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Game Commission employee captures conservation award March 16, She is also responsible for managing the controlled waterfowl hunts and the collection of biological data at the area. The following year she became the leader of that team, and then became a biologist in the Northcentral Region. In , Lauren accepted her current position at Middle Creek. One of her early goals was to provide educational signage on the trails and the popular wildlife driving tour. She designed signs focused on wildlife and the habitat they need, then helped develop audio for the wildlife driving tour visitors can access by radio.

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Ferreri also was instrumental in re-energizing the National Hunting and Fishing Day event at Middle Creek, which now includes more than 30 conservation agencies or outdoor-related groups. More than 2, people attended the events in and And she recently oversaw the installation of a camera to livestream the snow goose and tundra swan migration that makes Middle Creek a popular tourist destination. I am honored to be part of that movement. Local NRA chapter to hold fundraiser March 16, For more information, call or email dbcmoz epix. Committee members, from the left, seated: Charles Reina, Sr.

Standing: Ed Kochanski, Jr. Land trust, Game Commission to host local fisher program March 16, Information and Education Supervisor William Williams will describe the recovery of fisher populations and the ecology, behavior and management of this adaptable predator. There is no fee for this event. Registration is required by 5 p.

Friday, March 29, and the participation limit is 40 attendees. Register by emailing smith nblt. Entries sought for Chesapeake Bay Foundation photo contest March 16, Photo submissions are being accepted between now and April 5. CBF is seeking photographs that illustrate the positive aspects of the bay and its rivers and streams.

They want to see your vision of the bay region—from Pennsylvania to Virginia, from the Shenandoah Mountains to the Eastern Shore. Images depicting people, wildlife, recreation and farms within the watershed will all be considered. All photos must include water from the Chesapeake Bay or a river, stream, creek or other body of water in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Judging will be conducted by a panel of CBF employees on the basis of subject matter, composition, focus, lighting, uniqueness and impact.

Last year, the judges considered more than 1, entries. Caught on Camera March 16, John Dud of White Haven snapped these photos of a red fox visiting his yard earlier this winter.

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Still, the fox appears healthy and free of mange, evident by its thick coat and full tail. When it comes to the red fox, the bushy tail actually has a purpose. Red foxes sleep on the open ground in winter, and they use their tail to keep warm, wrapping it over their body. Litter sizes range from four to 10 pups, which are born in the den.

Capture anything interesting on your handheld or trail camera? A nice buck, bear, coyote or any other wildlife? Email your photo, along with date and area it was taken township is fine , and any other details to tvenesky timesleader. It marked the first occasion that the symposium, which highlighted waterfowl management in the state and offered a look at upcoming seasons and bag limits, was held in the northeast region. For years, the symposium alternated between locations in the northwest and southwest — both areas are known as waterfowl hotspots in the state.

As biologists and conservation leaders took turns addressing the audience, the fact that mallard ducks are in decline was a common theme. As a result, the proposed federal framework for the waterfowl season in Pennsylvania included a change in the daily bag limits for mallards, from four last season to two including one hen. The proposal must be approved by the U. Fish and Wildlife Service and while the bag limit for mallards was cut in half, the season length remained the same.

Contributing factors include habitat changes impacting food reserves, competition from Canada geese on food sources and genetic issues resulting from hybridization with domestic mallards. If there were any questions about the validity of the recommended bag limit reduction, the symposium provided plenty of answer. With numbers as recent as the waterfowl season, Stempka, who is a PGC wildlife biologist, said the mallard harvest in the Atlantic Flyway was ,, a 30 percent decrease from the long-term average No other duck species in Pennsylvania showed an decrease as high.

In Pennsylvania, the mallard harvest in was 19,, a 54 percent drop from the long-term average. And when it comes to data that biologists use to base their decisions, the estimated number of mallard breeding pairs in Pennsylvania during was 57,, 33 percent below the long-term average. Officials from traditional Pennsylvania waterfowl hotspots — the Pymatuning and Middle Creek wildlife management areas — also confirmed that mallard numbers dropped off in those areas as well.

Gregg suggested that the drop in the mallard population could be responsible for a corresponding decline in waterfowl hunters. While the 12, duck hunters in Pennsylvania is the eighth-highest total in the Atlantic Flyway, the figure is down 54 percent from the long-term average. Game Warden Justin Faus had been on the job for two days in his new district of southern Luzerne County when he received a bear complaint. The class totaled 27 new game wardens, and five — including Faus — were assigned to the northeast region. Statewide there are still 16 vacant districts, including three in the northeast.

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This career covers all of that. In terms of his new district of southern Luzerne County, Faus was happy to be assigned to a location close to where he grew up. Dan Figured, PGC northeast regional director, said he was glad to receive five new wardens from the graduating class as the region had been shorthanded with eight vacancies. The additions will alleviate the need for some existing game wardens to cover multiple districts, Figured said.

Before graduation, he conducted his field training with game wardens in Monroe, Clinton and Lycoming counties — all of which have sizable bear populations. Aside from protecting wildlife, Faus said he looks forward to being a face of the agency in the field and doing his part to attract new hunters to the sport. First up on his list, however, is preparing for the upcoming spring gobbler season. Faus hopes to use his patrol time as an opportunity to learn the area and meet hunters in the field. The following game wardens have been assigned to fill vacant districts in the northeast region:.

