Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

Sue Bohlin offers a quiz covering Bible basics rather than trivia. That's because we're not reading and studying the Bible. Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament? .. Probe fulfills this mission through our Mind Games conferences for youth and adults, our 3-minute daily radio program, and.

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Hitting the Wall by Eirian Erisdar reviews Connor hits a wall both literally and figuratively eighteen months after the liberation of the androids. Also, Hank's birthday. Connor finds that picking a good present with an extremely limited budget is more difficult than it would seem. Some good vaguely father-son-but-emotional-constipation-won't admit-it Hank and Connor fluff.

Also, Sumo. And again. He won't stop until he saves Peter. The Aftermath of the Ferry Fiasco by Emptyfridges reviews While watching the aftermath of the ferry fiasco from a rooftop Peter's phone rings, then he receives a text simply saying. Get to the tower. It's time we had a talk. Tonys reaction to the ferry fiasco is not quite the same as in Homecoming. Post Homecoming, pre Infinity War. Tony stops breathing, his body rigid and his heart racing as he stares straight at Peter.

Silence hangs thickly in the air. Peter's voice is wobbly, softer, as he repeats, "you're not my dad. Flashback by WishfulWriting reviews Jesse is somehow transformed into a child. How will he and Walt deal with it? Tony never noticed or thought about what Peter's real life was like. He knew his Aunt May raised him, but he never put much thought into how hard it would be to make ends meet for them, until one day Peter collapsing from hunger made that pretty clear.

No Pairing, but plenty of crew as family aura. Kirk, L. A Night To Remember by myshipsaresunk reviews Prom is hard for normal teenagers. Despite it all, Peter Parker is determined to have a night to remember. Pure Fluff. Hold On by Anonymity is crucial reviews During the fight with Toomes, Peter winds up with more injuries than he bargained for. This leads to a desperate Tony trying not only to save his Spider, but help him recover from the fallout after.

Just a little something I wanted to write. Takes place during Homecoming, and after, but doesn't really follow along that much. Family by Cubismus reviews Harvey Specter doesn't care about anybody or at least he thought so. But when he accidentally hits a year old boy with his car, his life is turned up-side down. Tal vez su destino era haber nacido para sufrir. He was praised for stopping Vulture on his own. All was said and done and Peter was back in the swing of things. But that didn't stop Tony from missing him, let alone going after him.

Post Homecoming. Bonding, fluff, and so on. Consequences by Grace'sImagination reviews Turning down Mr Stark's offer had been hard, but not as hard as the months of radio silence that followed. Peter Parker's life has become dull and grey until an opportunity he can't refuse turns his world upside down. A summer upstate with the Avengers leads to more changes than Peter could have imagined and he must decide how to handle the consequences of not just his actions. One Piece - Stowaway by Annabelle-Kirkland reviews After mishearing some advice from Makino, Luffy decides to sneak onto Shanks boat the "Red Force" so he will have no choice but to accept him into his crew.

Unfortunately, things do not go as planned.

Rated K for spanking and light profanity. Out sick by Satisfactionnotguaranteed reviews Neal Caffrey finds himself sick and does his best to keep it under wraps! Afterall, cons don't get sick right? This can't be good for business. Parental Peter themes. Completely horrible summary, but a fun read! Hope you like it. Remember to review! The Difference Between a Father And a Dad by you-cannot-define-me reviews Peter usually meets with Tony on Tuesdays and Fridays, so naturally, he's worried when Tony suddenly requests to see him on a Sunday.

Batman isn't impressed. Not many people know why, but it seems Mustang of all people may know. So Ed seeks comfort from the blue in the sea of white. Restraint by InitialLuv reviews McCormick is reluctant to admit how Hardcastle's shooting and Weed's death have affected him. But is now really the time for restraint? What's gotten the obnoxious-never-shuts-up alien I know so quiet This is a sequel to "I Am A Father".

My Self-Destructive Mind by Lokun reviews When JD's daydreams turn into nightmares, and his narrating voice is getting out of control, he starts questioning his sanity. What can he do when his own mind becomes his worst enemy? Update coming soon! Fault Lines by ihearttony reviews After being stabbed, Chase has to ask for help from the one person he chose not to forgive. A follow-up to season eight's "Nobody's Fault". House, M. House, E. Foreman, R. Chase - Complete. Chance Encounter of the Fatherly Kind by The-Shepherd's-Daughter reviews When Sir Edward Pellew went in search of some creature comforts to ease a day's headaches, he never expected to reacquaint himself with a sorely missed comrade nor be caught up in the man's family matters or perhaps better described, troubles.

But never had the Admiral been so happily ensnared! Hornblower, Mariah M. Pellew - Complete. Got Your Back by Puddycat reviews Just a bunch of primarily parental! RoyEd oneshots set throughout the series, also features some more general military-family love. Some strong language.

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Life Goes On by Moonsp1r1t reviews After the death of his mother, Connor is sent to live with his father in the suburbs. Haytham, on the other hand, did not know of his son's existence and now has to struggle with trying to raise a young teenager on his own. First attempt at a modern AU. But secrets about the Dursley's treatment of Harry will leak out, the only question is who will take the young wizard in. And with all that poor Harry still has all the adventure of the second year.

So Antonio takes him in, but their relationship as guardian and ward isn't going to go smoothly. Hopefully they'll learn to work it out. Perfection Doesn't Exist by inkandpaperqwerty reviews Peter has always known there were parts of Neal Caffrey that were fake, but it wasn't until Kate broke the replica that Peter caught a glimpse of the original artwork. He should have known. Perfection only exists in forgeries and lies. Based off of episode 17 of brohood. Back on the Grid by stargatecat reviews Jack returns from Washington to check on his team after the events of episode 9.

Carter, D. Jackson, J. O'Neill - Complete. Inheritance Tax by InitialLuv reviews McCormick must face his past to make decisions about his future. After an incident in New York Peter has to keep a low profile, resulting in him moving to the Avenger's facility. The future changes. Now with second Epilogue! Dream 6 in a series where I turn fandom dreams into stories.

What it Means to Break by MetalWolfMelody reviews When Chase attends a medical conference in House's place, he suffers a trauma that leaves him both emotionally and physically broken. When he feels as though he's on the very edge, there's only one man he trusts enough to call for help- House. Can the harsh diagnostician heal wounds that are deeper than physical, or will he hold true to his cruel and insensitive reputation?

