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That frenetic way of being can also bring out restlessness, heavy judging, and falling in and out of love like changing shoes. But Gemini energy is all about merging that innate duality and getting in sync. Its symbol — the Roman numeral II, or literal twin figures — depicts how important it is for this sign to find kindred spirits to share their vivacious minds with. In order to ease you into this quicksilver period and inspire you to make the most of this stimulating, social season, here is a K-pop playlist embracing the many shades of Gemini:.

Yves, Choerry, and JinSoul add their twin charms to the member ensemble, and alongside Kim Lip, Chuu, and Heejin, it's clear that Air signs are the dominant force in this group. That explains LOONA's breezy nature, effortlessly welcoming change in a powerful, yet delicate, butterfly effect. Their latest single "Butterfly" taps into this very concept.

With an experimental, high-pitched chorus and breathtaking choreography, this release is a powerful anthem about courage and freedom. Seventeen is home to two Geminis: Jun and Hoshi, both part of the group's performance or, dance unit. In a dark stage, a theatrical choreography gives shape to the inherent dichotomy of life: the yin and the yang , the I and the other. Bonded by the thread of destiny, their movements merge and divide while reminding us that light cannot exist without shadow. Hyuna's star power can easily be mistaken for a boisterous Leo energy, but Geminis like her love to be the center of attention just as much.

And what happens when they find a twin flame in the process? E'Dawn, the other half of K-pop's most electric couple, might have the answer — as he is also a Gemini. Though, we're about to find out. The single "Retro Future" is a groovy ride turned up a notch by their indisputable chemistry and overall Geminian talent in being the life of the party.

Sociable and chatty Geminis are often masters of social media. Mercury, the ruling planet of this sign, is also the ruler of all things communication and technology. Even the most outgoing Gemini is bound to feel a bit overwhelmed with the demands of social media. Thankfully, "Likey" invites us to add some Air sign lightness into those experiences. As they used to do to everything together, this symbiosis led them to become like twins.

As expected from a Gemini, her razor-sharp mind often results in work that bursts with originality. With five members born under that element, two of them are Geminis: vocalists Taeil and Haechan. The song is as freeing as its title, and takes us on a swift journey that satisfies with highs notes and an otherworldly feeling of being infinite.

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The thought of watching butterflies fluttering in wild grass, or of wallowing in it, gives you a ready-made pretext to avoid using the lawnmower too often. Regarding colours, as a typical Gemini, you are fond of pastel hues, Nile green, and silvery tints. You also appreciate lilies of the valley and lavender, mainly because you enjoy discussing about their symbolism. You will find on Astrotheme thousands of natal charts of celebrities who have the Sun in Gemini , Gemini rising , or Mercury dominant.

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In your case, the garden is an extension of your home, a principle which is dear to your heart. This is why you need to lovingly take care of your piece of paradise, whatever its size may be. An incorrigible and often romantic dreamer, you relish the idea of spending time lying on a deckchair, caressed by a sweet ray of sun or protected by a nice shade, should the light be too strong.

Therefore, it is easier to imagine that you are enjoying your plants instead of tending them! A bit lazy, you?

Gemini 8ml Gift Set Twist & Spritz™ Zodiac Perfume

Come on! You could make an exception for the cultivation of roses, which you prefer white, if possible. Lilies and geraniums appeal to you too, and the thought of arranging bouquets to decorate your house may be a strong incentive. Along the same lines, you feel like growing small summer fruits such as strawberries, redcurrants, or blackcurrants. To you, thinking of making jams is quite akin to Proust's madeleine.

As far as trees are concerned, weeping willows, with their branches drooping nonchalantly, suit your universe, especially since they have to be planted near water. In this regard, in addition to tender colours, it would be good to emphasise this element and to include a pond or a fountain. You will find on Astrotheme thousands of natal charts of celebrities who have the Sun in Cancer , Cancer rising , or the Moon dominant.

You agree to invest in a garden, but under the condition that it is the most beautiful in the area! As with any other leisure activity, you wish to assert yourself through your regal qualities, but if possible, without having to say so aloud. As a result, you need space in order to unleash your bubbling creativity. And let's acknowledge it, you also need resources. If you are given free rein in a garden centre, you go straight away towards the most breathtaking flowers, and also, the most sumptuous trees.

Nothing can stop you. You are active, like all Fire signs, and you are prepared to commit yourself. However, you will give of your best when supervising the work of professional people, particularly because your enthusiasm is contagious. If you are endowed with Leo's extreme traits, you are most likely to choose the gardens of Versailles, with wide alleys, flowerbeds of red and pink roses, and French-style groves. Although you cannot go this far, you want at least a space which enchants your eyes, and you can divert some of your sign symbols by planting sunflowers or orange trees.

