Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

Sue Bohlin offers a quiz covering Bible basics rather than trivia. That's because we're not reading and studying the Bible. Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament? .. Probe fulfills this mission through our Mind Games conferences for youth and adults, our 3-minute daily radio program, and.

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Des familles quittent Matouba. Les habitants en limite de zone entendent une explosion. Les jours suivants, la crise sismique va s'intensifier. On a toute raison de penser que c'est du magma neuf. Je ne regrette rien.

7.1. Les rescapés

Une minute plus tard, les tourbillons sont devenus gris. Un vacarne assourdissant, pire qu'un barrage d'artillerie Une chance incroyable. Le volcan ne l'a pas voulu. Il n'y a pas de variations des composants depuis le 8 juillet. La proportion de verre est ridiculement faible Il n'y a pas eu encore de vrai verre.

Il dit que le C. Fin de la crise sismo-volcanique.


We're looking at a warmed-over top of a volcano with melting snow and ice and steam. Before I flew over it, I had much more dramatic visions. Il y restera jusqu'en Voir l'hommage d'A. Le journal avait obtenu le soutien de plus de Rapport H. Rapport G.

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Le magma pouvait-il sortir en surface? Quelle est l'origine exacte des quelques Israel has to be a state of all its citizens. Now the candidate for prime minister had to dry himself off and do some damage control. Drying off or not, this is something that actually took place on Twitter the other day, and it might have been funny.

L'œuvre d'art en tant que témoignage: les artistes confrontés à la guerre

Once the steam lifted the picture was clear: racism in all its ugliness. From America to Germany, all are states of all their citizens. Only to their privileged citizens. The state belongs to everyone. A regime that segregates and discriminates is called apartheid. There is no other name. From their standpoint Israel is a democracy for its Jews and a guesthouse for its Arabs. One moment he was in favor of a state of all its citizens and the next he was against. He has been against it all his life, like almost all Israeli democrats.

How can a democrat be against a state of all its citizens? Only in Israel. In no other democracy is there room for such a question. But in present-day Israel, right, left and center are talking apartheid — under the cover of the slogan a Jewish state. Smotrich at least admits to it, Lapid tries to hide behind a towel. A Saudi intelligence chief pleaded with British authorities to carry out limited strikes against Iranian military targets, just hours after Donald Trump aborted planned US attacks against the Islamic Republic, a senior UK official told Middle East Eye.

The intelligence chief was accompanied by Saudi diplomat Adel al-Jubeir on his trip to London, the source said. Still, the Saudi lobbying efforts fell on deaf ears, according to the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the subject. Global Hawks are massive surveillance platforms, in operation since , with a wingspan of more than feet and a maximum takeoff weight of more than 16 tons, equivalent to roughly seven shipping containers of cocaine.

The White House had surprised journalists in Washington and Israel on an otherwise boring Sunday last month when it announced that the workshop would take place in the Gulf state on June But there have been a series of setbacks since then. The Palestinian Authority is boycotting the conference and has succeeded in convincing Palestinian business leaders not to attend as well. Pourquoi pas?

The datebooks of Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan for reveal that he cooperated with the Mossad in the fight against the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement.

Elina Dumont "Longtemps j'ai habité dehors", Flammarion 2013

Reform Movement and others. It says the company would raise the private portion of its financing for the initiative from philanthropic sources or pro-Israel organizations. A steering committee was to be appointed for the initiative to comprise representatives of the government and the other funding partners. This is how to monitor the government and its priorities or the actions it takes with more efficiency and transparency.

It is also one of the most misunderstood. In the hours before the Rapid Support Forces descended on the protest camp outside the military headquarters in Khartoum at 5 am last Monday, alarm bells were already being sounded on social media. The state of high alert had been building as small-scale skirmishes played out over the last few weeks, with the first coming when assailants dressed in RSF-like uniforms attacked the protest camp in mid-May on the same day that opposition forces and the transitional military council that has ruled the country since the Bashir ouster reached a preliminary agreement on a transitional plan.

After the violent dispersal of the Khartoum sit-in: Revolutionaries block roads, start civil disobedience MadaMasr. My blood soaked into my clothes while the vehicle drove to the district of Bori, east of Khartoum, where they threw me out to lay bleeding on the side of the road before a group of revolutionaries brought me to Yabstashiroun Hospital.

As soon as my wounds were stitched, Rapid Support Forces stormed the hospital, but the doctors managed to hide me under the table they were working on. Bakri Othman, 28, whose head and hands were wrapped in medical gauze, recalled the events of Monday at dawn, after Rapid Support Forces stormed the sit-in outside of the military headquarters in Khartoum, Sudan, and opened heavy gunfire, dispersing the protest.

The number of casualties has risen to 35 confirmed dead and more than injured, according to the Sudan Doctors Union. Having recently published an academic article on the subject, this week he suggested an opposite narrative to the one that Netanyahu put forward. Not at all. Many studies have been published about Jewish volunteerism in the war against the Nazis, which reached a peak with the formation of the Jewish Brigade.

