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I think we both know the answer to that one. Who is Brannon Howse? He is not God. If not, then why did he feel it necessary to write a book? He can even turn us over to a depraved mind when we suppress the truth in unrighteousness, correct? So either way, can we not agree that we should give God all the credit for our thinking processes — in EVERY instance — since He turns minds as He pleases?

What is so wrong with that? You ALL have your products to sell. In my opinion, Brannon peddles things with NO nutritional value whatsoever, physically OR spiritually. And when you examine the prices vs. There was too much information crossed over and lumped into one sentence in your article so it can easily mislead the reader if they take for granted what you say without watching the video for themselves because they see you as a man of integrity.

I also decided to double check the math in case this was the problem and your assessment was correct. However, even the math that was advertised by the Jim Bakker show came out right if you consider that each person is allotted three servings per day.

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This, then, leads me to believe that, apparently, those who may have vetted this article before publication did not take your advice and double check you on everything themselves, even after reading your tips. And this is only comparing food prices, not the other things that are included. If you decide on one of the other packages, it gets a little pricier in the long-run but it usually does if you buy in smaller quantities.

But if I were critiquing your article the way you critique others and their works, this is how it would have to read. I can hardly believe you said it. That is a personal poke in the eye along with a simultaneous hit below the belt. It works both ways. I believe your concerns are unfounded. You can disagree with their assessment and state why. But I think I demonstrated that you go much further than that in this article. You go after their very persons. A dying world is watching and we must be careful. Your personal attacks are so wrong on so many levels and I feel I have only scratched the surface.

But I must leave it here for now. If you think my comments and questions are provocative, please re-read this article as well as your past ones as well as your book to see who provoked first and then reconsider what you have written about these men personally. We have profound fundamental disagreements on a number of issues — so your response was to be expected.

I could probably have written most of it myself because I understand your view thoroughly after hashing out for over two years. I appreciate you pointing the error in reporting how much food Jim Bakker is selling for how many people and for how long. I will make the appropriate corrections — although that part has no bearing on the issue at hand. I think there are some fundamental differences between Brannon Howse and Jim Bakker on the points in question, particularly because of the products involved and the amount of money involved.

I am not here to defend Brannon Howse. He can defend himself if and when it is necessary. And, Jonathan Cahn can do the same. As it is, there are basically just two of you coming after me with a vengeance. So, I take what you say, seriously consider it, and then decide to what degree it is valid — and make adjustments or no adjustments as seem appropriate. The fact is, that not one in people will bother reading through a comment of the length of yours above.

For one thing, if there is a comment as long as yours, then if there are factual errors, misrepresentations, things needing clarification, etc. I understand any time something new comes out making bold claims like Jonathan Cahn we are called to decipher.

What I find most troubling from both of you, whom I have no doubt are serious Christ followers and have hearts for God…. Do I think The Mystery of the Shemitah is absolutely accurate, no…otherwise it would have been in the Bible thousands of years ago. But do I believe Jonathan Cahn has a heart for God and information extremely relevant and Some Biblically accurate points, yes. I also thin Dave has very good points about discernment, etc. God uses us all in different ways. Valuable things can absolutely be taken from his book. But to sit here and argue with one another via an Internet forum to prove your points is not Christ like.

God has given us warnings from the Bible, He has given is warnings for judgement in the stars and sky and His creation. I appreciate you desire to be a peace-maker and to try to keep us focused on the main things — which is very important. So, this is primarily about the things he has written, which have demonstrably serious biblical and historical flaws, not the least of which is a misrepresentation of the truth through extreme selectivity.

I realized I need to make a correction in my last post. The proverb I cited above should have read Proverbs , not Thank you, Dave, for posting my comments in spite of the length and its hard-hitting nature. I also thank you for correcting my Proverbs reference. One of your discernment tips was to think logically and biblically because they are not at odds for the believer. I used a whole lot of logic as well as scripture to back up what I said.

Your comment on this subject seemed like a bit of a cop-out to me so I will have to stick with my position. Plus, as far as I can tell, a closer examination of the product vs. I did not mean for it to apply to your entire post. I will say it again: When Jonathan talks about revelations, he means what God has directly given or shown him which he passes on to others.

The only thing Brannon meant was that he was revealing something that his audience might not be aware of. It is the difference between the gift of prophecy and the gift of teaching. One is foretelling and the other is forthtelling. The difference is really obvious — and I was stunned that you even tried to argue this point it is so clear.

Furthermore it is not true at all that all ministries seek donations and employ various tactics to sell their wares by using ethically questionable means. I could name many, many of them — including my own. So, this is another false charge — and perhaps this also could be considered tortured logic. However, to use fear-mongering through hijacking the Word of God to create a market — and then sell into that very market — that is just so wrong on so many counts. And the 12 minutes of marketing in that segment of his show was just shameless. I appreciate the time and effort that went into this analysis.

They are a form of unnecessary rhetoric. Jonathan which is why I explained where I got my logic and cited the specific Bible verses I used to make my point. The reality is, whatever understanding Brannon has, has come from God! Whatever gifts Brannon has, has come from God too. They did not come from himself. Spiritual growth is a grant from God. False charge? How you got that I was, somehow, saying that ALL ministries are doing unethical things to gain support is beyond me.

That is something you decided to read into. Let each be convinced in his own mind. Point is, we cannot see into his heart and if he TRULY believes in his product and that horrible things may be on the horizon and he just wants to protect people and save lives, then his heart is pure before God. Your first paragraph… is one thing we CAN agree on. I am in full agreement with your views and so glad that you are taking the stand that needs to be heard! Thanks so much for the kind and encouraging words in the midst of the well-taken lament of the state of affairs in the church.

By the way, this article is in the process of being readied for publication as a booklet by The Berean Call. Your essay was excellent and if they are brothers and sisters in Christ, we should and are required to correct. However, some are not brothers and sisters but charlatans. My problem has always been the speed in which he glosses over dates and facts. I have several DVDs and again and again, I attempt to follow his logic and correlations to market trends and Scripture but I get lost in the babble.

Currently, it seems to settle on 15 September as the end for the U. Currently, is not fear of the Lord but fear of economic depression which seems to drive folks. My wife puts up with my search for spiritual wisdom but repeats that she is happy with her faith in the Lord and remains in His promise to provide. I believe she is more correct than I. Thanks for your efforts to enlighten and encourage. In Christ, Calvin Moon camoon42 gmail. I appreciate your taking time to comment — and for your voice in this.

I agree that one of the main problems is the fact that he does gloss over so many things so quickly. The listener or reader would assume that with his apparent command of so many facts and figures that he must be correct in both his research and analysis. Unfortunately, upon doing the necessary research and analysis, it becomes apparent that the sources for much of what he says are dubious and also that he very selectively chooses what events and facts to present, while ignoring or glossing over those that would undermine his argument.

My article is in the process of being converted to a booklet that will be available in e-book format shortly — and possibly print format at a later time if demand justifies it. I have wondered because so many others in the Body of Christ have been saying how wonderful they are. Many of my friends have asked if I have read these books and seem shocked when I say no.

They then tell me I must, but the Lord always said no. God bless you for the clarity you have brought and especially the tips on discernment. Yours is a very interesting testimony given that millions have read The Harbinger — and that The Mystery of the Shemitah is also selling many copies. It would seem that we are witnessing a spiritual battle of tremendous proportions. We have only one standard by which we can determine which side is right in this — and that is the Word of God. This has been a very difficult process in many ways, but we are not discouraged, and trust that the Lord will make clear who have understood these matters correctly and who has been wrong.

I was having a conversation with someone recently about the way you tend to handle scripture. However, there was some confusion as to what I meant by that and, just for the record, I was NOT referring to mid-Acts dispensationalism. You also seem to have trouble understanding shadow vs.

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Also, please consider that He kicked off the church age on a feast day, namely Pentecost and keep in mind that the church age is a dispensation that would put a temporary blindness on the Jewish people while reaching out to Gentiles. So, who is to say that He will not END the church age on a feast day, namely, Trumpets, especially since the tribulation will be a time He will be focusing on Israel? All I can say is that I believe it represents a radical misrepresentation of what I believe and is a nothing more than a caricature — and thus a straw man that is easily knocked down.

On more quick note. I have never accused Jonathan Cahn of such a thing as I recall — and those are very strong words to level at a brother in the Lord so nonchalantly. And concerning a mishandling of Scripture — consider this quote from The Mystery of the Shemitah. Only Israel was compelled to keep the Shemitah as an observance. As an observance, the Shemitah applies to one nation. But as a prophetic sign, it may apply to any nation. This is totally made up — has no Scriptural support whatsoever — and is passed off as a thoroughly biblical teaching. The book is riddled with stuff like this and yet you are determined to blindly defend it.

This is not only unfortunate, it is frightening — because you are joined with millions of others who are doing precisely the same thing. I believe your overall handling of the scriptures is very unbiblical because you fail to take into account the WHOLE counsel of God. You cannot seem to accept certain concepts as being biblical without an outright statement saying so and this is what is faulty.

God also used the Hebrew calendar to bring salvation to ALL people groups. Do you deny this? And you, Dave, do not do this. How do I know? Unfortunately, you are engagng in the worse kind of eisegesis — you can make the word of God say anything you want to say. The slightest allusion to something is enough to build an entire doctrine around or any system of theology.

Accuse me of what you will, I will stick with what the Word of God says explicitly. If I err, it will be on the side of the the pattern of the apostles and prophets. I will gladly and willingly stand with the likes of H. Even so, come Lord Jesus. What I find interesting is the fact that this secret or mystery is just being revealed however what does the scriptures say?

