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AGW is also dear to their hearts. That's for sure, it's their 3 Holy Grails, without which they would have no reason for being in this chatroom. To falsify science doesn't mean to try to eliminate science. It means to demand the Truth be in the Scientific Method and the conclusions which follow the research. I require complete Honesty and Relevancy before I'm prepared to believe that the science methods and their results are sound.

Anyone in the scientific community can come up with an idea; give it some tests, and declare that they have found something extraordinary. Without honest evidence, it's only an assumption at best; and fake at worst. Just like you bend metal with that blowtorch of yours in your artworks studio, you also try to bend other people's words to make them look just as low in cogent thought says Benni There were certain commenters who gave so much of their personal and public info especially their business info to Captain S that they were obligated to CS to not do or say anything that could bring ruin to them.

Otherwise, they could face ruin. SEU, You, yourself, have stated you know nothing about mathematics. Knowing nothing about mathematics means you know nothing about science, as mathematics is the language of science. So they complied with what was required of them. Some of them have gone and no longer are seen commenting. Others are still commenting. There is something else involved, but I will not reveal it as yet.

I have never said that I don't know mathematics. Please show me in which link I said it. It is not my duty to prove my proficiency in math, or in any other discipline in these phorums. All that you need to know about me, I have mentioned already, including that I am a Creationist. Some Creationists believe in a young Earth because they have been misdirected into it.

I have seen evidence of an ancient Earth, and that suits me just fine. Yep, sure do. Accretion disks, X-rays, radio waves, light, and infrared all measure gravity. So do the orbits of normal stars i. They measure it by their behavior, just as instrumentation devised by people does. If gravity is real then so are neutron stars and black holes. Are you now going to reverse course and say measurement doesn't mean anything? Love getting these trolls to tangle their feet up and do faceplants. So it's beneath you now to pretend I do not know the relevant science like DS has done all too many times with me, to his reputational cost, such as it was to begin with.

The fact I do know, is why I asked you the question s.

Look Both Ways Before You Die

Are you going to answer; or will you 'do-a-DS' again? Mar 03, I got this thing called a "chrono-meter. If I can measure it, according to Benni, then I am not inferring it. Guess time actually exists and isn't "a product of the human mind. Since I quoted from his comment just previous to mine, It was most definitely what he said. For Benni and SEU. The "club" downvotes boastful arrogance and pomposity It ain't what you say, it's how you say it. Or maybe it's ME that has something on all those "club" members so that they give me a They downvote me on occasion, too..

So, guys, a couple of points need clearing up. Firstly, none of the scientific clowns and loons here - y'all know who you are - have the slightest effect on the current theories, conduct and progress of science. You're like rocks in the path of the scientific stream - there's a lot of commotion and chatter as science rolls over you, and then it continues along in its' path undisturbed and unabated. How does it feel to be so ineffectual? Secondly, chronometers do not measure time pace DS , they're devices containing very stable oscillators which are so constructed and tuned that they almost perfectly mimic what we call the passage of time down here on the surface of Earth.

Thirdly, gravimeters do not measure gravity, they measure accelerations or displacements of test masses or the current required to hold a spherical mass at a given point in a magnetic field due to gravitational acceleration. Neither time nor gravity can be directly measured. No gamma radiation emitted, Benni. Not gamma radiation decay. Beta decay. Got that now? Sky, you are of course correct. Except one thing: time doesn't "pass. That's what Einstein told us. We, being made of mass, can measure this movement, by various means. Except one thing: time doesn't "pass" - correct!

We "pass" in spacetime. I simply said "what we call the passage of time" 'cos that's what most folks would think or say. And to my mind, it's no more unreasonable that matter should spontaneously move in time than that light should spontaneously move in space. And they do. Just like you bend metal Only problem is you haven't falsified anything yet. As Benni mentioned, Minkowski talked Einstein into including "time" in his "Spacetime", postulating that Space and Time were inseparable - which they are not. One is real and the other isn't. I will refer you to the Einstein paper in which the time transform appears first in section 3.

