Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

Sue Bohlin offers a quiz covering Bible basics rather than trivia. That's because we're not reading and studying the Bible. Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament? .. Probe fulfills this mission through our Mind Games conferences for youth and adults, our 3-minute daily radio program, and.

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Nightconcert from the Dutch Nachtconcert is a midnight jazz performance held at The Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, one of the premiere concert halls in the world.

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Recorded on November 7, , it features Garner I approached it like things from the past Tower of Power — the most dynamic and distinctive band of survivors in Soul Music — is roaring into its unprecedented 50th anniversary with a dynamic disc of all new material. A labor of Modern Lore finds Lage playfully flipping the script he followed on his acclaimed Mack Avenue debut, Arclight. A lot of The young jazz veteran trumpeter Sean Jones believes passionately in championing the creative arc of artists who are committed to their life journey.

On his new album Rebirth, Childs reaches back to the start of his almost astoundingly varied musical experience—leading a small jazz band of state-of-the-art musicians with his piano playing. There is an infectious raw energy on Planetary Prince that is coupled with these terrific melodies and blistering solo work, the whole album is energizing Joey DeFrancesco is adored for his buoyant, moody sense of swing and balladry as a composer and as a player. That's a bluesy, blustery sensibility shared with the men in his family Thelonious Monk is a Mount Rushmore figure in the creation of modern jazz.

As the centennial of his birth rapidly approaches, Beasley—pianist, conductor and arranger—has grappled with the This time around I wrote much of This recording is With its pockets of halcyon, buoyance, mystery, tumult and whimsy, Cohearence plays out as a multifaceted documentation of how far the once fusion band has come. While supplies last, Pre-Order purchasers will Like that For all of the hard rhythmic driving intensity of New Direction, Riley is not one of those drummers who needs to blast away to captivate listeners and to remain engaged.

In these Since its rollicking debut at the Detroit Jazz Festival, the Mack Avenue SuperBand has become a tradition at the annual event, a gathering of label superstars that the Motor City can look Jonathan Butler has spent a lifetime writing and recording music that uplifts and encourages others, but as he penned songs for his latest album, Free he had no idea God would use Live From the Detroit Jazz Festival — documents the third incarnation of the Mack Avenue SuperBand, an all-star ensemble of bandleaders from the superb roster of the Motor City jazz label.

Once again, The Evolution of Gospel is acelebration of 12 of the brightest and most enduring Gospel songs and singers ever! The CD features a rich heritage of music from mega-artists who have enthralled and Multifaceted guitar heroes Kevin Eubanks and Stanley Jordan recording a Duets album: an idea that as soon as you hear it, you wonder why nobody, including you, thought of it until now The soulful record will be available in Come Back to Me Love—on which every instrumental solo sounds like it was played by someone who had a crush on her at one time or another—Ms.

You can feel his genuine sense of gratitude as much as you can feel the joy he pours into his music and the fun he has creating it.

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On Can You Feel When he sings, he testifies to the glory and healing power of love. When he plays guitar, his fast fingers innately find notes of passion and divinity. The highly talented saxophonist Emanuele Cisi has been a fixture on the European jazz scene for over thirty years.

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Though born and raised in Torino, Italy, he has a special connection to On Essential Elements, Ben Paterson presents a fresh take on a number of standards as well as some compelling original compositions in a standard trio format. Joining Paterson are bassist Joshua Ramos One of the most played smooth jazz artists ever!? Live From The Detroit When his basketball career came to a close, the late Wayman Tisdale turned back to his "first love," music. He recorded nine albums as a bassist, four of which hit 1 on the This is a real sleeper of an album, literally.

The recording features all original compositions presented With his second Mack Avenue Records release, The Messenger, acclaimed guitarist Kevin Eubanks continues to explore his own unique musical vision. This vision offers the listener an opportunity to share a musical John Proulx pronounced "Proo" , a Grammy Award-winning composer, presents a fresh take on a number of standards as well as six compelling, original compositions.

The selections and arrangements offer a wide variety Reaching back to his roots and reigniting his faith, Joyner brings together his beloved jazz and his foundational gospel music. Retaining its original lineup of reeds, two guitars, Guitarist Johnnie Bassett is a special bluesman, possessing a certain inspired individuality and skill set rarely found these days.

For all his talent, Bassett has made just a handful of feature albums For his 20th solo collection of kinetic and combustible jazz of various forms, Bromberg produced, composed eight new songs, and herded a ten-piece horn section, a full orchestra string section and a The album highlights Garrett's overall approach to music: wide-ranging, receiving ideas from all musical sources and genres.

Garrett states, "I love the challenge of trying to stay open The multidimensional saxophonist adeptly steps into the role The reigning merchant of Soul Jazz, Richard Elliot invites loyal fans and newcomers alike to celebrate 25 years since the release of his debut album Trolltown. In a stellar career that continues to showcase his remarkable talents as a consummate musician, bassist Christian McBride reaches another milestone with the release of The Good Feeling, his first big band In a career that took flight in with immediate commercial and critical acclaim, guitar virtuoso Stanley Jordan has consistently displayed a chameleonic musical persona of openness, imagination, versatility, respect and maverick daring With this new album No news there for the legions of fans his richly melodic playing style has attracted since the release of his first Budway is joined by a This is music that cuts straight to the emotional heart, whether dealing with passion, sensuality, parental nurturing, Billy Strayhorn is widely considered to be one of the greatest composers of our time, and his three-decade-long collaboration with Duke Ellington furnished the American songbook with a number of timeless classics With five CDs For nearly two decades, the world at large knew precisely where to find the acclaimed guitarist Kevin Eubanks.