House, R. During Harry's third year, Snape deals with Harry's escape to Hogsmeade. Thirteen and ready to make his own decisions, Harry feels that life is quite unfair. Warning: spanking. And the one time they use their words. Sort of. Surviving Superheroism by spiderstan0spiderstan reviews Five small ways Tony Stark helped Peter Parker survive super-heroism, and one time Peter helped him. Operation Impress Peter by inkandpaperqwerty reviews It's the moment of truth. Peter agreed to make the deal, and Neal has one chance to convince Peter it was worth it. There will be no second chances.

Neal knows what he's capable of, and he knows he can pull it off Turbulence by Bologna reviews One of the things people appreciated most about Peter was his ability to take everything in stride. This turbulence thing is new, though. A month after the war between heroes, Tony couldn't help but wonder about how his new young friend, Spiderman, is doing after the battle at the airport.

Not everyone can get hit by over a thousand pounds of force and just walk away. So what does Tony do? He goes to check on his favorite spider. Flug directly disobeyed his boss, he thought his life would end in the most horrendous way possible However something unexpected yet terrifying happens Flug, 5. Family by Lynse reviews Jack had thought, now that he was one of the Guardians, that he wouldn't be spending Christmas alone. But Christmas is more than just a day.

The First Chistmas by heyits. Fluff, humor, and the typical evading of emotions! Not really the Avengers but I couldn't find the Spider-Man category? A Run In by CiterzeneZeppo reviews Nate and Sully try to relax at a diner after a tough job, but it's not proving simple. An attack breaks out, and Nate notices someone from his past.

Nate and Sully time period. A Very Supernatural and SG1 Christmas by Dragonflysoul reviews Just your ordinary Christmas story with ghosts and claw-wielding, flesh-eating monsters. Takes place SPN post 7. SG1 prequel now added. O'Neill, Dean W. Of Crab Tins and Diamonds by SeagullandCroissant reviews Anxious for adventure, Tintin leaves his home behind for a new life at sea aboard the Karaboudjan.

As he gets used to sailor life, he meets new friends, including Captain Allan Thompson and his first mate, Tom. However, as the seas begin to churn and the journey ahead becomes much more dangerous, Tintin begins to question if the Karaboudjan and her crew are all what they seem. I'm glad by Hazulnutpower reviews Max has a nightmare, and seeks David's bed for comfort. NOT a pairing fic. Everyone can see it, but them. And the 1 time Tony and Peter finally confess to each other. Closure by Mezo Phane reviews James Kirk never got to say goodbye to the closest person he had to a father when he died in the Daystrom Conference Room.

Now he, Jim, is dead too, and at least the afterlife looks like the Enterprise. Unfortunately, someone's sitting in his chair. This time, though, he doesn't mind at all. Set during ST:ID. Kirk, C. Pike - Complete. Nerves by FortuitousCow reviews Peter felt exposed as he rode by himself to the top of the building. His nerves jumped with every subtle rise in the soothing music, or even when nothing changed at all.

His instincts shouted at him that these walls would close in any second, or conversely, that everything would fall out of existence around him and he would be floating in darkness. As We Wander by Yeahsureyoubetcha reviews All who wander are not lost O'Neill, Teal'c - Complete. The Oath by Latebloomnriter reviews Can a man who is a facile liar still have integrity, and swear to uphold the law?

Operation: Safekeeping by LodestarJumper reviews After the events of Homecoming, Peter attempts to deal with the trauma of what happened with little success. Everything is thrown into further chaos, however, after Tony is accused of treason. With his suits destroyed, trust fraying, and a hunt rising for the multi-billionaire, Tony goes to the only person he can think of for help: Peter Parker.

Snowbound by HannahBerrie reviews When El invites Mike to spend the day at the cabin, Hopper finds himself supervising a sleepover he didn't sign up for. Hopper - Complete. Accommodations by owlcroft reviews The judge and McCormick discuss an accommodation, by either definition, in the den on Christmas Eve. Bubbles from Heaven by Starrylizard Marcus tells Tomas a story. Set after the events of 2x3. Contact by sporadicallyceaseless reviews Before, El didn't know any good people, or things she liked, or touches that didn't hurt. Things are much different now.

Much better. Hopper, Joyce B. Nosebleed by elizaleigh1 reviews In which El gets a nosebleed, and Hopper forgets that a telekinetic teenage girl is still just a teenage girl. It's harder than he had imagined it would be Warning: Will contain spankings in later chapters. Intertwined by tellmewhatisreal reviews Moments between Jim and Jane. Post season 2. Papa by AsYouAre reviews An accidental slip leads to a revelation and a closer bond between a father and his daughter.

Hohenheim had disappeared when Ed was just five, leaving him to grow up far too soon. But no one knew just how deep those issues ran. It all comes to a head when, after seeing his father again, Ed lets loose. Roy gaped. Outside the Lines by Melody Harper reviews Coloring inside the lines isn't always possible. Or right. Or the best way to live. Everyone strays outside from time to time. It's only bad if you're caught. Takes place after 'The Storm,' season 11 finale.

Rossi, Jack H. A Superhero's Day Off by alycurtiswinchester reviews Short story about Peter being adopted by Tony and suddenly gets sick. Unwanted Memories by Purplepumpkin18 reviews Davids dad comes for a visit after so long, it doesn't go well. Rated T because I'm paranoid. Peter does not approve of their behaviour Missing scene from S2E4. Warnings: Contains CP between 2 adults. Pills by MysteriousWriter reviews After being told that he should try for once, Shawn takes his matters into his own hands by taking caffeine pills. Positive reviews please. The Flu by sting12 reviews After the imposter of Gilligan leaves the island, the castaways all catch the flu except for Gilligan.

Gilligan takes care of his family but soon finds the flu hitting him as well. Can Gilligan stay well enough to get his friends back to normal before he goes down fully? Disclaimer: I don't own Gilligan, it's just for fun. Just a few of the things Tony, Pepper, Happy, and Peter needed to have for a memorable night.

