Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

Sue Bohlin offers a quiz covering Bible basics rather than trivia. That's because we're not reading and studying the Bible. Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament? .. Probe fulfills this mission through our Mind Games conferences for youth and adults, our 3-minute daily radio program, and.

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CD , MC , vinile. Belgio Fiandre [17]. Canada [18]. Francia [19]. Thank you to all involved who make it so. Grazie, Daniele, per aver accettato mio invito. Come hai iniziato la tua carriera? Prima lavoravo di giorno e disegnavo di notte, quando ho incominciato a ricevere commissioni come disegnatore per copertine e fumetti e, soprattutto, quando ho firmato un contratto con la casa editrice americana DC Comics ho pensato che fosse il momento di tentare questa strada.

Come procedi quando hai davanti a te un nuovo libro per il quale devi fare una copertina? Come funziona il linguaggio delle immagini quando un lettore sceglie un libro? Io penso che la copertina abbia una notevole importanza in un libro, almeno parlo per quanto mi riguarda. Sono molto sensibile agli input visivi e non posso, quando entro in una libreria, non essere attratto fortemente da copertine che mi piacciono. Quali sono i tuoi consigli per un autore indipendente che vuole ingaggiare un professionista per la copertina del suo libro?

Thank you, Daniele, for taking time for this interview. How did you start your career? About seven years ago I left my work as a graphic artist in order to move into a career as an illustrator. In the beginning, I worked as a graphic artist during the day and an illustrator at night, then I began to receive commissions for book covers and cartoons.

When I signed a contract with the American publishing house DC Comics, I decided it was time to try working as an illustrator full-time. I considered it to be an adventure. In the beginning it was difficult: I sent my portfolio to hundreds of contacts and received very few replies but slowly things improved and I started getting a certain flow of requests for my work and also began to achieve results.

Even though I had some important things to learn in the beginning, I was lucky because I had several editors who placed their trust in me. I still thank them because without their support I probably would not have had a career as an illustrator. What steps do you take when you create a new book cover? Do you read the synopsis or the book itself, do you talk with the author, do you study the covers of other similar books? My approach is generally the same. First I do a few quick sketches to give an idea of what will appear in the illustration. In this phase I try to find the right balance for the image and aspects of light.

Then I present the idea to whoever is my reference person, who in turn indicates if there need to be modifications, a change in approach or if I can move on to create the actual illustration. What can you tell me about the language of images when a reader chooses a book? Is the cover really all that important? I think that the cover has great importance for a book, at least it does for me.

The cover is the first emotion that a book gives a reader, it is the first emotional and also physical exchange, and for this reason also the type of paper that is used is important in the case of print books. So I find the cover to be an important tool to present a book and, in a certain way, to define it aesthetically. When a book is translated into another language, can the cover image remain the same? I think it probably depends on the book and whether the original cover is good or not!

Joking aside, undoubtedly a translated book takes on a new life and is different—whether you like it or not—from the original. So, why not? Changing its appearance may be a way to play up the work of the translator and the publishing house that has purchased the rights. What advice do you have for independent authors who want to engage a professional for their book covers?

My first suggestion is to study the work of the illustrator that the author wants to approach, understand what is his or her style and discover if it is in line with theirs and with the book. The author then needs to work with the illustrator, exchanging ideas in an attempt to reach a final solution that identifies the book in the best way possible. As a consequence the illustrator has to try and find a balance between what he or she envisions for the cover and what the author wants.

Books have always been one of my primary passions, along with cinema and music they are one of the main sources of inspiration for my work. I believe that art, in all its forms, is a fundamental enrichment for a person, a necessity that must not be overlooked or forgotten. Thank you! Translation in English below. Amneris Di Cesare conducts the interview. Thank you, Lori. Thank you for your stimulating questions. I hope that I have offered your readers a new way of seeing my profession.

Se il blog fosse un trolley, ci vorrebbero 25 viaggi per trasportare tutti. Ecco un riassunto:. This blog was viewed about 1, times in If it were a cable car, it would take about 25 trips to carry that many people. Thanks to all of you who showed in interest in my services in I look forward to another stimulating year and wish everyone peace, good health, and prosperity.

Click here to see the complete report. Ovunque guardi, mi sembra di notare un altro libro tradotto in inglese che scala le classifiche o che ottiene una recensione favorevole. Nella categoria narrativa e poesia, nove titoli su cinquanta sono in traduzione; cinque fra quelli di saggistica sono in traduzione. It seems that everywhere I turn, I read about another book in translation hitting a bestseller list or being favorably reviewed.

On the fiction and poetry list, nine out of the fifty titles are translations, and five titles in the nonfiction category list a translator. Well above the frequently quoted three percent figure. According to the editor of the NYT Book Review , this is the second time in this season that a cover review has focused on a book translated from the Italian. While these titles definitely fit into the literature category, I do believe there is a swelling wave growing offshore for all genres of Italian books.

State lavorando ad altri titoli sui Borgia? Elena: Everything about it was a wonderful, enriching experience. Are you working on any other Borgia stories? I miei migliori auguri a tutti per un anno nuovo prosperoso e significativo. Best wishes for a meaningful and prosperous new year! Tedesco Intensivo. Dall A1 All A2. Magistrali PDF Online. Dall Orrore Alla Speranza.

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