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On the one hand, Zionist historians naturally placed an emphasis on the role played by Jewish volunteers in the fight against the Nazis. On the other hand, their Palestinian counterparts were focusing on the struggle against British rule and were not eager to glorify the names of those who cooperated with Britain not so many years after the British put down the Arab Revolt of , and thereby indirectly helped the Jews establish a state. One has to wonder why no organization was ever established to commemorate the actions of these Palestinian volunteers. In fact, the records of the Palestinian volunteers, along with much of their personal archives and papers, have disappeared, much of it lost in the War of Independence.

Over the last few years, Abbasi was able to learn of their story in Palestinian newspapers from the Mandate era, in memoirs and personal journals, and through interviews he conducted with a few of the last remaining volunteers who are still alive. Hundreds became POWs, many others the exact figure is unknown were killed. Initially, the Palestinian and Jewish volunteers served in mixed units. And as reported here two years ago, the proximity of the Jewish and Palestinian fighters sometimes led to unusual outcomes, as in the case of Shehab Hadjaj, a Palestinian who enlisted in the British Army, was taken prisoner in Germany and died in However, there were certain key differences between the two groups, too.

So who were the Palestinians who volunteered for the British Army to fight the Nazis? They did this at a time when the Mufti of Jerusalem had left Palestine for exile in the Arab countries and Europe, where he met with Hitler and congratulated the Muslim volunteers of the Free Arab Legion — an Arab unit established in the army of Nazi Germany.

What kind of leader abandons his people at such a time? He was detached and the public was already tired of him and his methods. In his research, he documented pro-British propaganda conferences that were held from on in Abu Dis next to Jerusalem , in Jenin, in villages in the Nablus area, in Tul Karm and in Lod.

Motivations for volunteering were varied. This motivation was common among upper middle class and highly educated Palestinian volunteers from urban backgrounds. Rural Palestinians were motivated largely by financial reasons. Abbasi found that some Palestinian women also volunteered to fight the Nazis. Almost young women did so as part of the. When your country is crying out to you and asking for your service, when your country makes it plain that our Arab men need your love and support, and when your country reminds you of how cruel the enemy is — when your country is calling you, can you stand by and do nothing?

Abbasi is one of the only researchers in Palestinian society who is studying this area, which was also the subject of a article by Dalia Karpel in Haaretz Magazine. In the future, he hopes, the original material he has collected will be developed into a book that, for the first time, will tell the optimistic story of a rare moment in history in which Jews and Palestinians joined forces for a lofty shared goal. Ofer Aderet. Israeli-made weapons are also found in the hands of armies and organizations committing war crimes. The report points to eight such countries that have received arms from Israel in recent years.

Often these weapons reach their destination after a series of transactions, thereby skirting international monitoring and the rules of Israel itself. Amnesty calls on the government, the Knesset and the Defense Ministry to more tightly monitor arms exports and enforce transparency guidelines adopted by other Western countries that engage in large-scale weapons exports. The desire and need for better monitoring of global arms sales derives from tragic historical events such as genocide, bloody civil wars and the violent repression of citizens by their governments ….

There is a new realization that selling arms to governments and armies that employ violence only fuels violent conflicts and leads to their escalation. Hence, international agreements have been reached with the aim of preventing leaks of military equipment to dictatorial or repressive regimes. The Arms Trade Treaty established standards for trade in conventional weapons. Israel signed the treaty but the cabinet never ratified it.

According to Amnesty, Israel has never acted in the spirit of this treaty, neither by legislation nor its policies. There is no justification for the fact that Israel continues to belong to a dishonorable club of exporters such as China and Russia. In , the Knesset passed a law regulating the monitoring of weapons exports. The law authorizes the Defense Ministry to oversee such exports, manage their registration and decide on the granting of export licenses. The law defines defense-related exports very broadly, including equipment for information-gathering, and forbids trade in such items without a license.

The law does not include a clause limiting exports when there is a high probability that these items will be used in violation of international or humanitarian laws. The report quotes a article by Brig. Uzi Eilam.

Rame dans la rame

In some of these cases, Israel denied that it exported arms to these countries at specifically mentioned times. In other case it refused to give details. Israeli security-related exports. Amnesty cross-checks descriptions of exported weapons with human rights violations and war crimes by those countries. In its report, Amnesty says that some of these countries were under sanctions and a weapons-sales embargo, but Israel continued selling them arms. The total lack of transparency by Israel regarding weapons exports prevents any public discussion of the topic and limits any research or public action intended to improve oversight.

According to Amnesty, the defense export control agency at the Defense Ministry approved the licenses awarded Israeli companies for selling weapons to these countries, even though it knew about the bad human rights situation there. It did this despite the risk that Israeli exports would be used to violate human rights and despite the embargo on arms sales imposed on some of these countries by the United States and the European Union, as well as other sanctions that were imposed by these countries or the United Nations.

