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Notable Encounters Paperback. Deterrence: An Enduring Strategy Hardback. Deterrence: An Enduring Strategy Paperback. Not registered? Forgotten password Please enter your email address below and we'll send you a link to reset your password. Not you? Forgotten password? Forgotten password Use the form below to recover your username and password. New details will be emailed to you. Simply reserve online and pay at the counter when you collect. Had the commission known of the plots, it would have followed a different path in its investigation.

The Agency unilaterally deprived the commission of a chance to obtain the full truth, which will now never be known. We also now know that the Agency set up a process that could only have been designed to frustrate the ability of the committee in to obtain any information that might adversely affect the Agency. Many have told me that the culture of the Agency is one of prevarication and dissimulation and that you cannot trust it or its people. End of story. I am now in that camp. The description broadcast on Dallas Police radio Channel 1 was very generic.

It is likely Tippit had seen dozens of men matching that description in the 20 minutes following the broadcast of that bulletin and yet there is no record of him stopping or pulling over anyone else based upon that description. The WC cheering section operates in the very deliberate fashion of the worlds best defense attorneys- Evidence and Witnesses favorable to your cause are pristine no matter how much baggage they bear- Evidence and Witnesses to the contrary are minutely assailed until rendered impotent. I say be gone with you as your efforts clearly seek a predetermined outcome, which is in diametric opposition to the good folks here who parse every detail of the JFKA, entirely uncertain where the story ends- You have it all figured out, so kindly let us crazy paranoids alone with our delusions-.

But real truth seekers welcome challengers, and people who will subject their theories to critical scrutiny. They have already been answered Jean, many of them on this very thread. Cranking up this same carousel over and over each time a new commentator lands on the site is preposterous in its redundancy. Bill has the opportunity here and on other threads to challenge the answers already given his questions. There are too many examples on this very page to cite just one. However I will address one specific issue, you have offered three witnesses from Texas Theater, that you claim saw Oswald with the pistol in his hand.

I have provided clear and irrefutable points that none of these witnesses had the vantage point to see this with certainty. Those refutations are on this thread, and I am not going to point them out to you one more time. So Willy Paul Bentley was a liar? So Nick McDonald was a liar? So Ray Hawkins was a liar? Walker was a liar? What witness do you have that contradicts their stories?

Do you have any evidence that any of them had any history of false testimony or disciplinary action? You seem eager to dismiss documented facts and occurrences no matter how well they can be proven if in any way they call into question your conclusions. Phelan wrote his Sat. Post story without mentioning that Sciambra said to Phelan that he orally briefed Garrison about the assassination party claim, before Russo received sodium pentathol, and Garrison corroborated this to Phelan….

Post readers? I see empty arguments and a lack of consistency of belief. You are commenting on a site founded by a journalist whose lawsuit has been shutdown three times by the same judge who was appointed by a POTUS of the son of a POTUS who was greatly helped during a critical campaign season in mid when said judge was assistant minority counsel and acting minority counsel of the congressional committee investigating the , October Surprise incident. This judge has now been reversed three times on appeal in this one lawsuit pursued by Morley and his lawyer.

Rather unusual, since appeals decisions tend to give the benefit of doubt to a presiding trial judge who shows up to court and at least goes through the motions of presiding at trial. The cops, FBI, CIA, and WC followed on another in concealing the actual facts of the Kennedy case from the American people, beginning with the DPD in Dallas, who lost the two most important living people then in town, on the same weekend, with just one day in between, and in the second instance, in the basement of their own H.

A reasonable person, I expect, is openminded and consistent. As an aside, Photon, since you elect this to be our only means of back and forth communication, would you be so kind to explain why you felt so strongly that a man who served in WWII with RCAF could not indeed subsequently be a CIA agent?

No exceptions, is that your final answer? Re Perry Russo, please read his early interviews at the top of this link. His original story said nothing whatsoever about Oswald and Shaw at an assassination party. James Phelan admitted under cross examination in his Shaw trial testimony that Sciambra told him, at the relevant time, just after the memo was written, that he had advised Garrison orally that Russo had described the assassination party attendance to Sciambra before Sciambra wrote the memo, and thus, before Russo was asked to undergo sodium pentathol administration?

