Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

Sue Bohlin offers a quiz covering Bible basics rather than trivia. That's because we're not reading and studying the Bible. Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament? .. Probe fulfills this mission through our Mind Games conferences for youth and adults, our 3-minute daily radio program, and.

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The mission of Law for Lawyers Today is to be a resource for lawyers and firms, keeping them up-to-date on the newest ethics rules and being on the forefront of emerging legal ethics issues. London-based Legal Cheek covers all the bases for Blighty—commentary on the legal issues of the day, timely law firm news, law school news and career advice—with a fun tabloid feel. Does Professor Xavier of X-Men violate privacy by reading minds? Could Anakin Skywalker have claimed legal insanity for his acts as Darth Vader?

These questions and more are given a thorough legal analysis by the bloggers. Blog co-founder Josh Gilliland also has a long-running podcast, The Legal Geeks , in which he and his guests discuss the newest legal questions posed by pop culture. Judy G. Russell is a master of paperwork. Her blog offers a fascinating take on how old legal records cast light on the lives of people long since passed. But she also addresses myriad other legal issues related to the work of genealogists, including copyright, privacy laws, records access and the laws regarding DNA tests, as well as explaining the science behind that testing.

Writing on the Whiteboard can be a bit sporadic, but we admit we like to check in with this blog for its numbers rather than its words. University of St. Thomas law prof Jerry Organ takes the time to crunch the numbers on Law School Admissions Test scores, law school enrollment and even American Bar Association employment numbers, identifying important trends. Other posts discuss legislation or science that would affect some of the clients Kennerly represents in pharmaceutical lawsuits.

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Supreme Court correspondent for 12 years. But anyone who misses his insightful reporting can still read his work on his personal blog, Lyle Denniston Law News. As a legal reporter since , Denniston has an incredibly valuable vantage point on the legislative and judicial trends of the day. We feel he has truly proven how blogs can help lawyers with niche practices become sought-after experts.

Some of his posts ask big questions: Why can judges be reluctant to sanction lawyers? Does the way the legal system determines the reasonableness of fees make sense? Other posts cover civil litigation that is making headlines in his state or cases that are just offbeat. Check out his amusing blow-by-blow coverage of litigation between Unitherm and Hormel over a precooked bacon process. Seddiq sometimes shares her perspective as a Muslim-American woman on topics, and in fact, she launched the American Muslim Women Political Action Committee this year. She also started a podcast this year with the same title as her blog.

Reuters reporter Alison Frankel runs the On the Case blog and focuses her reporting on big-ticket litigation and Securities and Exchange Commission news. If you want to keep up with the legal wranglings of tech giants from a perspective outside Silicon Valley, On the Case is a blog to follow. For the visual thinkers among you, Open Law Lab hopes to make the law more accessible.

Proponents of access to justice causes and attorneys wanting to make their law practice more streamlined and efficient will find great material here. NEW: P. Ruckman Jr. Ruckman, a great proponent for the use of pardon powers as a tool for criminal justice reform, provides a look back at the clemency actions of previous presidents as well as current news updates.

The patent may be issued, but there is often much lawyering left to do.

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Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit , its decisions and its rule-making. The jury consultants behind Persuasive Litigator offer advice on convincing techniques and explanations for jury behavior that might otherwise seem baffling. Pirated Thoughts covers issues like video game creators trying to sue the makers of cheating software ; TV shows fighting to protect the naming rights of a fictional burger bar ; and multinational companies trying to protect their brands by making borderline-ludicrous trademark attempts.

Though founder Dan Markel died tragically in , the other professors who blog on Prawfsblawg have kept up the quality and frequency of posting. NEW: Nashville, Tennessee, litigator Todd Presnell offers facts and analyses about rulings from federal and state courts around the country on attorney-client privilege issues.

The majority of the focus is on federal prisons, but state prison laws are also discussed.

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It is admittedly very focused on a specific area of law—federal income tax procedure—but in that regard is a valuable resource to anyone working in that area. Updates address issues that are both emerging and long-standing, and the archives are a great library of information from some top academics and practitioners in this area of law. I read it just about every day. NEW: This blog, launched last fall, highlights legal scholarship and calls for papers that tackle racial themes. Posts address issues like race and policing, anti-Muslim violence and voter suppression.

