Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

Sue Bohlin offers a quiz covering Bible basics rather than trivia. That's because we're not reading and studying the Bible. Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament? .. Probe fulfills this mission through our Mind Games conferences for youth and adults, our 3-minute daily radio program, and.

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Publishers Weekly included it in a list of the most-anticipated books of the spring , and said:. A lot of protests. A lot of phone calls to Senators. Also, I had a book come out. That, and the fascist takeover of the government really kept me from doing as much reading as I wanted to do, even though good storytelling is more important than ever, in times like this.

But I did read some great fiction this year. And it helped me a lot. Young adult science fiction about a bullied small-town gay boy with an eating disorder all of which I was who believes that starving himself awakens latent supernatural abilities which mine did not. Go read it! Perhaps most excitingly, Tor. Here it is in its entirety:. The floating city of Qaanaaq was constructed after many mainland cities burned or sank.

The arrival of a woman with two unusual companions—an orca and a polar bear—draws a disparate group together. Together, they uncover a dramatic series of secrets, connections, and political plots. Miller has crafted a thriller that unflinchingly examines the ills of urban capitalism. Qaanaaq is a beautiful and brutal character in its own right, rendered in poetic interludes.

Oscar the Weiner poses with a copy of The Art of Starving. Photo by Kathy Rodriguez. Thank you, Kathy. San Diego. Monday, October 9, — 7PM. Mysterious Galaxy. San Diego, CA San Francisco Bay Area:. Tuesday, October 17, PM. Pegasus Books. Berkeley CA. Wednesday, October 18 — PM. The End of the World Literary Cabaret. The Green Arcade Books. San Francisco CA. I majored in Russian Lit in college, so this is a particularly moving milestone.

The American version is available for pre-order!! Before Sam J. Matt is a painfully relatable underdog for teens and adults alike, even as his questionable decisions make him anything but a role model. See below for just a few of the magnificent images. And my magnificent husband livestreamed the event, and you can watch it here!!!

A lifelong dream comes true — my momma and my sister buying copies of my novel!!! Just a few of my favoritest people on the planet. Just a few more of my favoritest people on the planet. On Saturday, August 5th, there will be a full day of readings, panels, book sales, and exhibitors. To finish the weekend, a number of writing workshops will be held on Sunday, August 6th.

Moderated by Rahul Kanakia. A dark and lovely tale of supernatural vengeance and self-destruction. Also it was trending on Twitter! And if you want to teach someone about empathy, friendship, and self-acceptance, buy. Framed as a rule book for aspiring superhumans like Matt, the novel is too tongue-in-cheek and bizarre to veer into the realm of the Morality Tale… a bruising and incisive story about a boy at war with himself. The result is a powerful, often beautiful, and believe it or not, sharply funny novel from Miller.

Miller deftly subverts expectations and blends conventions: the coming-out narrative, the superhero origin tale, Stephen King—esque horror. The result is a moving, original novel for anyone fascinated by the limits of self-control. Matt himself is made wholly believable by dint of what he chooses to share and what he chooses to gloss over. This novel will break your heart and heal it again. Sam Miller has written a searing, daring, and unflinching story that I will not soon forget.

Matt is a complicated, compelling protagonist, and his raw emotional vulnerability is devastating. A supervillain coming-of-age novel that made me cry—my god, I loved this book. I refuse, in point of fact, to imagine a world without his voice. A quest to avenge his missing sister turns Matt into a self-perceived starvation saint. His journey from from addicted boy to recovering man should be shelved alongside the classic stories of unexpected salvation. This event is free and open to the public and is wheelchair accessible.

Copies of the books will be available for purchase, thanks to The Lit. The FAA is a very cool Beijing-based incubator for sci-fi talent, and they have recently launched an ambitious translation project to bring global SF to a Chinese audience. If you know Mandarin, you can read the story here. I have a new short story in the latest issue of Clarkesworld! S1 is a fast learner, seeming to suck up skill through osmosis. When S2 does jump tricks, he has this slight upward tilt to his hands. Utterly idiosyncratic; no one else does this. But S1 does. They are hard to track, now.

