Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

Sue Bohlin offers a quiz covering Bible basics rather than trivia. That's because we're not reading and studying the Bible. Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament? .. Probe fulfills this mission through our Mind Games conferences for youth and adults, our 3-minute daily radio program, and.

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The Homestead Strike. Flight In many ways battlefields are like View Product. Daniel Morgan: A Revolutionary Life. Death of a Gunfighter: The Quest for Jack. Readers will surely remember Jack Slade from henceforth. A treat for Western history buffs and fans of true crime. The opposing quarterback dropped back, raised the football, and threw a perfect spiral to Army and A detailed and vivid account of the World War II disaster. Schultz combed an impressive body of material for this account.

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The Last Days of Patton. Four-star General George S.

site – Author, Historian, Book Producer

Patton would not see out: in December he would die Patton would not see out: in December he would die as a result of injuries sustained in an automobile accident in Germany. His unexpected death sent shock waves through the American, British, French, and Russian Westholme Publishing. He has walked the streets of the towns and cities that are the setting for this narrative, and has researched and written about them.

He has gazed often at Pacific sunsets, contemplating the events that took place, and might have taken place, here during World War II. Historian Bill Yenne retells the incredible, globe-spanning story of the most ambitious assassination plot ever thwarted in Operation Long Jump. They seemed to materialize out of nowhere at a time when the American people, stunned by the horrible defeat at Pearl Harbor, yearned in vain for news that Americans somewhere in the world were striking back against the Axis. In December , the headlines were filled with grim reports of the backbone of the American fleet at the bottom of Pearl Harbor and an American air force destroyed on the ground in the Philippines.

Suddenly, there were reports of American fighter pilots sweeping Japanese bombers from the skies over China. Few in America had heard their name, and the question was asked, who are these Flying Tigers? As with the fighter pilots of the Royal Air Force who had saved the United Kingdom during the Battle of Britain to whom Churchill compared them, the Flying Tigers became a heroic symbol at a historically dark moment.

Today, the Flying Tigers remain as probably the best known American fighter aircraft group in history. Their name still resonates in the historical memory of World War II, just as the image of their shark-faced Ps is an essential icon of American airpower in that conflict. Read the Review in Leatherneck Magazine.

Millennium Rage

The story of beer in San Francisco is as old as the city itself. San Francisco had its first commercial brewery by , two years before the gold rush, and went on to reign as the major brewing center in the American West through the nineteenth century. From the s to the early s, iconic San Francisco—based breweries Lucky and Acme owned the statewide California market. Since that time, both technology and battlefield doctrine have evolved considerably and this book is a new window into that world.

It provides a detailed look inside the present and future of robotic aerial warfare systems and technologies. Drone Strike! The history of the Eighth Air Force unfolds amid a clever intertwined series of life scenarios. With varied personalities and skills, the eight heroes windup undergoing a trial by fire during aerial warfare.

Alan Beale's Core Vocabulary Compiled from 3 Small ESL Dictionaries (21877 Words)

Hit the Target is also available as an audio book. But this book is not just focused on Hap. This book lays out how US military aviation did not arrive victorious in by accident or inevitability. This book is addressed to the beer traveler who may be on the ground in a local neighborhood or a foreign land, or in an armchair, relaxing with a selection of beers imported from around the globe, beers which bring to mind fond memories or dreams of future travels. It is both a global survey and a global celebration of beer, designed for people who enjoy beer as well as the cultural nuances of brewing history.

And your writing style is stunning. Flat-out gorgeous. Ford Huffman, Air Force Times Bill Yenne has pulled back the curtains of the mysterious Area 51 with the definitive word on what exactly transpired with amazing detail, dry wit, incredible illustration and impeccable research.

Truly illuminating. Read the Chinese language edition! Yenne features short, biographical essays about the lives of each of the 44 presidents, jam-packed with unusual details and expounding on the significant roles each commander-in-chief played in the shaping of the United States and its relations with the world.