This is the key idea in the paper. Do you need the link? I should have said that I'm here to falsify INCORRECT science Since your many posts in this "chatroom" as Benni calls this science forum make abundantly clear, you are evidently untrained in science, and hence unqualified to falsify any kind of science, "correct" or not. Or perhaps you are in possession of a "science correctness meter"? Or maybe you're in regular contact with your "Creator" who gives you the low-down on the "correctness" of this or that scientific theory?

In any case, and completely independent of ragged-trousered observers like yourself, science itself continually seeks to disprove its' own hypotheses and theories by conducting experiments. Any time observed behavior contradicts theoretical prediction, alarm bells will ring. But knock yourself out SEU - we need a few laughs around here from time to time. This fable about Minkowski influencing Einstein before the paper is easily quashed by noting that Minkowski's paper didn't appear until Just sayin'.

How long you gonna keep denying Einstein? You got something better? SRT seems to work fine. Just askin'. Are you now the dictator here? All references were about Einstein - not his peers. Minkowski talked Einstein into including "time" in his "Spacetime" As if Minkowski had visited the deeply stupid Einstein and talked him into this! That's not what happened. Both you and our resident buffoon Benni could benefit from reading the history of the development of special relativity, paying particular attention to the timelines - i.

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The Empty Nest Pt.

CharlieB4 4. I am not Sure How this Started. Three Wishes from Jordan's Mom Ch. Ghostwalker 4. Enslaved Chaos. Zeruiah 4. Mystery Fools Me Big Time. TheycallmeMrBig 4. A Family's Captivity. Asian Wife Pays the Loan. My Toy Nancy Ch. Hearth and Home. Grandad's Birthday. AlphaBeatHer 4. Dirty Whore. Dmnoid 4. Sally's Ch. Maid of Dishonour. Rodneynimrod 3. TheEroticPencil 4. Successful Cuckolding Relationships. Another Unfaithful Wife Ch. FrankjrBauer 4. April Gets Pregnant. Gabrielfaust 3.

Tara's Breeding. Like Mother Like Daughter. NLDeviant 4. A Beautiful Young Wife. Secret Internet Lover. The Busty Babysitter. Liz and Bob. An Ending and a Beginning. Direct to Video Ch. YKN 4. Debauchery In Only Two Weeks. Religion Can Justify Anything. MountainMike 4. Friend Cums Inside. TongueTyler 4. The Change. Religion Can Justify Anything Ch. Bob Gwen and Harlina. Lone 4.

The Bad Boy. Wife Website Ch. To Be a Bull. SexyLuv1 4. EllisEmmitt 4. Joan's Year Of Changes Ch. Joan's Year Of Changes. Home Invaders Ch. Contrasting 4. A Teacher's Sin Uncovered Ch. Nothing to Offer. Act Naturally. Harddaysknight 4. The Slut Wife. The Regretful Cuckold. JAnonymous 4. Mothers and Daughters Pt. The Bridge. Golden Showers My Addiction. High School Reunion Drinking Games. Mom's Night In The Van. MarkEast 4. Taking the Family. Katie's Craving. Married Women Need Good Sex. Good Girl Laurie Goes Bad. Boy Next Door. Backdoor Man. Payment Rendered. Politari 4.

Diane Learns a Lesson. A Change of Employment Ch. Coops x. Mrs Jordan's Wedding Ring. Compulsions Ch. Boss's Hostile Takeover of My Wife. Cinema Ravagement. Susan's Corporate Servitude Pt. Fitting in with the Upper Crust.

A Busty Widow. HeyAll 4. He Let Them Have Me Sheppard's Seed Ch. Christie 4. A Very Loving Mother. Reversal of Fortune Ch. An Awful Cad 4. Whoring to Survive. Memory Foam Mattress Topping. A Busty Widow Ch. Call Me. Yogakay 4. The Informant. Good Neighbor Sam Ch. MSTarot 4. Neglected Red Headed Trophy Wife.