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Par Philippe de Lara, philosophe. Il a combattu avec Pravy Sektor en tant que volontaire.

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Zirka Witochynska. Il nous enseigne quelque chose, je crois. Wassyl, un tel homme, nous perdons! Une grande admiration et un profond respect. Je vous embrasse, soyons forts. Il va bien nous manquer. Un grand homme. Considering this case alone, one may be tempted to conclude that the shift 7 is limited to the duty to inform the patient that, in many cases, may appear as a pre-contractual and therefore extra-contractual duty, therefore triggering tort liability. Though a few recent cases still refer to art ,9 others cite the Code of Public Health, suggesting the existence of a legal rather than contractual obligation.

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In a judgment of 14 October , the Court applied tort liability to a case where the doctor was held negligent for lack of supervision of a patient diagnosed with a serious form of influenza. Prescription issues had already been eliminated, a uniform time period of ten years being applicable under a law of 4 March ;15 the reform of prescription also provides for a unique ten-year period regarding bodily injury, regardless of the contractual or extra- contractual nature of existing liability.

If so, it fulfils another wish we had expressed when commenting the judgment of where the shift had started. It was 11 sold to a purchaser who had been informed of the violations. After the sale had been perfected, a final judgment of a criminal court condemned the seller under judicial penalty astreinte to destroy those parts of the build- ing that had been built in violation of the regulations. Unable to convince the purchaser that he had to undo these illegal constructions and facing the obligation to pay a yet non-liquidated penalty, the seller sued the notary for not having recommended a clause in the contract shifting to the buyer any condemnation to fix the problem under penalty.

He claimed damages for the loss of a chance to act within the time limit set in the judgment without having to pay the penalty. The Court of Cassation quashed for violation of art though the damage had remained hypothetical the administra- 20 Cass Civ 1, 6 December , fn 8 above, where in the context of a violation of the duty to inform, the Court of Cassation had excluded the compensation of non-pecuniary damage, ruling that loss of a chance was the only damage to be compensated.

There had been no loss of a chance in that case but the patient had suffered a shock due to unpreparedness. The seller had been sentenced to a fine of 20, francs approximately E 3, and a penalty of francs approx E 50 per day of delay in demolishing the unauthorised construction. The application for ex post planning permission had been rejected. Criminal charges had been confirmed by the Criminal Chamber of the Court of Cassation in September … one may anticipate an impressive penalty, running for a period of over ten years!

It is typically used to supplement problems or deficiency regarding causation, leading to some form of proportional liability. The negligence of the notary may not be disputed. The damage suffered by the seller however, is controversial. This is not only due to the fact that the amount of the penalty payable to the administration was not liquidated. Should its payment, even when certain and liquidated, constitute reparable eco- nomic loss?

The alleged negligence of the notary did not cause the seller to do something illegal, but simply did not help him get out of self- created trouble. True, people tend to see town-planning regulation as tricky, unpredictable, and troublesome, sometimes rightly so.

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However, building knowingly without permission is, after all, a crime. Should we feel sorry for such a seller? Are we that sure he has a legally protected interest? It allows for partial compensation and may save the trouble of an- all-or nothing approach. Should one allow the claimant to sue again, in the event the penalty is liquidated and its payment requested? This was wiser judgment, possibly a proper application of French law. Another opinion has been voiced, saying that the issue was not in the 16 uncertainty of damage but rather causation.

What do we know of the reaction of the buyer, in the event of the notary recommending the inclusion of the clause shifting the onus of the penalty on the buyer? The latter may have refused to buy, or negotiated a lower price. The loss of a chance would flow from that uncertainty. But again, should the seller be compensated for what could be regarded as self- inflicted injury? The seller built too early, sold too early, and sued too early.

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The appellate judgment how- 18 ever, was reversed by the Court of Cassation. The Criminal Chamber 24 Jourdain, RTD Civ , , must be approved for asking this question, though as Bloch, JCP , no ,, rightfully explains that damages for loss of a chance could easily be deducted from the final compensation. One cannot but recommend the nuanced solution of art 1 of the European Principles of Tort Law, which allows the victim to recover the cost of repair when higher than the cost of replacement, if it is reasonable to do so.

Cass Civ 1, 28 January , no , Bull I no Medical Malpractice and Scientific Uncertainty, a Case for Proportional Liability30 a Brief Summary of the Facts 20 A child was born in a clinic with severe and multiple handicaps caused by a neurological disorder. The parents sued the general practitioner and the gynaecologist who monitored the pregnancy.

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They also sued the clinic where the mother delivered the child, together with the midwife, an employee of the clinic. However, if the victim has replaced or repaired it or will do so , he may recover the higher expenditure thereby incurred if it is reasonable to do so. Likewise, the faults committed at the time of childbirth prolonged foetal suffering or delayed the reanima- tion process. The defendants had proved that the mother had a pre-existing condition 22 she suffered from thrombophilia that, in the opinion of experts, had a decisive but immeasurable influence on the handicap.

The Court of Cassation affirmed the judgment. A neurologic lesion should have been diagnosed and it was not. There was a clear case of negligence making existing lesions more serious and harmful. Another certain point is that the mother had, unknown to the doctors, a pre-existing condition that made it more likely than not that the child would suffer neurologic disorder. Three possible scenarios were competing, each leading to a different assessment regarding the liability of the defendants. Camp, A.

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A corpus of French texts with non-standard orthography. On the phonetics of rhymes in classical and pre-classical French: a sociolinguistic perspective. Amsterdam: Benjamins. Paris: Hermes. La raison morphologique.

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