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Sue Bohlin offers a quiz covering Bible basics rather than trivia. That's because we're not reading and studying the Bible. Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament? .. Probe fulfills this mission through our Mind Games conferences for youth and adults, our 3-minute daily radio program, and.

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The Holy Eucharist consists of consecrated bread and often consecrated wine. These represent the body and blood of Jesus Christ and are received at all Catholic Church ceremonies. First Communions are often celebrated with a party, and of course, gifts. While Savings Bonds, checks and cash are acceptable gifts, you may be looking for something with a more personal touch.

The best way to prepare children to the First Communion - "I Want to Make my Home in You" (Part 1/5)

Here are some inspirations on gifts you can give for a First Communion to commemorate the special day:. Rosaries aka Rosary beads are a traditional symbol of Catholic faith. They are typically held in the hands during prayer, making them an important part of Catholic practice. Holy Bibles are an ideal gift for a child celebrating their First Communion. After First Communion, children will continue catechism classes until their Confirmation at age 12 or 13 and will regularly read passages from the Holy Bible.

A personalized bible is a gift that the child will cherish for years to come. Nothing symbolizes faith quite like a cross. They represent something very spiritual, an idyllic gift for any First Communion celebration. Cue the joyful music and open a spreadsheet if it makes you smile. Want to make sure your favorite deacon is in attendance? One little correspondence is all it takes to ask. It happens once in your life, after all.

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The same is true for first Communion, at least in my world. And, given the aversion I have to party planning, this step is critical for my mental well-being. Ask for help. Enlist the people whose talents match your needs. There is something about wrangling everyone out of the door in enough time to be early-without-being-too-early that is simply beyond me.

Those zany bedbugs make viewing fun for adults, too. Children love to watch this faithful retelling of Scripture again and again. Kids age 2 through 8 will laugh and sing along through the parables of the Lost Sheep, the Good Samaritan, and the Sower and the Seed. Louis Architecture for Kids "A darling book with wonderful photography, and the illustrations are so cute.

What a fun way to teach children about the architectural and cultural riches to be found right here in St. The authors instill a sense of hometown pride in every reader- young and old- through this delightful book. Louis- from the Arch to the Zoo- you will be reminded by the beautiful pictures and informative verses how special St. Louis really is.

Item How to Do Homework without Throwing Up Kids learn how to make a homework schedule, when to do the hardest homework first! Prayer Tins Our Prayer Folder line helps teach children about the Sacraments they will receive and favorite Saints they will come to know and love.

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Small enough to fit in any pocket or purse, these Prayer Folders can be taken with you wherever you go. The attractive snap closure tin keeps prayer folders neatly inside. Great for Religious Education and Sacramental classes or as gifts for young believers! Thank you for visiting us today! You have landed on a page of our OLD Website and the content may be out of date. Find something you like on our old website?

When on our new website, just enter the item number in the search box to quickly locate that item or call our store for more info. Caffery Who was the first pope? Everyday Prayers for Children. Here are prayers to help you find the words to pray, whatever the day brings. Hardcover, pages Item Devotions written as if Jesus is speaking directly to a child's heart. How famous? People have known them all around the world for centuries. Catholic Cardlinks: Prayers by Thomas J.

Amen Item Each 2. Prayers for Each and Every Day Every child will enjoy this thoughtful and beautiful gift of prayer.

Special Children's Books on First Communion

Hardcover Item Jesus Speaks to Me On My First Holy Communion "Memory Book" This book combines biblical accounts, lovingly retold through Jesus' first hand perspective, and a "memory book" of sorts for the child celebrating. Sophie Wonders Item Sophie Wonders About Anointing Sophie is curious about why her grandmother is getting anointed.

Available March Sophie Wonders About Baptism When Sophie asks about the photo of her baptism, she learns about her Christian family, and how her parents made a promise to teach her how to live like Jesus. Everyday Prayers for Children by Lois Rock Here are prayers to help you find the words to pray, whatever the day brings.

My First Communion Keepsake Album This treasured keepsake album is a special way to help a child remember the first time he or she receives the Eucharist. Click to preview the contents of the inside of the book. My First Holy Communion This beautiful gift book for First Holy Communion has the color illustration and textual simplicity to appeal to children around the age s of 7 or 8 , and the charm and respectfulness to appeal to the adult buying the book.

How do you know God is a baseball fan? The answer is even sillier than the question, and you'll find lots more kooky bible riddles besides.