For five nights a week, Eubanks was cranking up the band and issuing steamy Russell Malone has been a significant figure in the jazz world for more than two decades. Are you ready to fonk? After a stellar career that produced eight top-selling jazz CDs and one gospel project, prepare yourself for a different side of Wayman Tisdale—one that was Jackiem Joyner is ready for his Hollywood close-up. Dramatic events offstage have inspired his work in An album bursting with hope, joy, romance and inspiration, including eleven songs penned or co-penned by Jonathan himself.

The Gospel According to Jazz, Chapter III, in all its breath and breadth, plaintive wailing saxophones, deep and rich harmonies, sensual romance, delightful humor, artful space, and awesome beauty tells Kirk Whalum's Swing is the musical manifestation of forward motion.

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Pianist, composer and arranger Jeb Patton has been described as both a "young phenom" and an "absolute great," earning a well-regarded reputation in the international jazz community. Cuban pianist, composer and arranger Manuel Valera is at the forefront of contemporary modern jazz. He represents the next generation of great performers and composers. On Currents, his sound is fresh, inviting After two years of touring and with a renewed confidence in composing and arranging, Sachal Vasandani decided it was time to begin We Move.

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On his fourth project for the Mack Avenue label imprint Artistry Music, Brian unleashes another wide palette of styles letting the chips fall where they may. Listen up Where do you go from 1? Back when Jackiem Joyner was gigging on tour with Marcus Johnson and Bobby Lyle from , the two contemporary jazz keyboard greats came up with the perfect nickname for the rising saxman Putting aside notions of snowfalls and sleigh bells, Santa Claus and solemn Garrett, like all of the other great musicians and artists that came before him, just keeps moving forward in still another of his many creative directions.

This all-star collaboration creates a quintessential L. More than seven decades after the innovations of the Quintette du Hot Club de France, featuring guitar virtuoso Django Reinhardt, combos called Hot Clubs carry on the gypsy jazz sound around the Sometimes a word can mean one thing your entire life, and then circumstances alter to provide a totally different interpretation. Rebound takes the listener on a journey with gratitude as the ultimate Bassist Ben Wolfe wrote, arranged, and orchestrated all of the songs for this exceptional release.

No Strangers Here features some outstanding musicians including a core band featuring Marcus Strickland, tenor and soprano This innovation was apparent the moment he electrified listeners with 's gold Joe Locke is regarded by many to be the most gifted vibraphonist of his generation. The recording was produced by all four musicians and features five original compositions and three standards. It is a recording that unveils all of the musical inventions and dimensions of this evolving artist who has inherited Jonathan is a product of the stage.

From his early days as an entertainer in South Africa to his numerous world tours to support his records, one thing is for certain; Jonathan Keyboardist Brian Simpson was one of the breakout stars of contemporary Jazz in Legendary saxophonist Kirk Whalum's studio album, Roundtrip, is a journey through the past, present, and the future of his music.

Featuring new jazz compositions, fresh re-imaginings of his career defining hits, and A chilled out, funky blast of sonically brilliant, magnificently performed nujazz originals. Lavish is the title and lush is the keyword The collaboration between two giant, complementary yet separate forces can produce previously unimagined greatness. Both parties contribute uniquely and often bring something special out of each other. They are coaxed outside of Trumpeter Sean Jones embodies the 21st century jazz musician, an experimental, supremely talented type whose vision and sensibility encourages inclusion rather than separation.

Those seeking a rather groove-filled but otherwise generic compilation of modern-day smooth jazz from the Rendezvous Music label will find this one more than satisfactory. It features cuts from artists such as Drummer Carl Allen and bassist Rodney Whitaker make a solid team co-leading this studio date that blends enticing originals with imaginative treatments of two Motown hits.

With pianist Cyrus Chestnut, alto saxophonist In Jackiem released his debut album "BabySoul". With our obsession with all-things superhero-related, this classic s teen sci-fi series is perfect for an update in And we miss the adventures of Alex and her pals as she lived a double life as a girl with powers after being drenched with a top-secret chemical. Now that's a more understandable origin story than Doctor Strange, right there. But what have the cast been up to since then?

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  • Let's head back to Paradise Valley and find out. She was also really lovely to young fans who didn't understand that she couldn't really 'morph' in real life. She recently played Ken Cosgrove's wife for several episodes of Mad Men. He also popped up in two episodes of Angel and as two different characters in ER. He will reprise the role of the rapper in the upcoming biopic The Truth About Tupac.

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    Nice chap. However, he has not appeared on screen since. Jason played the archetypal jock crush in the show, and since then he's had a handful of roles in Roswell High and Boston Public , and his last appearance was in 's independent movie Intrusive Behaviour. We're not quite sure if it's an official sequel.

    We think not. As we're sure you know, Jessica has now gone on to have a pretty successful career, helped mostly by her lead role in Dark Angel from to Michael took a long break from acting after playing Alex's father George, although he appeared in the movie The Sky's on Fire. Fascinatingly, his next role wasn't until a guest spot in Pretty Little Liars in He has since featured in the TV series Dead of Night this year. And they played a husband and wife!

    We're guessing this was on purpose, because otherwise, what were the chances? John played the dimwitted truck driver that caused Alex's powers in the first place, and he has continued to play small roles in big productions ever since. Sadly, her cancer returned two years later and she died in at the age of He was rather terrifying as the Paradise Valley Chemical's henchman, and John has since had roles in various TV shows mostly cop dramas.

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