Highly recommended! This is the story of an unstoppable army that shocked the world, an army that reigned as the most powerful across half the world. This is the story of the Imperial Japanese Army from late through When they embarked upon this war in December , Emperor Hirohito and his generals hoped for success, but they knew this was by no means a sure thing. However, neither they, nor those who would soon oppose them, could have imagined how very successful they were about to be.

These would be the invincible years. Well-written and fast-paced, this will be compelling to specialists and general readers alike. As defined by the physicists, a tipping point is a threshold, the point at which an entity is displaced from a position of established balance into a new equilibrium significantly unlike what has existed previously. A tipping point is a moment of critical mass.

LOST Treasures From Mythology!

The threshold was the last week of February The entity that was about to be displaced from its established balance, was the economy and war making capacity of the Third Reich. It was a battle of epic proportions on a three dimensional battlefield. In a stirring biography, Yenne captures the extraordinary life of Plains Indian leader Sitting Bull [in a] remarkable, tragic portrait. And he does it all in a refreshing, engaging style. Guinness the book gives beer enthusiasts all the information and education necessary to take beer culture out of the clutches of light lagers and back into the dark ages.

Aces High is also available an an audio book. It also details the conclusion of the Space Shuttle program with a list of all Shuttle missions. The Boeing B Stratofortress is the ultimate embodiment of the principle of strategic air power which has been the cornerstone of American air power doctrine since well before the US Air Force was formed. It looked the part, and it still does. The story of no aircraft in military history has ever been preceded by a prologue as extraordinary and as interesting as that of the Stratofortress.

Its legacy was assured long ago, but so too is its future. Yenne is excellent at describing Caesar in battle, mingling tactics and strategy with the smells and sounds of war. No ancient ruler inspired more legends than Julius Caesar. Under his leadership, Rome conquered territory throughout Europe and the Mediterranean, reaching the North Sea and conducting the first Roman invasion of Great Britain.

His tactical acumen and intuitive understanding of how armies work birthed a military structure that allowed Roman generals to expand the boundaries of the empire for generations, and his vision of a unified Europe inspired military leaders for hundreds of years. When the Oracle of Delphi told Alexander the Great that he was invincible, it was right.

Yenne illuminates the legendary vision of this classical hero. Exhibiting the best traits of a battlefield leader, Alexander was audacious, aggressive, fearless and victorious. His unfailing integration of strategic vision and tactical genius took him to the ends of the earth, and into immortality as a military leader. Only an author of his experience and capability could render the amazing story of Alexander the Great with such accuracy and feeling. Dispelling notions that American Indians were simply attempting to stop encroachment on their homelands or that they shared common views on how to approach the Europeans, Bill Yenne explains that these wars, fought for more than five decades across a landscape the size of continental Europe, were infinitely more complex in motivation and strategic conception.

Bill Yenne takes the reader from the jungles and mountains of Peru, Paraguay, and Venezuela to the deserts and peaks of Mexico and the United States to tell the extraordinary story of how the search for mysterious New World cities fueled the exploration of an unknown hemisphere for hundreds of years. Throughout, the author demonstrates that the insatiable lust for treasure continues to dazzle the modern fortune hunter.

Informative history.

Bill Yenne

Our conversation turned to many mutual interests — not the least of which was firearms — and I was pleasantly surprised to learn Yenne had just authored a book on one of my favorite weapons, the Thompson submachine gun. Filled with countless historical tidbits and factual anecdotes, this is a gun book written by someone who… is inherently interested in — and understands — guns.

A fine, thorough, yet concise, history of the B Superfortress is an invaluable statement on American airpower, as well as a fascinating history of a remarkable aircraft. An eloquent tribute to the unity of purpose displayed by a handful of Air Force officers, Boeing executives and engineers and thousands of plant workers across the country. Superfortress is a very valuable addition to our history of the strategic war against Japan as it was really fought, Here is the straight stuff.

