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Just do what you do. During the Depression era, Gladys and Elvis had to fend for themselves when her husband Vernon was imprisoned for forgery.

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After Elvis achieved success as a singer, he purchased Graceland as a gift for his parents, but especially for Gladys; as Priscilla Presley says in the film, Elvis remembered how hard she worked and he wanted to be the good son. When Elvis was drafted into the Army in and assigned to serve in Germany, Gladys constantly worried that her son was going into war despite his attempts to reassure her.

Tragically, while Elvis was in Texas during basic training, Gladys became ill and later died. It was unbearable for him during that time. Army in brought a halt to the hysteria he generated two years earlier; in retrospect, the idea of the biggest star in the world getting drafted seemed unusual, given that the U. Instead, the Colonel only released a few songs rather than flood the market to stoke public interest in the singer.

This was certainly an opportunity for the Colonel to fully seize the role of parent [and] mentor, the one person who could take him through this difficult time and lead him out the other way. The two-year military stint in Germany was a period of uncertainty for Presley, with the star worrying about what would happen to him when he did return to the States. While in Germany, he took uppers to get him through his lonely service. There were a few bright spots for Elvis during his time in the Army: he befriended fellow soldier Charlie Hodge, who himself was a gospel singer, so the two had a musical connection.

Most importantly, during a party, Presley met a young Priscilla Beaulieu , whose Air Force captain stepfather was stationed in Germany.

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Three days later, I get a call that Elvis would like to see me again. And the rest was history. Elvis had hopes of becoming a serious actor but found the movie business to be a serious drag. Presley was disheartened upon learning that he would have to sing songs for those films, something that would later be a pattern for the rest of his movie career.

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There were a few exceptions when Presley showed his acting range in less-music heavy dramas like Wild in the Country and Flaming Star, but typically he had no script approval and was singing songs that were tailored to the plot. He was much deeper that that. He dreaded the next script because he knew it would be the same thing over and over again. It was killing his recording career because these were movie songs.

There was no one vaguely his equal; there was nobody he could bounce anything off of.

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A lot was riding on this television appearance, as it was his first performance before an audience in seven years. Elvis was extremely nervous about how he would be received. Steve Binder, the director of Elvis , recounts how the singer summoned him to the makeup room just prior to the first taping. My mind is a blank, Steve.

Fortunately, Presley went through with it and emerged relaxed and confident. Fontana — not only summed up his life and music up to that point, but reminded audiences what had made him so potent a decade earlier.

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Bruce Springsteen distinctly recalled where he was when the Elvis special aired. In the tumultuous year of , Presley was moved upon hearing of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. Kennedy had been assassinated in Los Angeles. Vegas was the beginning of the end for Elvis. Elvis needed connection with the audience, and [in] Vegas, it was a very reserved rich crowd dressed up for the Elvis show. From the early-to-mid-Seventies, Presley was performing over shows a year; he gained weight and grew more dependent on prescription drugs.

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Around this time, his marriage to Priscilla disintegrated. He never felt comfortable with it because he had a hard time with those lyrics. Sometimes I think it was better if they had just cancelled the show. As Elvis explodes from Memphis to the national stage, gets pulled into the perilous orbit of Colonel Tom Parker and becomes a movie star, the film tracks his every move but somehow fails to examine the world or the country around him. Elvis, for all his colossal fame, did not exist in a vacuum.

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  7. He was a product of his time — a man born at the exact right time, who doggedly threw himself and his talents into everything he did until he was on top of every chart in America. What good does it do, then, to ignore the world around him? To ignore the people around him — like Colonel Parker, or even Priscilla Presley, who is one of the most prominent voices in the film.

    Structurally, the film is also underwhelming. For the most part, the rest of the film — which is told by the likes of Petty and Springsteen and a wealth of others who are heard but never seen — is told in fits and spurts, in feelings that are explained but never felt. Not to mention that the film is rarely tethered to chronology and when it skips a year or three, there is no indication.