They move fast from spot to spot. Like they are looking for someone, or several someones. Difficult to follow unobtrusively. They say little. Mic jumps yield nothing but background noise and skateboard wheels spinning. Cross reference of their geocache tracks to known routes of illegal activity among variant individuals shows minimal overlap. There are no files on her mother. This is unusual enough to be a cause of some concern. Cooperation requests submitted to partner agencies in several allied nations tasked with tracking variant individuals. Ian R. Catherynne M. Jonathan Strahan, Solaris Books, This makes three award nominations for my story, joining previous nominations for the Nebula Award and the Shirley Jackson Award.

The Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award recognizes the best science fiction short story of each year. In their review, Booklist said:. The awards are given out at Readercon, in Boston, in July. Gonna try my damnedest to make it! New York, NY map. But the magazine itself looks fantastic, and the original art they did for my story is wonderful:. Just another reason for you to support, subscribe, and spread the word about their excellence.

Bring water, and snacks. Oreos are excellent because you can share. Talk to people. Make friends. Possibly with Oreos! Protest is less about convincing enemies than about building power and relationships with friends, and bringing new people into the work. Charge your devices before leaving. Bring an external battery if possible. Turn off your phone when the battery falls to 10 percent, so you save something for emergencies.

Check the weather beforehand. Prepare for temperature extremes. I am the exact opposite. Abusive cop encounters as a kid scarred me for life. I started out just making signs for protests, because I like to draw. I was scared shitless the first time I stared down a line of police officers. But that only lasted a minute. Because there were a lot of us, and we were fighting something evil. This is a forum for fans of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series which includes…. Take reviewing a step further. Pick two books and compare them.

Did you love…. Just a time-waster game to list five books suggested by a keyword posted by…. This group is about books. It is about art. This group is for people who see…. The Society for Creative Anachronism is dedicated to preth-century research…. Discussing the multitudinous ways to organize your book collection through….

For anyone out there who loves to read Christian Fiction.

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For those who live in Oregon, love Oregon, or left their heart there This is a forum where people who love reading paranormal fiction can talk about…. How many cookbooks do you have? How many centuries do they span? This group is…. A place for arm-chair archaeologists Do you review books on LT or elsewhere? This is a list on the what, how and…. As it says really. A group for those of us who prefer to do our reading…. A group dedicated to that vague conglomerate of ideas and works, both…. An informal place where members of the Nerdfighting community can check out….

A group for those who read and collect books about and from the Victorian era,…. For the Irish here. Relating to all things Irish and of Ireland. For fans of Margaret Atwood's novels, short fiction, essays In the new world of e-services we talk in this groub about new developments in…. This group is for any of the many gamers, role-players, LARPers and other ilk…. For people into BDSM, kink, fetishes, polyamory, or other "alternative" forms…. This is a group for anyone interested in discussing the great 19th century….

Add your voice to the ever-growing white noise surrounding the works and life…. Shanghai American Middle Schoolers will attempt to tackle the challenge of…. This is a group where anyone can discuss Jasper Fforde, and any of…. For people who love cookbooks-whether you use them or not! We treasure old and sometimes obscure literature. We find that the language is….

For any fans of Joss Whedon and his work. From Toy Story to Buffy, from Firefly…. This group is run by the LT staff and…. For everyone who likes books fiction, non-fiction featuring gardens,…. Welcome to the Category Challenge! The idea is to read books from…. For people who are interested in the universe, how it works and the books that….

Lust for those…. A group for people that like to read about Africa. Fiction, travel, history, or…. Book-loving is a veritable Jewish pastime.

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A group for Jews, or people who like…. For those who are interested in the history and culture of Elizabethan England. This group is for anyone who would like to read books from 11 different…. Pinoy readers and readers of Pinoy books are welcome to come in, have a cup of…. For any people who are interested in anything related to mystic, occult,…. This is the online teen book club initiated by the San Jose Public Library. The cast of characters is so fascinating and the books so entertaining, I feel…. For those of us interested in maps, atlases, and books about cartography.