IOW, Jean, is there anything inaccurate related to what I asked you, ending in the sentence, directly above? When Sciambra first returned from Baton Rouge, Richard Billings was there to observe what he orally reported to Garrison. Yes, that is the only reasonable conclusion considering all the facts. Those facts go beyond the incident in the theater and are contained in the ballistics and weapon testimonies that I have also addressed. He states that he was watching a movie in the Texas Theater when an officer with a riot gun walked down the aisle. He witnessed the officer approach a seated man and shake him down.

The man then took a swing at them and held up a pistol. Applin heard the pistol snap and then a large group of officers arrested the man. As both Oswald and the officer had their hands on the pistol, Alpine cannot have known who had the gun to begin with. Also see: The testimony of John Gibson was taken at p. My commnents: Oswald was not in the isle with a gun in his hand as Gibson claims, the scuffle took place at the seat where Oswald was sitting.

Gibson was standing to the entrance of the seating section in the foyer while witnessing the scuffle. As Oswald was surrounded by cops Gibson simply did not have a clear view of what was happening. Bottom line, his assertion that Oswald was in the isle holding a gun rebukes his testimony. Phelan later said:. Tom S, can you please post the connection between the Garrison cast of characters and the particulars of the arrest of Lee Oswald? I referred to the police officers involved in the arrest of Oswald.

It was a witnessed arrest and the witnesses noted that Oswald resisted arrest. Are you agreeing with Willy that this event never happened? What evidence do you or Willy have that the arresting officers even knew who Oswald was or had any knowledge that he might be associated with the assassination? Somehow, you think JFK research consists of free association. I did not say the event did not happen. I said that it did not happen in the manner espoused by the state-propagandists. Sciambra told him, at the relevant time, just after the memo was written, that he had advised Garrison orally that Russo had described the assassination party attendance to Sciambra before Sciambra wrote the memo,.

Would you like to phone a friend, or is that you final answer?

Kennedy’s presidency and assassination seem more elusive as the decades pass.

And you have to include Billings, who was there when Sciambra got back from Baton Rouge, and told Garrison what he had found. Billings claimed Sciambra related the details he obtained from Russo and Sciambra did not mention and assassination party, or details related to it at that time. Sciambra was asked about this later and allegedly stated that Billings was not present at that restaurant meeting with Garrison.

Sciambra testified under oath that Billings was NOT at the meeting or even in the place when he told Garrison what he had found out about the Party Russo had attended. And get this. Talk about coincidence! Explain that one, Garrison fans. Sciambra interviewed Russo the day after he talked to the Baton Rouge reporters. John, allow me to interject a personal anecdote to diffuse once and for all your flimsy retorts that are becoming tiresome, at least as they have been applied to my specific revelations of the extreme right wing elements feeding into an environment suited to the assassination on I encountered on numerous occasions members of the H.

L Hunt family. I found them to be to a person, gracious and in some cases very engaging, and I did not dislike a single member. I would go so far as to say I was very fond of two of H. For whatever reason they both embodied a passion for the preservation of the environment that sustained wildlife. They were humble and funny and genuinely likeable, and they both died too soon.

In , before the Clay Shaw trial began, NBC broadcast a documentary on the case, which Garrison defenders generally agree was an attempt to discredit the prosecutor. Russo said that Sheridan offered to relocate him, get him a job, and protect him from extradition.

50 Years Later, 'JFK, Inc.' Still a Thriving Industry

In exchange for that, Russo said, Sheridan wanted him to retract his identification of Shaw and his testimony about the party attended by Shaw, Ferrie, and Oswald, where Russo said an assassination plot was discussed. Ferrie was there. Oswald was there. See Perry Russo in a video taped interview stating those exact things himself:. Student Historical Journal published an article that explains the situation in with facts and objectivity. It is thorough and informed.

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The title sums up the core point of the article and of this thread. When subjected to a lie detector test by Sgt. I then told him, you know the questions that I intend to ask you during this test, is there anything you would wish to clarify with me. I told Perry that Shaw was the type of a man that if you were to see him, he would stand out in your mind and I asked him if he would give me a no or yes answer to this question.