Because the four of them make a family together, even though they would never admit it to anyone. Collapse by LodestarJumper reviews There's nowhere for them to exit at save a hole big enough for a small box in the top left corner nearly twenty feet over their heads. If his leg was in working order, it would have been fine. It's broken though so the only thing they can do is wait and hope someone finds them. Avengers family fluff. Go, eat by InkyTrue reviews Early in their partnership the eating machine stops. Things don't go according to plan. Peter solves this problem by not eating as much as he maybe should.

This has far-reaching consequences in terms of fights with villains, and Tony wonders where he went wrong. Diane has gone off with Fornell and Gibbs 1st ex wants him to take over primary custody of their son Tim. Big brother Tony isn't thrilled Home Again by ficwriterjet reviews This story takes place in Season 6 of Charmed, and centers on the character Chris.

My story follows the events in that season, but focuses on the relationship between Chris and his family - especially Leo. Saving You by staringatstars07 reviews Reyes has a talk with McCree after one too many fights. It turns out the kid has some things he needs to get off his chest. McCree - Complete. Laguna and Squall's Excellent Mis-Adventure!

Meal Time by 96DarkAngel reviews Dr. Flug is well known not only for his inventions but for his infamous paper bag. What exactly could he be hiding from the world? After a few suspicious actions by the doctor, Black Hat decides to take it upon himself to find out. Flug - Complete. Just Breathe by FloofyFox reviews 'Jimbo, the past'll do nothin' to help ya. It's like holdin' on to an anchor. Spiderman Homecoming - ViewerDiscretion Recommended by ILikeCookiesLoads reviews YouTube is a dangerous place, it has a lot of videos on it, some of which Tony wished he hadn't seen while watching old Spiderman videos.

Spiderman Homecoming - Broken Boneand PE by ILikeCookiesLoads reviews Peter isn't perfect at fighting, sometimes he gets hurt, sometimes he doesn't tell anybody about it goes into school without a note and has to do PE while hurt. Spiderman Homecoming - In the Eye of the Storm by ILikeCookiesLoads reviews Peter really should look at the weather report, after all, flying though the sky mid storm can be quite dangerous, often leading to illness.

Thank God Tony keeps a close eye on his little Spider. W at age 5. From this day forward, his life becomes nothing short of a nightmare as his humanity is slowly stripped away from him at the hands of merciless researchers. Between scorn billionaires and cunning CEO's, Danny's fate dances around a future of either confinement or freedom. Wholly Unnecessary by BeautifulBestseller reviews Season 2 episode 4 of white collar.

Peter punishes Neal for risking his life. Got spanking in it, don't like don't read. How would their relationship have grown as Snape came to care for Harry and discovered the secrets of his home life? Sickening by Noth reviews According to Washington, Lafayette had seemed off lately. According to Mrs. Washington, Lafayette was very unwell. But according to Lafayette himself? He was fine. Washington, Martha W. That's when he noticed the trail of blood cascading down Mike's hand from under his suit jacket's sleeve.

Sticks And Stones by Eniko reviews 'Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me. Both hurt. As Pietro Maximoff is about to find out. After the battle with Ultron he thought, he hoped, his pain had finished. But, when being trained to fight properly by a shield agent, he's about to find out just how horrible some people can be.

Spider-Man saved him from his previous life style, but old habits die hard. How good exactly is Peter's enhanced healing? Seasickness by icearrows reviews It is not convenient to be ill when the world rests on his shoulders. Neither is it easy on his crew mates, who happen to specialize in worrying. One shot, early bday gift for ctj. Flight of the Red Arrows by ufovalet reviews While celebrating Martin's birthday in the midst of a major storm, the crew of MJN Air find themselves in the middle of a hostage situation.

Martin whump. Focus on Martin and Douglas and their relationship. Lost Soul by ItsDxrkInside reviews 11 year old Mike's life is turned upside down after being in a car crash which killed both his parents and left him crippled. Harvey takes on the case to prevent the care home Mike is staying at from being closed down through which he meets Mike. And from there, both of their lives change forever.

Flip-Phones and Slamming Doors by inkandpaperqwerty reviews Tony is the head of the Avengers, the focal point for all intergalactic hero communications, the liaison between humanity and superhumanity, and he is trying to get ready for an assault on the entire planet. He really doesn't have time to deal with the six intruders in the holding cells downstairs. Why does Steve have to be such a drama queen? One of Those Days by Anthezar reviews One unlucky hit with a strange spell.

That's all it took to effectively change Harry's life. Bound to stay within ten feet of each other, Harry Potter and Severus Snape have to learn to get along or die trying. What could possibly go wrong? Stark finds out, otherwise he will literally kill me for going behind his back. Stark was the one that brought you to the hospital. After that they have a "little" talk. Spoilers SMHC. Sound the Bugle by clairenbearen reviews Four times Jim Kirk almost called Christopher Pike "dad," and the one time he wished he had.

Rated for language. Nobody by PercyJacksonAlways reviews Peter Parker was at the lowest point in his life: He felt as though he caused more trouble than helping others; Mr Stark had confiscated his suit and was probably mad at him. Besides, Peter was starting to see the truth in Mr Stark's words - If you're nobody without the suit, then you shouldn't have it. Perhaps all he wanted was just a hug El experimento by Distroyer reviews Black Hat le ordena al Dr.

As he did, their relationship gets closer than ever. My first BMW fanfic. Positive reviews please! Understanding flooded Isaac's face, and he started backing up rapidly as his Alpha approached. No worries here, I'm fine! Dual Lanes by Latebloomnriter reviews Mark's first love threatens to derail his plans for a law career. Rated T for some language. Slight UC4 Spoilers. Si no le gusta este tipo de fic no lo lea. The Fullmoon Meeting by DarkAgea reviews Edward runs away from home, blood staining his hands, alone in the world with his family's death.

Roy is a vampire out hunting, one who doesn't care about the intense enemity between the supernatural species. A meeting on one cold, full moon night brings two completely different worlds together Nightmare by mightydeafeningmouse reviews Peter has a nightmare, Tony comforts him. Senses by mightydeafeningmouse reviews Peter mentioned enhanced vision to Tony once, but he didn't mention his hearing Basically what happens when Peter has a sensory overload at school. When he finds him asleep at his desk and wakes him up to move him to the bed, Isaac finds it hard to break free from the nightmare that pulled him back to his past.