What we do find in scripture is G-d saying that the shemitah only applies to the land of Israel. Do not sow your fields or prune your vineyards. Cahn also says that there is a wake of the shemitah that cause economic hardship. However do we see this in scripture? Apparently Cahn has a hard time reading scripture; instead he makes up things that are not taught in scripture. I guess Cahn forgot to read that passage! There is NO hardship for those who observe the shemitah. In the shemitah book Cahn again makes the case that the cancelling of debts cripples a country.

IOW there was no runaway debt like we have today, so it would not be a big problem. On top of the dates that dont line up this should cause people to pause and test everything. I have read the book Mystery of Shemitah by Jonathan Chan and firmly believe there are some biblical errors. Your insights are a breath of fresh air. Thank you. I am going to quote a short section of scripture and interject my own thoughts into it.

No one but GOD showed me this. But this mob that knows nothing of the law—there is a curse on them. You said and I quote,. The only point I wish to make here is that, by citing mere men and THEIR views as you just did, you are using the same argument that the Pharisees did in this passage. Look into it, and you will find that a prophet does not come out of Galilee. And here is what I find most interesting of all. In Matthew , it says the following about the Jesus the Messiah:.

The only passages I know of in the Old Testament that scholars use to support this are Judges , which is about Samson not the Messiah , Amos , Lamentations and Isaiah which says:. You and others like Brannon Howse and Jimmy DeYoung have followed him around in order to find some fault in him, something with which to trap him. This is what we have now. I cited these godly, well-known Bible expositors, not relying on what they wrote, but for the consistency with which they are known to have accurately handled the Word of God. You cite the Holy Spirit as the inspiration for your insight — quite a claim — and a very subjective one at that.

Along with which comes the corollary, that my conclusions have nothing to do with the Holy Spirit — even though mine are in line with Scripture. That is a very precarious place to put oneself. Besides this, Matthew not only walked and talked with Jesus, but was also inspired by the Spirit of God. Him I believe — and him I would have always believed.

Your interpretation of his words is a different situation altogether. What bothers me most about your frequent accusations is that when you argue against my interpretation and handling of the Word of God you invariably put me and others in the company of the Pharisees and teachers of the Law who were enemies of Jesus and bent on destroying him — and furthermore, they were not indwelt with the Holy Spirit.

I think it would be very wise and prudent to rethink this particular line of attack. Those who disagree with Jonathan Cahn are born again believers, who love the Lord and His Word and would defend both to the death. We, too, are dwelt by the same Holy Spirit who enlightens, guides and convicts. Your comparison is radically wrong and further more, it is mean-spirited and hateful. If you were to take time to sit down and discuss just what the precious Lord Jesus has done in our lives over the years — to take many of us who were Christ-killers at heart — and persecutors of the brethren, to those who now spend nearly every waking hour — and expend enormous energy and resources to study, research, and devote untold hours submitting our hearts to correctly know and apply the Word of God and its author, I think you would be just a bit more restrained in your free-wheeling accusations against us.

As much time as we have spend together through only the medium of writing, you somehow think you know us. You should be deeply ashamed of yourself — especially for assigning your latest round to the prompting of the Holy Spirit — which I have to bring into serious questions. So, Laura, you have ventured into some very deep and very treacherous water that actually threatens your very soul — and I would caution you that you many not be on as certain a footing — and setting yourself against men who have respected ministries with significant ministries that would collapse if they were as unstable and unspiritual as you have tried to characterize them.

You are on very, very shakey ground — and you have taken some very irresponsible positions that could cause you problems in the future from which you are going to find yourself retracting in the next 18 months or so as this begins to play out. I have told you this before and I feel I should restate it again. And how did the prophet Nathan confront him?

With an illustration in order to drive the point home. What Nicodemus had to say to his colleagues, the Pharisees, parallels what is happening today in that you never gave Jonathan Cahn a hearing before judging him and then speaking and writing negative things about him PUBLICLY, all because you thought you knew enough about the scriptures to make that sort of judgment. I, on the other hand, got to know you better before making any judgments.

Do you deny that you also set out to embarrass me just as the Pharisees did with Nicodemus? This was a definite slur on his character. The way you posed your argument, you not only told me I am guilty of mishandling the scriptures myself, you dropped names that were designed to embarrass me. He said that the Scribes were text experts who knew all about the ins and outs of the Hebrew language even having a counting system when copying the texts to ensure total accuracy — never getting anything wrong and the Pharisees prided themselves on knowing interpretation hermeneutics of scripture as well as application.

You are a self-described conservative Bible teacher so it would be fitting that you, of all people, would be more prone to falling into this trap, just as I did. This is the danger. Other groups, like charismatics, have a tendency to fall in other areas but this is the area in which you and your colleagues must be most careful. So much for keeping private things private, Dave. If you wanted me to know this, you could have emailed me privately since you have my email. As far as I recall, neither I nor others have referred to Jonathan Cahn as a Pharisee or anyone one else.

I think your main problem in carelessly using this tile of true believers in Christ. This title is consistently used of those who have set them up as enemies of Christ and who are not believers in Him — and those who sought to trap him and publicly set themselves against him. This is in no way true of those who have challenged the teaching of Jonathan Cahn. We love the Lord Jesus — and we have submitted ourselves to his Lordship.

He is the Messiah of Israel, born of a virgin, was a worker of miracles exclusively in the power of God, he was the Perfect Sacrifice for the Sins of all men, was bruised for our iniquities, he shed his precious blood for the remission of sin, he arose from the grave on the Third, he will return in power and glory and will establish his kingdom of righteousness on the earth. There is no Pharisee who has ever believed and proclaimed this truth and this message who remained a Pharisee — including Paul and Nicodemus.

You may disagree with us — and I am willing to own the epithet of Pharisee if it fits — and I am considered such a person by the hundreds I minister to and the hundreds of godly men and women who know me personally. However, you do not know me — not at all. You think you know me from just my writings and comments here. You wrongly think you know me from only one small part of my life ministry and nature. This is why I have tried to maintain my criticisms of Jonathan Chan based on exactly what he has written, what he has said, and with whom he has appeared.

My actual recommendations is that somehow we either talk on the phone or meet in person. I referred to another person, who found out this same thing, but upon your recommendation I have removed that reference. The last thing I wish to do is violate a confidence with some who has expressed trust me.

In the mean time, I think you owe and many others an apology for your frequent and clearly unbiblical judgmental use of Pharisee as a label — and to rethink your entire approach to this. As it stands, you are honestly in a very wrong and misguided unbiblical position that need to be corrected publicly.

I am that the enemy of others who seem to think I am. We do have an enemy — but it is not each other — and he seeks to destroy us. I highly doubt what you say is true. I have written to Jonathan Cahn many times — and even more so frequently. H have had a number of very cordial and actually, in a couple of cases, some light-hearted exchanges.

I appreciate that you are trying to defend David here and can understand why. Jonathan Cahn wrote to his critics to get a hearing. Jimmy DeYoung moderated that discussion. I believe that even Jimmy admitted during that broadcast that Jonathan wrote to them to get that hearing and this was the catalyst for that special broadcast. I trust that he will confirm this. Once a publisher and author put their work in the public market place, it is understood by all parties that they have opened themselves up to praise, review and criticism. My first interview with Jimmy DeYoung was just that, a preliminary interview of about 10 minutes — in which I gave some very clear facts from the book — and also clarified some wrong misperceptions.

I am astounded at the defense that has been mounted around a man the likes of which no one has ever seen before, while the criticisms are held to a standard never before witnessed in the publishing world. The entire thing has been turned into a circus because a few people chose to get emotionally tied into this thing — far more than even the author himself — and which have forced the author to ask them to tone down their rhetoric. You know who you are. Why is this guy so heck bent on applying the things that were meant for Israel to America. Just like Replacement Theology.

People are such sheep and as scripture says they really like having their ears tickled I guess. Glad I never bought his books. There were many serious problems with The Harbinger, and now there is second book that is as bad or worse. So what happened was, after my article was published in late — I think it was late March, Jonathan Cahn actually contacted me. And, actually, Jimmy DeYoung and I had done four or five, at least, interviews — radio interviews up to that time as well.

So people were aware of that. So what Jimmy and I decided to do was that we would have a moderated discussion. And that aired on April 6th, I believe, and so it was about a minute discussion between Jonathan Cahn and myself with Jimmy DeYoung moderating and asking questions. And, yes, so that is still available on the Prophecy Today website. Now, these are your own words, David.

Where did I get this idea that you wrote things about Jonathan before having any contact with him? Your own lips. Now, just for grins, I decided to look up when your article was published. Apparently, you were mistaken and it was published at the end of April, not March, so this would explain the discrepancy. I just took your word for it and this was, apparently, your recollection of the events as they unfolded. You yourself said it was Jonathan Cahn and not you.

I take what you say with a grain of salt. I know Jonathan very well and I know for a fact that he believes this has all been very personal, not just about the issues. Regarding your other comments, why would anyone in their right mind contact Jonathan to praise his work?

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The point is, Christians should live by a higher standard than the world and go the extra mile to be sure there are no misconceptions first. Yes, there are times when believers have to be corrected, even publicly, but we need to be careful and not do this in a reckless way. I misspoke in my interview with Susan — the article was published after the moderated discussion with Jimmy.

Jimmy and I had discussed the book a couple of times and one of the listeners contacted Jonathan — who then contacted me. The entire process of editing, rewriting, theological readers, etc. I continue to be astonished at how illogical this charge is that you and Jose have leveled over and over again.

And, beyond that, it is completely obvious that if we had contacted him personally first, before we said anything publicly, that absolutely nothing would have changed — and all the charges and observations I make in my own book and interviews would not have changed. That is a great way to end a conversation — and so as long as that stands, you, Laura, no longer have a platform for your rants on this website.