Amnesty recommends steps for improving the monitoring of defense exports. It says Israel lags American legislation by 20 years, and European legislation by 10 years. In our humble opinion, the information we have gathered and presented in this report is the tip of the iceberg.

The authors say attempts to maintain secrecy in an era of social media and global media coverage are absurd and doomed to fail. Amnesty says Israel ranks eighth among the exporters of heavy weapons around the world. Compared with the previous four years, this was a 60 percent increase. The three largest customers of heavy weapons sold by Israel are India, Azerbaijan and Vietnam. But the report says defense industries are not the largest or most lucrative contributors to Israeli exports. According to Amnesty, this should be done by amending the law regulating these exports, adding two main clauses.

The first would prohibit the awarding of licenses to export to a country with a risk of serious human rights violations, based on international humanitarian law. The second would set up a committee to examine the human rights situation in any target state. The committee would include people from outside the defense establishment and the Foreign Ministry such as academics and human rights activists, as is customary in other countries.

A senior defense official who read the Amnesty report told Haaretz that many of its claims have been discussed in recent years in petitions to the High Court of Justice. The justices have heard petitions relating to South Sudan, Cameroon and Mexico. Monitoring of exports has substantially increased since the law was passed, the official said.

The authority endowed to the Defense Ministry by this law, including imposing economic sanctions, prohibition of exports and taking legal action against companies, are more far-reaching than in other countries. The fact is that enlightened states respect the laws we have and are interested in the ways we conduct our monitoring. He admitted that Israel does adopt a policy of obscurity with regard to its arms deals.

The plaintiffs do receive fixed laconic responses, but there are diplomatic and security-related circumstances that justify this. The questions are legitimate but the decisions and polices are made after all the relevant considerations are taken into account. Israel is currently in the throes of an unprecedented constitutional and political crisis, the outcome of which will seriously impact its standing as a law-abiding state. If Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu succeeds in his plan to halt all legal proceedings against him, legislating an immunity law and restricting the jurisdiction of the High Court, all other issues would pale in comparison.

Rappel des faits

There is some logic to the claim that Israel cannot be holier than thou when it comes to arms sales in the global market, and yet, the Amnesty report depicts a horrific image, backed by reliable data, but also makes suggestions for improvement that seem reasonable. Numerous reports over the last year show that the problem is not restricted to the sale of light weapons, but might be exacerbated by the spread of cyberwarfare tools developed by Israel and what dark regimes can do with these.

Amos Harel. The Palestine Festival of Literature —present , of which she is founding chair, created a new form of international cultural cooperation. Throughout her career, Soueif has been a tireless mediator between the supposed opposition of east and west, working to find common ground for a more democratic future. And some of these Islamists were later backed by hardline revolutionary factions in the western Libyan cities of Tripoli and Misrata. In tandem, moderate and pragmatic Libyan factions sidelined the radical presence in Tripoli and Misrata, with many militant figures exiled, imprisoned, or killed.

Thus, it is a mistake to portray Tripoli as awash with radical Islam and Haftar as a savior figure coming to eradicate it. They contain a significant irregular, localized militia component, which includes foreign fighters from Chad and Sudan. Our interviews with Libyan National Army personnel, U.

But even this narrative is shaky. Moreover, ever since Haftar started his military campaign in Benghazi in , he has relied heavily on locally constituted militias. These support forces acted, in effect, as rear area guards, but also assisted regular units in frontline assaults. Salafist fighters have been crucial frontline combatants for the Libyan National Army. All of this suggests that any Trump administration support for Haftar on ideological grounds is misplaced.

He is certainly a foe of the Muslim Brotherhood, which the White House is unwisely trying to designate as a foreign terrorist organization. But he is no secularist. Haftar, like many Middle Eastern proxies, has proved adroit at exploiting this patronage. During this southern advance, a security and governance vacuum allowed the Libyan National Army to effectively flip locally constituted militias — including those guarding oil installations — with offers of cash and equipment. In turning to attack Tripoli, Haftar adopted a similar strategy, hoping local militias in Tripoli and its environs would come to his side, persuaded by a mix of cash, force, and self-interested political calculations.

But that plan has backfired spectacularly. Disparate militias in Tripoli that had long been at loggerheads have unified against him. Even ordinary citizens who might have welcomed Haftar into the capital as relief from the militias are turning against him. As a political activist who challenged the comfort of those in power and a journalist who believed in speaking truth to power, he represented a combination that inspires us and was an embodiment of the ethos that guides us.

Hani was 69 years old when he died. It also included attempts to fundamentally shape a thinking behind a type of contentious politics that was slow to form in Egypt, from the s onward. This writing was marked by the proposition that a capitalistic oligarchy, formed in the early s, with the rise of the Mubarak government, has direct control of the state and has instigated the process of privatizing it as a whole.