Outdoors with Tom Venesky: Roadkill in high demand during the winter months March 10, To the motorists that passed by, the dead woodchuck laying in the middle of the road was an afterthought. Nothing more than a mangled mess to swerve around. When I spotted the dead woodchuck on the road during the cold spell last week, it caught my attention. For whatever reason, this particular woodchuck did awaken and, as a result, paid the ultimate price when it attempted to cross the road.

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But the story of the road-killed woodchuck was actually just beginning. For two days the carcass laid on the road, and it attracted another creature whose late winter arrival was peculiar, yet not unexpected. A turkey vulture returning from its winter retreat in the south spotted the dead woodchuck, and I watched as it spent most of the day picking it apart and dodging traffic. The next day, a second turkey vulture joined in, and as the large birds pried and picked at the carcass, they eventually drug it off the road. With precision, the hawk thrust its beak into the woodchuck, peeled off strips of flesh and swallowed them whole.

Aside from the occasional vehicle that whizzed by, the hawk was content to sit and feast. The two vultures swirled above the hawk, no doubt wondering who was consuming the remnants of their valuable food source. With their broad wings stretched wide, the vultures swooped down above the hawk, which refused to budge. Unable to convince the intruding hawk to leave, the vultures soared up to a nearby barn and landed on the peak.

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Against the weathered gray wood of the barn, the vultures sat like sentinels guarding the old structure. And as they watched, the hawk stopped tearing into the woodchuck and froze, uncertain if the vultures were a threat or just a nuisance.

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Regardless, it was a challenge between the mainly predatory hawk and the scavenger vultures, with a piece of roadkill as the prize. The stare down lasted for nearly an hour, and then all at once the vultures flapped their enormous wings, caught an air current and dove at the hawk. This challenge was about to be decided. While the vultures did appear intimidating perched on the barn roof, the sight of them rapidly descending toward the woodchuck carcass was too much for the hawk, who quickly retreated into a nearby tree.

The hawk could only watch as the vultures stabbed and tugged the carcass, tearing away the last bits of flesh. By the end of the day, the woodchuck had been whittled away to a ragged piece of hide — a testament to the proficiency at which vultures can clean up a messy roadkill. With nothing left to consume, the vultures departed in search of another dead animal. The hawk remained, choosing to patrol the surrounding fields in search of a more traditional meal of rabbit, bird or field mouse.

But, for a few days at least, something as insignificant as a road-killed woodchuck served as a valuable food source for a few impressive birds. DCNR officals remind residents of upcoming wildfire season March 10, Human carelessness continued to lead the list of causes as wildfires across the state in A total of wildfires, ranging from less than one acre in size to almost acres, were reported last year.

They consumed 1, acres, well below the year average of 4, acres. Named for rapid spread through dormant, dry vegetation, under windy conditions, wildfires often scorch 7, or more acres of state and private woodlands. Anglers, campers, and other state forest visitors are reminded open fires are prohibited on state forestland from March 1 to May 25, and when the fire danger is listed as high, very high, or extreme, unless authorized by district foresters. Communities in heavily wooded areas are urged to follow wildfire prevention and suppression methods of the Pennsylvania Firewise Community Program to safeguard life and property.

The bureau maintains a fire-detection system, and works with fire wardens and volunteer fire departments to ensure they are trained in the latest advances in fire prevention and suppression. For more information on Wildfire Prevention Week activities, contact local district foresters; call the Bureau of Forestry at ; or visit www. Outdoor Notes March 10, The Stanley Cooper Sr. Chapter of Trout Unlimited will hold their monthly meeting on Tuesday, March 12 at p.

For more information visit sctu. Each month will feature a specific fly tied by one of the SCTU members.

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Come join us for an evening of tying, or just come talk fishing. Refreshments are available for purchase. The Luzerne Conservation District will hold a manure management workshop to aid livestock owners in complying with the Manure Management Plan. The primary purpose of these workshops is to guide participants through the process of completing a plan for their operation.

All materials needed to complete a plan will be provided. Call , ext. Please register one week prior to the workshop. Workshops are subject to cancellation due to lack of participants. Bucknell University professor, Dr. Ben Hayes, will provide a slide program on his natural stream improvement projects. He has done extensive stream improvement work in north central Pennsylvania and New England.

He will explain his technique of using nature and natural devices to improve trout stream conditions where applicable and the philosophy behind this method. A member of Trout Unlimited, Dr. Brand new Book. Slocum's running hot and cold. One man's misfortune is another man's gain. In John Slocum's case, he gets his hands on road agents' poorly hidden bags of stolen silver. But that's never the case for someone like Slocum. Slocum's instinct is on the mark when he learns from her sisters, Summer and Autumn--that Spring stole the ore-rich Silver Chalice mine from them. He knows better than to get in the middle of a family dispute, but when the road agents come looking for revenge, he can use the seasons to his advantage--if they don't leave him as dead as a winter frost.

Seller Inventory AAC More information about this seller Contact this seller. Book Description Berkley. Seller Inventory ZZN. Book Description Berkley, Mass Market Paperback. Never used!. Seller Inventory Seller Inventory BTE Book Description Condition: New. Seller Inventory n. Book Description Berkley Publishing Group, Berkley Publishing Group.

Berkley MMP. Book has a remainder mark on inside front cover. Book Condition; New. Book Description Mass Market Paperback. When Slocum gets his hands on some stolen silver, he slips into Tombstone hoping to enjoy his winnings peacefully. But that's not the. Shipping may be from multiple locations in the US or from the UK, depending on stock availability. Slocum Slocum and the Four Seasons. Jake Logan.