Family feels only. The Calamity of Caring by Inks Inc reviews Captain Raymond Holt had happily spent his entire working life as an efficiently emotionless emperor. But then life decided to throw one Detective Jake Peralta across his path. Desperately, he tries to deny any feelings towards his incorrigible underling. But when Jake's job is put on the line, all bets are off. Quicksilver paid Magneto a quick visit before he left, struggling to save a his relationship with his father and to fix his troublesome family.

Without no one who believed in him and rejected by the other spirits. But what would happen, if one particular person finds him during that time. And changes everything with a simple action. FatherSon relationship between Jack and North. Secreta Mysteria by Inks Inc reviews "Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead. Struggles to survive against humans that ally dark venomous mechs, and create doomsday mock up versions of Cybertronians. While I'm sure chasing and killing people together will tell you a lot about a person, it's important to experience calmer more controlled settings.

Ma n'atu sole cchiu' bello, oje ne' O sole mio sta 'nfronte a te! Faith by Zany the Nerd reviews Luke Skywalker, still trapped in his eight year old body, escapes his father and returns to the rebels to save Han. Meanwhile Darth Vader plans on recapturing his son all while secretly plotting a mutiny against the Emperor. And what is this about the Empire constructing a new weapon?

Always Gold by SolarRose29 reviews Sherlock doesn't solve crimes for the money. Lestrade doesn't take care of Sherlock for the thanks. Parental Instincts by snowilsadmiral reviews While posing as a family on a mission, Roy and Riza find themselves woken in the night. Roy, Parental! Not So Bad by Thecatnip10 reviews After Gir mysteriously catches a violent illness, Zim must find out what it is and how to cure it, before the sickness shuts him down for good. During this whole event, Zim begins to realize just how much he needs Gir, and how much he cares for him.

When it becomes known to Chet Hunter, things get messed up. The timeline starts the night after the events of the episode "The Pink Flamingo Kid", Season 3, episode 17 ended. Warnings in the Author's Note inside. Please Read and Review! Constructive Criticism welcome. Okay, so Laura had a point. Family fun, family drama, family warm fuzzies.

Brand new to this, please be kind, my simple contribution. Walter White lives, to everyone's eventual dismay, the story continues Tagline: With Heisenberg alive, can Death be far behind? Stay Together by boycrazy reviews When Edward runs off during a hunting trip with his brothers Carlisle is less than happy.

Pre-Twilight Warning - Spanking. His Butler, A Father's Touch by HeartElyse reviews After Sebastian starts taking it upon himself to teach Ciel in more ways than one, a weakness begins to creep in on Ciel, one that he cannot shake, no matter what he tries. Or do you already know, but you don't care anyway, because you know how much it hurts me? Contains 'Spanking' as a form of discipline. Endings are hard, as Neal and Peter are finding out.

But maybe it's not an ending. Maybe it's a beginning. Or can it be both? General season spoilers. Neal can't sleep, so naturally, he calls Peter. Talking Age by CiterzeneZeppo reviews Short thing. Bit of dialogue between the two characters. A Younger Nate and Sully. Sullivan - Complete. Learner's Permit by Tintastic01 reviews Tintin finally got it. Find out what happens when a quirky 15 year old Tintin asks his friend the Captain to teach him to drive. In-character story-type. Rin had always been the curious kid, asking all sorts of questions that left Jakken confused majority of the time.

What happens when she starts asking her curious little inquiries to the stoic demon lord who never had to think about these questions before? How does a demon satisfy a curious little human's thirst for innocent knowledge? Are Paige and Toby's thoughts about the source of Walter's empathy correct or is there another life experience he's drawing from? I'm only a fan… I do not own the story or characters of Scorpion. Not today, not ever by imbloodycrowley reviews I've realized there are a bunch of fanfics for S1EP10 where neal is drugged.

This is my take on it. Neal is certain he's about to receive a beating, but Peter is having none of that. I simply adore Peter. Please review if you read! My Kid by stupidfinewriterchick reviews Bruce finds himself feeling all kinds of strange and foreign emotions that come with raising a son. Contains mild parental non-consensual spanking of an adult male.

Batman, Barbara, Dick, and Alfred enjoy a family movie night. Alfred is full of sage wisdom, Barbara makes too much sense, Dick eats pineapple on his pizza, and Batman realizes that it's okay to take off your mask around your family. Yea, Peter was gonna have to get used to this. Peter meets Pietro and Wanda. At Clint's house. Under the Roof of Marlinspike Hall by twilighteve-writes reviews "He supposed he had always known, but amidst the adventures they had, it slipped his mind.

Now, though, the fact that Tintin was so very young rammed into him viciously. How old was he, exactly? He couldn't be older than twenty. A Second Chance by keyphoenix reviews For those who felt Snape was cheated in the books Beginning right after the last page of DH, a new danger forces Harry and Snape together and makes them see the Completely canon-compliant except for Snape lives. He has a violent breakdown, but good thing Harvey's there to pick up the pieces. Lullaby of a Deserted Hell by Lotus Butterfly reviews Dante was a lot of things: a gambler, a drinker, a lover, a fighter.

But if there was one thing he was not, and never intended to be, it was the personal guard of a little kid.

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But how could he say no when those blue eyes were as haunted as his own? Follow Up Blast From the Past by EVHDoggettGallo Cabe is finally back at the garage for good, with almost all his memories fully restored, and he decides to tell Walter about the visions he had of the genius back when Walter was a boy.

A Naughty Kitten by Mono D. Duo reviews After taking on a rambunctious cat-boy as his ward, Shunsui realised that the kid needs discipline he was hoping he wouldn't have to give. After being particularly naughty, Grimmjow finds himself over Shunsui's lap in a much too vulnerable position. Spanking of a preteen Grimmjow. Like Father Like Son by Lord of Time10 reviews When Erik and Peter both can't sleep, will the speedster finally gain the courage to tell the famed Magneto that he has a son?

Just a quick, fluffy one-shot. This takes place after XMA. If you were left in satisfied with Peter not revealing Erik the truth, please read! Comments and followers appreciated! This story does contain corporal punishment. Break of Dawn by Aerois reviews A mere month after hearing the shocking news of his parentage, Squall is invited to Esthar by everyone's favorite Desperado to celebrate Ellone's upcoming birthday.