Yosi and his calculations are off by yrs. According to Dr. The result of this shortening of the span of the Persian Empire is that the paramount prophecy and major foundation block of chronology — the Daniel seventy weeks of years — has become dislodged. Furthermore, this shortening as perpetuated within the Sedar Olam is deliberate. The ninth day of the month Ab c. On this day B. Further, the second Temple was laid waste by the Romans under Titus on the same day in A.

And on this very day A. Bar Kokhba had been declared the long-awaited Messiah by the formost Jewish scholar of that day, the highly venerated Rabbi Akiva Akiba ben Joseph. In A. By removing the or years from the duration of the Persian Empire, Rabbi Halafta was able to make the year Daniel 9 prophecy fall reasonably close to the years prior to the A.

It make me think Mr. Yes, you are correct. It appears that the modern Hebrew calendar is off by years from that in use when God gave the Law to Moses. Also, no one has any idea when the Jubilee year is, or how it is to be counted — as the 49th, 50th or as an intercalary year — but while Cahn acknowledges the problem with the Jubilee cycle timing, he then immediately ignores it and declares that and are a sort of Jubilee for for Israel — suggesting that , then must also be significant. Unfortunately, this sort of manipulating the data to fit the theory happens repeatedly.

Do you honestly feel that you said enough in your dealings with Mr. Cahn that red flags should have gone off for Mr. If too much, since The Harbinger was the 1 Christian book of and was on the NY Times bestseller list for weeks. The Mystery of the Shemitah debuted at 5 and went to reprint the same day of its release. In addition he has done literally hundreds of radio and TV interviews, in addition to speaking in conferences and churches.

I agree that this charge has been leveled a number of times — and not without reason because on things he has clearly said as well has the fact that many have placed that level on him. But, in fairness, he has vehemently denied this charge. I do have a segment of the Jim Bakker Show that comes as close to him outright saying this as one possibly could and still try to maintain plausible deniability. Whether he thinks he is functioning as a biblical prophet is ambiguous because of the discrepancies between things he has said at different times — and continues to say the same sorts of things.

What is not debatable is that there are others who absolutely believe he is receiving new revelation from God — and refer to him as if this were true. However, depending on the venue allows for unfortunate ambiguity in his some of various statements. Yes, I wrote that — and I still agree with that this is the only logical conclusion. I was arguing for the logical conclusion in the face of the denials. So, I stand by what I wrote. Do you mean his denial. Because the layman reads that and it very much looks like you are if not saying he is trying to come across as a prophet, you are insinuating that he is.

If there is one thing I have learned about Christians and non-Chrisitans alike is they can be consummate liars. I think there was a misunderstanding. My point was that even though he denies being a prophet or claiming that he is, there are many things he has written and said that seem to put him in the position of actually believing in some way that he is. Many of his statements seem ambiguous so that it is difficult to pin him down on this.

All one has to do is read the fourth chapter of you book to get the impression that you trying to make the point that Cahn sees himself as a prophet. My point is actually the same as yours — although he denies claiming to be a prophet of some sort — his repeated actions and words suggest that in some way he actually does think he is functioning as a prophet. David Wilkerson was a prophet. What do you think is going to happen in America? This has become a far more complicated issue than you can imagine.

When you are the only one who writes a book about a best-seller — especially the 1 Christian book in — and the new book may be on a track to equal or pass The Harbinger though I really doubt it because there are at least as many problems with the new book. His supporters are watching every word I write anywhere on the internet and this is technically possible via a tool within Google — and there are some very vocal ones including a member of his church who has written a book that is primarily against mine — also published by Charisma — and which essentially has all the same problems as The Harbinger.

The other reason I said this is because two years have passed between both his book and mine — and I do believe that my book has had some influence on him. I think you will find that this is definitely not the case at all. He has also left the conversation dangling as in the instance with Mr. From how he reacted he left it up in the air. Why deny something when others are doing your work for you?

He can sit high and dry and look humble. I have no idea what you mean about others doing my work for me. There are mean and nasty ways of saying things, and there are better ways to say the same things. And, people have to be given room to change or clarify their positions. So, we have to give people room to misspeak and to change or modify their views — or the way they say things. Those not in those roles can say just about anything, with any tone or any language and get away with it with little consequences, except that it hurts them.

When I deal with serious issues, my choice of words are extremely important. Since I just got in on this mess has Cahn ever admitted that he took liberties with the information in the Harbinger? This just begins to touch on the the tip of the iceberg this whole scenario has been. Last year. So, sent him a copy of my book and a nice note asking him to just consider that there might be another side.

So, when I saw that, I sent him another email asking him if he would now be willing to read my book if I sent him a copy. And even more strange is the fact that Cahn, who is the sole copyright holder of the book — and therefore would have been the plaintiff in any copyright case brought against me — says he knew nothing or virtually nothing about the lawsuit threat. How funny, I was commenting on another article Lamb and Lion sent me and I said people should do themselves a favor and read your book.

Will try and find as much about this on ABI as I can. However, there have been some who came out strongly against me and The Berean Call, who have since changed their position and realize they were wrong. There are others who have dug in their heels and relentlessly call on me to repent of what I have done.

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I have a close group of godly men with decades of ministry experience whom I consult in matters of this magnitude, and so far, all have agreed that I have taken the right position and the right actions all along the way. How can your walk with the Lord be sustained without hearing His voice? Blood moons have always represented something historical as far as prophecy goes and it is the last blood moon of the four in a two year span.

Let love rule our hearts in Jesus name! Prophecy is a gift or an office — it is a specific sign gift — and even Paul makes it clear that not everyone has every gift. However, this issue is not about the cessation or continuation of the sign gifts. That a full lunar eclipse would fall on a Jewish Feast Day is not that unusual either because the Jewish calendar is on a lunar calendar — so it MUST happen from time to time.

That it would happen on four consecutive feast days and is more rare, but has only been somewhat connected with some significant historical event related to the Jewish people 3 out of 8 times — and two of those were after the fact — so how could they be signs. The events that are prophesied to occur concerning a darkened sun and a blood moon are supernatural events — whereas these in this tetrad are completely natural and predictable.

Furthermore, the passages that discuss these Joel 2, Matt 24, Rev 6 all read as if the sun darkening and the moon turning to blood being simultaneous events — whereas solar and lunar eclipses can only occur days apart. The reason it matters is because people are being misled by a mishandling of the Word of God — and some people are getting rich as a direct result. This is serious stuff. Prophecy is the gift of determining the will of God.

In that sense I think that every individual believer can experience that, and, I have personally heard the Lord audibly. I think a person can determine what the Lord wants them to do and it is conveyed by the Holy Spirit. The gift of prophecy was a foundational sign gift given for the establishment of the church. The vision was sent just to Peter. That is revelation — and of course the gift of prophecy and revelation overlap so maybe part of the issue is just one of semantics. Halfway through the Old Testament God turned from dealing with Israel directly through the law and began to deal with Israel directly through His prophets.

And we see what the consequences of Israels disobedience was. Revelation tells us what will happen to people that are disobedient to the will of God. Cahn tends to be ambiguous with his answers on this. In the article of Lamplighter — Vol. Good Gravy! All he had to do was speak on Revelation and the end times information in it and bing bang boom no need for a book filled with half truths.

While I can understand and appreciate Mr. I am praying the Lord grants repentence to Jonathan Cahn. I do love that man but he has sadly gone astray. Thanks for your voice of reason in the midst of some rather frivolous discussions and comments that usually require some sort of response if I actually let them through — and I do my best not to censor posts just because I disagree with them. I will deny posting if things get out of hand or too far off topic — but usually not without a warning first.

It appears that your admonishment to study is toward those who are posting comments rather than my responses. In my case, it would definitely be a well-received concern. Bonnie, Unfortunately, you are exactly right — a powerful message that could have stood on its own as one of the great speeches in history — that degenerated into an infomercial for his book.

So many time he has missed or obscured a tremendous opportunity given to him to be faithful in standing for the Lord and then obscures the truth with documented problems that he would be been off to leave out. Yes, you are correct…your responses are terrific and, quite frankly, redeem the spellbound posts of some of the bloggers.

I would love to see his God given gifts fully submitted to the Holy Spirit. I believe your heart and your ministry reflect the same sentiment. And I pray the Lord uses your skills to help many stay on the narrow path of Jesus Christ. On the lighter side, I currently have 4 pieces 2 Lbs total of donated Fillet Mignon on the grill — which will definitely improve my responses over the next few hours. I really believe the greater issue here is that everybody wants to be a somebody.

Even in the Body of Christ, people struggle with their identity. Who they are in Christ, and what to do with the dead guy? The endless outbreak of books on just about every topic imagineable and unimaginable is just a symptom of the greater problem…the pride of life. With of course, the authors name attached prominently…. Some have overcome and had victory in this regard, even as we need to wear the full armor of God everyday. Taking heed to what is written in 1John ;. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—is not of the Father but is of the world.

And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever. Here lies the problem, believers, even ministers, have not let go of their love of the world and the praises of men. We have become fishermen, making up stories and embellishing truths to be unrecognizable, instead of becoming fishers of men and proclaiming the truth which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ in faith and trusting God with the outcome.

And thank you again for the platform and your minstry, which is so very helpful. Thank you Mr. James for going through the trouble that you have to discern these books and the author. I have very little patience for fear mongering and its good to know that from what I can tell and from what I discerned in my spirit was not unfounded. Thank you for the points you made, I appreciate it and I hope and pray that you continue to produce good sound and logical reasoning pertaining to scripture so as to weed out those who see fit to misrepresent it.

I think some are taking this far too literal. It is merely symbolic. Do you really believe it is merely confidence that in the face of disaster and great threat the leaders of the us are quoting this verse? All the parallels are merely coincidence? The fact that ground zero is right next to the church where our first leaders met for worship after Washingtons inauguration and acknowledged their dependence upon God and that the good and blessings they had received would depart if the nation turned from God?

