Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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Miriam, a sublime poem that makes my heart soar. Like Balroop, I have read this many times, finding new elements within on each reading. I feel as the very essence of life itself is celebrated with every whisper, as we join in harmony with the nature around us. Over time we hear the same whispering but as we have changed their connotations change accordingly … time itself is never still. A beautiful, serene and powerful poem that drew me in from the magical start of :.

Annika, thank you for this beautiful and stunning comment. I feel quite in awe. I am so happy to read these words, I really intended this. Again, bless you for taking time. This is so descriptive, Miriam. Thank you for your kind comment Tina, I am so glad that you partook in nature with me.

Very interesting and evocative poem Miriam. To me it emphasis the fact that nature itself is holistic and that the whisperings can come from one thing or from everywhere at the same time talking to us, if we only take the time to stop and listen. Thank you Mike for your beautiful comment. I love the way you see nature as holistic and the whisperings can come from anywhere if we just are still and listen.

Thank you Phil, glad you liked it even if it pushed your diabetes button. Today I saw some of what wars have left behind. A video of grave yards across the world with the multitude of white crosses. The video was accompanied by wonderful music by John Williams. Such destruction. Makes my whisperings seeming like a futile dream. It makes your whisperings more valuable.

Anything we offer to the positive side of the cosmic radio is fresh water in the dream stream. I heard the universe started out completely dark. All that light? Whisperings can be louder than any siren or alarm.

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Whisperings can soothe the soul. I love the image of walking in the forest or fields and just listening … to the whisperings. Beautiful poem. Pam, thank yu so much for your kind comment. I do agree totally with you that whisperings are soothing, whisperings from nature, whispering between human beings as we sit in a quiet place and no loud voice is needed. Thank you Miriam x. Nigel, trust you to bring happy tears to my eyes. I am also glad you felt the beauty of nature behind these simple words.

A beautiful and evocative poem Miriam. I think it is only when we take some time out and slow down we experience this side of nature, the one that draws us in to look for it. The sight of the first butterfly in spring is a wonderful moment and never fails to lift the spirit. There is so much in your words and the connection with nature to reflect on. Davy, thank you for your warming response. Yes, we need to take time out or keep our hearts and mind open each day to notice and feel all these free wonders so generously given around us.

How sad life would be if we just rush by. My last stanza moves to us humans though. Miriam, your words evoke feelings of peace and beauty. This is truly a magical poem and one that makes my heart soar and sigh with delight. Wishing you a magical evening. Thank you Lauren for your beautiful and heartwarming comment. How glad I am hearing you call my poem magical.

Whispering Wings

To me and I am sure to most, nature does speak with beauty and a pure voice. Love this, Miriam! It brings me into the meadow to listen, just listen to all the sounds around me. Thank you Julie, it is wonderful to hear how you totally join in and feel the quiet whispering which really is there if we but take time to open our ears and hearts. Truly so lifegiving.

Ariel's Wings

I am looking at the picture. I like the idea of fairies; matronly fairies. And the possibility of whispers of understanding. JoAnna, thank you for this wonderful response. How could I but feel warmed if my words gave you comfort…and sweet excitement. I do like that expression.

both wings flappin’, still not flyin’, by Jane Ellen Ibur

Simply marvelous and such Serene words of the whispering wings. Loved the apt picture so beautiful, Miriam. Thank you Kamal, I am so glad for your beautiful response. I did feel serenity when I wrote this. I am glad you like the pictures as well, I do like finding images or taking photos that will enhance the words.

Same here and such beautiful and apt pictures adds cadence to our poems. Love the way you write dear Miriam. Welcome always. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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Search for:. Whispering Wings They whisper as the breeze in the cottonwood trees, as the grass drinking morning dew, like a butterfly languidly moving its wings; Just being its subliminal self, Whisperings from small branches moving gently in soft breeze, Like Dragonfly hovering, such beauty are their shimmering wings.

Whispering like the hope in our hearts, finding the tune we recognise from afar, Songs sung for eternities losing each other, but now Recognising the whisperings anew. Like this: Like Loading So very peaceful Miriam. This evokes feelings of contentment and ease. You had me with the title, nicely done.