You will find on Astrotheme thousands of natal charts of celebrities who have the Sun in Leo , Leo rising , or the Sun dominant. With your deft hands and your capacity to work hard, you gather many qualities which turn you into an excellent gardener. Before you start, actually, you thoroughly devise your project, and you polish your strategy. Once the main axes are set, you stick to them. Everything is planted along straight lines, and you are the hedge-trimming champion. Even though it means using a measuring-tape to check that everything is correct!

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Moreover, neither weeds, nor diseases will slip through because of you. In other words, you are more than efficient, and you know how to achieve the best results with very little. Besides, your natural inclinations prompt you to seek small flowers as well as lilies of the valley and lavender. The ideal colours for your space are bright, with a special mention for blue. Finally, don't forget that you are the sign associated with harvests: trees yielding fruits to be dried, such as walnuts or hazelnuts, are very suitable.

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You will find on Astrotheme thousands of natal charts of celebrities who have the Sun in Virgo , Virgo rising , or Mercury dominant. You are fond of calm and balance, and you are able to appreciate any gardening activity, provided however that it is not too physically testing. You are a delicate person, and it is out of the question that you wield a pitchfork or a spade! On the contrary, one easily imagines that you are clipping your roses, an unavoidable flower for your sign. Since you are ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, you are attracted to the queen of flowers, whose subtle fragrances charm you.

Another facet of your very sociable personality drives you to create a green spot where you can entertain your friends. The best solution would be to find a nook where to rest outdoors and to enjoy the pleasures of conversation. To suit Libras, outdoors must be civilised, and therefore, it is out of the question to be dominated by the elements. Thus, it would be good that you consider delegating the most menial tasks to someone else, which will enable you to start a conversation with people who have the advantage over you of doing it with pleasure.

As to colours, you enjoy subtle and soft hues, blue, and mauve.

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Besides, hydrangea flowerbeds are among the plants recommended, as well as fig trees and trees bearing fruits in autumn. You will find on Astrotheme thousands of natal charts of celebrities who have the Sun in Libra , Libra rising , or Venus dominant. Since you don't like to behave the way other people do, it is logical that your garden must be anything but an ordinary place. You are fond of mysterious nooks and recesses, and shadows do not annoy you at all. Likewise, you are not interested in following rules or in taming your plants. You feel like letting Mother Nature invade you, and the more spontaneously wild plants thrive, the more you are satisfied.

On the other hand, you may also have a passion for certain cultivations. As always, you get into them completely and without concession. In their category, geraniums, but also rhododendrons, which are not so easy to grow properly, are a real challenge. You may be tempted to astonish your entourage by planting mandrakes, which are believed to possess mysterious properties. Indeed, one guesses that beneath the gardener, there is an alchemist, of course.

Be careful, however, and don't get carried away by experiments which might be dangerous. As to colours, your garden will be at the same time green and dark, and why not, with a forest to extend it further and to fulfil your most secret fantasies. Who knows, it might shelter some elves or evil spirits?

Gemini Zodiac Sign – Qualities, Dark Side, Personality and Lessons

You will find on Astrotheme thousands of natal charts of celebrities who have the Sun in Scorpio , Scorpio rising , or Pluto dominant. To have a garden is akin to bring a piece of nature into one's home. This is a principle that suits your temperament very well. You enjoy outdoors and sports. With the energy which characterises you, you do not shun physical works. One may even mention audacity when referring to your understanding of gardens. The trees you like are majestic.

Gemini | July 1st, 12222

Oak trees are ideal, for their strength, their longevity, and their symbolism. Indeed, they have often been chosen by political regimes or by kings because they embody those qualities, which might appeal to you too, since you are sensitive to idealistic causes. A taste for exoticism is another trait of your character. If you have the possibility to acclimate plants which conjure up far-off horizons, you will be profoundly happy. You are tempted by cacti as well as palm-trees, bamboos, or orchids, provided that the climate agrees!

As to colours, deep purple perfectly suits your spiritual aspirations, and carmine encourages the expression of your inner fire. You prefer aromatic plants to classical flowers, particularly if they take you elsewhere, once again, like coriander or exotic fruits. You will find on Astrotheme thousands of natal charts of celebrities who have the Sun in Sagittarius , Sagittarius rising , or Jupiter dominant. Although gardening is a leisure activity, it is difficult for you to think of it as if you were a mere amateur.

You take it seriously, and no one can blame you for being lazy. Since you loathe pulling the wool over people's eyes, you start by getting information about the soil, so that you don't make mistakes. You want to get the most suitable one in order to ensure that your plantations will endure and that their roots will have everything they need to develop. Therefore, it is out of the question to come back with a dozen different varieties which are meant only for marketing purposes and are quite expensive. As an informed customer, you are aware that multi-purpose compost will perfectly do, but that heather requires acid soil.

Once this first key step is completed, you can tackle the main task. According to your tastes, a garden ought to be sober with simple shapes. You are quite tempted by some sort of Japanese style reproducing calligraphic rules.