The parallels of the sycamore and the cedar to replace it and the Isaiah verse inscribed on the highest beam of the tower erected to replace those knocked down. If a disaster befalls on the shemitah then it is symbolic. All of that stuff was a foreshadow of Christ. The remitting of debt would align with the remission if sins and mercy and blessing of Christ. So it is purely prophetic and symbolic not literally about how anybody is supposed to observe the Old Testament shemitah.

Christ is the real shemitah. And as a nation more and more he is mocked and rejected. Our people did start out declaring their deep dance and allegiance to God and confessing if they ever turned their back on him it would be their undoing. And now their projeny are turning have turned their backs on him. Even many who claim to be christians. The people they have elected are defiant and quoting the very words of pride and defiance the rebels of Israel did. Rather than putting on sack cloth and ashes, declaring a day of fasting and repentance and reflection asking The Lord to reveal and forgive their sin like our fore fathers would have, they think they are great and above it all and can overcome of their own power and will and continue sinning.

Thanks for taking the time to write. His entire premise is built on misguided understanding of the entire Bible — and how it must be applied. He also has serious problems with the first book where this was first discussed — The Harbinger. I would suggest you read my book The Harbinger: Fact of Fiction? That will make everything much more clear. We must always think biblically or we will tragically misunderstand when God truly is doing something to get our attention. The Shemitah applied exclusively and explicitly to ancient Israel ONLY — and there is no indication anywhere in the Bible that suggests its effects will be found anywhere else.

Beyond this, he has very selectively chosen facts and statistics to support his case, all with no documentation whatsoever. That is a very unethical practice for a work of non-fiction and it is difficult to understand how any reputable publisher would let something like this be printed in this shape. I have known Jonathan Cahn for quite a few years and during that time can attest that his teachings have remained biblically sound and solidly conservative.

Had they not, I would not have hesitated to correct him — in a gentle manner, I would hope — because right doctrine and theology are paramount. Moreover, the Bible teachers he has admired have also valued literal and straightforward interpretations over emotional experience or allegorical leaps into error. Had they not, I would have criticized him to his face in no uncertain terms.

I have not followed every twist and turn of this dispute, but I am disturbed by his being portrayed as exactly the opposite of what I have known him to be over a lengthy period of time. Were I to compare his theology to that of others who were more well-known until recently, I would say that his approach to Scripture ironically is far closer to yours than to people like Benny Hinn or Sid Roth.

To use a political analogy, it would be like painting a portrait of Jimmy Carter to depict Ronald Reagan. There remains serious doctrinal error in the church which must be highlighted and pointed out. I first noticed it when he was accused of being a replacement theology proponent. I well recall the conversations Jonathan and I used to have on many topics, including how ludicrous it was to accept replacement theology — precisely because he and I shared and share a commitment to a natural and literal interpretation of the text. A quick google search of Jonathan would have cleared up that misconception immediately.

One last point. I have seen my share of hypocrites in the church. Jonathan is not one of them. Simply stated, he walks the walk. I always tell people that the Lord wants us all to have the hearts of children but the minds of adults. I appreciate your defense of Jonathan Cahn, the man. Thank you for this excellent critique. This is particularly troubling, as the doctrines presented in these things obscure the gospel and tend to lend themselves to a heretical dual-covenant theology especially in the case of Hagee.

A shame that Mr. Cahn does not zealously proclaim the saving gospel of Jesus Christ with as much zeal as his preposterous, unfounded theories which seem to drag Christians back into legalistic Judaism instead of forward into Christ. For me, what matters most is the present time, am I Holy and acceptable to G-d when the time comes? We can always debate of what happened on Genesis, Exodus or anything that is written in the Bible.

Whether we like it or not we have different opinions, understanding, different cultures, different experiences. But as individual, what is it for us personally? For me, Everything that happened from the very beginning of creation to the end of time are written for us to see the Father, revealed to us, and to save us through His Son Yeshua, and that is LOVE. Yes, you are correct there are some bottom-line issues as you suggest — and those are a priority. However, the Bible is not a closed book, but is largely opened to us through the work of the Holy Spirit. And as you note, they reveal God — and this includes the need to grasp His nature, character and His plan throughout all eternity, including in the present time and space in history.

However, those things can be and are obscured, distorted or almost completely hidden by those who impose their own ideas onto Scripture and thus make it difficult or almost impossible for others to truly see the truth that is there. This is why Jesus and all the prophets spend such a significant amount of time warning about and condemning those who do such things. This is no small matter and needs to be exposed and confronted when it occurs. If this is not done, then there will be many who will not be ready by being acceptable to the Lord when he comes.

Upon reading both the Mystery of the Shemitah and your response here, I am compelled to voice a couple questions for you. Do you believe America has been blessed above all nations, by the Unseen Hand? On a scale or manner surpassed only by Israel itself? The way our nation was founded, upon Biblical principles? Causing a judgment effect, once the Unseen Hand removes itself from the affairs of a nation? Does God send warning signs to His People so they have the opportunity to turn from their apostate ways? If so, what would those warning signs look like?

What about the events laid out by the Shemitah, could any of those points raised within those pages indeed by accurately labeled as warnings or judgment? Or do you throw the whole book out?

An Iowa College in the Liberal Arts Tradition

Cycles of the moon and sun seem to matter more to God than our time keeping from the beginning of days. Even before the Blood Moons, and the Shemitah and Harbinger, and other books, I felt the scriptures would provide warning signs to turn us back to God. The fact is, we need a warning. America is apostate, and the process is only speeding up. I watched the speech of Tom Daschle, the Senate Majority Leader, Sept 12, , and when he quoted Isaiah it sent chills up my spine because it indeed was a Vow of Defiance, against God, and that it was repeated, and then followed up with the fastest slide away from God this nation has ever seen, only cemented in my mind that there was indeed a connection.

The events of September and September , being separated by exactly 7 years. Have you read my book that goes into much more detail — or even my articles on The Harbinger? What is here only scratches the surface of the issues — and the whole thing is much more complex than it appears on the surface.

God has clearly blessed America. You seem to believe it was because it was found on biblical principles — but the question is whether that is the real reason — and does this make America a Christian nation either now or in the past? Furthermore, have any other nations incorporated judeo-christian principles into its foundation — or legal system? Are they ever unconditional? What promises did God make to America — and, if so, when did he make them? What other signs are needed to suggest that God is really serious? Are you sure their must be something more than coincidence?

Are you sure that the statistics and historical facts have not been cherry-picked — and misrepresented? How many hours have you spent researching this matter for yourself from primary sources — or does most of your information come from the one trying to convince you he is right? Dave, Thank you for the very in site full article. The one point I would like to disagree with is related to George Washington and freemasonry.

In it he debunks a lot of false assumptions behind the influence of freemasonry and the founding of America. The book is a great read. A couple of the things he covers include: how freemasonry has evolved from a biblical based institution in its beginnings to what it has become today. Also, George Washington was not an active member of any lodge. Again, thanks for the article. It raised a bunch of red flags with me, which led me to your article. Thanks again, Ben. Furthermore, he seems to be influenced by Mormons, like Glen Beck, with whom has a close relationship — and the occultic ties between Mormonism and Freemasonry are well-known and documented.

David, I just ran across your website, I have been reading so many comments I forgot how I found this site. Your article was square on the mark, I have been dealing with those in my fellowship who have begun to idolize Johnathan Cahn appropriate name Con , you dare try to alert them to the error of his books and you are attacked as if you are a member of ISIS.

My pastor seems to have wearied of the battle and sort of just takes an Oh well attitude, a wonder kind getleman, knows the word and loves the Lord, but unwilling to take a stand on many of these issues. Maybe thats why I am compelled to take up the fight. A few others I warn folks of,Beth Moore, Mr.

I am too old to back down now, it is sad to lose friends because you sound a warning out of concern for them, but thats the world we live in, so I just carry on and look forward to meeting my Lord and Savior face to face. Keep up the good work, I will pray for you and your ministry your boldness and protection. I should be fast asleep but am still up, I found your website and have been furiously reading like there is no tomorrow.

How I praise God for raising you up,I notice you have Tom Constables notes on your site as a link, I found his site about a year or so ago, and have benefited from his work. Sometimes I get lured away thinking I am the only one who thinks the way I do as I live in a small Alabama town with not much opportunity to find like minded folk.

Got to get a grip on that. Any way what a joy to have found ABI, almost woke my wife of 54 years to rejoice with me but thought better as I would surely taste her passion anger. For that reason he says, "I soldier on…". Marshall says he will never stop speaking out about the use of top-secret human cloning in deep underground military bases until those there are freed and all cloning centers are shut down forever.

Marshall came forward in to post online his eye-witness accounts of the serious crimes that take place nightly at deep underground military bases around the world, crimes including the sex trafficking and exploitation of young children in which elite members can indulge themselves without any possible chance of discovery. Marshall has risked his life to speak out about the Illuminati's use of top-secret human cloning, explaining that the science is much more advanced than the public is told.

Known as REM-Driven Consciousness Transfer, Marshall says this technology is able to track, locate and then transfer an individual's consciousness during the natural REM cycle of sleep to their identical clone stored at a cloning center many miles away. By utilizing this top-secret tech, Marshall states that Illuminati members are able to meet as clones in deep underground military bases.

There they sit in the stands of a large sports arena to discuss global politics, plan future events and watch disgusting things done to innocent people, while their real bodies are at home sleeping. When the real body wakes up, "all goes black," says Marshall, as the clone body drops limp, while workers come to collect and store the deactivated clone until the next night. Marshall claims to have attended these secret meetings with select members of the Illuminati since early childhood, as an unwilling participant in many covert government projects. While Marshall can relate in detail the events that took place at the cloning center every night, he reports that he could never remember how he got there, and as a child, thought that he had been abducted somehow.