A group for those who read or were read the original fairy tales by the…. Discuss birds, birdwatching, books-on-birds, and any topics orinithological in…. People who enjoy books most readily accessed through the catalog lists of…. Picture books are a child's first view of the world of reading. They include…. For all those who enjoy theatre or theater! This is a group for "40 something" readers, writers, bibliophiles and…. LibraryThing Florida - books and their lovers in America's most tropical state! A group for those of us who want a real challenge - or more books read in….

Together in we read close to 4, of our own books - ROOT was successful…. As for the past several years, we are a…. For readers of mysteries written by women, especially but not only those…. For fans of Nero Wolfe and his wisecracking sidekick Archie - an alternative…. Here's a place to discuss the history of theology and science. Augustine, to…. Compulsive book buyers always have shelves full of "to be reads". Why not…. A you a Unitarian Universalist?

Use this group to connect with others, and to…. This group is for anyone involved with a library that specifically collects or…. This is a group for members devoted to finding, marking and removing spam…. This is a group for everybody who loves to read Mysteries and Suspense. So come…. LibraryThing's California delegation.

Share info on California Book Fairs,…. A group for anyone interested in the study of art history, from prehistory to….

Reading "The Worst Book of All Time"

For any fan of the classic ghost story, as a subsection of the Horror genre. This is a general discussion forum in relation to books and reading for anyone…. Dedicated to books written by, or written about, or influenced by, the writing…. This Group is for all who now lives or have lived in Portugal. A place to make recommendations for functions or features you'd like to see….

The objective of this group is to create a central location for people to…. For anyone interested in Tolkien books to discuss, enjoy and even debate…. The place for LT members who keep a piece of chalk in their handbags for…. This Group is for the lovers of any good book. I know ground breaking stuff. A group for those interested in the history, culture, religion, art, science,….

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For researchers and interested parties, whether formally academic or amateur…. A group for those with an interest in naval history, naval fiction and tales of…. Nature, natural history and ecology; practical environmental techniques,…. Thick books. Sprawling plots. Improbably named characters. Reclusive authors,…. For lovers of things to do with Ancient Egypt, specifically Hieroglyphs, etc. A forum to discuss Stephen king's works. Share your thoughts, views and…. A group for Librarything users with an interest in books pertaining to medicine….

A group for anyone from Scotland, whether you live here or not, and for…. LibraryThing is headquartered in the West End in Portland. Are you from Maine…. From sea to shining sea, from the mountains to the prairies to the oceans,…. A group for fans of Jim's work to talk about him and his collected works. A friendly forum to discuss British authors. Any genre - crime, romance,…. Welcome to the group that discusses, shares, recommends, and provides insight…. For the architecturally interested. From text book to novel to manual to….

You read roleplaying rulebooks and sourcebooks from cover to cover. You read…. This group is for the sharing of ancient and modern Pagan knowledge and wisdom. Together in we read over 3, of our own books and it looks like we will…. A group for editors and researchers who are also users of LibraryThing. Hello students! Welcome to Hogwarts!! I am your Headmistress, Alisha. At this…. I wanted to have a place for shelfarians for a couple of reasons: ….

A group for those interested in the study of religion globally, primarily with…. For fans of Georgette Heyer's Regency romances. The patronesses at Almacks have…. For collectors of fine press, premium quality Franklin Library leather-bound…. Group for Hungarian users, those with Hungarian books, and anyone interested in…. This group is for Anthony Trollope fans to discuss their favorite books, their…. History is not only a discipline to be carried out in formal academic circles. Food is a magnet It draws visitors to the kitchen, and readers to a book…. A Group to bring people together through their unique books media.

This group is currently defunct as I am no longer as active a reader as…. A place for lawyers in the widest possible sense , law students and anyone…. For those of us born, bred or live in the six US states which comprise "New…. This group is for participants of the Orange January and Orange July reading…. This group is for discussion of the books selected for the Booker Prize, in the….