Yenne recounts the incredible stories of the Japanese-American soldiers who faced down discrimination to serve their country, who fought so bravely in World War II, men who were willing to lay down their lives for a country they were uncertain would ever accept them again. This is the story of myriad companies and factories where the locomotives were built. This is the story of hardworking men with calluses on their gnarled hands and grease under their nails.

It is also the story of men who sat in head offices and peered out across vast manufacturing operations. What happens when a Seattle planemaker takes the most advanced, longest-ranged, highest flying super bomber of World War II the B Superfortress and adapts it as the longest-ranged, highest flying transport of the immediate postwar world? It was the first commercial passenger plane that could provide non-stop Transatlantic service.

And then there was the Cold War. Because these lacked global range, SAC also required an exceptional build-up of aerial refueling aircraft. The Model became the KC, the first dedicated aerial refueling aircraft to be fielded in significant numbers, as were built. As the family grew long in the tooth, yet another career awaited. This book tells and how service continued around the world, in the second decade of the twenty-first century, one of the Guppies is still flying routine missions for NASA. Until now, there has never been a comprehensive number-by-number encyclopedic directory of every single U.

This book covers the exotic winged cruise missiles of the Cold War, the air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons used in Vietnam and Desert Storm, Navy air-defense interceptor missiles, all the ICBMs, plus secret projects and little known types that will intrigue any military history buff. US Guided Missiles is a truly authentic reference guide, featuring a solid compilation of US missile data and specifications. Yenne has managed to clearly explain the development history of critical US missile systems, and also assemble the pertinent data in an understandable manner… US Guided Missiles is a must-read for historians, missile aficionados, aerospace collectors and as a valuable data source for military personnel.

His home was just a few blocks from the grandest alpine highway in the United States, and has traveled it hundreds of times. The Going-to-the-Sun Road passed through a landscape of peerless beauty, but the road itself is an engineering masterpiece. The result was the Going-to-the-Sun Road, which has been the centerpiece of the visitor experience in Glacier since it was formally dedicated in Bill Yenne grew up within this majestic million acres of towering mountains, ancient glaciers, and amazing biodiversity. Glacier is also home to remote mountain chalets and magnificent grand lodges.

While most national parks have a singular signature lodge, Glacier has three. Although primitive unmanned TV-guided airplanes were used in combat during World War II, it is only recently that these machines have matured into the most significant new method of aerial combat since the beginning of contemporary warfare. The fact that onboard human pilots are no longer needed for these aircraft to carry out their deadly missions is fascinating for military enthusiasts and aviation historians alike.

These remotely piloted vehicles are now re-writing the book on modern aerial surveillance and close air support. Delivering their lethal payloads with surgical precision, propeller-driven and jet-powered remotely piloted aircraft are guided by satellite, and flown by human operators located halfway around the world in air-conditioned trailers, isolated from the hostile combat environment of the aircraft themselves. Yet the area has a rich and varied history reaching far beyond the lovely buildings and lively street scenes familiar to so many city-dwellers.

Originally part of the Rancho de San Miguel land grant, the area was incorporated into the city and became an early example of a San Francisco enclave situated away from the noise and bustle of the downtown and waterfront areas. Noe Valley gradually became an important residential and business center known for its beautifully restored Victorian homes, as well as for the vibrant commercial corridor on Twenty-fourth Street.

The Four Legendary Kingdoms

Few industrial phenomena have been as dramatic as the United States midth-century shift from peacetime to wartime production. This book documents the production of legendary warbirds by companies like Boeing, North American, Curtiss, Consolidated, Douglas, Grumman, and Lockheed. It was a production unmatched by any other country and a crucial part of why the allies won the war. Author Bill Yenne considers the prewar governmental acts that got the plants rolling, as well as the gender shift that occurred as women entered the work force like never before.

He also describes the construction of megafactories like Willow Run, factory design considerations, and the postwar conversion back to peacetime production. Illustrated with period photographs including 50 rare color photos never before seen in print. After reading the book and looking at the pictures it is so much more.