Children are always in high demand there, says Marshall, explaining that the reason he was originally brought to the cloning center at age 5 was to service the members as a "diddle kid", a child to be sexually used, abused and discarded in time. Marshall wouldn't learn until decades later that his family, while appearing "normal enough", had strong Illuminati connections that went back for generations.

He discovered that his own mother had been used there the same way when she was a young child. Now it was her turn to bring her own children to the cloning center in exchange for favors and benefits from other Illuminati members. Marshall says he was memory suppressed until age 30, and would not consciously remember any of this until much later, when the elite decided it was time to mechanically release his memories to present consciousness, in what is known as "The Awakening".

Marshall says in his earliest memory, he simply opened his eyes to find himself there, standing in the center of a mid-size indoor sports arena. He says he thinks he was about 5 years old, although he admits that he might have been even younger. Looking around, Marshall saw that he was surrounded by stands filled with people, sitting in the dark.

He says he had no idea of where he was or how he got there and, at the time, believed that he had been kidnapped in his sleep. What Marshall didn't realize was that he was not in his real body, but was activating a clone, which, according to Marshall, feels as real as real. With heart racing, Marshall began to scan the crowds, searching among those seated in the dark, desperately trying to think of a way out.

Sitting off to the side, he recognized Queen Elizabeth, complete with diamond tiara, accompanied by other members of the royal family. When Marshall finished, he remembers the silence that followed as the crowd sat in utter amazement. Marshall says the song was released weeks later, recorded by American country artist Kenny Rodgers, entitled Lady. The song immediately became a chart-topping hit, reaching 1 on Billboard magazine's singles charts for 6 straight weeks just months later.

Marshall remembers being brought back there for more songs the next night, and the next and the next. Standing alone in the dirt pit of the arena, Marshall says he would just sing out song after song. It was weird how he could do it, he says, could easily create a new song out of thin air. He claims that his music was recorded and the songs given to different artists to sing. He says those songs all went on to become Top Ten hits… all of them. Before long, Marshall says that his reputation grew and everyone wanted to meet the "amazing song boy". Marshall reports that after his early success at hit-making, he was brought to the cloning center every night, where he joined a group of other talented children that had been selected to write music.

He remembers playing what they called the "make-a-song" game, with adults asking the children to think up rhyming words, etc. Marshall claims that he quickly surpassed them all, even though, at age five, he had a limited vocabulary and "needed help with the big words". He says that after about eight of his songs became chart-topping hits, the other children were intimidated by him and gave up trying to compete. Soon, they were bringing him on nights when there were no other children there, Marshall remembers, to create new music like magic and entertain the crowds.

Night after night, singing alone in the dirt pit of the arena, he created top-ten hits for such 80's artists as Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Madonna and many, many others. They called him "The Phenomenon". But one day, Marshall claims he ran out of ideas. That's when, he says, the nightmare began….

Dead Giveaway by Simon Brett

They began threatening to hurt him in order to scare a song out of him. Sometimes this would work, Marshall says, and, terrified, he would start singing out what would become the next hit single. Other times, however, if he couldn't think of an idea in time, Marshall would be severely punished. He says the threats turned into punches, slaps, and kicks, escalating to bizarre acts of torture.

Marshall says the situation only got worse over time, with even the celebrities taking turns hurting him, in exchange for new songs. With a never-ending demand for new music, Marshall says they began to hurt him every night, only stopping if he started to sing. He claims that they even began to experiment with different ways to punish him, all for the viewing pleasure of the privileged elite. Marshall says he became the "diversion between perversions". Marshall tells us that most are unaware that the Illuminati own nearly all news, media and entertainment outlets in the world.

With controlling interest in powerful multinational corporations, they own television networks, cable channels, movie studios, music labels, and most internet websites. Marshall reports that after his early success at hit-making, he was brought to the cloning center every night, where he joined a group of secret songwriters for the Illuminati. There, these songwriters meet, while their real bodies sleep, and create the next big hits for a selection of musical artists.

Marshall explains that making new music and songs are among the many activities that take place every night at top-secret cloning centers, in special recording studios built underground for this purpose. Marshall says he's forgotten more songs than he can remember making over the three decades he's been trapped writing music there.

He says he would sing a song from start to finish, complete with words and melody, in one take, in order to avoid punishment, and, as a reward, would then be deactivated and allowed to leave until the next night. For years, he would create a song a night, but sometimes they would demand more, three or even five songs before he would be released unharmed.

Marshall explains that his work is always credited to other songwriters, who receive all the fame and recognition. He says that he would meet and work with these songwriters at the cloning center, where sometimes he didn't even know who they were or told their names. Furthermore, when these songwriters joined the Illuminati, part of their agreement was to never reveal to the public about where they really get their tunes. One might question that, if his story is true, why hasn't anyone revealed this to the public before now?

Marshall explains that for decades trapped songwriters have been trying to hint, through their music, in an attempt to warn the world about secret human cloning in deep underground military bases without getting themselves killed. Take for example, the Eagles' Grammy Award winning classic Hotel California, which tells the story of the narrator who, after a long day spent driving through the California desert, spots an isolated, luxury hotel and, feeling tired, decides to pull over. He is greeted by the lovely hostess, who assures him that the hotel has plenty of room. At first, the narrator is dazzled by the decadent lifestyle enjoyed by the hotel's patrons.

However, after witnessing disturbing acts of barbarity, he tries to leave, only to discover that he is a prisoner of the hotel, where "you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave". In a interview, Eagles' songwriter Don Henley states the theme of Hotel California is "the end of innocence", while in a interview, Eagles' guitarist Don Felder describes the experience of driving into the city of Los Angeles at night as being the inspiration for the song.

He explains that none of the Eagles' were originally from California, saying that "if you drive into L. One can only wonder, however, if the song was hinting about those seduced into joining the Illuminati with promises of fame and fortune, only to realize too late that they are trapped instead and must continue to attend cloning every night, participating in the sick acts of depravity that take place there. Marshall says that he, too, tried to insert as many references into his music as he could, although he had to be careful or risk being tortured as punishment.

Marshall suggests you give your favorite songs another listen as he says that he "left a thousand clues in a thousand songs", such as in the breakthrough hit for British duo, the Eurythmics's Sweet Dreams Are Made of This. The song achieved global success for the musical couple, topping charts all over the world, including the U. Sweet dreams are made of this Who am I to disagree I travel the world and the seven seas Everybody's looking for something.

Some of them want to use you Some of them want to get used by you Some of them want to abuse you Some of them want to be abused. Dark and powerful, the song captures the restlessness of those searching for an outlet for their forbidden desires, whether they want to hurt others, or be hurt by others. Marshall says the song is his, written by him to describe how every act of perversity imaginable can be found at cloning centers in deep underground military bases worldwide, where "everybody is looking for something" and there, they usually find it.

Pop legend, Madonna is credited for writing the lyrics to the ballad, Live to Tell, withoriginal composition by Patrick Leonard, although, according to Marshall, he actually wrote the song at the cloning center when he was only 11 years old. He remembers Madonna as being a "cold soul" who would personally torture him for new songs.

What's more, Marshall claims to have written much of Madonna's music over the years from the very beginning of her career. In an interview about the song, Madonna said, "I thought about my relationship with my parents and the lying that went on. The song is about being strong, and questioning whether you can be that strong but ultimately surviving". However, the words in the song's chorus take on new meaning when read with the understanding that Marshall used the lyrics as a way to embed hints about secret human cloning activities in deep, underground military bases.

I've learned my lesson well I've learned how to create successful music that the public will want to buy…. Hope I live to tell The secret I have learned, I hope I survive the repeated acts of torture inflicted on me, night after night If I live to tell The secret I knew then Will I ever have the chance again I must take every opportunity I have to add hints to my music, for I don't know how much longer I will be allowed to live…. Marshall claims he was just 12 years old when he wrote Welcome to the Jungle for heavy metal band, Guns N' Roses in , considered by many to be one of the greatest hard rock songs of all time.

While the band maintains that the song was written about life on the mean streets of Hollywood, Marshall explains that the song is really about the fun 'n' games that are played every night at top-secret cloning centers, where new recruits are welcomed to join the jungles of the cloning center. Welcome to the jungle We've got fun 'n' games We got everything you want, honey We know the names We are the people that can find Whatever you may need If you got the money, honey We got your disease.

Marshall says that new members are lured into joining the Illuminati, with promises of fame and fortune, and in exchange for promotion and opportunities, they must agree to attend cloning every night to service other members as sex slaves. Welcome to the jungle We take it day by day If you want it you're gonna bleed But it's the price you pay And you're a very sexy girl That's very hard to please You can taste the bright lights But you won't get them for free.

At first, new members are offered everything you want…whatever you may need … Once famous, however, Marshall notes that many regret joining and wish to leave. They all discover, however, that there is no way out and must continue to participate in sick perversity every night. In , at the age of 15, Marshall says that he wrote Silent Lucidity for metal band Queensryche.

The song was their biggest hit, peaking at 9 on the Billboard Hot , was nominated for a Grammy award in the category of "Best Rock Song" in and is ranked 21 on VH1's list of Greatest Power Ballads. Because of the lyrical content, and the title of the song, it is assumed to be based on the subject of lucid dreaming.

However, Marshall says that the song is really about the numerous senseless crimes he witnessed at the cloning center, where many are brought there in their dream state, to be victimized for entertainment. Hush now, don't you cry Wipe away the teardrop from your eye You're lying safe in bed It was all a bad dream Spinning in your head…. What's more, Marshall claims that many were lured to the cloning center to meet the "amazing song boy", and were told that this was necessary in order for him to create music that would turn them into stars, when, in reality, these people ended up murdered for sport or profit….