Can't get enough discussion in your seminars? No one else understands the…. A group for anyone interested in what historical reality may lie behind the…. A group for the discussion and recommendation of slashy books, media, etc - ie…. For all those interested in how minds and brains work. Potential topics of…. In end-of-the-year posts on the 50 Book Challenge, many members found that they…. A group devoted to the life and works of [[E.

Benson]] and others who have…. From Eric Ambler to Alan Furst. The literature of espionage and the covert…. A place to discuss ractional views of society and the universe free of the…. Have you been typed using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator e. For members and supporters of the Free State Project, an effort to recruit and….

This is a Library Thing group for students of any of Mr. Lindsay's classes for…. A place to discuss coffee and tea, if you are into that as well as its…. Maybe the book has been recommended to you over and over again. Or it's a…. For economists of all shapes: the Friedmanities, the Galbraithians, von…. Are you the only employee in a small, dusty shop, or are you one of many in a…. Are you interested in the writings of progressive Christian authors?

Would you…. Discussion about books and other resources supporting Christian Worship. THis group is for people who like the paranormal. You know like ghosts,…. Welcome to Colorado Bibliophiles! Feel free to join and invite others, be they…. This is a group dedicated to everyone on the Meteorite team this year. Welcome to the Category Challenge, where the only rule is there are no…. This is a group for people working on the Spanish translation of LibraryThing. What with all the great Jewish writers through the centuries, lets start a….

Anyone is welcome, especially those from the Show-Me state!!! Come and discuss…. For people with historical, genealogical, and art-historical interests in…. This is a group for all Christian Hedonists, who understand that God is most…. A group for FA students past and present to share their interest in reading. Discussions about home education resources, what we're reading for pleasure,…. Books written in Russian, translated into or from Russian, or about learning….

A group for people who are interested in a wide spectrum of world history from…. I am writing this on behalf of Mycroft Holmes, who could not be bothered to…. I finished the Well-Educated Mind after an eight year journey the list. It was…. There is a group for the and somethings, so this group is for those of…. We hope to establish a river of Sci-Fi to be read on the way to the Sea of…. This is a group for people who read and enjoy books - comics specifically about…. This year we are celebrating 10 years as a…. Admit it Librarians serving schools K who want collection development….

A group for all fans of Harry Paget Flashman and of his chronicler George…. Do you have a question? Can't find the answer on Wikipedia or Google?

This group was created to be Talk for those who don't talk much on LT now. A group for making and getting recommendations on literature in translation, or…. Discuss secular humanism, the skeptic movement, books related to debunking…. A group of serious readers who are varied and thoughtful in their reading and…. A deadly game of wit in the forests of verbality! Welcome to Rasmussen College Reads, an online book discussion group for….

Together in we read over 3, of our own books and reached our goal for…. This is a special Club like no…. This group is open to all that are interested in discussing anything and…. Any member who wants to talk about books, people, events that happened that…. Just a place for Texans to get together and talk about their libraries. Our goal is to read every Newbery Medal and Honor book.

Care to join us? Is there anyone out there interested in talking about Canadian literature…. Finally, a place on LT where devoted fans can gather to laud the wonderful…. This group is for weavers who read and collect books about weaving; from a few…. A group for those who create, such as collage, drawing, assemblage, painting,…. This reading group is a place for you to share and recommend or not the books….

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Books on museums, museums on books, museums in books, books in museums, in…. Some time ago I decided I wanted to read the top novels of all time. Hacking LibraryThing is a place to share and talk about use of various plugins…. Non-fiction about real crimes, serial killers, psychopaths, run-of-the-mill…. Regardless how "pragmatic" the approach, or "wicked cool" the shell script, we…. You have the tote bag. You wake up to Carl Kassell. You plan your weekend…. A group in which readers with an interest in South American writers can share….

