Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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Feeling takes us into the realm of intimacy with the body and what the body feels for the body is an antenna and energy detector. Feeling also takes us to address how and why we shut down our ability to feel the depth and breadth of Creation and place our creative spirit in a cage of our own making. We know this path through a particular type and kind of feeling.

We need to understand, each intention we hold gives rise to flow of energy and a particular feeling. Each creation we experience has a particular flow of energy and a particular feeling.


The feeling which gives us life and makes us feel alive with life is the unfoldment of the intention for our life and it is feeling which allows us to align with the mystic al path for our life. However, to do this we need to be both open to feeling at each and every level of our being and have calibrated our internal compass in order to follow the feeling when we recognize it. There are two key feelings we can follow to access and live the mystic al path. One is the feeling of what gives life, a fullness of life and a desire to engage life and leads to the intention for our life and an inner satisfaction which never runs dry.

The other is a feeling of fullness of being that, if followed, can lead to an experience of the expansion of our being and an experience of infinity of our being or the Source of Creation depending on our perspective. To move from the path of the mind to the path of the heart to access these feelings a gentle phoenix is available if we are willing to do the inner work. The mystic al path is a process governed by the intention for our life. This mystical path, although similar for each of us, is unique to each of us. Our mystical path is our own individual process.

The mystical process of which I am a part is not the same one in which you are a part. They are coordinated and integrated where appropriate and when necessary, but they are each are essentially independent of each other. As such, what I need to understand about how I create my reality will be conceptually that same as what you need to know. But, practically, within the details, what I need to do will be different than you.

This may be difficult to understand but it is nevertheless true. This is why it is so hard to find predictability between individuals.

Five Stages in the Path of the Mystic (and Weekend Walking Meditation) | Toby Ouvry Meditation

The illusive nature of the mystical path. In many ways looking at the mystic al path for our life is like piecing together the pieces of a jig saw puzzle. The pieces of the puzzle are scattered throughout our life in the experiences we are drawn to have. They do not come to us in sequence that we recognize and we need to look to fit the pieces together as they come to us. They form a weave and a pattern but we must be aware of its existence and look to see it.

To see it we must detach from what we experience, expect and desire to stand back and look at the pieces. What is interesting about the mystic al path discussed here is and how it works is that the author never arrived at an understanding of the mystical path intellectually. In fact, the dance between the mystical path and the enculturated path was clearly indicated in the soul retrieval he elected to undergo at the time he started the exploration of our inherent creativity. However, his mind could not see it for what it was. Rather, the seed for understanding came through an awareness after reading a story within a story and probably coupled with years of nonconscious preparation.

In the story the man was on a spiritual quest visiting a particular teacher. When the man arrived, the teacher was helping a lady living in residence who could be said to have been disturbed by the experiences she had in life. Part of her therapy, if it can be called therapy, was to unravel a ball of string which in essence was a big knot. As described by the book, the ball of string seemed to mesmerize the lady.

As the man told of his quest he would described the appearance of this lady from time to time as she crossed his path. What was interesting about her story was that when she had completed unraveling the ball of string, she returned to a state of normalcy. The question was of course, "Did unraveling the ball of string in deep contemplation heal her condition or was it a synchronicity relative to he healing?

But it still took some time for the author to understand how the mystical path was interweaving our lives and the need to bring the mystical path and enculturated path into alignment. The goal being to either make the paths one and the same or entwine them tightly like two strands of DNA but in an ever converging spiral toward oneness.

As described in the paragraph above, probably the best way to understand the mystic al path is to read the life or story of someone who came into alignment with their mystical path simply by learning to following it in life in some way. This does not mean the story teller intellectually understood what they were following, but they nevertheless found someway to follow it.

For example, in following the mystical path, the author did two things. One was the author followed a particular feeling from as early as he can remember. It was a feeling which he initially called "fun" as a child. It was to look to do in life that which gave him a particular feeling he called "fun. It was a feeling of growing beyond himself. The second thing the author did was state very clear questions to Creation as to what he would like to know. Although not initially realized he came to find he possessed an inherent desire to " pull the string " and understand "why?

Of course there is it corresponding cousin, "how? Some would say he simply never lost his childlike inquisitiveness to discover and explore himself and the Creation he was experiencing. Throughout his life beginning as early as about age ten he asked a series of what he thought were rhetorical questions of the Universe at different times in he life.

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Surprising they were all answered. In time he was no longer was surprised but expected answers. In hind sight, the questions where the intention for his life and his mystic al path breaking through to get what it needed to fulfill what he came to do. Deeply held intention will not necessary unfold in the way we expect nor will they unfold when we expect.