Marshall says he whispered help me at the end while the song was being recorded, to be then passed on to other musical artists to produce. However, he never expected his words to be included in the official version and was amazed to find out later that it was. This cry for help can be heard at Marshall was 16 years old when he wrote Metallica's heavy metal hit Enter Sandman which, he says, describes the terror felt by those held hostage at top-secret cloning centers.

The song propelled Metallica to worldwide popularity. The single debuted at No. Twenty-five years later, Enter Sandman remains one of Metallica's most played songs; loved by fans, acclaimed by critics, and considered by many to be one of the greatest hard rock songs of all time. Credited for writing the song's lyrics, vocalist and rhythm guitarist James Hetfield has said the song deals with the concept of a child's nightmares, about "destroying the perfect family; a huge horrible secret in a family".

Say your prayers, little one Don't forget, my son To include everyone. Tuck you in, warm within Keep you free from sin Till the Sandman he comes. The Sandman is a mythical character in European folklore that brings good dreams by sprinkling magical sand into the eyes of people while they sleep at night. However, Metallica's version of the Sandman is something different altogether, a malevolent guide who enters your dreams at night, to escort you to a nightmarish Never-Never Land.

Marshall says that the chorus of Exit light, Enter night accurately describes the double life of those trapped there, knowing that, eventually, they must fall asleep, only to awaken in the cloning center; a horrific war zone filled with…. Dreams of war, dreams of liars Dreams of dragon's fire And of things that will bite. Marshall explains he doesn't know how to block the top-secret consciousness transfer technology that that is used to track, kidnap and hold those hostage at the cloning center until their real bodies wake up.

The song was Nirvana's biggest hit, reaching number six on the Billboard Hot and ranking high on music industry charts around the world. In fact, the unexpected success of the lead single from their album Nevermind is often used to mark the point where alternative rock music entered the mainstream. Twenty-five years later,following lead singer Kurt Cobain's death and the band's breakup , Smells Like Teen Spirit is still widely considered to be one of the greatest songs of all time.

The lyrics to Smells Like Teen Spirit are often difficult for listeners to decipher, both due to their nonsensicality and because of Cobain's slurred, guttural singing voice. This incomprehensibility contributed to the early resistance from radio stations to add the song to their playlists. MTV went as far as to prepare a version of the video that included the lyrics running across the bottom of the screen.

Rock critic Dave Marsh wrote, " Teen Spirit reveals its secrets reluctantly and then often incoherently". Marshall, trying to decipher the lyrics of the song, felt after reading the correct lyrics from the song's sheet music that "what I imagined was quite a bit better at least, more gratifying than what Nirvana actually sang". Some concluded that the song had no meaning and was just a collection of meaningless words, while others, such as The New York Times observed a "bitter irony" in the title, saying that the band knows only too well that "teen spirit is routinely bottled, shrink-wrapped and sold".

Smells Like Teen Spirit is widely interpreted to be a teen revolution anthem, an interpretation reinforced by the song's music video. In an interview conducted the day Nevermind was released, Cobain stated the song was about his friends, explaining, "We still feel as if we're teenagers because we don't follow the guidelines of what's expected of us to be adults It also has kind of a teen revolutionary theme. As Cobain did more interviews, he changed his explanation of the song and rarely gave specifics about the song's meaning.

When discussing the song in Michael Azerrad's biography Come as You Are: The Story of Nirvana, Cobain revealed that he felt a duty "to describe what I felt about my surroundings and my generation and people my age. According to Marshall, the lyrics to Smells Like Teen Sprit provide an accurate description of the atmosphere at the cloning center when he created new music, where it can be said that:. With the lights out, it's less dangerous, Here we are now, entertain us….

Marshall explains that many at the cloning center have told him that watching him create new music was the most magical thing in the world. Marshall says that when he was singing, the crowds were entertained and, for a moment, not engaged in the acts of depravity that often occurs there in the pit. Marshall states that the brutal acts of blood-sport, the perverse sex parties, and the free-for-alls available at the cloning center take place in the dirt pit of the cloning center arena; where some enjoy the wild debauchery, while others participate and just pretend to have fun.

For that reason, Marshall says that when he created new music on the spot, the others there would be allowed to return to their stadium seats, sit in the darkness and enjoy the show. But, according to Marshall, he struggled to keep up with the constant demand to create new music at the cloning center or suffer brutal torture as punishment.

Some nights, Marshall says he wouldn't be able to think up a new idea in time, and for that reason, he sings,. I feel stupid and contagious, Here we are now, entertain us…. Sometimes, when he's at a loss for words, he just uses the first one that comes to mind, hence verses like:. A mulatto An albino A mosquito My libido. Marshall says he laughs when he later reads of musicians who claim credit for his work, trying to explain the true meaning behind the lyrics of his songs, when actually he says it just means: Don couldn't think of a better word….

I'm worse at what I do best And for this gift I feel blessed. Marshall claims that even on the nights he struggled to create new music for the privileged elite, he realized that if it weren't for his ability to create hit songs that generated many millions, he would have been used, abused and discarded long ago. Marshall maintains that he wrote the song Losing My Religion , recorded by alternative rock band R. Marshall says that he hates the song, as he says hearing it brings back bad memories of being beaten in a small side room at the cloning center, where he was surrounded and kicked until he began singing out a song, broken bones and all.

Losing My Religion became R. Built on a mandolin riff, the song was an unlikely hit for the group, garnering heavy airplay on the radio as well as on MTV, due to its critically acclaimed music video. The song became R. In , the song was listed as No. Buck said that "when I listened back to it the next day, there was a bunch of stuff that was really just me learning how to play mandolin, and then there's what became Losing My Religion".

He told UK's Q magazine that the song is about "someone who pines for someone else. Its' unrequited love, what have you. According to Marshall, the song is actually about his determination to destroy the Illuminati, a downfall he had carefully set up through the use of embedding references to top-secret cloning throughout his music over the decades. Under these circumstances, the lyrics take on new meaning, especially the reference in the third stanza in which one is asked to consider the song to be the hint of the century Marshall reveals that his secret is "bigger" than you can imagine, for you are not me.

Unlike most at the cloning center, who simply sit and watch him sing, he vows never to surrender in his quest to destroy the Illuminati, no matter the cost to him personally. He knows he must be careful not to say too much or risk punishment, although by embedding hints in his music, he sets up their eventual downfall…. That's me in the corner That's me in the spotlight Losing my religion Trying to keep up with you And I don't know if I can do it Oh no, I've said too much I haven't said enough.

That's me in the corner beaten and kicked in a small side room at the cloning center. That's me in the spotlight of the cloning center arena, singing out, losing hope that I will ever be set free…. Losing my religion Trying to keep up with you And I don't know if I can do it. Marshall speaks to the constant challenge where he knows that he will be punished if he says too much, or fail in his quest to destroy the Illuminati if he says too little….

Speaking to himself, Marshall thinks that he hears himself "singing, laughing, trying". Every whisper Of every waking hour I'm choosing my confessions Trying to keep an eye on you Like a hurt, lost and blinded fool, fool Oh no, I've said too much I set it up. Always planning the hints or "confessions" that he will insert into his music, Marshall must, at the same time, keep an eye on his abusers, in preparation for the next attack….

Consider this Consider this, the hint of the century Consider this, the slip That brought me to my knees, failed What if all these fantasies come Flailing around Now I've said too much. Marshall asks us to regard the song as the biggest expose of the secret elite, knowing, however, that if this "hint of the century" should fail, the loss will bring him to his knees But that was just a dream Try, cry, why, try That was just a dream Just a dream Just a dream, dream.

Written in a dark moment, Marshall doubts whether he will ever be able to succeed in his dream to destroy the Illuminati, considering that he is just one against the most powerful organization on Earth. Years It was also released as a single in November , reaching No. This gleefully apocalyptic song is known for its' quick flying, seemingly stream of consciousness rant with a number of diverse references to end time prophecies. The words in the title first appear in the film Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, where, in preparing to fight the apes, a human says: "If we lose this battle, that's the end of the world as we know it.

Explaining the song to Q magazine in , lead singer Michael Stipe said: "The words come from everywhere. I'm extremely aware of everything around me, whether I am in a sleeping state, awake, dream-state or just in day to day life…along with a lot of stuff I'd seen when I was flipping TV channels. It's a collection of streams of consciousness. Marshall claims that he wrote the song while trapped during his dream state in a deep underground military base. He says the lyrics describe the Illuminati's plan to create a fake Armageddon by using top-secret HAARP weather manipulation technology to create global disasters It starts with an earthquake as well as the recreation of freaky acts straight out of the Book of Revelations birds and snakes.

Then, after unleashing a series of manufactured global disasters, the Illuminati plan to sit back and watch the chaos as civilization breaks down, giving them the excuse to send in the military to restore order, confiscating all guns and disarming the populace, thus allowing them to completely take over the world.

It [the Apocalypse] starts with an earthquake [and the unleashing of] birds and snakes in a frightening act of God's fury. Every motive escalate [s][while] automotive [s] incinerate meanwhile, world leaders participate in a Tournament of Lies. Creep was released by English alternative rock band Radiohead as their debut single in , and it later appeared on their first album Pablo Honey. During its initial release, Creep was not a chart success. However, upon re-release in , it became a worldwide hit. The song is included in the Radiohead: The Best Of compilation album.

Creep met with little success in the UK when it was first released in September Radio 1 found the song "too depressing" and refrained from playing the song. Creep reached number 78 on the UK Singles Chart, selling only 6, copies. The song soon became a national hit. Around the same time, California radio stations added the song to their playlist, and other radio stations along the West Coast soon followed.

