Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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Below you can find out where all the Memories can be found, including those that are unlocked during the main quest. See below for descriptions of specific Memory locations. The photo in question shows a location in Central Hyrule not far from Hyrule Castle itself. In fact, the location is just South of the castle, located in the spot known as the Sacred Ground Ruins, where a small pool of water surrounds a dais now patrolled by a Guardian.

So long as you are quick and quiet, you should be able to reach the site of the memory in the center to trigger the flashback. From the Plateau Tower, float down North to the large lake , and head along the West bank to find a small raised ridge. The third photo in the album depicts a shrine among ruins with the Divine Beast Vah Medoh circling in the distance.

This fourth photo shows a desert oasis, and is located in plain sight on the road to Gerudo Town. The fifth photo depicts a shot of the area overlooking the Great Hyrule Forest , where the Woodland Tower stands in the present. You can find it by climbing to a peak West of the Goronbi Lake, and fight through Lizalfos to find a clear plateau with a ring of small stones overlooking the tower, and the memory is found just in front of the stones. The sixth photo in the album depicts a grassy field overlooking Hyrule Castle from the West side.

The location is across the river from Hyrule Castle , to the Northeast of the Ridgeland Tower, just past the Royal Ancient Lab Ruins, where a large tree stands around pools of water. The memory can be found in front of the tree. The seventh photo in the album shows a shot of the Bridge of Hylia with the Gerudo Highlands in the far distance, putting the photo on the East bank.

Look for a large tree with two small statues sheltered underneath up on a small hill, and the memory location is nearby. Your best chance is to infiltrate Hyrule Castle from the West side, and look for a tall spire North of the gatehouses up on a high level to the side of the main castle itself. The ninth picture in the album shows a watery spring with a statue flanked by two trees - located in the Spring of Power , one of three mystical springs in Hyrule. The tenth picture in the album depicts a large statue of a horse that stands out pretty well.

Look for the road to the East of Satori Mountain to find the park at the top of a large hill, where the memory is found near the statue. The eleventh picture in the album depicts a large gate on a road.

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