However, they will unfold when the correct environment is created for them to unfold and can be supported to some degree in one way or another by the environment. As for the feeling which guides us to our mystic al path, it has been described various ways above.

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However, there are probably as many ways to describe it as individuals. It is a unique feeling within each of us which gives us life, causes us to feel alive, gives us a passion for life or to engage life or causes us to desire to create life or recreate the life we live. In addition to these ways of describing it, it has also been described by the following: fullness of being ; a fullness of life; a blossoming or flowering of our being ; a feeling of expansion; a feeling of moving toward an experience of, if not into, the infinity of our being ; a feeling of freedom ; being in wonderment and "Ah" at creation; and an inner satisfaction within our being which never runs dry no matter what is happening in our world.

An example of the unfolding mystical path.

The Path of the Mystic - OSHO

Since probably the best way to understand the mystic al path is to read the life or story of someone who came into alignment with their mystical path simply by learning to following it in life in some way, it only makes sense to provided such a story. What is provided here is the best story known by the author - namely, his own story.

The details of life events which pointed to a mystical are not covered here. They are addressed in the topic most appropriate for that life event or are hyperlinked, as appropriate. From the earliest age he was aware of knowing certain things. His first mystical experience was at age three. But, he never fully understood what he experienced until almost fifty years later several years after his experience of the Ultimate Accident. His second mystical experience which gave insights into his life was at age four.

But, here again he never realize it for what is was. Quite simply, he never had a context to understand those experiences for what they really represented. It was only when he had the necessary minimum set of requisite experience did he see them for what they were and gleaned from the information they carried.

If we look at the profession path as his relationship with the social, political and economic powers of the physical world, the mystical path is about his relations with the analogous aspects in the unseen world. In this regard we all have a mystical path to our life. We can write a description of our mystical path much like a resume just as we write a resume about our professional life experiences.

We can discuss our experiences with the unseen Creative Powers of Creation on the mystical path much the way we discuss the types and kinds of employment we have in the seen world. If we wish, we could talk about what experience caused us to want to develop a relationship with the unseen world just as we can talk about those experiences that caused us to pursue any given profession. Those experiences for the author are reflected in the discussion on the subconscious journey into creativity. Similarly we could talk about our education and the types and kinds of experiences we had to become a knowledgeable practician in any give spiritual view, religious traditions or other organized approach to access the creative power of the unseen realms.

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What is interesting about the mystic al path is that just as many of us dreamed of becoming a certain type and kind of professional in life or doing something special, most of us had similar mystical dreams. Yet, we do not really recognize them for what they are. Often we confused them with what is expected of us by our family and society or we just considered them childish dreams. Probably at some time in our life, most of wanted to have and dreamed of having some magical powers especially to make our fears go away. As we grew older we seemed to find and come to believe we have no such magical powers.

So many look to something like God or some external authority to make their life safe. Yet, in reality, there is a magic we can access and there is a way to make or fears go away just as we dreamed of doing as children. But we were never taught we have such ability and power let alone be taught how to use them.

If you had asked the author before the Ultimate Accident if he was a mystic and had a mystic al side to his life, he would have said no. For the author before the Ultimate Accident, mystics were individuals who have deep religious experiences and religion was not something that really excited him. Within his enculaturation, a mystic was someone who grew into mystic or becomes a mystic after a long period of study, practice, instruction, devotion to a spiritual and religious tradition.

Although he was excited about understanding or comprehending what people referred to as God and the Creative Powers of the Universe, the author did not see that having anything to do with being a mystic. In fact, even well into adulthood, he never saw spiritual and religious traditions having anything to do with understanding and accessing the Creative Powers of the Universe.

Why should this longing be something you can only satisfy when you go away to a meditation retreat or to the mountains? Why does the mystical experience have to be exotic and unusual? We seek to bring the mystical into every day life. Mysticism can seem intimidating or irrelevant to the daily work of caring for others, keeping up a home, and putting food on the table.

Mystic Mantra: The celestial path of a mystic

But it does not have to be that way. Balancing inner and outer helps you to have both in your life and be more effective and satisfied with your daily life. The sevenfold Path of the Everyday Mystic is the simplest most immediate and accessible version of the entire body of what Teachings of Value can offer. Our comprehensive approach focuses on seven different inner dimensions of personal work.

Dimension One—Being. This is a difficult and very challenging phase. We may find ourself seemingly isolated, alone, with all our inner demons rising up at the same time. Just go back to living the way you were! For one mystic this can take the appearance of a very conventional life, another may be called to lead a very unconventional, even rebellious or eccentric life.

In reality of course these stages unfold in a very organic manner, with stages crossing over each other, coming and going in cycles and so forth.

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