By the second half of , the song had become a hit nationwide, charting at number 34 on the Billboard Hot Radiohead lead vocalist, Thom Yorke, who wrote Creep while studying at Exeter University in the late s, says the song tells the tale of an inebriated man who tries to get the attention of a woman to whom he is attracted by following her around. In the end, he lacks the self-confidence to face her and, subconsciously, feels that he has become her. According to Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood, the song was inspired by a girl that Yorke had followed around who showed up unexpectedly during a show by the band.

He says the song was, in fact, a happy song about "recognizing what you are". Marshall says he wrote Creep while trapped at the cloning center, singing directly to the Queen, as he found that "serenading the monster" would sometimes allow him to get away, unhurt, for one more night. Many are unaware that Queen Elizabeth II, as head of state of the United Kingdom and of 31 other states and territories, is the legal owner of about 6, million acres of land, one sixth of the earth's non-ocean surface, making her the largest landowner and richest individual on Earth.

In fact, there is no way to easily assess the value of her real estate holdings, although a rough estimate places their value into many, many trillions of dollars. For that reason, Marshall says no world leader ever opposes her in any way for fear of retaliation. Marshall explains that for generations, royal families in the Illuminati have indulged their sick fantasies in wild sex parties, safe from discovery behind castle walls on remote estates.

However, with the advance of top-secret cloning technology, the royals were given the unimagined opportunity to meet every night in deep underground military bases, where, by activating identical clones, they can indulge every whim, while their real bodies sleep at night.

Marshall explains that the Queen holds much power and authority at the cloning center, where everyone treads lightly, as she is capable of nearly anything and there is no guessing what she might do next. Despite her carefully constructed public image of service and duty to crown and country, Marshall says the Queen is actually unstable and psychotic, caused by decades of participating in sick depravity underground. When you were here before, Couldn't look you in the eye, You're just like an angel, Your skin makes me cry, You float like a feather, In a beautiful world, I wish I was special, You're so very special.

Only at the end of the song does Marshall expresses his true feelings, as he searches for answers to explain how he ended up hopelessly trapped in a top-secret, hi-tech hell. What the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here I don't belong here According to Madonna, the song is about saving the environment and "hav[ing] a good time while we are doing it.

In the United States, 4 Minutes debuted at number 68 on the Billboard Hot chart in April 5, , based solely on airplay. The single was an international hit, topping the charts in over 21 countries worldwide, including Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. As of July , 4 Minutes had become Madonna's best-selling digital single in the United States, with 3 million copies sold. The song peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot , giving Madonna her 37th top-ten single, breaking the record previously held by Elvis Presley as the artist with most top-ten hits.

Almost five months after its release, 4 Minutes was certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America RIAA for sales of two million paid digital downloads. The song's lyrics carry a message of social awareness, inspired by Madonna's visit to Africa and the human suffering she said she witnessed there.

In an interview with MTV News , Madonna further explained the meaning of the song: "I don't think it's important to take it too literally. I think the song, more than anything, is about having a sense of urgency; about how we are, you know, living on borrowed time essentially and people are becoming much more aware of the environment and how we're destroying the planet…so it's kind of like, well, if we're going to save the planet, can we have a good time while we are doing it?

According to Marshall, the song is his, written by him at the cloning center. What's more, Marshall says the title actually refers to a sick game they would often play, where he would be allowed only 4 minutes to write a new song or suffer the consequences. Most nights, Marshall would be able to scramble together some kind of song, but this time was different. Marshall says that you can hear his desperation in the beginning of the song, as he searches for some idea, fully aware that time is quickly slipping away.

He says that he just kept repeating the phrase over and over again, until he had enough of an idea to begin singing. Later verses make it clear that only 4 minutes are remaining in order to save the world:. Later, they trade choruses: [Madonna] The road to hell Is paved with good intentions, yeah [Timberlake] But if I die tonight at least I can say I did what I wanted to do Tell me, how 'bout you?

Marshall is reminding himself that no matter what the personal consequences, he will never give up in his efforts to expose and destroy the Illuminati. And, while he was able to crank out an original song in under 4 minutes, the next night, however, Marshall says he wasn't so luckyand was severely punished for it. Marshall says he's surprised that people don't pay enough attention to lyrics and have no idea as to their true meaning. As incredible as all this sounds, Marshall claims that he only mentions the music as it provides an explanation as to why he was allowed to live all these years, as he was simply too valuable to kill.

Marshall hopes that one day, people will understand what their favorite songs are really about and demand a complete shutdown of all top-secret cloning centers worldwide. Inspired by the Academy Award winning film, Amadeus, about the life of prolific classical composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Falco's music video imagines Mozart's return as a modern day rock god.

He appears to be living the high life, loved and celebrated the world over by the rich and famous, all hungry for the new music that will turn them into superstars. According to Illuminati whistleblower Donald Marshall, the music video accurately portrays his bizarre double life as a top-secret songwriter for the privileged elite of the New World Order.

He claims that he wrote Rock Me Amadeus , as a year-old kid trapped at the cloning center, where "Amadeus" was one of his many nicknames. The video depicts the constant demand for new music there, where his songs launched many a successful career. Marshall came forward in late to speak out about the Illuminati's use of top-secret human cloning technology which, he says, is much more advanced than the public is told. He states that this top-secret tech allows members of the Illuminati to transfer their individual consciousness during the natural REM stage of sleep to their identical clones stored in a deep underground military base.

Marshall has attended cloning since childhood, he says, as an unwilling participant in covert government projects. Marshall explains that after displaying an early success at songwriting, he was brought to the cloning center night after night, in order to produce new music for such 80's artists as Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Madonna and many, many others. Marshall's first song, entitled Lady , recorded by American country artist Kenny Rodgers, became a chart-topping hit, reaching 1 on Billboard magazine's singles charts for 6 straight weeks just months later.

Before long, Marshall's reputation grew and everyone wanted to meet the "Amazing Song Boy". Marshall tells us he doesn't write songs down, but just "sings 'em out", making it up as he goes, in the dirt arena of the cloning center, sometimes stopping for a moment to think up the next line or verse. Marshall states that his songs would be recorded and then given to other songwriters to claim credit. One can only imagine the experience of sitting in the darkly-lit arena of the cloning center, watching, waiting as Marshall creates new music on the spot, knowing that his songs are a guaranteed hit, that just one of his songs could make or break your career, one song could change your life forever… Who's gonna get it?

Marshall explains that sometimes he would sing out a random song, and a celebrity would claim the song, saying that it sounded like something he'd sing. Other times, he was asked to write custom songs for a specific artist or group, in which case, he had to write the song with their signature sound in mind. Through decades of trial and error, Marshall developed an uncanny ability to predict the music that people will like, and most importantly, people will buy. His songs have made many millions of dollars for major record labels, musical groups, artists and bands the world over.

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He had to make songs that were successful, because if a song failed, he would be blamed and tortured later as punishment. Marshall says that now he doesn't even like listening to music, because of bad memories of how he had to sing for his life for so many years. What's more, he finds that he can't lose himself in the sound, but instead is always thinking: Will it sell?

In song making, Marshall explains that the melody is key in creating hit songs. He has learned that people want a catchy tune with some repetition, as we psychologically crave listening to music with a repeating pattern of rise, climax and fall. Marshall tells us that he also likes to add familiar melodies from nursery rhymes and children's songs in his music, as he has found that listeners will unconsciously remember the sound from their childhood and want to hear the song again and again. Marshall points to the hit single Somebody that I Used to Know that he wrote for Australian singer-songwriter Gotye.

He explains that the song opens with a simple melody played on xylophone that he lifted from the nursery rhyme Baa Baa Black Sheep. Marshall says that everyone subliminally remembers this familiar melody, although they won't consciously make the connection. This technique worked as the chart-topping hit went on to receive both critical and commercial success, selling more than 13 million copies worldwide, to become one of the best selling singles of all time. In fact, Goyte co-manager John Watson said, "We've never seen any song make a deeper or more immediate connection with so many people.

Marshall explains that using techniques like this helped him sell many records and kept him from facing torture… most times. Even though Marshall's work has received numerous awards, honors and accolades over three decades, he has yet to receive any public recognition. And as for Marshall receiving any financial compensation for all the many millions his music has made in the last three decades?

For example, Marshall's first song Lady , written at the age of 5, has been singer-songwriter Lionel Richie's most profitable song ever. Richie, who was given songwriting credit for the ballad, told Entertainment Weekly that he has an "estate that Lady bought". So, what songs does he claim to have written in his over 30 year career as a secret Illuminati songwriter?

Music industry insiders know that while they may have many talented performers under contract, ready for stardom, their careers go nowhere without that one catchy hit single that receives massive airplay on the radio, driving consumers to download and buy. Because, even with talent and a fan base, singers still need that crucial hit song to launch their careers and keep them afloat.

Marshall says he's forgotten more songs than he can remember making over the three decades he's been trapped there, writing music. Marshall claims that his ability to create instant hits launched the careers of such 80's superstars as Madonna, Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson, all of whom were massively successful, with their music videos becoming a permanent fixture on MTV, gaining them a worldwide audience. He says he remembers when Madonna was first introduced at the cloning center, having been discovered by Sean Penn as a dancer at a New York City strip club.

Penn saw her potential and requested she be brought to the cloning center, to meet other members of the Illuminati. In fact, by , Madonna was named Artist of the Decade by a number of recognized industry sources. Whitney Houston became the second best selling female artist of the 's, second only to Madonna, with her debut album becoming the best selling debut album of all time.