Sometimes classy, sometimes the low-end of the scale - but even before any…. If you're a fan of Pierce's many series this is the group for you. By popular demand, here's a group for Portuguese Portuguese. The translation…. This is a challenge where you pick 12 books that have been sitting on your…. For anyone who loves zines as much as they love to LibraryThing. Or more, even. For those finding it difficult to break down their "Unread" book pile. This may…. A place to talk about any of King's famous novels or movies. What's your…. For fans of children and young adults books intended for a primarily girls….

For those who like to read any kind of book that 'uses' Works of Art…. For fans of all types of visual culture: art, illustration, comics, cartoons,…. For those of the Old Line State. Stuck in the middle of the North and South,…. Books about medieval mansucripts: new books, recommended older ones, ones to…. Ever lose yourself in an issue of "International Security" or "Foreign…. Group for LibraryThing members on the virtual world Second Life…. For people that enjoy J. Ward series on the Black Dagger Brotherhood. A special group for fantasy lovers. Share your views on books, favourites or….

For denizens of the Bayou City - past and present. Yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi. No plot, no point, no meaning. Some pieces of music go very well with books. What do you like to listen to…. For teachers of all stripes elementary, high school, college, university.

For anyone with books about, on or for two-wheelers, one-wheelers, we'll even…. Are you going to visit a city and want to read a book set there? Something to…. A group for all who admire the work of the great illustrators of the so-called…. For fans of authors from Portugal, Brazil and all other Portuguese-speaking…. The Starks! Jon Snow! The Baratheons! The Lannisters! Here is a…. If you have written reviews and would like to give and receive hints for…. This is a book group of people associated with Simmons College Graduate School…. COW is for anyone living in, born in, or just fond of our quirky Midwestern….

A group for Wiccans, Pagans, and other people interested in Earth-centred…. An open forum for scholars, students, speakers and enthusiasts of the…. Linked group of high school students in Little Rock, AR sharing reviews and…. I want to see how old fiction bestsellers have stood the test of time in the…. Looking for fiction of a different ilk?

Love nonfiction that's off the beaten…. Post your review to this group; read and respond to classmates' reviews! Together in we read over 4, of our own books - ROOT was successful but…. Together in we read nearly 4, of our own books and reached our goal for…. For students, alumni and staff of the University of Oxford.

And anyone else…. Keep up to date with deaths in the literary world. Whether someone is a…. A group for people interested in all aspects of the Middle East, including its…. A forum for those who collect and enjoy Jewish cookbooks, cooking and food…. A group for discussing the book by Julia Eccleshare and Quentin Blake or….

For fans of the works of J. Neil Schulman, L. Neil Smith and F. Paul Wilson,…. A place to trumpet the heretofore unheralded merits of your favorite book or…. This group includes the personal libraries of the populace of the Kingdom of…. A group to discuss science fiction books of the 's, 's, and 's. Each month, we conduct a few exclusive interviews with authors and then publish…. A group for those interested in our furry, feathered, finned friends. A group for parents looking to raise readers and to deal with all reading…. For those who appreciate French culture, food, arts, places, and language.

Are you looking for a good book on a particular subject? Leave your wishes…. This is for general issues with LibraryThing's new you-translate-it translation…. Are you from Spain? Are you Spaniard-friendly? Do you LOVE tortilla de patatas? Group for people who read books about defending the Faith. That is, for people…. For those interested in the works of Fielding, Smollett, Radcliffe, Pope,…. Book and general discussion about air combat, from Eindeckers to Raptors,…. For readers who are interested in the social impact of technology. How are new…. A group for Simmons College students, professors, alums, or anyone else with an….

For those individuals who really enjoy reading books that deal with the African…. A place to discuss your favorite Christian Historical Fiction books and their…. The name says it all. This is a group dedicated only to discussion of the 7th…. The personal libraries of famous or infamous readers. This group is for The…. Poe produced rich and dark works of poetry and short story. Come discuss…. A group for those who wish to share topics for reading, research, and…. Somerset Maugham and anyone who wants to…. This year we are celebrating 11 years as a reading….

