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But if you look at the current leaders, the sectors that are the least off their week highs all have a defensive, value-oriented tilt. What's this all mean for earnings season, whose unofficial start is Friday with J. It makes it a lot more complicated. Six months ago we were dealing with tax cuts and a rapidly expanding economy, and not much else. We still have a strong economy and the tax cuts, but the picture is much more complicated. We are dealing with higher interest rates, higher raw material costs, higher wages, weaker foreign currencies, tariffs and a potentially weaker Chinese economy.

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Users give apps sensitive personal information, then they tell Facebook

Tech stocks are getting slammed, but other parts of the market are holding up much better. That's a lot of moving parts for traders to digest.

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Related Tags. These five stocks have gotten so big, they are essentially becoming the market.

Making an Impact: Measuring the Value of Facebook Video

IPOs have their best quarter in years in terms of performance and capital raised. Bob Pisani. Earnings this year may end up flat, and that's a problem for investors lifting market to a record. In , U. This is double the amount from just five years ago, according to an annual survey of internet trends. Another survey suggests most of that time is spent on arguably unproductive activities like Facebook, gaming and other types of social media.

90% of Facebook’s daily active users access it via mobile

The most serious, of course, is when it leads to fatalities, like those that result from distracted driving or even taking selfies. But it also takes a serious toll on our mental health, as my own research has demonstrated. Another study suggested that people who spent more time using social media were less happy.

Will Facebook's Libra Coin Make Stock Investors RICH? Facebook's NEW Cryptocurrency

As you might expect in a market economy, businesses are doing their best to give us what we want. Examples include a Brooklyn-based startup selling bare-bones phones without an internet connection, hotels offering families discounts if they give up their mobiles during their stay, and resorts creating packages built on the idea of creating sacred spaces where consumers leave their devices at home.

And app developers have also risen to the challenge with software aimed at helping us use our phones less. However, many apps go much further.

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Research suggests that you should download applications that ask you to set specific goals that are tied to concrete actions. Making commitments upfront can be a powerful motivator , even more so than financial incentives.

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  • Facebook Registers Secretive ‘Libra’ Cryptocurrency Firm in Switzerland.

For example, Moment asks users to set specific technology-limiting goals tied to their daily actions, such as setting up an alert when you pick up the phone during dinner time. Flipd takes it a step further and actually completely blocks certain phone apps once users have exceeded pre-determined targets — even if you try to reset the device — making it the ultimate commitment app.

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Similarly, Cold Turkey Blocker prevents users from accessing literally any other function of their desktop computers for a certain period of time until they have completed self-set goals, like writing. While this might not affect phone use, it could help you be more productive at work.

Another helpful trait in an application involves configuring default settings to encourage less technology use. Unfortunately, it is one of the apps that Apple removed from its store. We tend to highly value rewards earned through effort , even when they have no cash value. Productivity apps incorporate these rewards as well by providing users with points for prizes — such as shopping discounts and yoga experiences — when they meet their screen-time goals.

Since static rewards become demotivating over time, choose an application that provides uncertain and surprising rewards. An even more powerful motivator than earning rewards can be losing them. Persistence is one of the hardest parts of accomplishing any new goal, from losing weight to learning how to cook. Research suggests that capitalizing on social motivations — like the need to fit in — can encourage persistent behavioral change. Constant connection to technology undermines happiness, relationships and productivity.