Houston was the first and only artist to chart seven consecutive No. Marshall remembers Houston as being nice at first, however, in time she changed as she increasingly turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with the depravity she encountered at the cloning center every night in her so-called "dreams". Music industry insiders soon realized that Marshall's music had the power to launch even big stars into superstardom, as in the case of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, who Marshall remembers well over his years at the cloning center. Already enjoying the critical and commercial success from his solo album Off The Wall , Jackson's follow-up album, Thriller, released several years later, would become and currently remains, the best selling album of all time, with an estimated sales of 65 million copies worldwide.

Marshall claims that he actually wrote those songs for Jackson at the cloning center. Marshall says he has to laugh at the late singer's reputation as a truther desperate to expose the Illuminati, when actually he says Jackson was "totally down" with them, and was not at all like his carefully crafted public image. What's more, Jackson's hit single They Don't Really Care About Us is his song, that Marshall says he wrote to alert the public about how the world elite really feel about you and me. Marshall's music not only created new superstars, his songs also supplied fading talent with powerful comeback careers, as in the case of the Queen of Rock 'n' Roll, Tina Turner, who launched a major comeback in the mid's with the release of her solo album Private Dancer.

Quickly recorded in London in just two months, Private Dancer became a world-wide success. Another comeback kid, the late pop legend David Bowie, enjoyed massive mid-career success thanks, in part, to Marshall. While known for decades as an innovator in music, art and design, Bowie had yet to write the pop song that would top charts in the U. The title track became an instant hit, reaching No. Let's Dance has sold With his career revitalized, Bowie traveled the globe with the sold-out Serious Moonlight Tour, emerging as one of the most important artists of the day.

The success of the album surprised Bowie, who later attempted to write his own catchy pop songs with the follow-up albums Tonight and Never Let Me Down , which critics dismissed. Unable to duplicate the success he had found using Marshall's songs, Bowie returned to writing his own songs, experimenting with a wide variety of musical styles. Not only did Marshall's music launch new careers and relaunch those not-so-new, his songs also guaranteed success, reassuring for the Illuminati-backed music industry, known for playing it safe musically and distrustful of anyone willing to take chances.

For example, take the case of the late legendary singer-songwriter Prince and his neo-psychedelic album Around the World in a Day, released just one year after the mega-hit, Purple Rain. The new album reflected important steps in Prince's musical evolution, incorporating new instruments and musical styles which prompted critics to draw numerous comparisons to The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. However, the record-buying public didn't respond well to Prince's new sound, resulting in a dramatic record sales drop, from 13 million sold for Purple Rain to only 2 million sold for the new album.

The only song on the album still remembered today, is the successful hit single Raspberry Beret, a popular song that quickly reached number two on the Billboard Hot , and was played at every Prince concert thereafter. At the time, critics commented that the sound of the song was different than any previous Prince track, with the incorporation of international instruments and middle eastern percussion cymbals.

Marshall claims that Raspberry Beret is his, that he co-wrote with Prince, guaranteeing the album at least one hit single. Marshall explains that many of the songwriters for whom he provided music are actually bitter by the fact that Marshall's songs are usually the most popular tracks on any album, always the most requested and loved by fans.

Marshall contends that his music was not only used to create new superstars, his songs provided the jet fuel to launch new musical movements, such as the so-called Second British Invasion of the U. This song, written by Marshall, about the failed romance between a man and a cocktail waitress-turned-superstar, was released in early , and by July, hit No. Marshall remembers meeting these artists at the cloning center and claims to have written all of their biggest hits. He explains that musicians like Collins, Sting, and Bono are loyal Illuminati members and favorites of the Queen, who would reward faithful service with guaranteed hits from Marshall.

The mid's also saw an international musical movement known as the "New Wave of British Heavy Metal", where hard rock musicians from the U. Two British heavy metal bands of the time, Def Leppard and Iron Maiden , are considered to be the most commercially successful and influential heavy metal bands of all time. For example, Def Leppards' album, Pyromania peaked at No. Marshall claims that he wrote Pour Some Sugar On Me as a kid and, what's more, states that he practically IS Def Leppard , and has written all of their popular songs, songs that are still heard on the radio every day some thirty years later.

Glam Metal bands also had a run of commercial success with Bon Jovi's album Slippery When Wet topping the Billboard and spending eight non-consecutive weeks there. Billboard Hot to become the band's first number one hit. Another successful group from that era was Guns N' Roses who released the best-selling debut of all time, Appetite For Destruction , producing three top 10 hits including the No.

According to Marshall, he wrote all of those songs, while a trapped, scared teenager, yes, all of them…. The 80's also saw a huge interest in heavy metal music, which Marshall says that he used to express his fury and rage at being caged at the cloning center, tortured nightly for new songs.

The end of the 80's saw the gradual decline of glam metal and the emergence of a completely new sound that came to be known as "Grunge". Originating in the city of Seattle's active music scene, local guitarists fused elements of hardcore punk with heavy metal to create something raw and powerful, with lyrics that often spoke of social alienation, apathy, confinement and a desire for freedom.

By the early 's, the music's popularity had spread, with grunge acts performing in California and other parts of the U. However, while professional scouts for the Illuminati-backed record labels signed many promising bands from the Pacific Northwest, they would still need those chart-topping hits to sweep the country and catch the attention of the mainstream consumer.

Marshall tells us that he was just a teenager when he met members from many grunge bands at the cloning center, where he wrote the signature hits for bands such as Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Hole, and Stone Temple Pilots among others. What's more, Marshall says that he IS Nirvana , having written every one of their songs, even providing the name for the band. While the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain had a compelling voice and stage presence, Marshall says it's really him you're listening to, in every song.

He explains that musicians like Cobain, despite their reputation as songwriters, are more like performers that play music. And while Cobain might have had the talent necessary to propel him to stardom, make no mistake, he got there on the strength of Marshall's songs. Marshall maintains that many musicians secretly try to recognize his uncredited contributions to their successful careers. Instead, Marshall says that Grohl wrote the song about him and that he provided songs for both Nirvana and the Foo Fighters.

He says that Noel Gallagher is mean, and he had to laugh about the time that Gallagher famously criticized the work of Phil Collins, whose mega-hits dominated the music charts in the 80's, calling Collin's music "boring", saying that it was "time for some real lads to get up there and take charge".

Gallagher's comment is especially ironic considering Marshall wrote all of Oasis's best tunes and, incidentally, all of Collin's biggest hits, as well. These so-called singer-songwriters are actually singing his songs, using his words, sharing his message. Marshall claims that the Illuminati will recruit those of interest, and then bring them to the cloning center to meet him, so he can turn them into stars. All they need to do is to find the performers, those with the right look and sound, while Marshall supplies the rest.

Marshall says he's written many of Britney Spear's hits from the beginning, including her debut single Baby One More Time which became one of the best-selling singles of all time, reaching No. Over time, the Illuminati-backed music industry insiders became so confident that Marshall's music could turn virtually anyone into a star, that they began to bring more and more to the cloning center to meet him.

Take, for example, international pop superstar, Lady Gaga, whose debut album, The Fame was a critical and commercial success around the world with its' chart-topping singles Just Dance and Poker Face. Her second full-length album Born This Way , released in , sold over one million copies in its' first week, topping the charts in more than 20 countries, with its' No. Despite her reputation as a songwriter, Marshall says he wrote every one of Lady Gaga's songs from the beginning of her career. He says that all she brought was her arty costumes and hairstyles; Marshall supplied all the rest.

Marshall says he can remember when he first met Rihanna at the cloning center, fresh from the island of Barbados, eager to do whatever it took for fame and fortune. With sales exceeding million records sold worldwide, Rihanna became one of the best-selling artists of all time, with 14 number one singles on the Billboard Hot Rihanna must have made many influential friends there, because Marshall says that, for a time, they just kept giving her every song he wrote, one after another. Even though these "cloner-kids" create fake bios filled with stories of how they struggled until they were discovered singing at local county fairs and coffee shops Truth is, they were favored from childhood to be big stars, as a reward to their Illuminati parents for years of faithful service.

Whether it's pop, country, hard rock, heavy metal, electronica, hip hop, rap Marshall simply writes the music that sells. Marshall says that he's known underground as the Rainman because of the untold millions of dollars his music pours into profits worldwide. Well, let's just pretend he never picked up a pen … for according to Marshall, he is Eminem and has written all the rapper's songs. Marshall tells us that Eminem was promoted by the Illuminati in the late 90's as a way to introduce black rap music to middle-class white kids across the country, which was then a lucrative, underdeveloped market.

Marshall says that at first he was writing songs for Miami-born white rapper, Vanilla Ice, who, with his hit single Ice Ice Baby became the second white rapper in history to top the charts. His debut album To The Extreme , became the fastest selling hip hop album of all time, spending sixteen weeks at No.

However, unlike New York white rappers the Beastie Boys , Vanilla Ice had no street credibility, and with overall negative reviews for his next two albums, interest in the rapper soon dropped. Marshall maintains that music industry insiders were looking for a replacement for Vanilla Ice when they discovered Detroit rapper, Marshall "Eminem" Mathers, who had recently moved to Los Angeles in to compete in an annual nationwide battle rap competition. Placing second, the Illuminati took notice and quickly recruited Mathers into their ranks, with promises of fame, fortune, and guaranteed success with the use of Marshall's music.

Forget any official versions you've heard of Eminem as just another struggling young rapper pushing his demo CD before being discovered by Interscope Records founder, Jimmy Iovine and famed record producer, Dr. Truth is, Mathers is "Illuminati made and paid", says Marshall and adds that he's "not the nice, cool guy everyone thinks he is". Thanks to Marshall, Eminem went on to become the best-selling hip hop artist of all time, with twelve No.

Marshall says that he has written songs for many rappers such as Public Enemy, Run-D.