A place for people from the Music Capital of the World to come together and…. Even if you're not single, join this group and meet people the best way…. This group is for Music History Musicology students, teachers, Theory…. A forum for music and vinyl enthusiasts, cultivated reactionaries,…. This group is made up of children's literature students from Cameron University…. This is a group dedicated to the lovely English author, Diana Wynne Jones, who…. This group is for those interested in Freemasonry, both traditional and….

This is a group for people working on the German translation of LibraryThing. Together in we read over 4, of our own books and reached our goal for…. This is a group for people working on the Brazilian Portuguese translation of…. This group is to discuss "the matter of Britain" -Arthurian literature and…. From biblical history to the arab-Israeli conflict and everything in between.

Hello, welcome to Horror! A place for those who suffer from all forms of depression or anxiety based…. The group's a big tent for readers who self-identify as working class and who…. Stop by 8A's Reading Group to share your latest reads and recommendations! BookBalloon is about lively talk on the reading life and all things…. A place for movie buffs who enjoy reading and discussing screenplays,…. A forbidding Victorian mansion, crumbling old castle or an exotic local.

Callas or Tebaldi? Mozart or Wagner? This group was inspired by a thread which asked LTers what they thought are the…. Vintage is - of course - loosely defined here. And series, stand-alone books,…. Are you a fan of Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next? A member of the Nursery Crime…. For everyone - whether you consider yourself an archaeologist or not - who…. Looking for…. For those who are, or who love, Chinese, or anything connected to Chinese -…. A group for discussing all things monastic: fictional or historical.

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  8. This is a challenge for to read eight books in eight categories for a…. This group will consist of the postings and comments of Mrs. Grant's and Ms. A group for those interested in education, particularly its theory A place for those with a broad scope of interests, who enjoy the mainstream as…. Let's get together, you and me, baby, and develop a folksonomy.

    And we'll float…. Jacket design, fonts, typesetting, paper types, sizes. Anything to do with…. Grab a coffee, pull up a chair and join this group if you live in the city of…. I dream about living on a beautiful tropical island that I have made out of…. Let's be honest, we can't be book lovers without loving authors, too. For the love of historical Egyptian fiction.

    Love the old Nile gods? All so known as Speculative Fiction. Includes science fiction, fantasy, horror…. Trading Post. All Arizona. Anything Arizona. Read Arizona. Explore Arizona. A book group for users of the website rateyourmusic. As we compulsively…. Flash-Mob Cataloging is when a horde of LibraryThing members descend on some….

    This is the place for readers who enjoy the study of Abraham Lincoln and the…. A place to discuss the category of fiction termed 'slipstream' by SF author…. Romanticism, realism, naturalism, symbolism, existentialism A group for people interested in analytic philosophy, broadly construed as…. For people wanting to do it themselves in art, music, technology and life. Individual liberty, economic freedom, and equality under the law in a…. How many book lists are there floating around out there? The " list" tells…. Join in the fight against unread books! Join us to share ideas--and get ideas--about the books you're reading!

    Oregon, Washington, Idaho If you hang your hat anywhere in the great Pacific…. This is a group for people working on the French translation of LibraryThing. This is a group set up to allow people to track and discuss their reading…. Are you ecstatic when you find trade paperbacks for fifty cents at a yard sale? Quaker libraries internationally are invited to participate in this group to…. The Non-Fiction Challenge is for anyone who wants to focus on non-fiction,…. A group for people with an interest in religious studies. Primarily focused…. Shine a light on female authors writing in any genre, style, period!

    Reference, how-to, memoirs, history, photos, and fiction related to flying and…. A group for dis abled-identified readers, writers, and activists and our…. A group devoted to the last spoken form of Egyptian, written in the Greek…. This group is for those who enjoy reading books that are written by African…. Fans of subversive fiction from the 80s to the present. Think Brett Easton…. For lovers of experimental cinema, underground film, video art, and other…. Peering through the doors of perception, in both fiction and non. Flickr Members post your LibraryThing related photos in our group on Flickr!