He stated that if he had to give a yes or no answer, he would have to say no. You seem less concerned about those two than you do about Russo. Alcock thought so, or he told Billings he would not have still been there, and at the Diary link from your site I posted in reference to Sciambra and Billings, it seems Billings is quoted admitting he was convinced Garrison was sincere and believed in what he was attempting.

The thread is about the reaction and reporting of the Garrison investigation and the prosecution of Clay Shaw by the news media, just ask Bogman. I find your underhanded tactics here and elsewhere on the Internet vile and despicable. You can spin your denial dial to frantic ranting, but you are not going to convince anyone who has the slightest ability of critical thinking.

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You are all washed up. Well John if your Right then your Right or else pretty well. And now you are tied in to that evil axis! Predictable, John, and how very unoriginal that you resort to your daily talking points on this site rather than recognize let alone risk engagement in an informed analysis of the political, social and corporate dynamics of Dallas November And therefore Russo would be publicly backing away from any further knowledge or connections with this crew he was likely desperate to extricate himself from. But none of this sinks in for our Warrenista agents here.

Willy, This probably something I had a hand in, as I reply from a list of comments and they are not separated by individual articles. After she opened up, her testimony was quite consistent. The thread is about the reaction and reporting of the Garrison investigation and the prosecution of Clay Shaw by the news media,. Basing ones theory of the assassination on whom one likes and dislikes for political reasons is pathetic, absurd and desperate. You never discuss the evidence. We do not confront the propagandists here to change the minds of these agent.

We do such to reveal to the candid world their, disingenuous techniques and methods. Are you? All of this leads to the most obvious question. Did the astonishingly intricate plot actually call for Oswald to be arrested and go to trial?

'Assassination Theater' Comes to Chicago

Did Salvador Dali write the script? I think the most obvious question before this forum now is did Franz Kafka write the comment just posted by Bill Pierce? I would agree, Willy.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds - Assassin (Rogue/Ranger)

Bill Pierce seems to employ the typical mantra of avoiding the obvious holes in the Tippit scenario ie- the timing issues , by demanding an alternate explanation of how the incident played out. But speaking of scripts, if this case had been a really cheesy movie, in addition to a convenient paper trail, the police would have found an advertisement with the rifle circled on it.

Oh wait…they did. The WC did not call her to testify. Acquilla Clemons lived on the north side of Tenth Street in Dallas. On 22nd November, , Clemons was sitting on the porch of her house when she saw Officer J. Tippit killed. Afterwards she claimed that there were two men involved in the attack on Tippit.

The other man was tall and thin in khaki trousers and a white shirt. Clemons should have been questioned more thoroughly than in a television interview. She said she had been visited by the FBI, who decided not to take a statement because of her poor health. Clemons suffered from diabetes, hardly a condition to deter efficient investigators from taking a statement. According to two reporters, who visited Mrs. Clemons several years after the assassination, she and her family still spoke with conviction of seeing two men at the scene of the Tippit shooting.

Acquilla Clemons was not called to give evidence to the Warren Commission. I have read all the books and own most ,i have seen all the videos ,films etc. The only constant is Oswald,regardless of where he was who he knew or what he did or did not do he is the one.. I have to put mt heart on my sleeve and state regardless of the miriad of issues he still remains the strongest and and most likely candidate to have carried out the killing.

You cannot have it all ways,either show some solid evidence that he did not or accept the inevitable. That is not the way US jurisprudence is meant to work. The accused is to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Not the other way around: Guilty until proven innocent. It is imperative that you check the depth before diving in. Your deceptive proclivities are obvious:. We may assume, therefore, there are not such things as flying saucers. Hanson : It is not impractical. Johnson : Why? Hanson : Just try to prove that I wrong. Hanson is defending his claim by an ad ignorantiam , i.

Have you really researched this issue other than just reading a few propaganda lines? Your comments here are proof that reading others books is not enough. Show some kind of cognition that transcends fallaciousness. I also thank you for your warm welcome ND.. Do you see how your logic is all over the place? Your introduction was of an authoritative origin in commanding people to accept something otherwise your belief in fallacy is inevitably correct.

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That approach does not show opinion, it shows assumed pretentious superiority of understanding and intellectual arrogance. Warren — welcome. I suspect that this is the real reason you hear so many people say that they used to believe in a conspiracy, but then they read Case Closed or they saw that NOVA special or they just got the impression that all of the mysteries had been cleared up, so they stopped paying attention.