Hold onto your socks so you don't laugh them off! Walking the Plank to the Baptism Tank From the Creators of the Black Lagoon Series Getting dunked in the baptism tank may seem like a frightening experience, but promising my life to Jesus is worth the risk. Join one boy in line at the baptism tank as he reviews all the fears and dangers of getting dunked.

Mike Thaler and Jared Lee team up to bring another hilarious view of church that brings readers closer to God through joy and truth. With hilarious stories and nutty pictures, the Tales from the Back Pew series offers kids a unique view of church. Pastor says not to worry because God is my lifeguard. With unique humor, Mike Thaler turns common church activities into fun and valuable time. He keeps kids laughing while introducing them to the love of God and encouraging them in their faith. Mike Thaler, author of the popular Black Lagoon series, puts his spin on the age-old experience of summer camp.

The woods are full of poison ivy, and you become a mosquito burrito and eat in a mess hall. Mission Trip Impossible From the Creators of the Black Lagoon Series Want to go on mission trips in jungles with no plumbing and eat at pot lucks where you are the main dish? Laugh along with the creators of the popular Black Lagoon series as they explore possible misconceptions about local mission trips. Can he survive hard benches called pews, a preacher who preaches for hours, days, or weeks, not to mention the outrageous Bible stories?

With humor and love for the church, the creators of the Black Lagoon series show readers what church is really like. Mom is taking me to church this Sunday. You have to stand up, sit down, and kneel a hundred times. A variety of themes relevant to today's elementary school-age boys will encourage and challenge them to personalize lessons from Scripture.

Ages 8 This resource is a fun way to learn more about living out faith in real life.

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Paperback, Ages 8 and up. Hardcover, Ages Item This collection of Psalms, paraphrased for young readers, uses simple yet powerful imagery to help children express their feelings. Anthony St. Augustine St. Paul St. Brendan St. Colette St. Columba St. Elizabeth of Hungary St. Cuthbert St. Dorothea St. Dunstan St. Richard of Chichester St.

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Francis of Assisi St. Francis Xavier St. Louis IX St. Jerome St.

First Communion Gift Guide for Boys and Girls | Blessed is She

Margaret of Scotland St. George St. John of God St. Malchus St. Senan St. Simeon Stylites St. Vincent de Paul, and others. Catholic Prayer Book for Children With colorful, captivating illustrations, the Catholic Prayer Book for Children helps boys and girls ages 6 on up discover the beauty of prayer as it encourages them to form the lifelong habit of praying. Here are: Beloved, traditional Catholic prayers. Original prayers that accurately reflect a youngster's daily concerns and experiences.

A "how-to" for offering his or her own prayers. The basics of the Catholic Faith: the Ten Commandments, Beatitudes, sacraments, corporal and spiritual works of mercy, and more. An age-appropriate "examination of conscience," and an introduction to the Mass and its major prayers. Amazing Questions Kids Ask Me and My Friends: Make-It-Your-Own Devotional This friendship book with a scrapbook feel can be personalized by tween girls as they learn to find and to be godly friends--and to discover God to be the ultimate friend. Craughwell Fire up your kids and see their love and knowledge of the Bible grow with this exciting, interactive learning tool!

The third in the vastly popular series, Catholic Cardlinks: The Bible showcases 48 famous biblical topics that give young Catholics a solid introduction to the essentials of the Bible while reinforcing important points of Catholic doctrine, tradition, and devotional life. Peter, the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Bookmark - Matthew Each 2.

Catholic Encyclopedia for Children Fascinating stories and captivating illustrations delight children as they discover and explore the basics of the Catholic Church! Here are: The great people and events of the Bible The life and message of Jesus The history of the early Church Lives of the saints Fundamental Catholic beliefs and practices And more! Burgundy cover Item White cover Item Paperback Item Celebrate with Jesus A Child's Book of the Sacraments The newest book in this popular series introduces each sacrament to young children with a story in the life of Jesus.

Welcome Children! Sacred Stories A Child's Bible Book I ntroduce young children to some of our most treasured Bible stories in a way that captures their attention and helps them grow in understanding of how their faith began. Includes photo section. Elegantly bound with padded cover. Gift Boxed. Each note includes a promise verse and an explanation for your child. In this important book, you will find a concrete, activity-based guide for nurturing and building lifeskills in your children which will enrich them and your entire family. Illustrated by children.

Filled with fun, creative, educational activities for your family, this guide is the ultimate resource for building self-esteem, character, and strength in children. A great source for parents and educators. The book helps children build character and promotes self-esteem. The ideas and suggestions are invaluable. These people and places of long ago are lovingly brought to life with wonderful detail and character.

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