Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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The Emergence of Multinational Corporations in Kenya. A Discussion of the Internalization Theory

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Facebook Instagram Linkedin Youtube. Place where u get connected completely to the digital platform. With this, through their own personnel policies, they introduce higher standard of wages, housing, and social welfare which affect other segment of the society.

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Despite all their influence, one can present a balance sheet of MNC. An overwhelming proportion of direct foreign investment in the third world countries is activated by MNC. In this view, FDI can alleviate poverty in host country by generating employment and create jobs Asiedu , and Athreye MNC employment boost domestic wages as they pay higher; offer training program for workers, foster the transfer of technology between foreign and domestic firms and enhance the productivity of the labor force.

In another article by Asiedu the employments by MNC have both indirect and direct impact on the domestic employment.

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FDI generate new employment direct employment and create jobs indirectly through forward and backward linkage with domestic firms. Estimates show that FDI in developing countries has a multiplier effect on domestic employment as it creates about 26 million direct jobs with This same applies in Ivory Coast where the productivity gap existed in fewer industries.

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This can be accounted partly by the difference in training opportunities for workers in foreign owned enterprises and domestically owned enterprises. In Kenya and Zimbabwe, the availability of training programs increases with foreign ownership as training is more prevalent in foreign owned firms that jointly owned firms. The diagram below shows foreign and domestic owned enterprises providing training to workers.

Further more, employment fosters technological transfer in less developed countries. One of the ways by which foreign technology is been diffused in host countries is through labour turn over as domestic employees move from foreign firm to domestic firm. In this, foreign firms pay higher in order to retain their workers thereby preventing domestic firms from appropriating their superior technology. More so, Asiedu reiterates the fact that FDI is important source of capital and has become important to Sub-Saharan Africa in other to achieve its millennium development goals.

In the same argument, during the United Nations Conference on Trade and Agreement UNCTAD , FDI into primary, mining and agricultural sectors in African countries have been a sole source of increased employment, government revenue and foreign exchange earnings, and a catalyst for a diversified industrialization path.

A large scale of proportion of FDI has gone to the mining sector which has been a major drive of growth recovery. With reforms to liberalized and privatized the mining sector, Africa has become as attractive continent for mining. New investments have expanded the capacity of existing producers, including the development of new mines. Mali which did not have large scale mining sector has hosted large scale operations.

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Multinational corporation and third world development Research Paper postgraduate , 13 Pages, Grade: 2. Add to cart. Development Policy Review Table 1 Pages 7 Further more, employment fosters technological transfer in less developed countries. Sign in to write a comment.