If there were more than one assassin the details would not fit. Have you been hanging around here and seen the photographic evidence, the Zapruder film, the ballistics evidence, the handwriting evidence, dozens or scores of witnesses discarded by conspiracy theorists?

Thank you Herr Doktor, for choosing me as a special nemesis here! I consider that a great compliment and am delighted to play that role for you. Yes, I am familiar with the evidence that appears to implicate Oswald, and with the arguments against a conspiracy. I came to my conclusions after reading actual books on the case. I would suggest this approach to anyone. A fair trial would most likely have resulted in, at most, a mistrial, quite possibly an acquittal. Paraffin test on cheek negative. Broken chain of custody with rifle and handgun shell casings.

Not a single eyewitness to the two murders who gave credible testimony IDing Oswald.

50th Anniversary: 8 JFK Assassination Films That Revisit History | IndieWire

I take your well intended information on board,thank you for being so polite and welcoming,a pity everybody is not a well mannered as yourself. But it is highly likely the CIA leveraged its contacts in Congress and the media to force out two independent big city attorneys aggressively investigating them.

And they continue to refuse to provide his files or any explanation to the American people. There are many questions about Oswald pre- Nov 22 that need to be resolved and many questions about why a cover up in the first place. Warren, welcome to the discussion. If the WC had, this discussion would have ended in Hi, Warren. This is my 2nd post which makes me vastly more experienced than you. But to me there is no doubt that he is part of a conspiracy.

I do know this… 1. Jack Ruby, a known mobster stalks and kills him out of a loyalty to Jackie? He hit the target with one out of three shots. If he had taken an earlier shot and exposed himself he may not have gotten off any more shots. And before the Dallas route was even established. So what? And on what grounds could he be refused entry back into the US? You make the obvious point Willy,but in the JFK case the obvious is not the norm. I admire the stoicism and also the massive amount of hard work and determination at finding so much information that contradicts the official findings,but and this is a big BUT in my humble opinion the one and only constant is Oswald,it may be probably he was coerced,encouraged,helped in some manner but ultimately he fired the shots..

If that is a conspiracy so be it but please give me a break from the multitude of theories,that in itself is of no use to anyone. As previously stated ,too many people covering their own arse has led to so many issues regarding the assassination and maybe its time we accept that human beings are just selfish..

A disgruntled individual albeit with people prompting him into an act of enormous magnitude,getting lucky with a couple of shots. I am not saying that maybe somebody allowed this to happen and many people gained so much but the actual event was simply a case of murder! As a national precedent it is even more important to adhere to our principles rather than take the hysterical standpoint of flushing our liberties during times of crisis. What follows in the rest of your comment is simple ignorant twaddle. Unless you are able digest and follow the particulars here; to make reasoned counter arguments against the points raised here by those who recognize what bunk the Warren Report is, then you are simply making noises from the seat of your trousers.

Well thanks for your warm welcome on my first post Willy,I have studied this subject for 15 years,ignorant i am not but i think i maybe got you on a bad day Willy. My first take on all this was a conspiracy for sure but after 52 years i just no longer see this. As i stated i do not rule out the possibility of coercion and encouragement given to LHO but unfortunately there are far too many red herrings,unreliable information and a combined investigation which by anybodies standards was farcical.

Let us be frank. I have no problem with those who have a differing opinion on the JFK Assassination. Obviously the matter of innocent until proven guilty is a given, but as it is very unlikely that anybody will ever have to confront that position in respect of the JFK assassination its not a game breaker either. Dear Mr. I was wrong. The phrase does not appear anywhere in the document.

Oswald was arrested several hours after the President was shot; he was charged with the murder of Dallas police Officer J. Tippit, who had been killed shortly after the President's fatal wounding Kurtz Evidence quickly began to pile up linking Oswald to the murder of the President, and he was formally charged with that crime as well. At the time the charges were made, Oswald "vehemently denied" shooting the President, claiming that he had been used to take the blame in a conspiracy which would be discovered during his trial Kurtz However, this trial would never come to pass.

Oswald was shot and killed by Jack Ruby on November 24, , as he was being transferred to a more secure detention facility Kurtz All Rights Reserved.