Laguna struggles with trying to lay the foundation for a relationship with his son, while Squall just struggles with Laguna in general. Will Snape use his newfound power over Harry to destroy him? Slavery story.

Tales of the Ring and the Camp, free ebooks, ebook, etext

Eventual Severitus. Fluff warning. Absolutely no slash. One hundred short stories about the father-son relationship between Hades and Nico. All unrelated. Chapter We're all alive tonight by srcstctruth reviews Mission gone wrong. Roy saves Ed. Roy guilt-trips and Ed soothes. Purely Parental! That mean's he hears things, lots of things. Some of these things are true, some of them not so true. Context is a fickle mistress and Neal soon finds himself endowed with knowledge he's not sure he ever wanted. Information can drive a guy crazy, especially the wrong kind.

Enter, Agent Burke. George Washington takes him back to his tent and Alex won't shut up. It's good to know that a drunk Alexander is just as talkative as the sober one. Posted on AO3 under the same name for a friend. Hamilton, G. Washington - Complete. Deep Water by sorcerousfang reviews A simple walk by a lake quickly takes a violent turn that results in Sesshomaru being heavily wounded and separated from his wards. Help comes to them in unexpected forms.

Finished, but overhauling because this is kind of a train wreck. Nothingness was his everyday fate until he met an odd fellow that brought that feeling of hope. So Far by daggers. Overworked by A Bean reviews Alexander hasn't left his office in twelve days. George Washington finds out. How far is he willing to go to get what he wants, especially with a stubborn Edward?

Rated T just to be safe. Old habits die hard, and fifteen years is a long time. Neal has a special gift for Peter but it comes with more than a few strings attached. Admiral Piett becomes the reluctant confidante of the Emperor, caught in the middle of a deadly Sith cat-and-mouse mind game. Meanwhile, Luke returns to his mother's home world to pay his respects, unaware of the grave danger he is in. In this series, the young pirate wannabe will get himself into many situations. Don't like? Don't read. K also for swearing.

Rivers in the Glass by SeagullandCroissant reviews Unknown to Haddock, even at twenty one, Tintin is still afraid of thunderstorms I Have A Son! DOn't own characters rated T because paranoia. A Chocolate Factory? Wilder Wonka. After The Hunt by sting12 reviews During the hunt, Gilligan contracts sun poisoning. Once it's over, Gilligan is free but the others are worried about their friend. I do not own Gilligan or any of the characters. Sorry it's bad summary. Can Luke change his future? Or is history destined to repeat itself? Sick Day by oneiromancer reviews We all get sick, some of us needing a little more TLC than others.

Lucky that Peter has his devoted Dadneto to look after him. Out Of The Shadows by prosfan reviews When Hathaway starts making questionable decisions, he gets firm advice from and unlikely source. Written for the Lewis Challenge Fright Fest Warnings for character with suicidal tendencies and discussion of Dementia. Lewis, J. Hathaway - Complete. Superboy has the trust and love of Superman from the very beginning. Too bad that's not the case with the rest of the league. Autumn Leaves by Azuranaito reviews It's a beautiful autumn day!

What would be better than enjoying the nice little dip in the air? Eating candy apples and leaping into leaf piles, maybe? That describes the day Kirby had with Meta Knight. First father-son fic, little bit of father-son fluff. Ed has been MIA for months, and when Roy finally finds him, he is blind and more than just physically injured. With the State honorably discharging him, and no father to speak of, Roy has no choice but to care for the boy and try to put the pieces back together. Rating for injury and violence, just to be safe.

It's in his genes, frozen in time forever. The love for each of his adopted brood is fierce, as are their own minds. Naturally, chaos ensues. A Change in Plans by spankingfemfatale reviews A what if? Tale where one small instance can change the whole of the universe of Gotham. Takes place in the episode "Arkham" where Oswald goes to Jim at his home letting him know he's returned to which Jim doesn't take to kindly to. Will contain non-consensual spanking! Co-written with the lovely BlackFox12! Gordon, Barbara K. Thanks Dad by Halibugz reviews "Got it; thanks, dad.

That's My Boy by oneiromancer reviews One-shot Dadneto fluff as a gift for octoberfangirl. Erik is terribly proud of his son - as Charles and Raven are about to find out. What happens when Nico asks Hades a question over breakfast that Persephone finds offensive? Previously a one-shot but now has become a series of drabbles about Nico. Ill Fates by MyKnightLife reviews When Kirby becomes ill and overexerts himself to meet Meta Knight for a training session, Meta Knight takes it upon himself to care for the pink puff until he's well again.

That he could comfort this soldier far too young to be one, the Edward Elric who shouldn't have to be invulnerable. But there were different ways to help someone, and Roy would do his best. I DON'T! Pike didn't die and the crew works to bounce back. Bad summary, story is a lot better. T for safety. No flames. Pike, Carol Marcus.

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SUPER fluff. She told me it was incase Jesus came through their rooms at night, saw their hands and decided to take the kids with him. In other words the kids would die in their sleep. It frightened the beejeezuz out of me. I had no children of my own at that time but years later when I did I used to do exactly the same thing. I guess the woman I had shared the house with had read this book as a child. Honestly these books sound horrid and I would never read something like that to my children.

Why would you jump on board with this strange ritual, years later with your own kids? Jesus is not the one you need to keep your kids away from. I read this story as a child whilst in the hospital. Imagine the demented healthcare professional who would do this to an already-scared kid! I wouldn't pull the bellcord for a nurse because I'd have had to raise my hand to reach it Sixty years ago for me.

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I was seven years old, and my parents actually bought the complete set of "Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories. I think I understood them more as fairy tales than anything else, as my parents never talked to me about any of the stories, and so many of them dealt with miracles brought about by prayer. Hey gayspiritwarrior I notice and interesting thing in your post I see that number all the time and ive come to know it means I'm 65 and never forgot the boy who died with his arm raised.

Unfortunately, I was close to letting go of the "trauma" of the imagery until I found this site and, lo and behold, you supplied an image that is worse than the one I had provided my imagination! Thank you and goodnight. Only half kidding. But, it seemed so bizarre as a tale for children that I began to wonder where the elements of the story came from.