In other posts, the law prof-authors discuss the experiences of immigrants to the United States—in some cases sharing their own experiences and hardships. Rebecca Tushnet has been chronicling astounding accounts of trademark violations and false advertising cases on this blog since , making her one of the most lasting and prolific bloggers on our list. Among his interview subjects are leaders of companies who develop legal document products, practice management software or e-discovery tools; as well as cybersecurity experts, BigLaw knowledge officers and small-firm lawyers who leverage technology in their practices.

They include the use of selfies for market research and fraud prevention, cashless restaurants and the use of geolocation via Wi-Fi for stores to send promotional text messages to shoppers inside their establishments—and the attendant legal issues. She focuses mainly on mortgage issues and foreclosures as well as credit-card debt. Read about state legislation related to paid sick leave, noncompete agreements, breast-feeding discrimination and more. Anthony also publishes LawCast videos on securities industry news at least as often as she writes posts.

The aim of the initiative is to tap Islamic policy experts around the world for resources and analysis on Islamic law. The aim of the blog is to knock ideas around. Footnoted posts discuss misconceptions about Sharia, compare and contrast Western law with Islamic law, and even explore regulation of halal food.

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In this MoFo blog, there are plenty of cautionary tales, but also advice on how to ethically handle social media as an individual or business owner. Socially Aware also tackles issues such as internet fraud, copyright disputes, federal regulations, data security and cyberbullying. NEW: For every attorney who has ever looked up into the night sky and dreamed of going to space—and those who eventually devoted their careers to space law—Space Thoughts produces original posts on aerospace efforts and legislation around the globe and acts as a roundup of significant articles published elsewhere.

The blog is written by attorney Michael J. Lawyer and knowledge management consultant Ron Friedmann has been blogging for 13 years.

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Urgent Legal Matters United States Supreme Court Update. Mediation Advocacy Negotiated Corporate Acquisitions Real Property Law. Commercial Real Estate Real Property Foreclosure Residential Real Estate Title Standards Recent Developments. Recent Developments in Georgia Law Solo and Small Firm.

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Solo and Small Firm Professionalism. Technology Law. Privacy and Technology Law Institute Technology in Practice Technology Law Institute Tort Law. Handling Big Cases Defense of a Personal Injury Case. Plaintiff's Personal Injury Product Liability Carlson on Evidence Jury Trial Wellness for Lawyers Attorney's First Aid Kit Program Title. CLE Hours. Banking Law E-Discovery Class Actions Trial Advocacy Trial and Error Are your recovery actions in compliance with the strict guidelines governing collection? Maximize your chances for recovery with the practical steps provided in this strategic seminar.

Enroll today! This basic-to-intermediate level course will provide professionals with the legal framework to collect debt. Those who should attend include:. Klass Your Court Street Lawyer. Next post Previous post. At some point, some consumers will find themselves in a downturn of events due to loss of employment, reduction of salary, illness or divorce, where they may become unable to maintain payment of the balances due on the credit card accounts. Once that happens, the accounts go into delinquency. Consumers who have defaulted on their credit card accounts are very familiar with the persistent telephone calls at all hours from debt collectors who may be located in this country or calling from overseas call centers and letter-writing campaigns which could make the post office proud indeed, many consumers who file bankruptcy cite the annoyances of debt collectors as one of the chief reasons for the filings.

It is important for the consumer to understand that, from the perspective of the creditor, settling the debt and collecting a portion of the credit card debt is the main objective.


This means that attempts to settle the credit card with the consumer will be pushed by the creditor at every stage of the process. For certain consumers, this is very beneficial, as significant savings can be accomplished through a reduced lump-sum payment. The next step after the Summons is filed with the court is for the process server to serve a copy of the Summons on the defendant, informing him that a law suit has been filed and that he needs to respond to the Summons and plead any defenses to the case.

If the court grants the motion, then the successful party can enter the judgment either dismissing the case or awarding a monetary amount. If the motion is denied, then the case will proceed to a trial. Klass, Esq. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. There are various reasons for this rule, including failing memories, loss of evidence, and fairness to litigants. In this case, one of the defenses put forth by the defendant was that his last payment to Providian was made in the year , and the lawsuit was filed by New Century Financial in the year ; seemingly, the six-year statute of limitations period in which to bring the case had already passed.

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Since the defendant did not have records of all of his payments to Providian, there was an issue as to whether the last payment was, in fact, made in the year The defendant admitted that he may have previously owed a balance on his credit card bill due to Providian; he even saved some of the old dunning letters that he received from Providian. But why was someone he never heard of before suing him for that balance.