    A group for the discussion of books about World War One. War memoirs, battles,…. For an added challenge,…. A group for members of the Denver Public Library, as we work on learning web…. This is a group for Library thing users who identify in some way with, or have…. For those of us fortunate enough to have dogs in our lives, and who like to…. You are outgoing or introverted. You are a polymath or a specialist. You are…. A discussion group devoted to the wargamer who is also a LibraryThinger.

    From children's classics like Calvin and Hobbes to cultural and political humor…. Discussions about books that are about, or have anything to do with knights. A group to connect collectors of works of both non-fiction and fiction, about…. A place for JCO fans of all kinds to gather and discuss her works.

    Whether you…. Each class member is required to join this group as part of the Library Thing…. This is a group for Thurso High pupils and staff to share their reviews on…. This group is for those readers who would like to set a goal of reading …. Over the years, this category of books has expanded to fill more of my home….

    Swimming in advanced copies you just know you'll get to soon. Unable to…. Group of high school sophomores reading American Literature as ongoing…. On Criminal Element, we love crime fiction, and we're hoping to bring that love…. Current Events has to do with anything that concerns you or the world….

    This group is for friends who are passionate about the works of J. A group for students of the Western Mystery Tradition in all its various forms. From the Fall of the Roman Empire to the 17th century. The everlasting effect…. It's Penguin Books! And Pelican, Puffin, Peacock,…. Do your bookshelves out you as a drunk? Or just a connoisseur of the world's…. For readers of anything related to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The show lives on…. For all "Poetry-thingers! A group for those people who seek out and collect books published by the Modern….

    We're people eager to talk about belly dance, aka Raqs Sharqi! We're here…. To talk about books Fiction, non-fiction, memoirs about boating or sailing. A fun way to get…. For those who are Christian Homeschoolers and have specific interests in God…. More than LibraryThing users have at least one book by Haruki Murakami. This is a group for people who love to search out, fortuitously stumble across…. For LTers interested in Taoism from a scholarly or spiritual perspective.

    A group for slashy queer themed fantasy books, and their readers. For the quilters among us. Patchwork, applique, paper piecing, art quilts,…. Books and talk about Alexander of Macedon, the most important figure of ancient…. Anyone in the graphic design field know that books are a vital resource in the…. For chewing over the best bits of business thinking and talking about where…. A group for members of the Society for American Baseball Research and other….

    Let's share the choice books we read this year so we can get great new titles…. A group for those who want to discuss issues in the field of HSTM studies,…. A class of high school juniors reading and discussing American literature. This is a group created to discuss and arrange and Thank You gift for our…. This is a group for people working on the Swedish translation of LibraryThing.

    This topic was suggested to me by some comments in the Book Talk thread about…. If you love cheese, and reading, and eating cheese while reading, come talk…. For classic adventuring literature. Who is in need of books constantly? This is the place to find some I'll be…. What would John Galt cook? Which libertarian economics primer can best…. In this group…. Just like Zombies appearing to be alive, this group's title may…. A group for LT members who refuse to take the world at face value. The OED…. For fans of Dorothy L. Sayers, particularly the Lord Peter Wimsey novels.

    A group for runners of all ages and abilities. Talk about PRs, training…. A group devoted to the season of Halloween itself, and all its appearances in…. A book club for members of Xbox GamerchiX! Girls who like to read and game are…. This group is named after the mnemonic the author produced to indicate the…. This private group is for students to communicate their ideas, preferences, and….

    Nostalgia is always around to tell us things aren't as good as they used to be. Does your music library combate the book collection for shelf space? Does a…. For those who want to discuss why they flagged something, those who've been…. Since we're reading the winners of the Nobel Prize in Literature, let's talk…. This is the place where you can post your reviews, respond to others' reviews,….

    Arthur Rimbaud

    For all of us who procrastinate by improving our productivity skills. Bookmarks have always fascinated me For those who read or collect books about spaceflight and exploration,…. The Teaching Company www. For those too cheap or who read too quickly to pay for all of their books, or…. If you have or are working toward a degree in classics classical studies,…. If you love children's fantasy fiction and you remember a time before Potter,….

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