Thank you for making this site available. I also remember a photo of a thin man sitting up in iron framed bed. His face had disturbingly sunken features. Does anyone remember that? Maybe that was "Knocking Out the 'T'. He had a phone specially built into it, complete with inspirational message.

Another favorite: "Little Miss Tisn't," just because I never knew anyone who used the word "tisn't. My parents weren't religious, but I remember talking about it to my mom's church-going friend, and her trying to explain it away to me--obviously if she'd actually read it, she'd have understood my terror. I blocked it out for 32 years, until two weeks ago when my girlfriend was in a hospital room with a painting of Jesus on the wall Not the illustration from "Jesus Understood", thank God and suddenly it all came flooding back to me.

I can't tell you how relieved I was to find this post. Thanks for reassuring me that, not only did I not make this memory up, but yes, that story was as creepy as I remember. This one story in particular has always freaked me out. This story changed my life. I was in third grade when all I had to read as I waited in a doctors office for my allergy therapy was tis book. A bee sting had caused me to go into life threatening anaphyactic shock and I was in hospital for five nights. Afterward my family was aware thartmerely playing outside by the flowers could risk my life.

It was this story about bobby that helped me form my relationshiip with my saviour. My plan was that if a bee killed me that I would stay with jesus until my parents came to heaven. Later in life I had another crisis with a chronic illness that threatened my concept of life itself. I felt I had no future and I had to turn to. Christ not in fear of death Jesus came through as he promised and helped me recover and go beyond. In every way he understood. The whole point of the story was that you dont have to be perfect to loved and accepted by jesus As a child my mother read Uncle Arthur stories to us and the favourite of my sister and I was the story of the two girls whose first encounter began with an angry pillow fight but in the end it brought them together.

I don't remember any of the others or being traumatized by them. So, of course, when my children came along, I reached for these familiar tales. The first story I read to my elder two girls was the one that had been my favourite and it was instantly a hit with them as well. Emboldened, I moved on to another. It was the story of two boys playing cowboy and Indian who got into a terrible fight. Mother sits them down and tells them the story of the real cowboys and Indians and how they had to learn to get along.

At the end of the story, the boy playing the cowboy says that since he is the white man, it is up to him to be the noble one - to step out in good faith. As you might imagine, that story was quickly shelved and I started reading the stories for myself. The amount of patronizing in the tales towards those who were non-white, non-male, non-Christian and non-middle class was appalling.

Alas the series of stories had to be relegated to a shelf set aside for the dodgy next to "On Becoming a Man" and "On Becoming a Woman". I read this at my dentist's office as a grade schooler, then went in to see the dentist and experience PAIN as he drilled my teeth. Was there an association? I too was haunted by that drawing above with the boy's raised hand, as I forevermore associated it with death. I avoided that book at all costs. It's been half a century and I recall it vividly. And I still avoid it.

I remember reading that story at the doctor's office when I was a precocious child, rather advanced in the reading comprehension and rational thought department. I found it morbid, of course, and its placement in a doctor's waiting room inappropriate, but most unforgivably of all, it was illogical. Why would Tommy, but not the hospital staff, know that Bobby was dying? My grandmother was a nurse. I knew that if something was very wrong, there was a lot of activity and noise.

If Bobby was dying, where was his family, or at least a staff member? How was a dying boy capable of having such a calm, lengthy conversation? While propping his hand up, why not push the emergency button instead of leaving him there for rigor to set in? Above all, why would Jesus not know when a boy was ready for Heaven? The story was about Jesus, who, as I understood, was supposed to be the son of God. Such a being would know what was going on.

It would not be necessary to call his attention to anything. I began to suspect that the story was utter bullshit. At the same moment, I took a good look at that photo, started laughing and couldn't stop. My mother took the book, read the story and her mouth twisted into a hard, thin smile that wanted to be a laugh. She didn't say anything, just pretended nothing was going on. After that, every time we were at an office that had that book, I'd pounce on it, turn to some random story, and laugh while my mother pretended not to know me.

I wanted her to buy me those books so badly I would never be able to find such a story "moving" or "inspirational", and certainly not believable. Ridiculous, yes, and so sick as to be extremely funny, but nothing more. This is the story. THIS is the story. I have been looking for the source of this story fo ryears. Growing up as a kid in a small town in the 70s, every single doctor and dentist had this book or the related Bible For Kids volume in the waiting room.

Need a procedure? Read about little Bobby's death while you wait!! I have been unable, until now, to produce proof of this traumatic tale to any of my bigger-city peers. I too, have been haunted by this story since childhood. I sought this book out every time I went to the dentist and read it over and over.

I've never forgotten the story and just today decided to google the theme and see if I could find it. What a chuckle to see that so many of us were affected by this 'bedtime story'. As a grandmother of 4, I can assure you that - though I love to tell my grandchildren about Jesus - this story is not on my list! I think the main problem with these stories - the primary reason why they can be so frightening - is that they are exactly that. And lessons about life, death, and salvation are topics WAY too deep, important, and complex to squeeze into a few short anecdotal paragraphs.

There isn't enough room there for the definitions and fuller explanations that one would need to read between the lines. A young child just HAPPENING to read something like this, and unfamiliar with the theology, literary style, and denominational subculture behind it, is highly unlikely to understand it the way it was probably meant to be understood. They are called "Bedtime Stories" because they were intended for parents to read to their own children in the home, where they could be discussed, elaborated on, and used as starting points for facilitating a child's religious understanding.

I'm sure they were NOT intended to be a child's first or even primary introduction to Seventh-day Adventist theology; the church takes for granted that its parents are doing all they can, in every way, to make every moment a gospel learning opportunity. The fact that these books were scattered like straw in thousands of medical offices, to be read by confused children completely without contextual guidance, is probably a very well-meant error I think it's important to remember that "Uncle Arthur" was born in , and died in He was middle aged before antibiotics became widely available.

Even in the developed "first-world", children died at rates considered appalling today. Modern parents take for granted that their children will "grow out of" whatever irritating, obnoxious phase they're in, knowing that Neosporin, Lysol, and Motrin are there to fix most problems. A few generations ago, though, without the security and reassurance that modernity provides, a tolerant parent might well have proved a negligent parent. Adults frightened the children because THEY were scared - scared of losing them. Even in , we still eventually have to be more blunt with our children about why we want them to do or avoid certain things, when gentle coaxing and reward charts cease to motivate.

For the same reasons that lower socio-economic levels tend in general to be "harder" or "stricter" on their children: because they don't have the same resources at their disposal to dig their children out of problems with that better-off families may have. Context is SO important, but unfortunately, a kid in a dentist's office reading a story like this in isolation won't have that This dreadful story was more nightmare-inducing to me over the proceeding 5 decades than ANY horror movie ever could have been. I read this morbid little ditty when I was 4 in of course the doctor's office waiting for treatment for a significant childhood illness.

The office had just gotten the book in and I couldn't wait to read it. Until Jesus Understood. Yeah, maybe Jesus understood but I sure the bloody hell didn't. At my next appointment 2 weeks later, the braver part of me wanted to face my fear and read that story one more time Curiously, I couldn't find Jesus Understood. Upon closer inspection, I realized the pages were missing from the book. Perhaps another child's parent had complained, because the pages for this story were neatly and cleanly removed entirely from the book.

How unfortunate that through the years I've never been able to so cleanly erase the trauma this story brought to my 4-year-old mind. I've often wondered if I imagined this entire story and was telling my now adult daughter about it for the first time today. Low and behold through the wonderment of Google, I stumbled upon this site and see I'm not the first adult whose childhood was derogatorily impacted by Jesus Understood.

But here is what I don't understand: I can see a 4-year-old child being afraid, but you said you've been terrified for 50 years! Didn't new information about Jesus or death or modern medicine replace what you took in at the age of 4? The pages were missing from a lot of his books! Someone very angry tore out every page in every doctors office. It was like a conspiracy I wanted to scream I loved this story and I loved Jesus too. I was 5 the first time I read it.

By age 13 all the pages were torn out everywhere. When I turned 20, I drove around wanted to find a copy. Every Dr. Had the pages torn out! I'm 60 now and shocked at why Now this just doesn't make sense to me. I didn't remember the title of the story, so I Googled "uncle arthur's bedtime stories boy hospital ward holding hand up" and this site was 2nd on the list for me. The snippet showed the text " I too was haunted by that drawing above with the boy's raised hand, as I But how different the reason. I came here tonight looking for a short story for our church bulletin, and I have always remembered that story, the kindness of his little friend who helped him put his hand up when he didn't have the strength.

The simple faith in the gesture. When the thief on the cross said "Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom", his was the same simple faith. He could do nothing else but ask. And his answer was immediate and affirmative. Staggered that anyone can mistake this story for anything other than evidence of a simple childlike faith in believing that if you ask you will receive. And this isn't me commenting as a 53 year old, this was me remembering the story read to me by my father as a bedtime story as a young boy before I could read.

I bet after seeing the different responses to this story, you had an even better topic for the church-bulletin story. Hello everyone! I'm 56 and I read this story so many years ago in the orthodontist's office I never forgot it! So powerful to a child's imagination that by propping up an arm you could.. I first heard this beautiful story when my friend read it to our grade two class. We read Uncle Arthur's stories to our children, and our daughter reads them to her daughter. It just dawned on me tonight, what if that story "Jesus Understood" was on the internet by some chance.

It was one of my favorites when I was about years old. I would always ask my Mum, if she could read me that one. My Mother would read it with such empathy, that I would have tears roll down my cheeks. She would say, "Poor little boy ay, but Jesus understood" and I would say "yeah, poor little ay Mummy". So i did a search and low and behold, here it was in story and also your video. LOL, thank you so much, now I understand, Jesus planted the seed of Salvation in my heart all the way back then and concluded with,,,, Tears rolling down my cheeks :.

Here is the story on Youtube. Make sure you have brushed your teeth before your bedtime story LOL. Are you kidding me? I read this at the doctors office in the 's and I' m still freaked out. I can never put my hand up in bed, and if I do when sleeping I instantly wake up. My husband got in bed laying on his side his hand was on the pillow facing up. I told him don't ever do that Jesus will come and get you.

I am 55 and Catholic and nothing I ever learned from church ever freaked me out like this crap. It's really amazing how many people were traumatized by this story. I was telling someone about it today over dinner, and they were almost in disbelief that a story like this would exist. I went to the wonderful inter webs, searched "jesus stories 's doctor's office" and behold, this page popped up first! I've been told that Grimm's Fairy Tales were just that in the beginning: grim, before Disney got ahold of them. Maybe Bobby and Tommy need to be "Disneyfied.

This horrible book of stories was in my late s and early s orthodontist's office: Dr. Edward Telch in Manhasset, NY. Even though it terrified me, I compulsively reached for it and read it every time I visited his office. With a nightbrace, followed by upper and lower braces, you can bet I read it dozens of times. As a Jewish kid, the thought of mistakenly having my arm propped up, erroneously signaling Jesus that I wanted to go with him, was terrifying to me.

I had nightmares every night after visiting Dr. Telch who was pretty scary too, not friendly and for several nights after, every time. To this day, I sleep on my stomach with my arms and hands pinned underneath my body. This story and Hollow Pie too remains vivid in my mind, more than 35 years later. Thank you to everyone who posted here. You make me feel better, and reassure me that it wasn't just me who was terrorized by this story. Talking about the dentist and avoiding sweets and treats: don't forget the story about Billy the greedy fat kid who always took the biggest and best of everything for himself.

Anyway so there was All Manner of little bite-and-a-half size pastries and caramels and bonbons and everyting you could imagine - and then there were a handful of three or four bite sizes of everything. Everybody else in on the joke took small ones and opened them and marveled at the delicious sauces and treats inside. Our boy Billy, true to form always took the biggest and best for himself - all of which were empty in the case of the pastries - just crust without even any butter or sugar - or made out of bitter baking chocolate and unsalted unsweetened caramel and on and on and on.

In the book of course Billy learns his lesson and goes about his life as a normal well adjusted boy. Sorry to say that in real life he becomes a Gainer member of The Society for the Portrait of Dorian Grey ends up a glutton and entering the Guinness Book as World's Fattest Man or becoming the runners up thereto.

I sho' ain't throwin all that away NOW. I read this story in my Mom's doctor's office when I was 10 years old. The story has always stuck with me! While it is haunting, I remember wishing Jesus would "understand" and take me to heaven too! My father had died the year before and my sister and family had moved away. I was very sad and lonely! I always felt God didn't take me because I was not hit by a car or in any physical pain.

Crazy what a story can do. I cannot believe it. I was just telling my mom about this story and The Hollow Pie, today! All you holier-than-thou people, listen to me: kids reading about kids dying is creepy. So stop with all the salvation and beautiful story stuff. To a kid, this story is kind of scary. I agree and couldn't have said it better! This stupid story has haunted me for years. Young children should not have been subjected to this book of nonsense in doctor's and dentist's offices, or anywhere else for that matter.

Why I decided to Google and find that this really was a story I had read and not something I had conjured up in my imagination tonight is because as I was trying to get comfy in my bed, I still to this day make sure that my arm isn't propped up in the air some way,somehow. It is something of a relief to see so many people have the same reaction and bad memory of it. I couldn't have said it better. This stupid story has haunted me for years and like many of the commenters, I thought perhaps I had made it up in my imagination.

For the umpteenth time while I was trying to get comfy in bed tonight, there I was again stopping myself from having my arm propped up or laying funny. Those books were a cruel thing to do to young children in the waiting rooms of dentists and doctors. At the age most of us read them at, we were not equipped whatsoever to understand any supposed context. I decided to Google and see if I could find anything about it and was so happy to come across this blog.

Again, like so many others I was convinced that maybe I had just imagined the whole thing. Uncle Arthur has apparently traumatized several generations of children. Unfortunately, kids DO die, at all ages. OMW as soon as I saw the image in google looking for hospital beds, I remembered this story, Yes, it haunted me for years, and as a kid, I would prop my hand up on a pillow in case I died during the night.

What really were we teaching our kids Thanks for the memories. I've never heard of Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories. I'm going to see if I can find a copy. These comments are hilarious! Like a lot of people here, this story has haunted me for years after I read it in a doctor's office as a little kid. I liked being scared, but this creepy story was too much even for me. Interesting that "Uncle Arthur" was apparently a 7th Day Adventist. I had a friend in grade school who was a member of that faith and he would give me a magazine called "Guide", published for pre-teens in the late 70s and early 80s.

While none of the "morality" stories were as horrifying as "Jesus Understood", many of them were similarly morbid and creepy. The intention of giving out this magazine may have been to proselytize, but for me they were entertaining in a pre-Stephen King sort of way! It's probably no coincidence that I'm thinking of "Jesus Understood" on Halloween!!!!

When I was a grade-schooler, this book was in my pediatrician's waiting room. What an inappropriate, horrifying story! But I was drawn to it every time I visited the doctor - I had a morbid fascination with it. And yes, I agree with many commenters, the story didn't make much sense. I knew that one needn't have to prop their hand up for Jesus to find them. He's omniscient, after all! But the propped-up hand sure makes a creepy illustration. I hadn't thought of this in 40 years, but for some reason it came to mind today, and I Googled it immediately.

Smother Goose was at the top of the search results! So great to find so many other traumatized individuals! So funny to read your synopsis of this story. I grew up on Uncle Arthur's. I still have one of the original books of my childhood, but unfortunately not the book that has this story. I have never had the urge to read any of these stories to my own children, because I feel like they gave me a very skewed view of Christianity when I was a kid. Growing up, my mom stressed that I should act in a way that would want other people to be Christians, though I don't think she ever concerned herself much with the image of Christianity she was teaching me.

I associate Uncle Arthur's with that sort of manipulative pretense I grew up with. It's a particular way of manipulating kids to stay in line. I talk to my own kids about God. And I expect a reasonable amount of obedience. But I've never felt comfortable mixing the two, by discussing God as a way of promoting their obedience to me. BTW, have you seen what these books sell for on Ebay? They're worth a fortune.

Going from Uncle Arthur to Unshackled kind of skewed my thinking about Christianity as well. I think it is still played on Family Radio. How do you think it skewed you? I also read this story in a Dr. It has followed me for over 40 years in my mind during some pretty bad times. I can personally say, that if you feel like giving up, and you prop up your arm during the night, you just wake up with a sore arm.

I experimented pretty heavily with arm-propping after this story. I figured: either Jesus takes me to heaven — for the "win" — or as consolation, I can be smug at my cleverness. Early tries all failed, come morning always woke with my arm elsewhere in the bed come morning. Maybe a year later, smarter, heavier, I tried again.

Next morning I woke and sent the usual telepathic summons for my hand to come up and pick my nose. Astonishingly — my hand neither arrived nor replied. My eyes popped open to see lifeless bloodless droopy hand like a flag of, of, droopiness, still raised to call Jesus. Struggled to sit up, failed, the arm toppling with a dull unfelt bang against the wall.

Oh "Jesus Understood" me alright, took my arm to heaven and left my cleverness to live. Jesus tumbled out of the closet, doubled over in his own agony of laughter. Or was that my brother. I didn't read it until I was 16 and I have to say that I never found it scary; just beautiful. I first read this story at age 8, and it helped me to have hope. It is when I first loved Jesus, for in my world adults were abusers and sexual predators, and I longed to leave this earth.

When I read the story,Jesus was my hero, my savior come to take me home. The story bought me peace that even should I die in my violent surroundings,I would be safe and loved with Jesus. And, when I die, I hope my hand is raised high. I have asked countless people if they remember this story. All I could remember was that it was in some kind of Bible book at the doctor's office.

I really thought I imagined it. I have always slept on my hands as a result. Thank you for validating my sanity about this. At least I know it exists. Like so many others I read this story as a child in a doctor's office. I found it very depressing. But now it's reassuring to know I wasn't the only child who found it traumatizing. Now people believe me about the creepy story! I never felt compelled to sleep on my hands, but the validation of a childhood memory is priceless!

I was also traumatized by these guilt-inducing morality tales as a child. I wrote a post about it on my blog and linked back to your two reviews. He comforts her by telling her that she won't be spanked again if she keeps Mother happy with her good behavior. What is "guilt inducing" in the summary you just gave? A brother comforting his sister, and reminding her to ask Jesus to help her be obedient? And obviously she won't be punished if she behaves well.